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Thursday, May 5
Tracking Russian Subs Aboard the USS Missouri - Jim Sciutto, et. al, CNN
Was CIA Chief in Pakistan Poisoned by ISI? - Greg Miller, Washington Post
Video Emerges of SEALs in Combat With ISIS - Fazel Hawramy, et. al, TG
A U.S. Navy Carrier Group is Sailing on Beef Fat - Kyle Mizokami, PM
Inside Russia's Base in Latakia - Alexey Eremenko, NBC News
Time to Return to the Principles of War - James Jay Carafano, Natl. Interest
Navy Awards Unmanned Wave Glider Contract - Michael Peck, C4ISR&N
Russia to Focus on Re-Equipping Airborne Forces - N. Novichkov, Jane's
Clausewitz and the Crackhouse - Paul Kan, War on the Rocks
NATO Beefs up Missile Def. Despite Russian Criticism - S. Erlanger, NYT
Truman CSG Extension Shows Flaws in Deployment Goal - C. Church, SS
U.S. Navy Combining Mine Efforts - Christopher P. Cavas, Defense News
Israel to Open Office at NATO Headquarters - J. Barnes & E. Peker, WSJ
Wednesday, May 4
U.S. Military's Massive Arsenal - Chris Smith, BGR
A Military Coup in Our Future? - Thomas Sowell, American Spectator
The Peculiar Language of Soldiers - Matti Friedman, The Atlantic
Russia's 3 New Military Div. to Counter NATO - Lidia Kelly, et al., Reuters
Trump Would Ban Generals from Television - Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller
Navy Tests World's Largest Unmanned Ship - Julie Watson, AP
Has the American Military Fallen Behind? - The Conversation, USN
New Balance's Sneaker Fight With Pentagon Hits Congress - J. Berr, CBS
U.S. Military Currently Unable to Handle Major Crisis - Guy Taylor, WT
Japan, Philippines Military Aircraft Deal - Prashanth Parameswaran, Dipl.
China Advances Military Drills in the South China Sea - Ben Blanchard, R.
China and Russia to Hold Joint Missile Defense Drills - Moscow Times
Russia Must End "Sabre Rattling" - Radio Free Europe
Tuesday, May 3
American Killed by ISIS Fire was a Navy SEAL - David Larter, Navy Times
The Marines are Running out of Fighter Jets - David Axe, The Daily Beast
Neutering U.S. Combat Air Forces - Jed Babbin, Washington Times
U.S. Tells Pakistan it Will Have to Fund F-16s Itself - D. Brunnstrom, TR
Lockheed Martin Receives $1.3B F-35 Contract - Brendan McGarry, DoDB
Military Begins Sea Testing of Unmanned Ship - Fayetteville Observer
NATO Debating Rotational Ground Force in Baltics, Poland - RFE/RL
China Building 1st Overseas Military Base in Djibouti - James Jeffrey, PRI
A European Perspective on A2/AD and 3rd Offset - Luis Simon, WOTR
More Women Will Make a Stronger Military - Editors, Bloomberg View
Is Iraq's Most Important Battle in Baghdad? - John Hudson, et. al, FP
DARPA Proposes SnapChat-Esque Messaging App - Crothers/Rogers, FOX
WH: Iraq Unrest Won't Change U.S. Mil. Plans - Susan Crabtree, Wash. Ex.
Monday, May 2
F-35 Test Pilot Dislikes A-10 Test - David Axe, War Is Boring
Has the U.S. Military Fallen Behind? - Bear F. Braumoeller, Conversation
Port Call Refusal Could Signal More Trouble in SCS - Kirk Spitzer, USAT
Army Spec. Ops. Mulls What's Next After the Little Bird - Jen Judson, DN
Russian Provocations and War Games Risk Real War - J. Schindler, Obs.
Lockheed's HIMARS Drawing International Interest - James Bach, WBJ
Tensions Rising Ahead of South China Sea Ruling - William Ide, VOA
UK MoD Unveils new Armed Drone - Ben Farmer, Telegraph
Breedlove Calls for Sharper Focus on Russia - Julian E. Barnes, WSJ
U.S., India Talk Anti-Submarine Warfare - S. Miglani & G. Torode, Reuters
DCI: Secret 9/11 Report Pages Full of Hearsay, Inaccurate Info - FOX
MANPADS for Syrian Rebels Debate Returns - N. Bulos & B. Bennett, LAT
Cybercom's War on ISIS - Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
Friday, April 29
U.S. Air Power Needs an F-22 Upgrade - R. Forbes & M. Wynne, WSJ
Top Gun at 30 - Greg Malandrino & Jeff McLean, War on the Rocks
China, Russia Urge U.S. to Keep THAAD out of S. Korea - Reuters
America's Navy is Spread too Thin - Nikolas Gvosdev, The National Interest
Army Retains Soldier who Confronted Afghan Rapist - L. Tomlinson, FN
7 Military Operations With Ridiculous Names - Sarah Sicard, T&P
GAO: Guam THAADs Still Untested - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Dunford: U.S. Troops in Iraq Conduct Combat Ops - Hope H. Seck, Mil.
Turkey Signs Deal to Deploy Forces in Qatar - Hurriyet Daily News
F-22s Arrive for Training in Lithuania - Marina Malenic, Jane's
Eric Fanning Confirmation Remains Stonewalled - Susan Crabtree, WE
Congress' $18B Gamble with DoD's War Fund - Martin Matishak, FT
IRGC: Iran's Power Player - Bennett Seftel, The Cipher Brief
Thursday, April 28
Russian Jet Buzzes U.S. Spy Plane in Asia - Bill Gertz, Wash. Free Beacon
North Korea's Nuclear Sub is Wickedly Unsafe - David Axe, Daily Beast
Steel cut for new U.S. Navy Destroyer - Richard Tomkins, UPI
Can the F-35 Really Replace the A-10? - Dan Grazier, POGO
A U.S. Spy Left to Hang - Wall Street Journal
N. Korea Rushes to Re-Test Missile, Fails Again - Ju-min Park, Reuters
Army Studies 38-acre Arlington Cemetery Expansion - M. Barakat, AP
SpaceX Wins First U.S. Air Force Contract - Brendan McGarry, DoD Buzz
U.S. may Lift Vietnam Arms Embargo - Prashanth Parameswaran, Diplomat
East vs. West in the Arctic Circle - Jochen Bittner, New York Times
The Drone Debate we are not Having - Neania Buehler, Modern War Inst.
HASC Passes Major DoD Policy Bill for 2017 - Joe Gould, Defense News
Biden Makes Surprise Trip to Baghdad - Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico
Wednesday, April 27
Meet the Army's First Female Infantry Officer - Michelle Tan, Army Times
5 of 6 F-35As Fail to Take Off During Mock Deployment - James Drew, FG
Army Developing Lightweight M2 .50 Cal. Machine Gun - K. Osborn, SW
Why Japan Lost Australia's Sub Contract - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
The Best Radio Antenna is One That's a Tank - Eric Tegler, Pop. Mechanics
China Successfully Tests Hypersonic Missile - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
U.S. Sees new Flashpoint in South China Sea - G. Lubold & J. Page, WSJ
The New Arms Race - Lamont Colucci, U.S. News & World Report
Russia's Military Modernization: Where Next? - Samuel Bendett, RCWorld
Abe's Plan for Defense Exports Fizzles With Sub Loss - I. Reynolds, B'berg
Russia to Sell Electronic Warfare Systems to Iran - L. Todd Wood, WT
House NDAA Would Fund 3,000 Additional Marines - H. H. Seck, Military
U.S. to Deploy Robot Combat Strategists - Geoff Dyer, Financial Times
Tuesday, April 26
Breakdown of Gear U.S. SOF are Using in Syria - T. Gibbons-Neff, WP
Could Restarting F-22 Production Ever be a Good Idea? - R. Farley, Diplo.
UK Debuts 'Bunker Buster' Bombs Against ISIS - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
Navy Gets Under Sailors' Skin with new Tattoo Policy - Julia Bergman, AP
Scarborough Shoal: A Red Line? - Jay Batongbacal, CSIS
How DCNS won Australia's Sub Contract - Helene Fouquet, et. al, B'berg
Stuck On Denial, Part III - Mike Pietrucha, War on the Rocks
12 Amendments to Watch for in NDAA Fight - Justin Johnson, Daily Signal
Thornberry Funds Air Force Wish List - Lara Seligman, Defense News
PLAN's Professionalism in SCS Attracts U.S. Admiral's Praise - JT
Drones Kill More Civilians Than Pilots Do - Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy
DARPA Wants new Ways to Find Cyber Attackers - Michael Hoffman, DT
USCG Disadvantaged by Limited Access to UAVs - Morgan Chalfant, WFB
Monday, April 25
Why More F-22s is a Very bad Idea - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
Pentagon Sent Four A-10s to Patrol the South China Sea - David Axe, WiB
Army's Next Sniper Will be Modified H&K G28 - American Rifleman
Russia's Submarine Program: How big a Threat? - Michael Kofman, CNN
U.S. has Deployed two F-22s to Russia's Backyard - Jeremy Bender, BI
Scarborough 'Shoaldown' - Harry Kazianis, The National Interest
Japan Intercepted Chinese Aircraft 571 Times in 2015 - F. Gady, Diplomat
India to Produce PGMs Domestically - Vivek Raghuvanshi, Defense News
Obama Outlines Plans to Expand U.S. SOF in Syria - Greg Jaffe, et. al, WP
Armed Services Chief's Risky Strategy for Budget Hike - R. Lardner, AP
Britain's Military Standing Would not Suffer After Brexit - A. Menon, FT
What Cyberwar Against ISIS Should Look Like - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Military Wants its own Encrypted Messaging App - Steve Ranger, ZDNet

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