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Wednesday, June 29
F-15s Unable to Down F-35s in Mock Sorties - David Cenciotti, Aviationist
Bubble-Enclosed Submarines Could go Extremely Fast - K. Mizokami, PM
North Korea Arming Boats with U.S. Gatling Guns - Brendan McGarry, DT
How Afghanistan Distorted Close Air Support - Mike Benitez, WOTR
Can Drone Swarms Save U.S. Aircraft Carriers? - Robert Allison, TNI
LCS Coronado Joins RIMPAC with Harpoon Missiles - Richard Scott, IHS
Tanker Problems Delay F-35 Atlantic Crossing - Tony Osborne, Av. Week
Laser-Armed Trucks Will Shoot Drones Out of the Sky - David Axe, TDB
China's Great Wall of Confrontation - Andrew Browne, Wall Street Journal
Iran's Supreme Leader Shakes up Mil. Command - Thomas Erdbrink, NYT
Why U.S. Spends More on War Than Diplomacy - Jonathan Broder, NW
Army Sec. to Open new Rapid Capabilities Office - Matthew Cox, Military
U.S. Mil. Ties With UK Sheltered From Brexit - Missy Ryan, Wash. Post
Tuesday, June 28
Navy's new High-Tech Mk 48 Heavyweight Torpedo - Kris Osborn, ScoutW
All not Quite on NATO's Eastern Front - Andrew Michta, Carnegie Europe
More Delays Loom for F-35 - Jeremy Bender, Business Insider
DARPA Revives Ramjet Concept for Hypersonics - Stephen Trimble, FG
RAF Uses 'Storm Shadow' Cruise Missiles Against ISIL - J. Binnie, Jane's
USMC to Remove 'man' From These 19 job Titles - Gina Harkins, MCTimes
India Spending $750M on new Howitzers - Manu Balachandran, Quartz
5-Week Battle for Fallujah Easier Than Expected - Andrew Tilghman, MT
Welsh: USAF Needs up to 60,000 More Airmen - Brendan McGarry, DB
India Seeks Predator Drones from U.S. - Vivek Raghuvanshi, Defense News
Hallmark: DARPA's Command and Control Software - Mike Gruss, SN
Yemen Mission Shows UAE Mil. Ambition - William Maclean, et. al, Reuters
New U.S. Program has Trained Fewer than 100 Syrians - Missy Ryan, WP
Monday, June 27
Is USN's Electromagnetic Railgun too Expensive? - Bruce Wright, IBTimes
Army Preps for Great Power Land War - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
Russia Harassing U.S. Diplomats all Over Europe - Josh Rogin, Wash. Post
Iran's Trying to Rebuild its Air Force - David Axe, The Daily Beast
How Fat Leonard Hurt - and Helped - U.S. Navy - Christopher Cavas, DN
Chinese Warships Training with U.S. Carrier SG - Sam LaGrone, USNIN
S. Korea Pursues Remotely Operated Howitzers - Rupert Pengelley, Jane's
Turkey Apologizes for Shooting Down Russian Warplane - R. Kheel, TH
Indonesia Intercepts Malaysian RMAF Plane in SCS - Parameswaran, DM
Iraq's War Against ISIL After Fallujah - Susannah George, Associated Press
A War Plan Against Military Budget Tricks - Editorial Board, B'berg View
Top Chinese Envoy Visits Vietnam as SCS Tension Rises - Reuters
SCS Spat a Symptom of U.S.-China Jockeying - Timothy R. Heath, WPR
Friday, June 24
The Generals Take on Obama - Max Boot, Commentary
After the Brexit, What's Next for Defense? - Andrew Chuter, Defense News
Navy Fires 2nd Officer for Sailors' Arrest by Iran - David Larter, Navy Times
Afghan Forces, ISIL Militants in Fierce Battle - Ayaz Gul, Voice of America
Chief of Staff Retires, Leaving a USAF in Transition - Stephen Losey, AFT
Don't Blink Over North Korea - James Marks, CNN
The U.N.'s Mercenary Problem - Matt Collins, Foreign Policy
How Hybrid Warfare Could Change Asia - Nilanthan Niruthan, Diplomat
Russia, China Share Skills as Military Ties Deepen - Charles Clover, FT
General Motors, Navy Team up on UUVs - Melissa Burden, Detroit News
Brexit Could be Europe's Sequester - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
All Eyes on Sirte: Beating ISIL, but Losing Libya - Amanda Kadlec, WOTR
Brexit Won't Affect U.K.'s Membership of NATO - Julian E. Barnes, WSJ
Thursday, June 23
The Fight Inside China Over the South China Sea - Feng Zhang, For. Policy
Russia's Deadliest Subs to get new Heat-Seeking Torpedos - F. Gady, DM
Russian Nukes in Kaliningrad by 2019 - Andrew Osborn, Reuters
Russia Building spy Site in Nicaragua - Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
Fighter Sales to Gulf Allies Stalled for up to 3 Years - Tony Capaccio, Bbg
U.S. Struggles to Replace Afghan Helicopters - Michael M. Phillips, WSJ
Why the GOP is Trying to Stop DoD's Climate Plan - Danny Vinik, Politico
Long Live JLENS? - Jen Judson, Defense News
Incendiary Munitions Make a Resurgence in Syria - T. Gibbons-Neff, WP
The False Lure of Military Intervention in Syria - Editorial Board, NYT
Don't Learn Wrong Lessons from Rapid Acquisition - Jonathan Wong, DO
Inside the NGA's Virtual Reality Lab - Aliya Sternstein, NextGov
U.S. Still Has no Definition for Cyber Act of War - Bryant Jordan, Military
Wednesday, June 22
Meet the Future PLAN Carrier Strike Group - Ben Lowsen, The Diplomat
Senate to DoD: No new Camo - Hope Hodge Seck, Kit Up!
RAF Must Send F-35 kit Back to U.S. for Repairs - Alan Tovey, Telegraph
House Democrats Push for BRAC - Rebecca Kheel, The Hill
Flying Coke Machine: What Welsh Probably Meant - Tyler Rogoway, WZ
China Serious About Mach 10 Hypersonic Weapons - Kyle Mizokami, PM
Drone Crashes: What's Going Wrong? - Claire Apthorp, army-technology
Israel to Install its own Cyber Defenses on F-35 - Yaakov Lappin, JPost
U.S. Army Africa's Largest Exercise Ever Underway - Michelle Tan, AT
AFRICOM Nominee: No Strategy Against ISIL in Libya - A. Pestano, UPI
The U.S. Army lab Racing to Create a Zika Vaccine - Jared Soares, Wired
U.S. Lawmakers set to Reconcile Defense Policy Bills - Joe Gould, MTimes
FARC, Colombian Govt. Reach Cease-Fire Deal - Nicholas Casey, NYTimes
Tuesday, June 21
U.S. Navy not Afraid of China's "Carrier-Killers" - Dave Majumdar, TNI
Why German Troops Don't Trust Their Weapons - Kyle Mizokami, PM
F-22 Restart Might not be Beneficial for Lockheed - Jon Harper, NDM
Life Aboard the USS Harry S. Truman - Baz Ratner & Andrea Shalal, Reuters
Four U.S. Military Advisers Wounded in Syria - Barbara Starr, CNN
Africa's Hottest Frozen Border Boils Over - Michela Wrong, Foreign Policy
JSOW C-1 Achieves IOC - Richard Scott, Jane's
Signs of Possible North Korea Missile Launch - AFP
The Growing Risk of a War in Space - Geoff Manaugh, The Atlantic
DoD's Secretive Preparations for a 'Cyber 9/11' - Andrew Tilghman, MT
Report: Chinese Curb Cyberattacks on U.S. Interests - David Sanger, NYT
CNO: China's Invitation to RIMPAC Still Open - Hope Hodge Seck, Military
Don't Delay Military Drawdown in Afghanistan - Daniel L. Davis, Politico
Monday, June 20
5 Reasons an F-22 Restart is a Terrible Idea - Jahara W. Matisek, T&P
Defeating China's Fortress Fleet & A2/AD Strategy - James Holmes, Diplo.
Mabus: Costlier F/A-18s if no Foreign Sales - Andrea Shalal, Reuters
Controversial Plan to Hire Mil. Leaders off the Street - A. Tilghman, MT
Russia's Newest A2/AD Sphere: S. Caucasus? - Eduard Abrahamyan, TNI
Will the 3rd Offset Strategy win Wars? - Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense
Pentagon Lifts Civilian Hiring Freeze - Aaron Mehta, Defense News
New Clue on Iran's Past Nuclear Arms Work - Jay Solomon, Wall St. Jrnl.
The Case Against Peace - Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy
South Korea's Keyboard Warriors - Ju-min Park, Reuters
March ISIS Battle Highlights Risk to U.S. Troops - Barbara Starr, CNN
Veto Threat Still Looms Over Def. Spending Bill - Jacqueline Klimas, WE
Would Airstrikes Against Assad be Lawful, Effective? - A. Deeks, et. al, LF

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