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Friday, July 3
The Chinese Military has a New Secret Weapon - R. Beckhusen, The Week
When is the F-35 Not a Dogfighter? - Joseph Trevithick, War is Boring
Global Hawk is an Astounding War Machine - William Arkin, Phase Zero
The Marines' Spartan Strategist - Hope Hodge Seck, Military Times
Russia to Build Powerful, Mistral-Style Assault Ship - Zachary Keck, TNI
CIA Ran a 'Billion-Dollar Spy' in Soviet-Era Moscow - D. E. Hoffman, WP
Dempsey Tells Pentagon to Prepare for Long War - Weisgerber, Defense 1
43 Essential Books about War - Editorial Staff, The Art of Manliness
5 Most Underrated U.S. Presidents in History - Merry, National Interest
Russia's Nuke Doctrine Takes Alarming Step Backwards - The Interpreter
Secret Side of the Iran Nuclear Deal - E. Lake and J. Rogin, Bloomberg View
Return of the Nuclear Deterrence Problem - Rod Lyon, The Strategist
The Shadow War Continues in Somalia - Ty McCormick, Foreign Policy
Thursday, July 2
F/A-18 Super Hornet is a Better Jet - Michael Byers, National Post
The Navy Ignored Years of Alarming Reports - Myers & Larter, Navy Times
Time for a Direct-Fire, Breech-Loaded Mortar - Oberholtzer, ND Magazine
Subhunters Aim to Counter Russia's Silent Subs - Morris, Free Beacon
Pentagon Defends F-35 Amid 'Can't Dogfight' Reports - Osborn,
Lockheed Struggles with its 'Lighter-than-Air Craft' - J. Peters, VICE News
Are We Addicted to War? - William J. Astore, War Is Boring
Egypt Proudly Posts Photos of Mangled ISIS Corpses - N. Youssef, Beast
The Army Needs to 'Forget the Past' - Joel Dolisy, Defense Systems
Asia's Deadly New Arms Race - Sheryn Lee, ASPI Strategist
Could India's Military Really Crush Pakistan - W. Ladwig, National Interest
Russian Generals Lead Ukraine's Separatists - Rogin & Lake, Bloomberg
Women in Combat Roles 'Unlikely to Boom' - L. Barthelemy, Space War
Navy Goes Big on 3-D Printing Next Year - Bryant Jordan,
FBI Warns of Chinese Hack Attacks - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
Wednesday, July 1
A Look at the Competition for the Army's New Handgun - Beekman, T&P
What Does a Major 21st Century War Look Like? - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
Russian Pilot Shot Flares at Swedish Jet - Associated Press
Hypersonic Jet Flies 5X Speed of Sound - Elizabeth Howell, Live Science
EA-6B Prowler Retires After 45 Years of Service - Hetherington,
The 'Bunker-Buster' Bomb Will Not Stop Iran - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Time to Get Serious About Nuclear Deterrence - Rebeccah Heinrichs, RCD
What's the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Army? - Y. Tadjdeh, ND Magazine
The New Terrorist Target? You. - Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast
Russia's Plan for 24 Hypersonic Missiles by 2020 - Zachary Keck, TNI
See China's Rapid Island-Building Strategy in Action - Denyer, Wash Post
Time to Re-Evaluate Counterterrorism Strategy - M. Zenko, Foreign Policy
Green on Blue: An Interview with Elliot Ackerman - The Strategy Bridge
Drone-Maker Eyes Maritime Surveillance Market - B. McGarry, DoD Buzz
Tuesday, June 30
Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can't Dogfight - David Axe, War Is Boring
Djibouti Parades Chinese Tank Destroyer - Jeremy Binnie, IHS Jane's 360
Time to Talk about 'Floating Bases' - James Stavridis, AFCEA Signal
Army Vice Chief Focuses on Lighter Soldier Kit - Matthew Cox, Kit Up!
Satellite Imagery Reveals China's New Drone Base - C. Biggers, Bellingcat
Pentagon Fires Trans Troops in Secret - Nancy Youssef, The Daily Beast
Sometimes History is Made in the Dark - A. Cole & P. Singer, RCDefense
U.S. Defense Industry Incapable of Innovation? - D. Goure, Lex. Institute
Panel Urges Green Beret Hero Out of Army with VA Benefits - AP
Why Military Advising was So Successful in Vietnam - P. Murphy, SWJ
ADM Stansfield Turner's Classic "Missions of the Navy" - J. Solomon, ID
Congress Wants Pentagon to Empower Taiwan - C. Chu, National Interest
The Cost of Fighting World's Deadliest Terrorists - An Phung, Vocativ
Monday, June 29
Russia is Making Tanks Stylish Again - Jennifer Peters, VICE News
U.S. Military Ready for Falklands War Scenario? - K. Privratsky, WOTR
Hypersonic Missiles Push America, China Toward War - National Interest
Why John McCain Fired Latest Salvo to Save A-10 - Davenport, Wash Post
China's New Maritime Patrol, Anti-Sub Y-8/9 - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
Here's How Israel Deals with Hostages - Dan Ephron, Politico
Rocket Failure a Big Setback for SpaceX - Brendan McGarry, Defense Tech
Green Beret Presents his Case in Hearing - Dolasinski, Fayetteville Observer
Inside Gitmo's Surreal Recreation Spots - Jenna Garrett, Wired
Gen. McChrystal: 'ISIS is Like AIDS' - Adam Linehan, Maxim
America Experimented on Conscientious Objectors in WWII - WIB
3 Observations from Recent Terror Attacks - R. Shanahan, The Interpreter
Russian Military Academies' Booming Business Under Putin - Ross, IBT
China, Russia Almost Definitely Have Snowden Docs - B. Schneier, Wired
India's Armed Drone Fleet - Saurav Jha, The Diplomat
Pentagon Needs Russian Rocket Engines for Years - McGarry, Def Tech
U.S. Will Need More Russian RD-180 Engines - G. Kilmer, ND Magazine
Falcon 9 Failure Strains ISS, Doesn't Break it - Carreau & Morring, AW
Navy's First Director of Unmanned Weapons Systems - S. Lagrone, USNI
Friday, June 26
Russia Sends Super-Advanced S-400 to NATO's Borders - Z. Keck, TNI
The Cold War Never Really Ended - David Frum, The Atlantic
Iraqi F-16 Crash In Arizona - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
GAO Rejects USAF Arguments to Retire A-10 - Richard Sisk,
The Meaning of Belleau Wood - Shawn Callahan, The Strategy Bridge
Sweden Must Join NATO - Breitenbauch & Brattberg, The American Interest
How Not to Write About Atomic War - David Axe, War Is Boring
China's Hackers Gain Access to Sex Secrets - Peter Foster, The Telegraph
Russian Nuke Talk 'Playing with Fire' - Robert Burns, Associated Press
Putin Presses On with Russia's Military Modernization - Gady, Diplomat
ISIS Revenge? Bloody Friday Kills 60 - Barbie Latza Nadeau, The Daily Beast
Washington's Strategy in Iraq has Failed - Peter Van Buren, The Nation
Buying Russia Rockets: Trading with the Enemy? - Goure, Lex. Institute
Thursday, June 25
The Ohio-Class Nuclear Submarine - Dangerous - Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Russia's Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifles - Nikolai Novichkov, Jane's
Marines Look at Mitsubishi Armored Vehicle - Daily Times
NEW: China's Precision Anti-Ship Rocket Launcher - Want China Times
Navy's First Littoral Combat Ship Enters Dry Dock - Osborn, DOD Buzz
The Pentagon's Fight Over Fighting China - Mark Perry, Politico
THAAD not Reliable Deterrent Against NKorea Missiles - Shim, UPI
Russia Tested Hypersonic Glide Vehicle - Bill Getz, Free Beacon
Pentagon Misses Target on Air Weapons - Erwin, National Defense
The CIA Bugged a Cat to Spy on the Soviets - LaFrance, The Atlantic
Military Helo Drone to be Sold Commercially - B. McGarry, DOD Buzz
China Angered at Senate Bill on Taiwan Military Cooperation - Reuters
Star Wars: U.S. Gets Ready to Battle China & Russia - Gady, The Diplomat
Wednesday, June 24
Obama Admits: "There are Black Helicopters" - William Arkin, Phase Zero
Reviewing Ghost Fleet - Adin Dobkin, The Strategy Bridge
What is the Most Dangerous Threat to America? - Katz, National Interest
America 'Puts On a Show' in Europe - Mackenzie Eaglen, US News
Pentagon Missing Target on Air Weapon Investments - S. Erwin, ND Mag
Beijing's Master Plan for the South China Sea - Feng Zhang, Foreign Policy
Guns, Police: U.S.'s Greatest Nat. Security Threats - Engelhardt, Nation
P-3 Orion is Old, but it's Ready to Hunt Some Submarines - Rogoway, FA
SpaceX Will Try to Land a Rocket on a Barge This Weekend - Wenz, PM
U.S. Must Consider Building Nuclear Weapons - Paul Shinkman, US News
How Australia Can Strengthen its U.S. Alliance - Heinrichs, Interpreter
Why I Want My Daughter to Join the Military - Harbaugh, N.Y. Observer
Saddam is Long Gone, but His Minefields Still Kill - Cetti-Roberts, WIB
Greatest Cyber Risks to National Security - Castelli, Inside Cybersecurity
Tuesday, June 23
Desert Ship Strikes Dummy A/C with New Missile - K. Osborn,
Whatever Happened to BBQ'ed F-35? - Eric Tegler, Popular Mechanics
Russia's T-14 Armata has 'New-Gen ERA' - N. Novichkov, IHS Jane's 360
Should U.S. Deploy New Tactical Nukes? - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
A Defining Moment for 20th Century Marines - Steven Foster, The Bridge
Vietnam & the Myth of a 'Bamboo Pentagon' - Grundhauser, Atlas Obscura
Crimean Gangland: Putin's Seaside Mafia State - Chalupa, The Daily Beast
Russia Sends Advanced Aerial Weapon to Arctic - Jeremy Bender, BI
Fixing Our Broken Political System - Hayden, McChrystal & Stavridis, Time
The Fight Within Every Veteran - Matt Victoriano, Cicero Magazine
Need Iraq Strategy? Washington Has Tons of Bad Ideas - Bacevich, WIB
U.S., Russia Arms Sales Race - Dmitry Gorenburg, Business Insider
Quest for Perfect Security Makes Us More Vulnerable - Wells, Interpreter

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