RealClearDefense Evening Edition

Friday, April 24
Baptism by Fire - Gallipoli at 100 Years - James Holmes, RCDefense
U.S. Boots Hit Ground in Lviv - Jeffrey Mankoff, RealClearWorld
Drones Kill Innocent People All the Time - Beckhusen & Gault, WIB
Budget Cuts Leave Army, National Guard Hurting - Patricia Murphy, NPR
China Could Join Important Trade Deal - Daniel Wiser, Free Beacon
Saudis' New Yemen War Looks Like the Old One - Lake & Rogin, BV
Call it Genocide, Mr. President - Editors, Bloomberg View
A Libyan MiG Shootdown by F-14s - Ward Carroll, We Are the Mighty
Russia's Supercarrier Idea is a Waste - Jeremy Bender, Business Insider
The Long Drone War - Steve Coll, The New Yorker
What Does Pentagon's Cyber Strategy Mean for China? - Austin, Diplomat
What Can Ash Carter Learn from Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg? - WBJ
U.S. Needs a Drone Board - Eliza Sweren-Becker, Defense One
Hey, Wanna Shoot Guns with SEAL Who Killed Osama? - Lamothe, WP
New Russian Heavy Armor Breaks Cover - Larrinaga, IHS Jane's 360
Intelligence Vet Explains 'Dick Cheney of Iraq' - William Arkin, Phase Zero
American Mom and Baby Held Hostage by Taliban - Shane Harris, Beast
Navy to Turn All Ships into Aircraft Carriers? - Keck, The National Interest
Thursday, April 23
Playboy Controlled Most Powerful Navy on the Planet - Gault, WIB
5 Weapons of War that Should Never Be Used - Kyle Mizokami, TNI
Rotary Engine Lands Million-Dollar DARPA Contract - Pop Mechanics
Awesome Photos of Historic X-47B Refueling - Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Afghan Hinds' Days Are Numbered - Joseph Trevithick, War is Boring
Internet Exploding Over Op Jade Helm - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Losing Our Joint Religion - Matthew Fay, RealClearDefense
Saudis Show their Military Might in Yemen Conflict - Trofimov, WSJ
Nordic Countries Band Together in the Arctic - Jeremy Bender, Biz Insider
American, Italian Hostages Killed in CIA Drone Strike in January - WSJ
Millions of Dollars in Weapons Can't Stabilize Yemen - Trevithick, WIB
Few Vets Getting Care Through $10B VA Program - David Caruso, AP
Pentagon to Open Silicon Valley Office - Doug Cameron, Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, April 22
Congress Hates Navy's Tiniest Warships - David Axe, War Is Boring
What 'Lord of the Rings' Teaches Us About Strategy - James Holmes, RCD
10 Technologies the US Military Needs for Next War - Editors, ND Mag
Sowing the Seas with Fire - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Turkey Breaks from West on Defense - Emre Peker, Wall Street Journal
Army Reviews 'High Heel' Decision - Dan Lamothe, The Washington Post
Israel Deported them, ISIS Cut Off their Heads - Newton, The Daily Beast
The World Doesn't Think Much of China's Leaders - Tiezzi, The Diplomat
Is Germany the Heart of America's Drone War? - Arkin, Phase Zero
Everything You Want to Know About Drone Policy - Medium
Photos From Iran's Army Day - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Saudis Use Chinese-Made Cannon in Yemen - Lin & Singer, Popular Sci
Texas Mounted Cavalry in the Civil War: Part I - Jennings, RCHistory
Tuesday, April 21
Russia's Top Secret Tank Revealed - Marcin, International Business Times
Photo of the First F-35C Detachment - David Cenciotti, The Aviationist
This is the Special Ops 'Super Bowl' - David Nye, We Are the Mighty
How to Find a Missing H-Bomb - Steve Weintz, War Is Boring
China's Dream Scenario for Asia - Julian Snelder, The Interpreter
10 Photos of the Largest US-Philippines Exercise in a Decade - Reuters
Russian Troops Kill Islamic Caucasus Emirate Leader - Long War Journal
5 Ways to Reboot NATO - James Stavridis, Politico
Can Science, Tech Create 'Super-Soldiers'? - William Matthews, Army Mag
American Violence: Ferguson to Fallujah - Gusterson, Bulletin of the AS
Beyond Great Men and Great Wars - Katie Putz, The Strategy Bridge
The Iranian Cyber Strategy - Taylor Butch, RCDefense
Obama's Failed Africa Policy - Lionel Beehner, Cicero Magazine
Auschwitz Guard Goes on Trial - David Rising, Associated Press
China's Middle East Tightrope - Goldenberg & Ratner, Foreign Policy
Monday, April 20
In Defense of Space Control - John Sheldon, RCDefense
Enemy Cruise Missile Meet U.S. Rail Gun - Conaway, Wall Street Journal
Will Turkey and Saudi Arabia Go to War in Syria? - Aaron Stein, WOTR
U.S. Agents Discovered a Nazi Spy Ring in China - Knodell, War Is Boring
Despite IOC, Questions Remain for F-35B - Butler & Fabey, Aviation Week
Would We Go Nuclear to Protect Estonia? - David Blair, The Telegraph
Chinese Shipyards to Build Floating Islands - Lin & Singer, Eastern Arsenal
Navy, Marines Seek New Breed of Drones - Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Russia's Return to Cold War Posture - Billy Gertz, Washington Times
Pentagon's New Cyber Defense Plan - Philip Ewing, Politico
Why Intervention Will Work in Iraq - Sebastian Bae, Ramen IR
Asia Wargames to Boost Readiness - Sy & Marasigan, The Manila Times
Friday, April 17
Why the Treaty of Shimonoseki Matters - James R. Holmes, RCD
Vietnam and the Legacies of War - Linda Davidson, Washington Post
Iranian Hackers Eye U.S. Grid - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
USAF Gears Up for Potential War in Space - Stew Magnuson, ND Magazine
Did Germany Secretly Fund Israel's Nuclear Weapons? - R. Miller, TNI
Is Iran Overstretched in Syria? - Randa Slim, Foreign Policy
Boeing Will Offer Modified Harpoon Missile for LCS - Sam Lagrone, USNI
Hussein Aide Now ISIS Killed by Iraqi Forces - McDonnell & Bulos, LA Tm.
Air Force Confirms Shuttering of Vital Airlift Wing - Daniel Wiser, Free Beacon
Thursday, April 16
The Kurds' Heroic Struggle Against ISIS - M. Totten, World Affairs Journal
Why Do the Chinese Hack? Fear - Enrique Oti, War on the Rocks
The Pentagon Says This Man Can Fix Its Personnel System - G Lubold, D1
Pentagon: Gen. in Charge of Syria Program Not Leaving - K. Wong, Hill
Chinese ASAT Test Was 'Successful' - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
US Cuts Nuclear Warhead Levels - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
Pakistan Could Charge CIA Officials in Drone Deaths - S. Toppa, Time
China Building 1st Air Strip in Contested Spratly Islands - Z. Keck, TNI
Tom Cotton Takes On the World - Gabrielle Levy, US News & World Report
How Serious Is the Rebalance? - Janine Davidson & Lauren Dickey, CFR
Wednesday, April 15
Conflict for the Ages: The First Sino-Japanese War - James Holmes, RCD
RIP British Air Force? - David Axe, War Is Boring
Watch the US Navy Test its New Drone Swarms - Zach Doell, Boldride
Fighting in Eastern Ukraine Flares - Carol J. Williams, LA Times
Aerial Refueling Will End X-47B Test Program - Sam Lagrone, USNI News
Iran: Winning the War for Dominance in Middle East - T. Cambanis, FP
North Korea Transfers Missile Goods to Iran? - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
US Carried Out 674 Military Ops. in Africa Last Year - Turse, The Nation
The Scars of USS Oklahoma - Dan Lamothe, Washington Post
Iran's Rouhani: Congress 'Not our Problem' - Mark Hensch, The Hill
Tuesday, April 14
Deal Reached for Congress to Review Iran Pact - M. DeBonis, Wash. Post
America's 1st Strategic Cruise Missile: Totally Useless - T. Nedwick, WIB
S-300 Degrades US Ability to Strike Nuke Sites - Adam Kredo, Free Beacon
US Soldiers Find Iraqi Army in Disrepair - Rod Norland, New York Times
China Expands Islands in Disputed Waters - T. Moss, Wall Street Journal
Why China Won't Support Snapback Iran Sanctions - Rubin, Commentary
Pentagon Seeks Sensors that Last for Years - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Iraqi PM to Seek Billions for ISIS Fight - Dan Kedmay, Time
$830M in VA Cost Overruns Sparks Outrage - Martin Matishak, The Hill
Nightmare: A Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East - John Carlson, TNI

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