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Tuesday, February 9
The Great Reversal: Obama's Military Buildup - Dov S. Zakheim, TNI
US Navy Absorbing $7 Billion Budget Cut - C. Cavas, Defense News
The Wrong Stuff - Jed Babin, American Spectator
Russia Having Success in Hybrid-War Against Germany - L. Kim, Reuters
Will America Ever Build a Long-Range Strike Drone? - Eric Tegler, PM
The Pentagon is Struggling with Electronic Warfare - Gibbons-Neff, WaPo
Will 3D Printing Speed Production of Russia's T-14 Armata? - Diplomat
West's Military Advantage is Being Eroded - R. Norton-Taylor, Guardian
Russia Announces Surprise Military Drills in South - A. Kramer, NYTimes
U.S. Navy F-35 Boost Partly Offsets Last Year's Cuts - Bill Sweetman, AW
Defusing the Third Space Race - Michael Krepon, Project Syndicate
NSA Reorg. to Combine Offense, Defense - Ian Duncan, Baltimore Sun
Mil. Internet of Things: Logistics Dream, Security Nightmare? - ZDNet
Monday, February 8
Soldier-Driven Bullet Innovation - Ross Downum, Modern War Institute
Russia's Lethal New Robotic Tanks Are Going Global - D. Majumdar, TNI
US to Deploy Battalion-Strength Force in Afghanistan - Guardian
Alternatives to Navy's UCLASS Carrier-Based Tanker - James Hasik, AC
Navy Urged to Slow LCS deployments Until More Testing - Capaccio, CT
5 Reasons why Iran-Saudi Conflict Won't Escalate - Ali Omidi, Al-Monitor
Draft for Women Would Stir Sleepy Government Agency - Schmidt, NYT
North Korea's Nuke-Capable Missile Could Hit U.S. - Chang, Daily Beast
NATO Adapting to More Ambiguous Warfare Techniques - Barnes, WSJ
An Army of Sound Mind and Body - John Spencer, New York Daily News
U.S. Military: Robot Wars - Geoff Dyer, Financial Times
Canada to Withdraw Jets, Adds Troops to ISIS Fight - S. Mas, CBC News
Afghanistan, Taliban to Begin Talks by End of February - Gady, Diplomat
Friday, February 5
5 Maneuvers That Were Prohibited in the F-14 Tomcat - J. Ruzicka, FA
Are U.S. Missiles Taking out Russian Military Officials? - Weiss/Vaux, DB
A War We Can't Win - Bronwyn E. Bruton, The Cipher Brief
Is the Pentagon's Budget About To Be Nuked? - A. Mehta, Defense News
DoD Spending Big Money on Munitions - Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense
Are Boeing and India About to Open Door on a F/A-18 Deal? - Diplomat
Cargo Ships Pose Islamic State Terror Threat - Irish Times
The Surprising Fear That Created the USO - Erin Blakemore, Time
NATO Will Likely Approve Expanded Deployments in East - Barnes, WSJ
Canada to Expand Military Mission Against ISIS - R. Fife, Globe and Mail
Service Leaders Pledge not to Relax Combat Standards for Women - Mil
DoD Plans to Invest $600M in Unmanned Underwater Vehicles - DS
Silicon Valley Should Join the War on Terrorism - Sen. John McCain, BV
Thursday, February 4
Stop the Navy's Carrier Plan - Jerry Hendrix, Politico
Commanding Officer of USS Dallas Removed from Duty - Bergman, Day
All the Ways the F-35 is Screwed Up - Dan Lamothe, Washington Post
Ohio-Class Subs Approaching Several Navy Firsts - Megan Eckstein, USNI
How NATO's Military Buildup Will Test Russia - N. Gvosdev, Natl. Interest
A Quick Fix for the U.S. 'Icebreaker Gap' - N. Schwartz & J. Stavridis, WSJ
3 Reasons 2017 Defense Budget Won't Be Enough - Justin T. Johnson, DO
Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Require Women to Register for Draft - FB
USAF Cuts Five F-35 Fighter Jets From Budget Request - L. Seligman, DN
Iraq Building Concrete Security Wall Around Baghdad - Rasheed, Reuters
U.S. Wages War-By-Bureaucracy - to its own Detriment - C. Kolenda, FP
Why the OSCE is Indispensable for Security in Europe - F. Steinmeier, HP
Afghanistan Won't Be Able to Pay for its Military Until 2024 - Diplomat
Wednesday, February 3
The F-35's Terrifying Bug List - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
The Pentagon Is Building the 'Arsenal Plane' - Kyle Mizokami, Pop. Mech.
If Russia Started a War in the Baltics, NATO Would Lose - Quickly - FP
Russia's 'Mini Red Octobers' - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
Canada's Military Risks a Decade of Darkness - Evan Solomon, MacLean's
Pentagon Tester Tells Navy LCS Test Was Plenty Fair - S. Freedberg, BD
USAF Considers Defensive Lasers for Future Fighters - Drew, Flightglobal
Will Turkey Risk Military Confrontation With Russia? - Idiz, Al-Monitor
Ash Carter Makes $600 Billion bet on new Defense Budget - Faith, VICE
Light Shed on JLTV Competition - Jen Judson, Defense News
Cybersecurity Gap Blocks DoD From Lockheed F-35 Database - B'berg
U.S. Open to Patrols with Philippines in Disputed SCS Waters - Reuters
DoD Won't Say How Many Troops Are Fighting ISIS - Youssef/Harris, DB
Tuesday, February 2
Army Extends Pistol Search Yet Again - Kyle Jahner, Army Times
Chinese Fighter's Invade South Korean Airspace - Alex Jensen, AA
Russia Alarmed by S. Korea-U.S. Contacts Over THAAD - Korea Times
Boeing Receives First Air Force One Contract - Airways News
Japan Deploys Patriot Missiles in Downtown Tokyo - Kyle Mizokami, PM
The Epic History of Military Style - Scott Christian, Esquire
Mabus: Marine Corps Standards Will Not Be Lowered - Task & Purpose
Military Kill Vehicle Passes Developmental Flight Test - J. Meister, PD&D
UK Signs Major Deal for Military Aircraft, Training - Chuter, Defense News
OPNAV N99 - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
Eastern Europe Welcomes Larger U.S. Military Presence - Lyman, NYT
Pentagon Unveils Budget Priority: Countering Russia and China - WP
U.S. No Longer Has a Middle East Policy - Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy
Monday, February 1
How to Avoid War in Asia - James Stavridis, Nikkei Asian Review
Australian Wing Commander: Sell Us New F-22s - D. Axe, War Is Boring
Test Report Points to F-35's Combat Limits - Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week
Death of the GRU Commander - Peter Zwack, Defense One
A Nuclear Weapons the U.S. Doesn't Need - Bloomberg View
Japan Forms Air Wing to Fend off China in East China Sea - Diplomat
Navy Seeks Answers as 2 LCSs Break Down in a Month - Seck, Military
U.S. Navy's Unmanned Jet Could Be a Tanker - C. Cavas, Defense News
Retooling the Ukrainian Army 'From Scratch' - Cami McCormick, CBS
'Eyewash': How the CIA Keeps its own Workforce in the Dark - WaPo
Navy Admiral: Unmanned Systems Change Risk Calculus - Seapower Mag.
Trailblazers in Warfighting: the Maritime Militia of Danzhou - CIMSEC
Terror Threats Thaw Defense Budgets Across Europe - L. Alderman, NYT

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