RealClearDefense Evening Edition

Thursday, December 18
China Tests ICBM with Multiple Warheads - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
Defense Hawks vs. Budget Hawks - Jerry Hendrix, National Interest
The Littoral Combat Ship: One Big Mistake? - James Goldrick, Strategist
French Foreign Legion Keeps Luring Americans - Dan Lamothe, Wash Post
Catch and Release in the Land of Two Rivers - Craig Whiteside, WOTR
Wednesday, December 17
Don't Worship at the Altar of Andrew Marshall - Michael Desch, Natl Int
Tech, Timing, Threats & the U.S. Surface Fleet - Seth Cropsey, RCDefense
Army Deserter Jailed for Chasing Conflicts - Dave Philipps, NY Times
Will We Ever Try the 9/11 Mastermind? - Tim Mak, Daily Beast
Torture in a Savage War of Peace - Alistair Horne, War on the Rocks
Monday, December 15
America's Military: Crushing Deployment Tempo - David Larter, MilTimes
Attacking ISIS from an American Aircraft Carrier - Eric Schmitt, NY Times
CIA Agents: How Real Is "Homeland?" - Cogan & MacGaffin, Daily Beast
Wargaming for Innovation - Information Dissemination
Congress Reworks the Procurement Budget - McLeary & Peniston, DN
Friday, December 12
5 Things No One Told Me About Being an Air Force Pilot - Nick Bente, T&P
The Making of a Drone Pilot - Valerie Insinna, National Defense
Destroying the Myth of Minimum Deterrence - Payne & Costlow, Natl Int
Allen's Heavy Rucksack in the Fight Against ISIS - David Ignatius, WaPo
Lessons in Stoic Leadership - Jesse Burroughs, Proceedings Magazine
What Next for the National Guard? - Bryan Rozman, War on the Rocks
German Soldiers Don't Trust Their Battle Rifle - Till Rimmele, WIB
McCain, Torture Report & the Revolutionary War - Daniel Dolan, USNI
The U.S. Needs a New Church Committee - Michael German, Defense One
A Torture Report from the Dustbin - John Yoo, New York Daily News
Tuesday, December 9
Ex-CIA Directors: Interrogations Saved Lives - Wall Street Journal
Does Torture Work? A Look at Eight Cases - Apuzzo, Park & Buchanan, NYT
Obama's Long Arc on Torture - Josh Gerstein, Politico
The Most Lethal Air Forces on the Planet - Kyle Mizokami, National Interest
The Dragon Pours Concrete - David Lewton, Air Force Magazine
Realist Troika: Nixon, Kissinger & the Shah - Behnam Ben Taleblu, WOTR
Let Russia Be Russia - Shlomo Ben-Ami, Project Syndicate
Moving Mountains in Cyber War - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Where Are the Citizen Soldiers? - Will McGee, Proceedings Magazine
Spanning the Civilian-Military Gap - Nathan Finney, Task & Purpose
Monday, December 8
Killer in the Sky: Russia's Deadly Su-35 Fighter - Dave Majumdar, Natl Int
Past & Future of Offset Strategies - Michael Horowitz, War on the Rocks
Arming Baghdad Without Also Arming ISIS - Adam Rawnsley, WIB
ISIS Has a Message. Do We? - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
How al-Qaeda Works Like the Boy Scouts - Jim Tankersley, Wash Post

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