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Friday, July 22
When a Cessna Goes to War - Eric Tegler, Popular Mechanics
Marines Test new Futuristic Equipment -
U.S. Military may get its own Toyota Land Cruisers - Andrew P. Collins, FA
Army Accepts 1st Women to Qualify for Special Forces - Alex Quade, WT
How Much Does the DoD's Secretive B-21 Cost? - Christian Davenport, WP
Another $393M in Overruns On KC-46 Program - Valerie Insinna, DN
France Sending artillery, Carrier to Iraq to fight ISIS - Ed Adamczyk, UPI
Future LCS Detroit Completes Acceptance Trial - Seapower Magazine
N. Korea Building new, Larger Submarine Pens - Nick Hansen, et. al, IHS
Japan to Receive 4 new V-22 Ospreys - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
Power Restored at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey - Brendan McGarry, Military
USMC, NSA to Bring Smartphones to Rifle Squad - Sydney Freedberg, BD
Cyber Units get Ready to Take the Field - Kevin McCaney, Defense Systems
Thursday, July 21
U.S. Air Force to Certify Textron's Scorpion Jet - Valerie Insinna, DN
Chinese SAMs Being Removed From Woody Island - Sean O'Connor, IHS
USAF not Settled on Number of B-21s - Leigh Giangreco, Flightglobal
LRASM Scores in Navy Test Ship Launch - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
Tumult in Turkey Puts F-35 at Risk - Lara Seligman & James Drew, Av. Week
U.K. Nuclear Hunter-Killer Sub Damaged in Collision - Alexis Flynn, WSJ
USN Accused of Pirating $600M Worth of Software - Don Reisinger, PCM
U.S. Clears Sale of SM-2 Missiles to Japan - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
U.K. Urges U.S. to Complete Approval for F-35s - Anthony Capaccio, B'berg
Russia Launches its own Smart Bullet Program - Matthew Cox, Kit Up!
Is al-Nusra no Longer a 'Sideshow' in Syria? - Karen DeYoung, et. al, WaPo
More U.S. Troops Likely to be Sent to Iraq: Gen. Votel - Richard Sisk, Mil.
Is Turkey's Military Readiness at Stake? - Nic Robertson, CNN
Wednesday, July 20
USAF Can't Afford F-35 but Wants a 'Super' A-10? - Brendan McGarry, DB
Navy's $12.9B Carrier Isn't Ready for Warfare - Anthony Capaccio, BT
India Moving 100 Tanks Near China Border - Vasudevan Sridharan, IBT
N. Korea Resumes Sending Mysterious Spy Codes - Kyle Mizokami, PM
Power to Incirlik Air Base Still Cut - F. Brinley Bruton, et. al, NBC News
Lockheed Bullish on International F-16 Orders - Lara Seligman, Av. Week
Military Isn't Only way to Serve Country - Stanley McChrystal, The Atlantic
Pentagon's Massive IT Consolidation Plan in Trouble - Frank Konkel, NG
France Confirms Troops in Libya After 3 die on Duty - Al Jazeera
NATO Muscles up to Fight ISIS - Jens Stoltenberg, Wall Street Journal
Growing Optimism Surrounds Mosul Liberation Op. - Jeff Seldin, VOA
How to Decide Whether to Launch Our Military - Chuck DeVore, Federalist
New Challenge in Iraq: Stability After ISIS - Warren Strobel, et. al, Reuters
Tuesday, July 19
New Rounds for old Guns Could Change Missile Def. - S. LaGrone, USNI
War Fever in Europe - Jill Dougherty, Wilson Center Kennan Institute
More J-20 Stealth Fighters Built in China - Mike Yeo & Chris Pocock, AIN
Boeing, LM Early Rivals for Japan's Fighter Contest - Joe Grevatt, Jane's
U.S.-Backed Rebels Capture key ISIS HQ in Syria - Kristina Wong, The Hill
Russia Probably Won't Build a Space Bomber - Joseph Trevithick, WiB
KC-46 Ready for DoD Production Decision - Lara Seligman, Aviation Week
British Parliament Votes to Spend big on Nukes - Dan De Luce, For. Policy
Russia Delivers First Missiles for Iran's S-300s - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplo.
Google Cars, Pokemon Go, & the Future of War - Sydney Freedberg Jr., BD
Was Obama's Syria Red Line a Success? - Derek Chollet, Politico
Turning Point for the Tactical UAS Market - Leigh Giangreco, Flightglobal
Suspected U.S. Airstrikes in Syria Kill Scores of Civilians - Liz Sly, WaPo
Monday, July 18
Turkish Air Force in Disarray After Failed Coup - Tony Osborne, Av. Week
Can China Enforce a South China Sea ADIZ? - Mike Yeo, USNI News
Gen. Dynamics to Refurbish 107 Army Strykers - Geoff Ziezulewicz, UPI
USN's Future Subs may Deploy with Robot Remoras - Caroline Houck, DO
China's 155mm AH4 Howitzer Ready for Production - C. Foss, Jane's
How About a Coast Guard Sink-Ex? - Chuck Hill, CG Blog
U.S. Officers see Unexpected Slip in Taliban Violence - Robert Burns, AP
Why NATO Didn't Fly its Flag at Anakonda - Jen Judson, et. al, Def. News
AFRICOM Under new Command - John Vandiver, Stars & Stripes
Space Command Reorganizes - Stew Magnuson, National Defense
UK Lawmakers set to Renew Trident - Michael Holden/Kylie MacLellan, RN
What Kind of "War" are we In? - Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
What Defines an Armed Cyberattack? - Mark Pomerleau, C4ISR & Networks
Friday, July 15
Mothballed USAF Transport's new Life in USCG - Hope Hodge Seck, Mil.
USN Punishes Four Sailors Detained by Iran - Meghann Myers, Navy Times
Israel Balks at Obama's $38B 10-Year Aid Offer - Barbara Opall-Rome, DN
Plan to fix USAF Pilot Shortage - Deborah L. James/Gen. David Goldfein, DO
Russia to Deploy S-400 Ant-Missile System in Crimea - AFP
India Successfully Tests New Artillery System - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplom.
China to Charge American Businesswoman With Spying - Jeff Stein, NW
Obama's Whac-a-Mole Strategy - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
NSA Boss Says U.S. Cyber Troops Nearly Ready - Victoria Mirian, NPR
China Commissions new Space Tracking Ship - Andrew Tate, Jane's
Votel: U.S. Military Likely to Seek More Troops in Iraq - Phil Stewart, RN
U.S. Weighs Larger Presence in Yemen for AQ fight - Phil Stewart, Reuters
SOUTHCOM Opens Intel Briefing to Partner Nations - Kristina Wong, TH
Thursday, July 14
Russia is Building a Nuclear Space Bomber - David Axe, The Daily Beast
South China Sea: The French Are Coming - Yo-Jung Chen, The Diplomat
F-35 Could be Deployed for Combat This Year - Anthony Capaccio, BT
U.S. Launches Quiet Diplomacy in SCS - Lesley Wroughton, et. al, Reuters
Ground-Based Midcourse Def. System Misses Target - David Willman, LT
Future of Boeing Defense, According to new CEO - Marcus Weisgerber, DO
THAAD Plans in South Korea Spark Fresh Backlash - Jung Sung-Ki, DN
Russia Expands Foreign Intelligence Service - Adam Kredo, Free Beacon
'28 Pages' of 9/11 Report out as Soon as Friday - Jim Sciutto, et. al, CNN
Defense Firms Rocketing Around the World - The Economist
Are Obama's Syria Dissenters Right? - Joseph Cassidy, RealClearWorld
Smart Grids: Greener & Easier to Hack - Mark P. Mills, RealClearPolicy
5,200 Victims in ISIS Ramadan Terror Campaign - Lisa Daftari, FOX News
Wednesday, July 13
The F-35 Era Takes Flight - Jay Bennett, Popular Mechanics
Bell Pitches Naval Variant of new Tiltrotor V-280 - Hope Hodge Seck, DB
ISIS Quietly Preps for Loss of 'Caliphate' - Joby Warrick, et. al, Wash. Post
Navy Squadron Returns From Record Deployment - Mark D. Faram, NT
KC-46 Refuels F-16, C-17 With Retooled Boom - Marcus Weisgerber, DO
GE Pushes Military Engines Technology - John Morris, Aviation Week
Beijing Considers Next Moves After Hague Ruling - Seema Mody, CNBC
U.S. THAAD Heading to S. Korean Farm Town - Hyung-Jin Kim, et. al, AP
Beijing Tries to Refocus SCS Dispute - Jeremy Page & Chun Han Wong, WSJ
The U.S. Military Can't Fix Syria - Steven Simon & Jonathan Stevenson, NYT
Standoff Brews Over U.S. Security Assistance - Joe Gould, et. al, Def. News
U.S. Arms Sales Approvals on Track to Reach ~$40B - Andrea Shalal, RN
Admin.: ISIS war Funding Amounts to Authorization - Rebecca Kheel, TH
Tuesday, July 12
USAF Considering T-X as A-10 Replacement - Leigh Giangreco, Flightglobal
Navy's $12.9B Carrier Further Behind Schedule - Anthony Capaccio, Bbg
Bell Unveils V-280 Valor at Farnborough -
Raytheon Unveils T-X Offering at Farnborough - Colin Clark, Breaking Def.
Lockheed Lands 1st Customer for Armed Black Hawk - Aaron Mehta, DN
China's Norinco Develops new Type 96 MBT Variant - Richard Fisher, IHS
Obama's Iraq Moves Show his Critics Were Right - Jennifer Rubin, WaPo
South China Sea Verdict: U.S. Reactions - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
Iran Mil. Boats Move Dangerously Close to USN Ship - L. Todd Wood, WT
Army Testing Spider Silk for Body Armor - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
China Digs in its Heels After Tribunal's Ruling - Andrew Browne, WSJ
NATO Summit's Winners and Losers - James Stavridis, Foreign Policy
U.S. Troops can Strike Taliban More Easily: Carter - Yeganeh Torbati, RN

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