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Monday, November 30
10 Things You Didn't Know About the A-10 - War History Online
Kurds Say US SOF Engaged in Fight Against ISIS for Months - Guardian
Is Qassem Soleimani Dead? - Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon
Will the F/A-18 Find A Receptive Asian Market? - Baker, The Diplomat
New Nuclear Cruise Missiles are Inherently Destabilizing - J.E. Doyle, NI
Iraqi Army Warns of Imminent Assault on Ramadi - BBC News
The U.S. Military's Holiday Shopping List - Z. Cohen and B. Lendon, CNN
Is the IDF Becoming Less Jewish? - Clark Mindock, Intl. Business Times
Evacuating Wounded by Air May Be Too Harmful - T. Gibbons-Neff, WaPo
U.S. Embassy in Kabul Warns of Imminent Attack - J. Schogol, Mil. Times
Lawmakers Stand Behind JLENS - David Willman, Los Angeles Times
No Apologies from Turkey - Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic
Marines Train Alongside Robotic Dog - Rebecca McGhee, Capital Wired
Friday, November 27
5 Russian Weapons of War Turkey Should Fear - Kurtdarcan/Kayaoğlu, NI
USN Adds 4 New Classes of Ship to Roster - Rich Smith, Motley Fool
China's Stranglehold on U.S. Defense Tech - David S. Abraham, Daily Beast
Russia's Defense Industry Hits Speed Bumps - Thomas Grove, WSJ
Seeking Game Changers in the Underwater World - Cavas, Defense News
Israel Navy Tests Barak 8 Missile - Naval-Technology
Pentagon, Navy Debate Future of Carrier-Launched Drone - Osborn, SW
IDF Offensive in Hebron May Be Inevitable - Amos Harel, Haaretz
One Week in Ukraine's Forgotten War - Jack Losh, VICE News
USAF Hires Civilian Drone Pilots for Combat Missions - Hennigan, LAT
Why China's New Base in Africa Won't Be a Threat - S. Tiezzi, Diplomat
The Next Big War Will Be Digital - We're Not Ready - Stupples, Gizmodo
NATO's Stifling Cold War-era Bureaucracy - Lucian Kim, Reuters
Wednesday, November 25
This is America's New $13 Billion Warship - J. Bender, Business Insider
Turkey Shoots Down a Paper Tiger - Holman W. Jenkins Jr., Wall St. Journal
B-52s to Get New Long-Range Cruise Missile - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
Putin's Very Bad Day in Syria - Michael Weiss, The Daily Beast
China Again Tests Nuclear Hypersonic Missile - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
Air-Sea Battle's Next Step: JAM-GC on Deck - Harry Kazianis, National Int.
Putin Sends S-400s to Syria to Deter Turkey - Albert Aji, Associated Press
Understanding Strategy and the Four Levels of War - R. Bateman, Esquire
U.S. Working to Keep Up with Weapons Demand - Andrea Shalal, Reuters
The Kremlin's Holy Warrior - Marc Bennetts, Foreign Policy
BAE, SAIC to Build Marine Troop Carrier Prototypes - D. Cameron, WSJ
Kunduz Culprits: Aircrew, Commanders, & Computers - K. Baron, DO
Now is the Time to Strengthen NATO's Resolve - Fenzel & Picozzi, CFR
Tuesday, November 24
UK Calls on Allies to Help Find Russian Sub - T. Gibbons-Neff, Wash. Post
Turkey and Russia's New 'Air War'? - Andrew J. Bowen, National Interest
U.S. Escalates in Iraq with Rocket Artillery Against ISIS - W. Morgan, WP
Rebels Claim to Destroy Russian Helicopter with TOW - H. Johnson, FP
Ukraine Escalates Over Crimea - Laura Mills, Wall Street Journal
China Opens First Military Base in Africa - Kristina Wong, The Hill
Marines Need New Platforms to Ensure Availability - Eckstein, USNIN
Turkey Shoots Downs Russian Jet Near Syrian Border - VICE News
What Canada's New Foreign Policy Means for the U.S. - Josh Rogin, BV
DoD: Turkey's Downing Russian Jet Didn't Involve U.S. - D. Wiser, WFB
U.S. Steps Up Ukrainian Combat Training - Michael Crowley, Politico
U.S. Approves Sale of Global Hawks to Japan - Mark Pomerleau, Def. Sys.
Against ISIS, United We Must Stand - Huntsman & Lieberman, RCP
Monday, November 23
Graphics Reveal All Submarines Based In Europe & Asia - Rogoway, FA
Augmented Reality Could Help Solve Carrier Cost Woes - Versprille, ND
U.K. to Buy 138 F-35s, 9 P-8 Poseidons - Tony Osborne, Aviation Week
Raytheon Moves Forward with Multi-Object Kill Vehicle - R. Maass, UPI
America's Greatest Intelligence Failure? - Paul Dibb, ASPI Strategist
How U.S. and Russian Arms Fell Into ISIS' Hands - Holly Ellyatt, CNBC
Redefining AirSea Battle - The Quest for Clarity - James Holmes, Natl. Int.
U.S. AH-64 Crashes in S. Korea, Two Dead - Jack Kim, Reuters
Nominee Essential To ISIS Fight Stalled For No Reason - J. Bendery, HP
U.K. to Boost Military Spending - Nicholas Winning, Wall Street Journal
US Approves $1.2B Global Hawk Sale to Japan - L. Seligman, Defense News
Chinese: Military Facilities Aren't Militarization of SCS - Panda, Diplomat
Middle East Chaos, Violence Won't End With ISIS Defeat - S. Hurst, AP
Friday, November 20
U.S. Considers Up To 72 New F-15s Or F-16s - Bill Sweetman, Aviation Week
Russia's 'Carrier Killer': The Tu-22M3 Bomber - D. Majumdar, Natl. Int.
Beretta Shows Off New Battle Rifle - Allison Barrie, FOX News
Army Zaps Artillery Rounds with Electricity to Extend Range - Cox, Mil.
Long Live the Humvee: A Veteran's Eulogy - Robert Vrabel, PopMech
'Silent Professionals' Role in Ending the Civ-Mil Divide - Nate Garner, HJ
Confirmed: China Buys 24 Su-35s from Russia - F. Gady, The Diplomat
Japan Consider Sending Navy to Help U.S. in SCS - I. Reynolds, Bloomberg
U.S. Approves Harpoon Block II Missile Sale to S. Korea - Rahmat, Jane's
ISIS Tactics Shift, Borrowing from al-Qaida - Barrett/Entous/Faucon, WSJ
Foreign Defense Firms Want In On U.S. Market - M. Weisgerber, Def. One
How Cyber Turns Networks into Weapons Systems - Mark Pomerleau, DS

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