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Friday, August 26
F-22's Stealth Encounter with Russian Su-24 - Jim Michaels, USA Today
F-35 to Control Armed Attack Drones - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
Russian "New Generation" Warfare - Nicholas Fedyk, Small Wars Journal
China's "Three Warfares" - Elsa Kania, China Brief
The Real Enemy Within Turkey - Aaron Stein, The Atlantic
Dead Drop: August 26 - Anonymous, The Cipher Brief
U.S. On Losing Side of AI Arms Race? - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Third Offset vs. North Korea - Patrick M. Cronin, National Interest
Marines' Gender-Neutral Job Titles Coming Oct. 1 - Hope Seck, Military.c
Gen. Mattis Warns Against U.S. Isolationism - William Spence, Lewiston T.
The NATO Blame Game - Lucas Della Ventura, The Hill
Vet Kills Himself In VA Parking Lot - Adam Linehan, Task & Purpose
U.S., Russia Renew Push for Elusive Syria Agreement - Matthew Lee, AP
Thursday, August 25
The Age of the Aircraft Carrier may be Over - Jason Fields, Reuters
F-35C Now Armed With Max Weapons Load - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
Navy Ready for Enemy Stealth Submarines - Dave Majumdar, National Int.
Army Recon Wants Bigger Gun, More Seats for JLTV - Matthew Cox, Mil.
Germany Mulls Pulling Fighter Jets from Turkey - Andrea Shalal, Reuters
Why Turkey Went to War in Syria - Faysal Itani, Foreign Policy
Office of No Threat Assessment - Bill Gertz, Washington Times
Air Force's New Communications System - Stew Magnuson, National Def.
Russia Launches Large Snap Military Drills - Agence France-Presse
Army grows Pacific Pathways - Michelle Tan, Army Times
Facing the New Reality of Homegrown Terrorism - David Shedd, Cipher B.
Army Fails to Take Advantage of Virtual Training - Morgan Chalfant, WFB
Marine Corps Reserve Celebrates 100 Years - Jacqueline Mazur, WGNO
Wednesday, August 24
Will the Army Keep the XM-25? - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
First Look at Sunken WWII-Era Aircraft Carrier - CNN
F-35 Still Falls Short, Pentagon's Tester Says - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
What Will Replace the F/A-18E/F & EA-18G? - Dave Majumdar, Natl. Intrst.
China's Covert Weapons Procurement Revealed - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
Northrop to Develop Laser pod for USAF Fighters - Gareth Jennings, IHS
India's Scorpene Sub Designs Leaked in DCNS Hack - Jennifer Baker, AT
CNO: MQ-25 Stingray Drone Will be a Tanker - David Larter, Defense News
How Many Guns did U.S. Lose Track of in Mid. East? - C.J. Chivers, NYT
Australia's Ambivalence Makes It Vulnerable - Richard Fontaine, WSJ
Biden Tells Kurds to Pull Back in Syria - Karen DeYoung, Washington Post
Japan Military to Start Training for Overseas Missions - Andy Sharp, BM
Pakistan's Role in the Syria Conflict - Samuel Ramani, The Diplomat
Tuesday, August 23
Turkey Open to Russian Planes at Incirlik - John Vandiver, Stars & Stripes
What Every Chinese Soldier Knows (Part 4): Rescue! - Ben Lowsen, TD
F-35 Racks up Weapons Tests - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
U.S. to Deploy F-35s in Western Japan Next Year - Japan Times
Germany Mulls Reinstating Conscription - Deutsche Welle
LM Awarded $10B for Future C-130J Production - Gareth Jennings, IHS
North Korea Plants new Landmines Along DMZ - Voice of America
Russia's Nuclear Paranoia Fuels its Nuke Propaganda - Jeffrey Lewis, FP
Iraqi Troops, Militia Inch Towards Mosul - Arwa Damon, et. al, CNN
U.S. Troop Killed in IED Blast in Afghanistan - Rebeccah Kheel, The Hill
Nigeria Claims it Killed Boko Haram Leader - Lesley Wroughton, Reuters
Why TPP Won't Improve Our Security - Clyde Prestowitz, New York Times
Pentagon: No Done Deal With Russia on Syria - Aaron Mehta, Def. News
Monday, August 22
The Savage Story of the Gatling Gun - Matthew Moss, Popular Mechanics
F-35 Test-Fires AIM-9X Block I - Geoff Fein, Jane's
Iran Ousts Russian Bombers Over Publicity of Strikes - BBC News
USS Fort Worth Finally Headed Home to San Diego - Sam LaGrone, USNI
Dynetics Looks to fit Niche With Small Glide Munition - Jen Judson, DN
U.S. Sends Over 100 Troops to Battle Taliban - Sune Engel Rasmussen, TG
Is France at War in Yemen? - Chris Biggers, War Is Boring
U.S. CMDR: "We Will Defend Ourselves" in Syria - Andrew Buncombe, TI
China Slams U.S.-S. Korea Drills, Stages its Own - Simon Denyer, WaPo
Navy Air Boss: Fighter Readiness not in Crisis - Hope Hodge Seck, Military
The Danger of War without Sacrifice - Dianne Pfundstein Chamberlain, TNI
The Foundations of Pacific Stability - Eric K. Fanning, Project Syndicate
U.S. Faces Setback in Asia if TPP Doesn't Pass - John Lyons, Wall St. Jrnl.
Friday, August 19
5 Things You Don't Know About Fighter Planes -
Navy Steps Away From Stealth for MQ-25 - Leigh Giangreco, Flightglobal
Kiev: Russia Moved Troops, Missiles Across Border - Julian Barnes, WSJ
Making the Case for More U.S. Navy Ships - Scot McCauley, San Diego U-T
China Builds First Overseas Military Outpost - Jeremy Page, Wall St. Jrnl.
Army's Fuzzy Math Can't Account for Trillions - Scot J. Paltrow, Reuters
Say Hello to Underwater Drones - Samantha Masunaga, Los Angeles Times
Syrian Aircraft Bombed Near U.S. SOF - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Wash. Post
Is Turkey Abandoning NATO or Vice Versa? - Metin Gurcan, Al-Monitor
Russia Test Fires Nuke-Capable Ballistic Missile - Franz-Stefan Gady, DM
Russian Cruise Missiles Target Syria - Angus McDowall, et. al, Reuters
China Eyes Artificial Intel. for new Cruise Missiles - Ben Blanchard, RN
PLA to Step up Training and aid to Syria - Gabriel Dominguez, Jane's
Thursday, August 18
Inside the Secretive World of Air Force Pararescue - Mark M. Synnott, NG
First Japan-Built Patrol Vessel Arrives in Philippines - Julian Ryall, IHS
U.S. Navy Makes F-35C Carrier Qualification Push - Stephen Trimble, FG
Romania Denies Accepting U.S. Nukes From Turkey - Marian Chiriac, BI
Company Sold DoD "Defective" Combat Helmets - Tim Devaney, The Hill
B-52s Re-Join U.S. Campaign in Afghanistan - Tim Ripley, Jane's
China Preps Spratlys for Military Aircraft - AMTI, CSIS
Russian Base in Syria to be Permanent, Enlarged - George Allison, UKDJ
Bolivia Opens "Anti-Imperialist" Mil. School - Rosalba O'Brien, et. al, RN
Moldova Protests Russian Military Exercise in Transdniester - RFE/RL
Contractors Outnumber Troops in Afghanistan 3-to-1 - Leo Shane, MT
USAF may Open JDAM to new Suppliers - Valerie Insinna, Defense News
Army Struggles to Open up to Industry - Sydney J. Freedberg , Breaking Def.
Wednesday, August 17
China's Missile-Torpedo may Curb U.S. Sub Power - Lyle J. Goldstein, TNI
The key Difference Between Russian and U.S. Airstrikes - Alex Lockie, BI
F-35's new Landing Tech may Simplify Carrier Ops - Hope H. Seck, Mil.
Why Vietnam Deployed Rockets to the Spratlys - Le Hong Hiep, Straits T.
The Real U.S. Ground War on ISIS - Mike Giglio, Buzzfeed News
Hezbollah Drone is a Warning to the U.S. - David Axe, The Daily Beast
Taiwan to Receive Phalanx Ship Defense System - Franz-Stefan Gady, DM
Navy spy Case Moves Forward - David Larter, Navy Times
Canada's Military Readiness Problems - John Robson, National Post
Did the Soviet Union Really End? - Masha Gessen, New York Times
U.S. Army Converging Electronic Warfare, Cyber - Mark Pomerleau, DN
NATO can do More to Destroy ISIS-If We Ask - Dianne Feinstein, WSJ
Russia Uses Iran to Strike Syria Militants Again - Denis Pinchuk, et. al, RN
Tuesday, August 16
OA-X: More Than Just Light Attack - Mike Benitez, War on the Rocks
Russia Develops Slat Armor for Combat Vehicles - Christopher Foss, IHS
NSA and the No Good, Very Bad Monday - Nicholas Weaver, Lawfare
Pentagon Seeks Weapons to Counter Hypersonic Missiles - Bill Gertz, FB
Britain Stockpiles new ASRAAM Missiles for F-35 - Andrew Chuter, DN
Predator Bs Tested for Ballistic Missile Defense - Bill Carey, AIN Online
USAF ICBM Upgrade Said to be Stalled Over Cost - Tony Capaccio, B'berg
China Launches "Hack-Proof" Comms Satellite - Sophia Yan, CNN
THAAD Could Spur More Advanced Chinese Missiles - Ian Armstrong, HP
Military Millennials' bad Reputation is Undeserved - Carl Forsling, T&P
Russia Uses Iranian Base for Syria Campaign - Neil MacFarquhar, NYT
China Seeks Closer Military Ties With Syria - Ben Blanchard, Reuters
Gen. Milley Visits China Amid THAAD Tensions - Associated Press

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