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Thursday, March 5
The Myth of the West's Threat to Russia - A. Motyl, Atlantic Council
BMP: A Vehicle Designed to Fight in a Nuclear War - SK Au-Yeong, WIB
5-Step Guide to Building a World-Class Navy - Robert Farley, TNI
Musashi: History's Mightiest Warship - Prashanth Parameswaran, Diplomat
US Considers Banning Type of Popular Rifle Ammunition - Salem News
Russian Aircraft Train on NATO Warships in The Black Sea - Aviationist
The Congress that Knew too Little about Iran - Stevenson, RealClearWorld
Volunteers Crowdfund A Robotank For Ukraine's Army - Vocativ
Russian Bombers Flew 25 Miles Off the Coast of Ireland - RFE/RL
China's Defense Budget More than Doubles Since 2008 - IHS Jane's 360
What Netanyahu's Speech Overlooked: China - Shannon Tiezzi, Diplomat
USMC Considering Platforms to Extend Africa Reach - M. Eckstein, USNI
VIDEO: Dying for Moscow: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine - Vice News
Wednesday, March 4
Russia's Devastating Thermobaric Rocket Tanks - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
Ukraine Chaos: 5 Questions for Ian Bremmer - Bremmer & Kazianis, RCD
Obama Is Blind on Russian Motives - Joseph, Edelman & Heinrichs, NRO
4 Myths That Drive (and Endanger) US Defense Policy - J. Davidson, CFR
5 Priciest Weapons Programs You've Never Heard of - Jill Aitoro, WBJ
China's Military Power Threatens America - Ryan Martinson, TNI
Beware: Weapon Shortfalls Threaten Fight Against ISIS - E. Maine, RCD
The Spy Who Came in From Al-Qaeda - BBC News Magazine
How to Deal with a Bad Iran Agreement - James Jeffrey, RealClearWorld
Hacker or Spy in Today's Cyberattacks? - Bruce Schneier, CSM Passcode
Army Snubs Beretta Again on M9A3 Proposal - Matthew Cox, Kit Up
This Chart Compares Chinese and Indian Sub Fleets - Bender, BI
This Graphic Shows You How a Gun Silencer Works - Moseman, PM
What Rubio Doesn't Understand about Middle East - Robert Merry, TNI
ICYMI:How to Deter China--Enter Archipelagic Defense - J. Holmes, RCD
Tuesday, March 3
Video Interview: 5 Questions for Gordon Chang - Chang & Kazianis, RCD
Video: Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech to Congress - RCDefense
Petraeus Lied to FBI - Kate Brennan, Foreign Policy
The Open-Source Spies of World War II - Adam Rawnsley, War Is Boring
Inside Story of Iran's Stealth Jet Thief - Jacob Siegel, The Daily Beast
The 10 Best Memoirs of the Vietnam War - James M. Lindsay, CFR
The Seductiveness of Special Ops? - Michael Noonan, WOTR
ISIS' Somali-American Terrorist Pipeline - Joshua Meservey, TNI
How Global Warming Caused Syrian Civil War - Marcus Woo, Wired
Interests, Not Emotion, Should Guide Response to ISIS - Lisagor, Cicero
US, Allies Reviewing Bomb Stockpiles for ISIS Fight - M. Weisgerber, D1
Nemtsov and the Road Russia Never Took - A. Kuchins, RCW
Netanyahu's Plan to Derail Iran Talks - Mohammad Ali Shabani, TNI
ICYMI: The Deadly Castle Bravo Nuke Test - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Monday, March 2
China and Russia vs. the United States? - Huiyun Feng, The Diplomat
How the U.S. Military Helped Create Spock - Matthew Gault, WIB
Tomahawk: Vital to the Future of U.S. Seapower - James Feldkcamp, RCD
U.S. Navy Tried to Develop a Seaplane Strike Force - Steve Weintz, WIB
This Doctor Led the CIA to Bin Laden - Mullaney & Hassan, Nat Geographic
Preparing for China's Collapse - Peter Harris, The National Interest
Putin Has The Elite Right Where He Wants Them - Terrified - Telegraph
Awkward Residue of War: Burn Pits and Human Waste - Need, Cicero
How to Prevent a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East - K. Reif, TNI
Obama's Approach to Counterterrorism - Afeef & Tiffen, World Affairs
From RealClearWorld: Russian Military Doctrine Explained - RCW
VIDEO: Impact of Sequestration on USCG - Paul Zukunft, Defense News
Friday, February 27
China's Space Weapons Threaten U.S. Satellites - Bill Gertz, WFB
Jeb's Inadequate Reflection on the Iraq War - Conor Friedersdorf, Atlantic
The New Battleground in the U.S.-Iranian Covert War - D. Fidler, TNI
MV-22 and KC-10 Conduct First In-Flight Refueling -
Is the Hellenic Armed Forces Dying? - Daniel Darling, RealClearDefense
True Story About R.P.G.s and the Reality of the Battlefield - Farwell, VF
Photos Show Donetsk Airport Destroyed After Year of War - The Atlantic
Reaffirming the Marine Corps' Presence Mission - Justin Goldman, RCD
What Compelled O'Reilly and Williams to Make Up War Stories? - TNR
Is Religion Inherently Violent? - Jason Klocek, Cicero Magazine
A New American Grand Strategy - Jim Mattis, Hoover Institution
North Korea's Surprisingly Deadly Navy - Koh Swee Lean Collin, TNI
ICYMI: Will Australia Buy Japanese Subs? - M. McLean, RealClearDefense
VIDEO: Coalition Strike on ISIL Buildings - U.S. Central Command
VIDEO: Coalition Airstrike on ISIL Building - U.S. Central Command
Thursday, February 26
China's Dangerous South China Sea Challenge - Michael Mazza, RCD
Robots at War and the Quality of Quantity - Paul Scharre, WOTR
Ukraine: Stuck Between Russia and West - N Gvosdev,World Politics Review
Iran and the US: Locked in Cyber Combat - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
Growler's Future Bright After Navy Blanks EA-18G's Budget - DOD Buzz
ISIS' Devastating Defector Problem - Mona Alami, The National Interest
Does Transnistria Matter? To Russia, It May - Leon, Cicero Magazine
Small Diameter Bomb II Destroys T-72 in Live-Fire Test -
The Terrifying Vulnerability of the U.S. Military - P. Gobry, The Week
Coming Very Soon: The Virginia Payload Module? - M. Eckstein, USNI
Close the Military Sex-Offender Loophole - Speier & Coffman, Roll Call
Why the New Bomber is a Good Investment - R. Haddick, WOTR
Are Americans Sliding Into Another War? - Paul Pillar, National Interest
ICYMI: Russia Can't Beat NATO--But Putin May Try - T. Nichols, RCD
FROM RCW: The Intersection of Three Crises - Reva Bhalla, Stratfor
Wednesday, February 25
Could N. Korea Have 100 Nukes by 2020? - Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat
Iran's Guard Attacks Mock US Carrier in Drills - Ali Akbar Dareini, AP
Why is the Military Giving its Playbook to ISIS? - Paul Shinkman, US News
The 'Secret Speech' and Putin's Cult of Personality - Chris Miller, Cicero
Note to Ash Carter: Make the Rebalance a Reality - CNAS
A New Concept for Air Defense - Bryan Clark, CIMSEC
NATO Should Build Permanent Bases in Baltics - R. Scheunemann, RCW
The Obama Doctrine: Constraining American Power - E. Edelman, Mosaic
Arms Control Crowd's Iran Hypocrisy - Landau & Stein, National Interest
UK to Train Ukrainian Troops - The American Interest
VIDEO: 2015 Index of U.S. Military Strength - Heritage Foundation
Tuesday, February 24
Next-Generation Drone Warfare: Interview with Paul Scharre - RCD
The Rifle that Turns Anyone into a Sniper - Valle, We Are the Mighty
Orde Wingate and Combat Leadership - Simon Anglim, The Bridge
Can the GOP Debate Foreign Policy? - Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest
This is Why 'Gun Nuts' Shoot Better - Kevin Knodell, War Is Boring
Nuclear Triad Modernization - Peter Huessy, Breaking Defense
This is How Iran's Military Chiefs Operate in Iraq - Reuters
Why Arab Ground Troops Won't Defeat ISIS - Bobby Ghosh, Defense One
The Case for Increased Cooperation with the PLA(N) - R. Hein, WOTR
Catch-22 in U.S.-Chinese Relations - Hadley & Haenle, Foreign Affairs
Ukraine Signs Defense Deal With UAE - Joe Gould, Defense News
4 Iranian Threats That Terrorize Saudi Arabia - Alex Vantanka, TNI
U.S. Land Forces must Deter and Defend - Barno & Bensahel, WOTR
ICYMI: The A2/AD Challenge - Harry Kazianis, RealClearDefense
RCW: How Israel Could Be Drawn into Syria's War - T. Bandran, NOW
Monday, February 23
Ash Carter: Invest in the 3rd Offset Strategy - CNAS, RealClearDefense
Pentagon Weapons Chief to Meet With Ukrainians - M. Weisgerber, D1
The Jews Who Fought Back against Nazi Germany - Huard, War Is Boring
Is Obama Rushing to Disaster in Iraq? - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
Is the Indian Rafale MMRCA Purchase Really Dead? - D. Darling, RCD
Is There a Place for Total War in the Modern World? - Cicero Magazine
Nepal's Dirty Little War - Michael Vurens van Es, War on the Rocks
MacArthur Would Have Loved the Pivot to Asia - Francis Sempa, Diplomat
America Will Be Forced to Lead - Derek Reveron & Nikolas Gvosdev, TNI
Russian Offers Iran Latest Anti-Aircraft Missiles - Reuters
The Bush Restoration - Sam Tanenhaus, The National Interest
ICYMI: Egypt Is Buying Loads of Fancy French Fighters - P. Dorrie, WIB
FROM RCW: Paleoconservatives Are Wrong About Putin - A. Berezow

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