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Thursday, January 29
Why Is An F/A-18D Making an Approach On a LHD? - Rogoway, FA
A Chinese Missile Drone Just Crashed in Nigeria - Rawnsley, WIB
Improving India-US Relations Unnerves Beijing - Chang, WA Journal
RIP Air-Sea Battle? - J. Randy Forbes, The National Interest
After Treason Talk, Sen. Asks AF Chief about 'Reverse' Probe - S&S
The CIA Tries to Hide its Incompetence - Norman Solomon, Guernica
Dr. Don Snider on the Military Profession - Nathan Finney, The Bridge
The Pentagon's New Fiscal Cliff - Jeremy Herb, Politico
Republicans Likely to Add Teeth to Sanctions Bill - Rogin, Bloomberg View
'Khorasan Shura': The Islamic State's Leaders for S. Asia - The Diplomat
Why Terrorists Do Not Need Territory - Lionel Beehner, Cicero Magazine
Rep. Adam Schiff Introduces Updated AUMF - Cody Poplin, Lawfare
How the Feds Bungled the Ali Saleh al-Marri Case - Napolitano, Reason
Data: Freedom Dropped Globally in 2014 - Vocativ
Wednesday, January 28
Military Budget to Fund Post-F-35 'X-Plane' - Reuters
Pay and Benefits Panel to Recommend Killing 20-year Retirement - S&S
Boeing's Sub-Hunting Poseidon Gets Budget Boost - Capaccio, Bloomberg
The Coast Guard Needs Lots More Ships - David Axe, War is Boring
Pentagon's Pathetic Vietnam Whitewash - Sally Kohn, The Daily Beast
Sweden's Armed Forces Ask for Additional Funding - Darling, RCDefense
The Lesson from Yemen - David Ignatius, The Washington Post
Defeating ISIS Means a Deal with Assad - Bloomberg View
Pentagon Leaders Lament Sequestration Cuts - Leo Shane, Military Times
Deal for ISIS Hostages in Limbo - Dickey & Adelstein, The Daily Beast
Tuesday, January 27
Gen. Flynn: White House Paralyzed by ISIS - Dozier, The Daily Beast
U.S. Army Had Secret War Dogs in Vietnam - Trevithick, War Is Boring
The Real Deal with Liberal Arts Degrees - Kevin Bell, Task & Purpose
Service Academies No Longer Needed - Zack Beauchamp, Washington Post
Brigade Combat Team Without the Combat? - Maurer, We Are the Mighty
Fusion Center Model is Emerging - Adam Stone, Emergency Management
Gen. Dunford's Way Forward - Bryan McGrath, War on the Rocks
Exclusive: Pres. Cuts Off Syrian Rebels' Cash - Dettmer & Mak, Daily Beast
King Salman's War - Moahammad Bazzi, Politico
Reckless Cuts to Military Spending Leave America Vulnerable - NYO
America's Lack of Strategy is its Own Greatest Threat - Cicero Magazine
Monday, January 26
Ukraine has Lost Half its War Planes - David Axe, War Is Boring
Stay Scary, America - Whitney Kassel, Foreign Policy
The 'American Sniper' Freakout - Mark Hemingway, The Weekly Standard
Under Islamic State, Life in Mosul Turns Grim - The Los Angeles Times
AF Prepares for 6-Month Global Hawk Deployment to Japan - ID
Iran is Doing Better than its Rivals - The Economist
SE Asia's 'Most Wanted' Terrorist Killed in S. Philippines - Jakarta Post
Sorry, America: China Can't Solve Your North Korea Problem - TNI
Cutting Islamic State's Purse Strings - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg View
Yemen on Brink of Collapse, but Does Anyone Care? - Al Jazeera
Freed AQ Agent Part of Swap for Jailed Americans - The Daily Beast
How Holograms Can Help NASA Explore Mars - Sean O'Kane, The Verge
Friday, January 23
Exclusive: CIA's Top Spy Steps Down - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
Genuinely Bad News About the F-35 and the A-10 - Fallows, The Atlantic
AK-47s Now Made in America - Cliff Schecter, The Daily Beast
Navy to Integrate F-35 With Beyond-the-Horizon Technology - Def Tech
China is Getting Reading to Surge its Military into Africa - Dorrie, WIB
American Snipers are Not Cowards - Matt Victoriano, Cicero Magazine
North Korea Might Put Nukes on Subs - Kyle Mizokami, War Is Boring
Army & USMC Seek Broader War Campaign Plans - Inside Defense
Why 'Bring Back Our Girls' Isn't Working Anymore - New Statesman
No One's War - Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
More and War - Tom Engelhardt, Guernica
Three Minutes and Counting - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Regionally Aligned Forces: More About What It Can Be - Jay Morse, SWJ
Salman's Ascension Promises Continuity at a Time of Crisis - Brookings
Time for Obama to Cut a Deal with Assad - Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast
How Aerospace & Defense Can Dodge Political Risks - Aviation Week
Thursday, January 22
Growing Teeth: Upgunning The Surface Navy - Clark, Breaking Defense
Gun-makers Push the Limits on Tactical Shotgun - Cox,
Tilt-Rotor Aircraft Could be Future of Army Helo Fleet - Business Insider
5 Weapons of War Iran Should Fear - Zachary Keck, TNI
Are Israel and Hezbollah on the Brink of War? - The Telegraph
Two Generals: Military Command in the 21st Century - Tony King, WOTR
Vietnam War's Lessons Still Echo Today - Andrew Tilghman, Military Times
6 Threats, 6 Changes and a Brave New World: Intel Chief Vickers - BD
De-Bunking 3 Dangerous Myths about Libya Conflict - The Conversation
A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine - George Soros, New York Review of Books
Rebel Putsch Is Trouble for America's War in Yemen - Trevithick, WIB
Playing a Double Game in the Fight Against AQAP - Hill & Kasinoff, FP
At the Shura Council Show Trial in Egypt - London Review of Books
I Served in Iraq, and American Sniper Gets It Right. But It's Still Not the War Film We Need - Brian Turner, New York Magazine
Wednesday, January 21
Photos of Iowa Class Battleships in the Panama Canal - Foxtrot Alpha
AR-15 and AK-47 Blended in Custom Weapon - Brendan McGarry,
Photos of F-35, F-16, A-10, F-15E Jets from Nellis AFB - The Aviationist
How China Purchased its First Aircraft Carrier - Zachary Keck, TNI
F-35 Ditches Tests to Protect Schedule - Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week
Littoral Ship's Mine-Clearing Equipment Flawed - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Separatists in Ukraine Raid Museums to Build an Air Force - Vocativ
Why an Agnostic Approach to Warfare is Key - Military Review
Obama's 'Mission Accomplished' Moment - Kate Brannen, Foreign Policy
Obama is Right - ISIS is Being Stopped - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Interrogator Explains Why Torture Does Not Work - Cicero Magazine
Islamic State Threatens Family with Death or Conversion - War Is Boring
How Propaganda Conquers Democracy - Nicolas Davies, Consortium News
Boko Haram, ISIS and AQ: How the Jihadists Compare - CBC News
Does Conflict Correlate with Better Cuisine? - Political Violence @ a Glance
President's SOTU Struck the Right Tone - Shawn Brimley, War on the Rocks
Tuesday, January 20
Russian Navy is On the Verge of Collapse - David Axe, War Is Boring
15 Photos from Operation Desert Storm - Orvelin Valle, We Are the Mighty
World's Best Non-Nuclear Submarine? - Michael Ward, TNI
Air Force's Supersonic Mercenaries - Dave Majumdar, The Daily Beast
A Cold War Legacy: The Decline of Stealth - Andrew Metrick, War on the Rocks
Why 'Sniper' Drives Both Sides Insane - Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast
Commentary: Ensure the Success of New Frigates - Defense News
Army National Guard: Rethinking Who is 'Ready' - Breaking Defense
Georgetown University Security Studies Bookshelf - SSP Faculty
Hey France, Don't Do What We Did After 9/11 - The Daily Beast
Commentary: Putting Boots on the Ground - Paul Darling, Defense News
What Does Ukraine Crisis Mean for Asia? - Nadege Rolland, The Diplomat
On the Trail of Britain's Homegrown Jihadis - Alex Perry, Newsweek
Monday, January 19
Photos & Text: China's Type 071 & 054A Ships - Information Dissemination
Life From a Tanker's Perspective - David Nye, We Are the Mighty
China Denies Beijing Hackers Stole F-35 Plans - Sui-Lee Wee, Reuters
More than Rank to Make a Mentor - Lt. Col. Ray Kimball, Army Magazine
Defense Should Follow Private Sector's Lead - National Defense Magazine
NSA Tracked North Korean Hackers for Years - Amar Toor, The Verge
What Africa Really Needs to Fight Ebola - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
No More 'Good' Taliban? - Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, The Diplomat
Confusing 'Revolution' with 'Terrorism' - Eric C. Anderson, SWJ
Prison Dispatches from the War on Terror - Andrew Jerrell Jones, The Intercept
Flogging for Blogging in Saudi Arabia? - Foreign Policy in Focus
Language of the State of the Union - Schmidt and Fraas, The Atlantic

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