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Friday, March 27
Is a Dangerous Arms Race Brewing in Asia? - Michele Flournoy, RCDefense
India's Su-30MKI Fighter Jets Have a Big Problem - T. Nedwick, WIB
Time for a Syria-First Anti-ISIL Strategy - Frederic Hof, Atlantic Council
Saudi-Led Action Relied on US Intel - Karen DeYoung, Washington Post
America's Most Famous Deserters - Paul Szoldra, We Are the Mighty
GOP Rift over Pentagon Budget Emerges - Lisa Mascaro, LA Times
Oversight Panel Asks for Files on Bergdahl Swap - M. Matishak, The Hill
Is America's Blue-Water Navy Doomed? - P. Dombrowski, National Interest
James Baker's Zombie Foreign Policy - Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon
Task Force Violent: Part IV - Andrew deGrandpre, Military Times
Brits Left 'Dangerously Exposed' in Helmand - Riley-Smith, The Telegraph
Thursday, March 26
Putin's War Has Consolidated Ukraine - Alexander Motyl, Atlantic Council
Saudi Arabia Strikes Targets in Yemen - al- Mujahed & Murphy, Wash. Post
War with Iran: A Really Bad Idea - Dina Esfandiary, Lowy Institute
To Stop Iran's Bomb, Bomb Iran - John Bolton, NYTimes
South Korea's THAAD Challenge - Clint Hinote, Council on Foreign Relations
America's Blind Addiction to Armed Drones - Bienaime, Cicero Magazine
Military Gears Up for Space Warfare - Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
Keep the US Naval Station at Gitmo Open - Hein & Tama, Miami Herald
US and Europe "Have to Unify" Against Russia - Jeff Sessions, RCW
Contractors Reap $148B From Iraq War - Anna Fitfield, CNN
The Return of the Mercenary - Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic
Meet Europe's Rising Defense Stars - Derek Chollet, Defense One
Wednesday, March 25
How Much Should US Spend on Defense? - Michele Flournoy, RCD
Tom Cotton Is Right on Iran - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
The Republicans' Israel Problem - Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest
McCain Weighs in on UCLASS Debate - Sam Lagrone, USNI News
Could Iran Attack U.S. Troops in Iraq? - Michael Crowley, Politico
Robotic Ghost Ship Passes Critical Test - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
The F-35B's Slow, Half-Blind Debut - Dave Majumdar, The Daily Beast
U.S. and Iraq Consider Airstrikes on Tikrit - M. Bradley, Wall Street Journal
Yemen's President Flees Home as Rebels Advance - M. Hensch, The Hill
Send Armored Forces to Deter Russia - N. Jennings, Small Wars Journal
Boeing Patents 'Star Wars'-Style Force Fields - Michelle Starr, CNET
Tuesday, March 24
The US Military: Losing Its Edge? - Thornberry & Kazianis, RealClearDefense
Iran's Proxies Have Killer Ground Robots - J. Salami, War Is Boring
The World Will Miss Lee Kuan Yew - Henry Kissinger, Washington Post
Mexican Cartels -- The ISIS Next-Door - Rebecca Gordon, Salon
National 'Insecurity' Experts Tempt Quagmire - Bacevich, War Is Boring
Vietnam War 40 Years Later - Luci SkyDime, Medium
Rare Glimpse Inside Marine One - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Why 'Rare Earths' Matter to the Pentagon - Aitoro, Washington Biz Journal
Battleground Metropolis: Future of Urban Warfare - Alex Ward , TNI
5 Things to Look For in Ghani's Visit to D.C. - Paul Shinkman, US News
USAF Receives First QF-16 Drone - Gareth Jennings, IHS Jane's 360
Putin Turns Up his Special War Against Europe - The XX Committee
Monday, March 23
Sequestration: A Nightmare for US Military - Thornberry & Kazianis, RCD
367 House Members Warn Obama on Iran - Kristina Wong, The Hill
A Cold War Fantasy: Ballistic Troop Transport - S. Weintz, War Is Boring
U.S. Weaponry Dependent on China? (Video) - 60 Minutes
Russia's Nuclear Warning to Denmark - D. Herszenhorn, New York Times
The Sorry State of Foreign Policy Doctrines - N. Danforth, War on the Rocks
The Real Iran Threat - David A. Cooper, The National Interest
Does the GOP Really Want War? - James Antle, The American Conservative
The Iran Time Bomb - Hayden, Heinonen & Takeyh, Washington Post
In Photos: The Lead-Up to the Iraq War - Annum Masroor, National Journal
U.K. to Help Train Syrian Opposition Against ISIS - N. Winning, WSJ
Minefields at Sea: From Tsars to Putin - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Friday, March 20
Putin's Next Move: Interview with Sen. McCain - McCain & Kazianis, RCD
Mystery Threat to US Navy: N. Korean Cruise Missiles - Mizokami, WIB
Petraeus: ISIS Isn't Our Biggest Problem in Iraq - Liz Sly, Washington Post
An American Drug Bust in West Africa - Bhattacharjee, The Guardian
F-35's New Cyber-Attack Capability - Marina Malenic, IHS Jane's 360
History of U.S. at War in One Infographic - Bender, Business Insider
Task Force Violent: Part III - Andrew deGrandpre, Military Times
Hawks are Winning the Military Budget Wars - Benjamin Friedman, TNI
Children at Play During Wartime - Nick Robins-Early, The Huffington Post
The GOP's Cheap Talk on Defense - Robert Kagan, Washington Post
The (Legal) Personal Flamethrower - Andrew Tarantola, Engadget
Pentagon's Rocket Plan Runs into Challenges - Doug Cameron, WSJ
Why the US Pivot to Asia Cannot Be Forgotten - Richard Bush, Brookings
Thursday, March 19
Navy's Next-Gen Submarine Fund is Broke - Kris Osborn,
Putin Celebrates as Ukraine Seethes - D. Herszenhorn, The New York Times
Find a New Missile, We'll Fund it - Jill Aitoro, Washington Biz Journal
Pentagon's Weapons Costs Fell Slightly in 14 - D. Cameron, Wall St. Journal
Opposition Leaders in London -- Putin's Next Target - B. Judah, Newsweek
Israel Chose Bibi Over Barack - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
Laser Weapons for Spec-Ops Gunships - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Defense
How China Tracks its Fugitives - Gary Huang, South China Morning Post
Obama's Grand Strategy Challenge - I. Popescu, War on the Rocks
U.S. Navy Confronts Great Power Challengers - R. Farley, National Interest
The First Step in a New Arms Race - Lin & Singer, Eastern Arsenal
Wednesday, March 18
Who Would Jesus Bomb? - James Fallows, The Atlantic
Can Killer Drones Destroy the Islamic State? - Chris Biggers, War Is Boring
Why Cults Work: The Power Games of ISIS - E. Beevor, War on the Rocks
Russia's Planned Fortification of the Arctic - Jeremy Bender, Biz Insider
Clint Eastwood's 'Anti-War' Film - Galloway, The Hollywood Reporter
China Reveals Its Cyberwar Secrets - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
How the FBI Created a Terrorist - Trevor Aaronson, The Intercept
Inside Baghdad's Brutal Battle Against ISIS - Aikins, Rolling Stone
China Mobilizes on the Burmese Border - Lin & Singer, Eastern Arsenal
Readying the Cyber Troops - Sorcher & Singer, Christian Science Monitor
Surface Fleet Vulnerable to Attacks Without EW Upgrades - Osborn, DT
Singapore's Aircraft Carrier in Disguise - Collin & Loo, The National Interest
Tuesday, March 17
USMC's Stealth Jump Jet Plan Is Wishful Thinking - Sweetman, Beast
Navy Wants 28 More Tomahawks on Virginia-Class Subs -
Russia's Empty Nuclear Sabre-Rattling - Steven Pifer, The National Interest
Tom Cotton Takes Flight - Molly O'Toole, Defense One
The Worst Case for War with Iran You'll Read - Ali Gharib, The Nation
Who's the Frontrunner for the $55B Pentagon Program? - Aitoro, WBJ
No Peace on the Horizon - Rick Maze, Army Magazine
7 Things I'd Like Every New Vet To Keep In Mind - Greitens, T & P
Vets Should Pay Taxes Like Everyone Else - Alec MacGillis, Slate
A Few Good Women - David Martin, CBS News
Japanese Warship Captain Set to Counter N. Korean Missiles - WFB
Unbelievable Photos from Premier Aerial Combat Event - Aviationist
Iraq Forced to Accept Iran's 'Suffocating Embrace' - Shinkman, US News
VIDEO: Coalition Airstrike Against Da'ish - CENTCOM
VIDEO: Coalition Airstrike Against Da'ish Compound - CENTCOM

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