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Friday, May 22
Most Spectacular Russian Military Failures in History - Tomas Hirst, BI
What it's Like to Fly in a V-22 Osprey - Mike Ballaban, Foxtrot Alpha
5 Difference Between Seal Team 6 and Delta Force - Mike Dowling, Mighty
The Real Problem with U.S. Military - Dakota Wood, The National Interest
The Iraqi Government Does Not Care About Anbar - Kevin Knodell, WIB
The Pitfalls of an EU Maritime Police Force - James R. Holmes, RCDefense
The Battle Begins When the Shooting Stops - Don Esmond, Forbes
Air Force Names New 'Chief Scientist' - Kris Osborn, DoD Buzz
What Veterans Really Think About on Memorial Day - Luke Murphy, CNN
What U.S. Gets Wrong about Chinese Cyber Espionage - Austin, Diplomat
The Art of Avoiding War - Robert Kaplan, The Atlantic
Infographic:'Close Encounters' Between Russia and NATO - Aviationist
Surveillance Debate Produces Unusual Alliances - Erica Werner, AP
Thursday, May 21
Navy's New Laser Weapon: Hype or Reality? - Subrata Ghoshroy, Bulletin
England's Subs Are Nearing Nuclear Disaster - Peck, The National Interest
Israel Fears Obama Will Divulge its Nuclear 'Secret' - Eli Lake, BV
Military Thought Nixon Caved to Japan - Ray Locker, USA Today
SPMAGTF Commander Details ISIS Strikes - Whittle, Breaking Defense
Fourth Ship in New Class of Indian Anti-Subs - Aroor, LiveFist Defence
American Boots Needed in Syria - Michael O'Hanlon, USA Today
Australia Risks Snubbing China Over Military Drill - Rob Taylor, WSJ
We Need More Islamist Radicals in the Pentagon! - Rubin, Commentary
A Plan to Manage Asia's Submarine Race? - Parameswaran, The Diplomat
Hillary's Private Spy and Their Shady Foreign Policy - Tabin, NY Post
5 Ways Climate Change Will Impact the Military - Adwar, Task & Purpose
Discipline for Wasteful Spending in Afghanistan? - Wise, McClatchy
Wednesday, May 20
Textron Unveils Ultra-Light 7.62mm Machine Gun - Matthew Cox, Kit Up!
Defense, Indifference and the Air Force A-10 - Lindsey Neas, The Hill
Pentagon Conned Washington...Again - M. Smithberger & C. Preble, WIB
ISIS' Two Most Powerful Weapons - Kumar Ramakrishna, National Interest
China's Plan for Regional Dominance - Patrick Cronin, War on the Rocks
Secret U.S. Military Space Drone Heads into Orbit - Tim Fernholz, Quartz
China, Iceland and the Arctic - Arthur Guschin, The Diplomat
A Paradigm Shift in Intelligence Collection - Hinnant & Dilanian, AP
U.S. Weighs Punishments for Russia's Nuke Violations - Josh Rogin, BV
A Tactical Take on Asia-Pacific Partnerships - Justin Goldman, RCDefense
Pentagon is Not Currently Reviewing its ISIS Strategy - Tomlinson, Fox
U.S. Investigates Whether Hostage was Held by Abu Sayyaf - Baldor, AP
Ukraine Open to Hosting Missile Defense System - Peter Leonard, AP
Tuesday, May 19
The Future of War in the Pacific - Ryan Faith, VICE News
World's Oldest Warship Moves to Drydock for Restoration - Assoc. Press
A Tactical Success, A Strategic Failure - Editors, The American Interest
Army-Air Force Talks - Daniel Sukman, The Strategy Bridge
A SOF Perspective on Abu Sayyaf Raid - Kelvington, The Havok Journal
Russia Threatens to Build More Nukes - Zachary Keck, The National Interest
Ramadi's Fall Raises New Doubts About ISIS Strategy - Robert Burns, AP
Two Sides of the Vietnam War - Arnold Isaacs, Cicero Magazine
Venezuela Has Become a Global Cocaine Hub - Cordoba & Forero, WSJ
SOF Conference Means $3M to Tampa Economy - Altman, Tampa Tribune
Strange World of Kidnap and Ransom Survival Schools - Moxley, Slate
Inside the Battle Over the CIA Torture Report - Elias Isquith, Salon
House Passes 6 Bills to Help Veterans - Matthew Daly, Associated Press
Vietnam War and the 'Bridge Generation' - Nancy Napier, The Conversation
Fighting and Winning in the 'Gray Zone' - Barno & Bensahel, WOTR
Monday, May 18
ISIS Counterpunch Stuns U.S. and Iraq - Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast
West Point Teacher's Last Letter to Cadets - Matt Cavanaugh, War Council
Neither China Nor U.S. Giving Ground Over Dispute - Matthew Lee, AP
Kremlin's Military Spending Binge is Unsustainable - Elena Holodny, BI
Russia: 20 Feet From War - Ahmed Rashid, New York Review of Books
A Reading List for Warriors - Carl Forsling, Task and Purpose
Nuclear Triad is Far Superior to Dyad or Monad - Baroudos, Lex. Institute
Pentagon Will No Longer Give Police This Gear - Associated Press
For England, Waterloo was a National Triumph - Military History Now
Chinese Regional Hegemony in Slow Motion - Patrick Cronin, WOTR
Indonesia Defends 'Virginity Test' for Military Service - Neuman, NPR
Russia Will Own Hundreds of Military Drones by 2025 - Barrabi, IBT
Gov. Christie Calls for a Larger U.S. Military - Jill Colvin, Associated Press
Karachi's Deadly Unrest - Kiyya Baloch, The Diplomat
ISIS Turns a Profit with War on Art - Erin L. Thompson, Bloomberg View
Severely Injured Vets Find Healing Through Sports - Nelson-Gabriel, AP
Friday, May 15
World's Top 10 Militaries Ranked - David Nye, We Are the Mighty
A-10 and F-15 Theater Security Infographic - Cenciotti, The Aviationist
Will the A-10 Dodge Retirement? - Brendan McGarry, DoD Buzz
'Goatgate' -- A U.S. Navy Scandal - Matthew Gault, War is Boring
The New Space Race - Julie Johnson, Bloomberg View
A Military Without Limits - William Astore, TomDispatch
Think Tanks Push for Reform - Jon Harper, National Defense Magazine
Navy's Goal: 25 Percent Women on Each Ship - Olson, Stars & Stripes
Barack Obama's Yalta - David Forte, Library of Law and Liberty
USNA Midshipman Laid to Rest - Associated Press
House Passes Authorization Bill Opposed by Obama - Associated Press
Obama Salutes Marines Killed in Helo Crash - Associated Press
Thursday, May 14
3 U.S. Warplanes Gathering at Russia's Doorstep - Pappalardo, Pop Mech
How Would U.S. Challenge China in South China Sea? - The Diplomat
U.S. Navy Fires Back with New Strategy - Robert Newson, National Interest
Pentagon's Mysterious X-37B Drone Heads Back into Orbit - Sputnik
Stanley McChrystal's 'Team of Teams' - Howard Schultz, Wall Street Journal
Take a Look at this U.S. Army Comic Book - Trevithick, War Is Boring
Japan Gears Up for Stronger Security Role - Mari Yamaguchi, AP
Ash Carter on Spies, Nukes and the New Cold War - Shane Smith, VICE
Stop Calling Servicewoman 'Girls' - Ellen Haring, Task and Purpose
USMC Facilitates Asia-Pacific Relations, Minus China - Tim Kelly, Reuters
The Human Costs of War - Christopher Mercado, The Strategy Bridge
Ethan Hawke Hearts Drone Strikes - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
Turkey Hires ex-CIA Director to Lobby Congress - Loveluck, The Telegraph
Iraq War Still Casts Shadow Over GOP Hopefuls - Pace & Peoples, AP
Beijing's 'Low Intensity Coercion' - Elliot Brennan, The Interpreter
China, India Balance Rivalry with Cooperation - Associated Press
Wednesday, May 13
N. Korean Defense Chief Executed with Anti-Aircraft Weapon - Reuters
China's Naval Base on the Horn of Africa - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
Cost Disease in China's Military - Peter Robertson, The Diplomat
How to Take Over a Small Country in 10 Steps - McFate, War on the Rocks
Azerbaijan Displays Firearm Developments - Wilk, IHS Jane's 360
Spending Billions to Prepare for the Next War - Pincus, Washington Post
May 13th is Top Gun Day - Dario Leone, The Aviationist
The NFL's Phony Patriotism - Editors, Cicero Magazine
The Military Takes Civilian Tech and Makes it Better - David Nye, WATM
Chinese Sub Simulator and Future of Naval Power - Lin & Singer, PopSci
Will Iraq Take Down Another Bush? - Eli Stokols, Politico
Special Report on FBI Terrorism Informants - Aaronson, Foreign Policy
2016 NDAA: 4 Big Takeaways - Daniel DePetris, The National Interest
Pentagon Hunts for ISIS on Secret Internet - Star & Crawford, CNN
Making a Fetish of John McCain - John Stoehr, Guernica
Tuesday, May 12
Taiwan's Submarine Saga - Wang & Tan, The Diplomat
'Thank You for Your Service' - James Stavridis, Signal Magazine
Why Putin Treats Fantasy as History - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
ICYMI: Top 5 Threats to Nat Security in Coming Decade - ND Magazine
Gen. Selva's Warning About Uncontrolled Ambition - Dan Lamothe, WaPo
Japan Agrees on Steps to Boost Military - Sekiguchi, Wall Street Journal
Is it Time to Meet China Halfway? - Lyle Goldstein, The National Interest
The Newest Front in Global Espionage - James Bamford, Foreign Policy
Should Service Academy Athletes Get Special Treatment? - WSJ
Sebastian Junger on Problem of PTSD - Sebastian Junger, Vanity Fair
Iran Building Cyber Warfare Capabilities - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
Russia, China Grow Closer with Cyber Agreement - Schiavenza, Defense 1

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