RealClearDefense Evening Edition

Wednesday, October 22
Terrorists End Canada's Innocence - Tim Mak, Daily Beast
The Air Force Is Set to Become Even Deadlier - Spalding & Lowther, TNI
Iran Forcing Afghans to Fight and Die in Syria - Jassem Al Salami, WIB
CIA Agents Impersonated Senate Staff - Adam O'Neal, RealClearDefense
What It Was Like in WWI's Trenches - James Corcoran, New Republic
Ben Bradlee's Life in the Navy - Fred Schultz, USNI News
3D Printing Could Help Replace Russian Rockets - Marcus Weisgerber, D1
How to Salvage France's Mistral Shipwreck - Stavridis & Michel, FP
How Seapower Can Win Hearts and Minds - James Holmes, The Diplomat
To Save Money, Go Unmanned - P. Scharre & D. Burg, War on the Rocks
Tuesday, October 21
U.S. Fighter Jocks Dream of ISIS Jets - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
The F-117 Is Still Flying. But Why? - Aaron Mehta, Defense News
Core al-Qaeda Coming Back to Bite Us - Bridget Johnson, PJ Media
The CIA's Real Drone Queens - Toby Harnden, Sunday Times
Knockoff Guns & Iran's Embarrassing Weapons - Jassem Al Salami, WIB
A Nuclear Deal Now or Never - Vali Nasr, New York Times
Ensuring a Future for the Marines - Nic Di Leonardo, CIMSEC
The Military-Industrial Complex Is Alive and Well - Stephen Carlson, T&P
Technology Strategy Then and Now - Ben FitzGerald, War on the Rocks
On Principled Resignation - James Dubik, Foreign Policy
Monday, October 20
Fighting to Lose in Iraq and Syria - Ira Straus, National Review
Destroy ISIS's Heavy Weapons and Vehicles - Shlapak & Frelinger, WOTR
Submarine Hunt Sends Chill Across Baltic Sea - Ritter & Huuhtanen, AP
Give Ukraine the Weapons It Needs - Sens. Levin & Inhofe, Washington Post
China Versus America - Roger Cohen, New York Times
South China Sea & Joint Defense Procurement - Koh Collin, The Diplomat
The Future of Net Assessment - Editorial, Defense News
India and Pakistan Head for Nuclear War - Bruce Riedel, Daily Beast
What Went Wrong in Afghanistan - Peter Tomsen, Foreign Affairs
Afghanistan: A Shocking Indictment - Rory Stewart, NY Review of Books
Friday, October 17
How to Win a War with China - Sean Mirski, National Interest
Could China's Nuclear Strategy Evolve? - Nicolas Giacometti, The Diplomat
Top Threats to Americans by Threat, Not Hype - Max Fisher, Vox
Contain ISIS, Then Roll It Back - Richard Fontaine, Defense One
A History of the Eventually Awesome Hind Helicopter - T. Newdick, WIB
Thursday, October 16
17 Most Ridiculous Names for Military Operations - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Stop Saying DOD Can't Pay for Wars - Rosenkranz, Fein & Miles, Defense 1
Gulf War: The Good, the Bad, and the Messy - Robert Farley, Natl Interest
The Only Things That Can Stop the Air Force - Mackenzie Eaglen, USNWR
To Rule Asia, China Needs Allies - Asyura Salleh, The Diplomat
The USS Mount Whitney Minds Russia - Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring
How to Discover Defense Innovation - War on the Rocks
When the War Comes Home - Sara Stewart, Daily Beast
An Iraq Vet's Experience with Chemical Weapons - John Ismay, NY Times
Soldier Pulls Grenade Out of Alabama Man's Leg - Dan Lamothe, WaPo
Wednesday, October 15
Dutch Biker Gangs to Fight ISIS? - Agence France-Presse
Russia's Plan to Divide and Conquer - Jamila Trindle, Foreign Policy
Afghanistan Withdrawal a Disaster in the Making? - P. Beinart, Atlantic
Special Ops Fielding Most Advanced Chinook Ever - Dan Lamothe, WaPo
Army Industrial Base in a Death Spiral - Stew Magnuson, National Defense
Defeat ISIS to Accommodate Iran? - Michael Doran, Mosaic
ISIS Is Suffering a Big Oil Hit - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Is ISIS Using Chemical Weapons? - Cirincione & Walker, Defense One
Iraq Is Still Worth Saving - Michael O'Hanlon, National Interest
The Fight Goes on in Anbar - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, War on the Rocks
Tuesday, October 14
Is There an Answer for Syria? - Jessica Mathews, New York Review of Books
Ruins of the Middle East - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Obama Must Be Feared as Well as Admired - Richard Cohen, Wash Post
The Master Strategist Is Still a Myth - Lawrence Freedman, War on the Rocks
An Alternative to Retiring the A-10 - Chris Korger, Fighter Sweep
Time for a Treaty Alliance with Vietnam? - Joshua Kurlantzick, Natl Interest
Vietnam & Japan's Extensive Strategic Partnership - C. Thayer, Diplomat
A New Hypersonic Arms Race? - Lt. Col. Jeff Schreiner, Stars and Stripes
War Colleges Take Steep Budget Hits - Merrill D'Arezzo, Medill Reports
Using War Games to Prevent Future War - Kabir Chibber, Quartz
Building Army Forces for Future War - Douglas Macgregor, Defense News
Gaming Out Nuclear Strategy - Marianne Freiberger, Plus Magazine
Send Vets Back to Iraq & Afghanistan - Wood & Harbaugh, Time
The War on Terror's Costly Follies - William O'Connor, Daily Beast
Why Iraq's American-Trained Army Failed - W. Astore, Am. Conservative
Monday, October 13
How the Pentagon Strangles Its Best Jets - Bill Sweetman, Daily Beast
The Intelligence Community's Creativity Challenge - Josh Kerbel, Natl Int
The Arms Dealer Who Loved Home Movies - Matthew Gault, War Is Boring
The Bartender Who Accidentally Saved the World - Paul Kan, WOTR
Army's New Plan to Win in a Complex World - Michelle Tan, Army Times
Canada Debates: Wheels vs. Tracks - David Pugliese, Defense News
The Fight Over DDG-1000's Secondary Gun - Chris Cavas, Defense News
More Amphibious Ships for China's Navy - Information Dissemination
Russia & China's Playground Alliance - Daniel McGroarty, RealClearWorld
Suicide Bomber's U.S. Travels Go Unmonitored - Goldman & Miller, WP

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