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Tuesday, July 28
Mahan, Midway and Modernity - Schreer & Davies, ASPI's The Strategist
How the U.S. Military Spends its Billions - Alex Kuzoian, Business Insider
China v. India Naval Rivalry in the Pacific - John Daly, UPI
Can 'Right Stuff' Become the Wrong Stuff? - James Fallows, The Atlantic
Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon in America's Arsenal - Z. Keck, TNI
Pentagon to Award a Big New Contract - Brittain & Nutt, Washington Post
Marine Brass Endorses Infantry Plan To Ditch M16 For M4 - Sanborn, MT
Do We Need to Ban Killer AI? - Andrew Moseman, Popular Mechanics
China Practices an Amphibious Invasion - Lin & Singer, Eastern Arsenal
SOCOM is Split On Women in Combat - Richard Sisk,
A New Missile Defense Task Force in Europe - S. Beardsley, Stars & Stripes
Fixing the Pentagon. Part I - Richard Stiennon, Forbes
A Troubling, Necessary Ally Against ISIS - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
Monday, July 27
College is Weakening America's Military - M. Klein & M. Cancian, Fortune
How China, Russia Could Destroy the F-35 in Battle - Malcolm Davis, NI
U.S. Navy Builds Second America-Class Ship - Kris Osborn, DoD Buzz
The Race for Hypersonic Weapons - Stew Magnuson, ND Magazine
Distributed Lethality is More than Anti-Surface Warfare - J. Solomon, ID
36 WWII Marines Finally Return Home - Associated Press
Russian Navy Struts its Stuff in Ceremonial Celebration - M. Vetrov, RT
Secret World of Russia's Cold War Mapmakers - Greg Miller, Wired
North Korea's Dangerous Saber-Rattling - Patrick Cronin, CNN
China Plays U.S. in Great Power Game - Kearns & Smilek, Bloomberg View
Want to Save Ukraine? Look to China - Piasecki, Olchawa, Diplomat
Happy Centennial to the Tank - Peter Suciu, FOX News
Reckless Plot to Overthrow an African Dictator - A. Rice, The Guardian
Lockheed Lands Deal for PAC-3 Missiles Abroad - B. McGarry, DOD Buzz
Friday, July 24
15 Photos of Mountain Warfare - David Nye, We Are the Mighty
8 Biggest Military Disasters in U.S. History - George Dvorsky, io9
5 Most Bizarre Weapons of WWII - Alex Lockie, Business Insider
USAF Rules Out International A-10 Sales - James Drew, Flight Global
Bernie Sanders' National Security - William Arkin, Phase Zero
Technology Leap for Night Rifle Marksmanship - M. Cox,
U.S. Army's Drone-Blasting Cannon - Contributor, FOX News
Pentagon Will Make Sure Pratt & Whitney Performs - Thompson, Forbes
Why Congress is Powerless to Stop Iran Deal - Jack Goldsmith, Lawfare
Is Moscow Prepping for Space War? - David Axe, The Daily Beast
FBI Probes Hundreds of China Spy Cases - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
U.S. Borders Vulnerable Due to Lack of Assets - Taylor Feuss, ND Mag
Turkey Grants U.S. Access to its Base to Launch ISIS Missions - WSJ
Thursday, July 23
The Last of the Gunfighters - Andrew Davies, The Strategist
Does the F-35 Have a Fatal Flaw? - Andrew Davies, National Interest
'Good Morning, American pilots' -- Russian Pilots - Todd, Mullen, CNN
Russia Plans Response To U.S. Navy Warship Expansion - Cabural, VW
China's New Intelligence War Against the United States - Mattis, WOTR
Will This Cop-Killing Spark Turkish Civil War? - Ilhan Tanir, Daily Beast
Why Do We Disarm Service Members on Bases? - Paul Darling, Cicero
Marines Rebut Study Showing Declining Officer Test Scores - Seck, MT
In The War of 2050, The Robots Call The Shots - P. Tucker, Defense One
U.S. Not 'Neutral' in South China Sea Disputes - Parameswaran, Diplomat
Unmanned Aerial Vengeance - Mark Thompson, Time
British Navy Tests a 3-D-Printed Drone at Sea - Marks, MIT Tech Review
Is The War on ISIS Coming Home to Turkey? - L. Williams, Interpreter
Wednesday, July 22
Israel's Master Plan to Crush Iran's Nuclear Program - Daniel DePetris, NI
Soviet Maps of America are Incredibly Detailed - Wenz, Popular Mechanics
F-35A's First Large-Scale Training Mission - M. Hoffman, Defense Tech
Pentagon to Improve "Bunker-Buster" Bombs - T. Capaccio, Bloomberg
Who Will Buy Russia's New Tank? - Samuel Bendett, RealClearWorld
McCain Who? Vets Slobber Over Trump - Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast
Wesley Clark Calls for American Internment Camps - Hussain, Intercept
Jumpmaster's Failure to Check Static Line Kills Soldier - Hoffman, KU!
Russia's Next-Generation Strategic Bomber Delayed - Gady, The Diplomat
Springtime for America's Enemies - Gary Kasparov, The Daily Beast
Navy Using Graphene Nanoribbon For Power Systems - Nealon,
Pentagon Confirms Crash of Drone in Iraq - Mariella Moon, Engadget
Boeing Faces Delay on $3B Tanker Contracts - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Take a Look at Boeing's Cyber Facility in Singapore - Versprille, ND Mag
Tuesday, July 21
F-22 is Guardian of the Syrian Skies - Lolita Baldor, Associated Press
U.S. Fears the Weapons it Needs Most - P.W. Singer & August Cole, Reuters
Marcus Luttrell Calls out USMC, Obama - Dan Lamothe, Washington Post
Yes, America Needs Stealth Bombers - Robert Elder, Defense News
The Cart Before the Horse: Women and Ranger School - Mack, HJ
America and China Head for South China Sea Clash? - J. Bosco, Diplomat
Admirals Torpedo President Trump - Youssef & Nuzzi & Mak, Daily Beast
Greenert Prioritizes Nuclear Submarines - Kris Osborn,
Autonomous Aircraft of the Future - Yasmin Tadjdeh, ND Magazine
ISIS's War with the West - Hussain Nadim, The Lowy Interpreter
Russia's Arctic Power Play - Robert Hammitt, Ramen IR
U.S. to Expand Military Lending Act - Gordon Lubold, Wall Street Journal
What Will Obama Do for Syrian Rebels? - Micah Zenko, CFR
Monday, July 20
The U.S. Navy Has a Cruise Missile Nighmare - Holmes, RealClearDefense
Pressure Mounts to Replace Ohio Submarine - Jon Harper, ND Magazine
ISIS Chief Slain 'Game of Thrones' Style - Youssef & Harris, The Daily Beast
Do We Have Enough Strategic Aircraft? - Bryant Jordan,
Russia, Ukraine Border Buzzes with Military Activity - A. Kramer, NYT
Advances in China's Fighter Sensors - Richard Fisher, IHS Jane's360
Congress Probes Pentagon's Base Manipulation - Lake, Bloomberg View
Meet Russia's New Killer Robot - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
Wanted: Stronger U.S. Leadership - D. Burney & Hampson, Globe and Mail
Interview with ISIS's 'Architect of Death' - Christoph Reuter, Der Spiegel
Inside Hezbollah's European Terror - Matthew Levitt, The Daily Beast
Killer Robots are Soldiers that Never Sleep - Simon Parkin, BBC Future
MH17 and Passengers Were Victims of a Distant War - Miller, Mashable

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