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Friday, August 28
German Army Temporarily Replacing G36 Rifles with HK417 - Local de
Russia to Revive Armored Trains - Christopher Harress, Intl. Business Times
The Middle East's 5 Most Lethal Militaries - K. Mizokami, National Interest
Boeing Gets $1.49B to Build 13 More P-8A Poseidons - Business Insider
As Towns Fall In Helmand, Marines Speak Out - T. Gibbons-Neff, WP
UK Requests Rebuild of Apaches to AH-64E Standards - Jennings, Jane's
Raytheon's Patriot Missile Gets Hi-Tech Radar - Pappalardo, PopMech
Firepower Up Close: Witnessing a S. Korean Military Drill - Novak, CNN
South China Sea: Military Game of Chicken? - Piin-Fen Kok, EWI
Is The U.S. Ready for an Endless War Against ISIS? - Dan De Luce, FP
1st DoD Silicon-Valley Partnership: Flexible Electronics - Baron, Def. One
Australia to Bomb Syria? - Helen Clark, The Diplomat
Silicon Valley Wary as Carter Courts Innovators - A. Capaccio, Bloomberg
Thursday, August 27
Boeing's Drone Killing Laser - Jordan Golson, Wired
Russia and China Trying to Make Stealth Obsolete - Jeremy Bender, BI
Israel's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War in the Sky - Kyle Mizokami, NI
LM Advances Blended Wing Hybrid Transport Jet Design - Rogoway, FA
Magpul's New Double-Duty Front Sight Post - Matthew Cox, Kit Up!
Iran May Have Built Extension at Parchin Military Site - Nasralla, Reuters
Lockheed, AM General May Contest JLTV Award - B. McGarry, DoD Buzz
Breaking Down Moscow's Latest Arctic Claims - Sally DeBoer, CIMSEC
JLTV Could Spark Fight in Congress - Martin Matishak, Fiscal Times
Ukraine Misses Conscription Goal - Draft Looms - Lydia Tomkiw, IBT
U.S. Army Looks In-House For Cyberwarriors - Hallie Golden, NextGov
Too Early to Say if Georgia Joins NATO - Misha Dzhindzhikhashvili, AP
'Mental Armor' - New Training Strategy to Combat PTSD - Curthoys, AT
Wednesday, August 26
Sun Sets On Era of The Humvee - Peter Beaumont, The Guardian
Why Did China Amass Tanks at the N. Korean Border? - Tiezzi, Diplomat
AIM-9X Sidewinder Tested as Ground-Based Weapon - Tomkins, UPI
Russia Releases Ukraine Casualty Numbers - Paul R. Gregory, Forbes
Military's Purpose Not Kill People and Break Things - Cavanaugh, WotR
China Should Tread Carefully in South China Sea - Washington Post
DoD Awards Pakistan AH-1Z Viper Contract - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
NORAD Prepares for Gyrocopter Threat - K. D. Atherton, PopSci
Australian Military to Get Cozier With U.S. - Rob Taylor, Wall Street Journal
6 Women Who Fought In Combat In Iraq And Afghanistan - Smith, T&P
U.S., Philippines Hold Talks on Boosting Military Capacity - Yahoo
DoD's Big Bet on 'Big Data' - Alexander Rossino, C4ISR
Pentagon to Lift Ban on Transgender Troops in May - K. Wong, The Hill
Tuesday, August 25
North Korea's 50 Missing Subs Reemerge Following Deal - VICE News
Will the USAF's Top Secret Bomber Cost $3B Per Plane? - Gady, Diplomat
Graph: Every Ship in the Chinese Navy - Jeremy Bender, Business Insider
U.S. Navy Shows Off MQ-8C Fire Scout Helicopter UAV - PRNewswire
Philippines Recall Faulty Remington M-4s - Solmerin & Tuyay, Manila Std.
Australia to Get Japanese Submarines? - Geoff Slocombe, The Strategist
U.S. Adversaries Are Becoming Better Trained - Stratfor
India's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War - Kyle Mizokami, National Interest
Why DoD Can't Buy Cyber Stuff Fast Enough - Daniel E. Schoeni, GovExec
Russia Launches Military Drills in the Arctic - Radio Free Europe
Russia And China Conduct Exercise in Sea of Japan - Wyke, Daily Mail
Should One Service Control All DoD Drones? - M. Weisgerber, Defense One
Global Selloff Could Bolster U.S. Defense Shares - Thompson, Forbes
Monday, August 24
F-35 and A-10 to Square off in CAS Tests - Brendan McGarry, DoD Buzz
The B-1 Crew That Pounded ISIS With 1,800 bombs - Everstine, Def. News
North Korea Deploys 70% of its Submarine Fleet - Gady, The Diplomat
Ukraine: the School for Fighting Russia - G. Khoury, The Eastern Project
U.S. Ready To Send B-52s to S. Korea - David Cenciotti, Business Insider
China Conducts 5th Test of Hypersonic Vehicle - Gertz, Wash. Free Beacon
U.S. Air Force Planes Can Be Tracked Online - D. Cenciotti, The Aviationist
U.S. Army Invests In RQ-11B And RQ-20A Drones - BusinessWire
DoD to Send More Officers to Civilian Grad Schools - Tilghman, AF Times
First Enlisted Female Submariners Begin Training - Eckstein, USNI News
North and South Korea Reach Agreement to Ease Tensions - BBC News
One Year Into The War Congress Won't Declare - G. Epps, Defense One
U.S. Security Strategy Doesn't Go Far Enough on SCS - Erickson, WSJ
Do America's Military Bases Abroad Help Global Security? - NPR
Friday, August 21
U.S./S. Korea Military Exercise Halted After Threats From North - CBS
New USAF Strategy Suggests A-10 Replacement - Marina Malenic, Jane's
Old Weapon Systems Still Serve Military Well - Beekman, Task & Purpose
Watch The F-35 Test Its GAU-22/A Equalizer Cannon - McGarry, Def. Tech
North Korea Is Mobilizing For War - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
DoD Taps Gen. Dynamics for Fireball Bunker Bomb - Drew, Flightglobal
Argentine Military On Verge Of Becoming Defunct - Allison, UK Def. Jrnl.
Russia Developing New Flame-Throwing Technology - E. Whitman, IBT
U.S. Told Ukraine To Stand Down As Putin Invaded - Rogin & Lake, BV
North Korea's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War - Kazianis, National Interest
America: Meet Your First Female Rangers - Mark Thompson, Time
ISIS Mortar Fragments Contain Mustard Gas - D. Alexander, Reuters
Russia And China's Cyber 'Non-Aggresion' Pact - Elaine Korzak, CFR
Thursday, August 20
The Enduring Relevance Of Submarines (Part 2) - A. Davies, Strategist
Air Force Gets Wrong Price Tag For New Bomber - Matishak, Fiscal Times
Russia's New Tank Battle Ready By 2020 - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
How Russia Plans To Fight Future Wars - D. Gorenburg, National Interest
All The Weapons Of Russia's 5th Gen. Fighter - D. Cenciotti, The Aviationist
U.S. Navy Plans At Sea Testing For F-35C - Lara Seligman, Defense News
4 Rockets Form Syria Hit Israel - Associated Press
North And South Korea Trade Fire Across Border - Choe Sang-Hun, NYT
American ISIS Suicide Bomber Detonates In Iraq - Caleb Weiss, LWJ
SECNAV Dubs Next Littoral Combat Ship Oakland - Myers, Navy Times
Hamas Arrests 'Israeli Spy' Dolphin - Nina Strochlic, The Daily Beast
Predator Maker Flying Missions For the Pentagon - Tucker, Defense One
Iran/Russia S-300 SAM Contract Ready To Sign - Jeremy Binnie, Jane's
Wednesday, August 19
3 Virginia Attack Submarines Still Restricted - Sam LaGrone, USNI
70 Years Of Military Mediocrity - William J. Astore, The Huffington Post
Saudi Arabia's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War - DePetris, National Interest
S. Korea Troops Ordered To Shoot If Provoked -
The Army Can Only Get So Small - Janine Davidson, CFR
Details Of Military Personnel Leaked In Ashley Madison Hack - Price, BI
Does IDA Study Prove That AT&L Is Unnecessary? - Gouré, Lexington Inst.
NATO Launches Largest Airborne Exercise Since Cold War - Telegraph
Russia Deploying Air Defense to the Arctic - J. Bender, Business Insider
Philippines Can't Afford Full Military Modernization - Marianas Variety
Indonesian Helicopter Lands On USN LCS For 1st Time - Rahmat, Jane's
Russia Tests Drones To Improve Artillery Accuracy - Jeff Stone, IBT
Questionable Legality Of Military Aide To Egypt - Editorial Board, NYT
Tuesday, August 18
New Zealand Chooses U.S. Firm To Produce New Rifle - R. Tomkins, UPI
China Tests New Long Rang Missile With Guided Warhead - Gertz, WFB
The Changing Face Of War In 21st Century - Cronin, The Strategist
Boeing Delays First Flight Of Operational KC-46 - J. Ostrower, WSJ
Story of Last American To Die In WWII - Paul Szoldra, We Are the Mighty
China's Alarming New Recruitment Video - Cole, Huffington Post
Behind Putin's Nuclear Threats - Elisabeth Braw, Politico
Japan's Military Dilemma - New York Times
China Put To Test In Afghanistan - Michael Clarke, National Interest
IDF Holds Large Exercise At Syrian Border - Jack Moore, Newsweek
USAF Warns Members About Dangers Of Tweets - R. Bishop, Pop. Mech.
Defense Spending Red Tape Endangers Cybersecurity - T. Risen, US News
Libya Asks Arab States For Help Combatting ISIS - CBS News

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