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Wednesday, October 1
Obama's Two Speeches and a Tragedy - George Packer, New Yorker
DOD's Strategy-Resource Mismatch - Harrison & Cohn, National Interest
Heroic Difficulty: Matching Power and Purpose - Frank Hoffman, WOTR
The F-22 Flies on 1990s Tech - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
U.S. Is Keeping Old Nukes for Planetary Defense - Tim Fernholz, Quartz
Future Military Sensors: Tiny Specks of Smart Dust? - Steve Weintz, WIB
A New Day for U.S. Foreign Military Sales? - Paul McLeary, Defense News
A Battle Plan for NATO's New Secretary General - Jan Techau, RCWorld
A Strategic Scorecard for Afghanistan - Christopher Kalenda, Foreign Policy
How America Helped ISIS - A. Thompson & J. Suri, New York Times
Tuesday, September 30
U.S. & Russia Arming for the New Cold War - Bill Sweetman, Daily Beast
From Robespierre to ISIS - Gertrude Himmelfarb, Weekly Standard
Are We on the Cusp of a New Dark Age? - Joseph Camilleri, Conversation
Liberal Doves Running as War Hawks - James Hohmann, Politico
A U.S.-India Partnership for the 21st Century - Modi & Obama, Wash Post
The Pivot to India - John McCain, Foreign Policy
Pentagon Warns It Can't Keep Policing the World - Sandra Erwin, ND
Obama's Big Fat Intel Scandal - John Schindler, XX Committee
How the U.S. Rewards Intelligence Failures - Tom Engelhardt, AC
The Difficulties of Nuclear Containment - Sam Roberts, New York Times
Al Shabab's Internal Split - Murithi Mutiga, New York Times
The U.S. Air Force for Dummies - Adam Lowther, National Interest
What Airstrikes Can and Can't Do - Clint Hinote, Defense in Depth
There Is a Military Solution for Everything - Robert Caruso, The Hill
How Can ISIS Be Degraded or Destroyed? - Brian Phillips, Political Violence
Monday, September 29
Spies Say Obama's ISIS Claim Is B.S. - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
Is America on the ISIS Hit List? - Graham Allison, National Interest
At CIA Starbucks, Even Baristas Are Covert - Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, WaPo
The Military Is the Worst Organization to Fight Ebola - Peter Dorrie, WIB
Asia Is the World's Most Dangerous Region - C. Mui Hoong, Straits Times
Can Vietnam's Maritime Strategy Counter China? - Carl Thayer, Diplomat
Chinese Subs Lurk Under the Indian Ocean - James Brown, Lowy Institute
Four Early Steps to Salvage Afghanistan - Smith & Wilder, RealClearWorld
The States Need Their Apaches - Maj. Gen. Michael McGuire, Defense News
The Acme Co. Army? - Birthe Anders, Kings of War
Obama's Syria Strategy: Hit and Hope - John Cassidy, New Yorker
No, General Dempsey Shouldn't Resign - Lt. Mike Kessler, Best Defense
Friday, September 26
Is It Time for Obama's Top General to Resign? - Gary Anderson, FP
It's a Rough World Out There for Small Navies - Robert Farley, Diplomat
Rebuilding Military Readiness - Mackenzie Eaglen, Breaking Defense
Check Out the CIA's Monster Manual - Matthew Gault, War Is Boring
Art in the Age of National Security - Terry Greene Sterling, Daily Beast
Thursday, September 25
GOP Urging Generals to Resign in Protest? - Corey Hutchins, War Is Boring
2 U.S. Airstrike Videos That Should Scare Iran - John Allen Gay, Natl Int
Can Call of Duty Help Plan for War? - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Checkpoint
Taiwan: Asia's Secret Air Power - Ian Easton, The Diplomat
Why the Latte Salute Is a Big Deal - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
The Coffee Salute & Dementia on the Right - Sally Kohn, Daily Beast
Making the Cloud Work for the Military - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Gulf War III - Rob Dover, Kings of War
Training Syria's Opposition: What's the Plan? - Melissa Dalton, WOTR
Start Nation Building in Syria Right Now - Kenneth Pollack, New Republic
Wednesday, September 24
Al-Qaeda the Biggest Winner of U.S. Strikes? - D. Gartenstein-Ross, FP
Clausewitz Turned on His Head - Martin Skold, The Bridge
Iran Has a Dogfighting Drone - Adam Rawnsley, War Is Boring
Obama's Disrespectful Latte Salute - Debra Heine, Breitbart
The Presidential Salute Isn't a Real Thing - Brian Adam Jones, T&P
Presidents Shouldn't Feel Obligated to Salute - Brian Beutler, TNR
10 Priorities for Afghanistan's New President - Tamim Asey, Diplomat
America's Wartime President - Peter Bergen, CNN
A French Master Plan to Defeat ISIS? - Christopher Chivvis, Natl Int
Anti-ISIS Strategy: Let's Whack Another Mole - Robert Egnell, WOTR
Tuesday, September 23
Why the U.S. Went Big in Syria on a Single Day - Dan Lamothe, Wash Post
F-22 Makes Combat Debut in Syria - Axe, Beckhusen & Gault, War Is Boring
F-22 in Syria: Right Force, Right Time - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
U.S. to Curb Use of Landmines - Adam O'Neal & Dustin Walker, RCDefense
China's Military May Have Gone Rogue After All - Ankit Panda, Diplomat
U.S. May Ease Vietnam Arms Embargo - Wroughton & Shalal, Reuters
Hezbollah's New Armed Drone - Peter Bergen & Emily Schneider, CNN
5 Israeli Weapons of War ISIS Should Fear - Michael Peck, Natl Interest
Who the U.S. Should Really Hit in Syria - Trombly & Abbas, Daily Beast
Obama Must Strike Assad, Too - Mohammed Alaa Ghanem, Politico Magazine
Monday, September 22
New U.S. Stealth Bomber Too Big a Secret? - Bill Sweetman, Daily Beast
Why America Will Never Defeat ISIS - Micah Zenko, National Interest
America's Never-Ending War - Brahma Chellaney, Project Syndicate
Bring Back the Department of War - Stephen Carter, Bloomberg View
When Army Reservists Mutiny - Matthew Gault, War Is Boring
The Right Choice for FA-XX - Jerry Hendrix, Defense News
2 Ships May Keep USMC Amphibious Hopes Alive - James Sanborn, MCT
How U-Boats Launched Unrestricted Warfare - Jordan Golson, Wired
A Liberian Lesson for the Department of Defense - C. Hooper, Next Navy
Is the Afghan Deal Viable? - Robin Wright, Wall Street Journal

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