RealClearDefense Evening Edition

Friday, October 31
White House Micromanaging ISIS War - Josh Rogin & Eli Lake, Daily Beast
When Britain Ceased to Be a Global Military Power - P. Oborne, Telegraph
The U.S. Military's Long History with Prostitution - Dan Lamothe, WaPo
DDG-1000: The Specter of the Gun - Information Dissemination
The First Offset Strategy: Superiority at Any Price? - Van Jackson, WOTR
Army Helos Had a Claw for Dropping Sensors - Joseph Trevithick, WIB
Afghanistan Going Off the Rails as U.S. Withdraws - Gopal Ratnam, FP
Putin Signal's Russia's Pivot to Asia - Joshua Kucera, The Diplomat
Chinese Combat Drones Ready to Go Global? - David Schaefer, Natl Int
Why Air Force Drones Rely on Horsehair to Land - Aaron Mehta, DN
Thursday, October 30
George Washington's Special Ops Commandos - Michael Peck, Natl Int
Middle East Meltdown - Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy
How the GOP Got It's Groove Back on Security - Noah Gordon, The Atlantic
"Fury" Was Almost a Terrible Movie - Matthew Gault, War Is Boring
A Cyber Pearl Harbor by 2025? - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
The Deepening Divide in U.S.-China Cyber Relations - Adam Segal, CFR
Relearning Anti-Submarine Warfare - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Lost Intellectual Capital in a STEM-Dominated Navy - USNI Blog
Poland Prepares for Russian Invasion - John Schindler, XX Committee
NATO's Disconnected Security Approach - Ian Ralby, War on the Rocks
Tuesday, October 28
The Rise and Fall of America's Anti-War Right - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Rand Paul's Contradictory Foreign Policy - David Adesnik, Wkly Standard
Screwball Comedy Inspired Inglorious Basterds - Matthew Gault, WIB
Turkey's Obstruction of Kobani's Battle Against ISIS - Meysa Abdo, NYT
Ghosts of Gaza: Israel's Soldier Suicides - Creede Newton, Daily Beast
Hitting Iran's Centrifuge Sweet Spot - Ariane Tabatabai, BAS
Putin's Great Gamble - Nikolas K. Gvosdev, National Interest
The Winner in Ukraine's Turmoil? China - John Grady, USNI News
Asia Is Where the Real Trouble Is At - John McLaughlin, OZY
U.S., Japan Missing Chance to Counter China - Paul Leaf, RealClearWorld
Monday, October 27
Asia's Worst Nightmare: A China-Japan War - James Holmes, Natl Interest
Why the End of Camp Leatherneck Matters - Dan Lamothe, Checkpoint
The Secret Life of an ISIS Warlord - Will Cathcart, et al., Daily Beast
Defeating ISIS: With Whose Boots? - Graham Allison, The Atlantic
Air Force Tearing Down Giant Spy Antenna - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis - Eric Lichtblau, NYT
The Cold War Is Over, But the Fight Against Russia Isn't - Mark Seip, D1
Army Intelligence: Profiting from Failure - Ken Dilanian, Associated Press
This Truck Could Be the Next Humvee - Jordan Golson, Wired
Wary Pacific Powers Build Capability - Minnick, Jung & Pittaway, DN
China's Patient Challenge to U.S. Superiority - Rebeccah Heinrichs, TheHill
U.S., China Need a Missile Launch Notification Deal - The Diplomat
Friday, October 24
You Saved Bergdahl. Why Not Our Son? - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
Paul Declares War on GOP Foreign Policy - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Iran's Secret Balkan Spy-Terror Offensive - John Schindler, XX Committee
The Long Shadow of the Iran-Iraq War - Behnam Ben Taleblu, Natl Interest
9 Military Sayings That Will Blow a Job Interview - Jeff Boss, T&P
5 Conflicts & Collapses Spurred by Climate Change - Natasha Geiling, SM
10 Parting Thoughts for U.S. Diplomats - William Burns, Foreign Policy
Long Wolf Terror Attacks Keep on Coming - Charles Hoskinson, Examiner
Cyber: Domains, Budgets and Bureaucracies - Joan Johnson-Freese, BD
Delay to Strengthen U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines - Clint Richards, Diplo
Wednesday, October 22
Terrorists End Canada's Innocence - Tim Mak, Daily Beast
The Air Force Is Set to Become Even Deadlier - Spalding & Lowther, TNI
Iran Forcing Afghans to Fight and Die in Syria - Jassem Al Salami, WIB
CIA Agents Impersonated Senate Staff - Adam O'Neal, RealClearDefense
What It Was Like in WWI's Trenches - James Corcoran, New Republic
Ben Bradlee's Life in the Navy - Fred Schultz, USNI News
3D Printing Could Help Replace Russian Rockets - Marcus Weisgerber, D1
How to Salvage France's Mistral Shipwreck - Stavridis & Michel, FP
How Seapower Can Win Hearts and Minds - James Holmes, The Diplomat
To Save Money, Go Unmanned - P. Scharre & D. Burg, War on the Rocks
Tuesday, October 21
U.S. Fighter Jocks Dream of ISIS Jets - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
The F-117 Is Still Flying. But Why? - Aaron Mehta, Defense News
Core al-Qaeda Coming Back to Bite Us - Bridget Johnson, PJ Media
The CIA's Real Drone Queens - Toby Harnden, Sunday Times
Knockoff Guns & Iran's Embarrassing Weapons - Jassem Al Salami, WIB
A Nuclear Deal Now or Never - Vali Nasr, New York Times
Ensuring a Future for the Marines - Nic Di Leonardo, CIMSEC
The Military-Industrial Complex Is Alive and Well - Stephen Carlson, T&P
Technology Strategy Then and Now - Ben FitzGerald, War on the Rocks
On Principled Resignation - James Dubik, Foreign Policy

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