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Friday, May 27
Stealth Subs 'Absolutely Essential' for U.S. Military - Carla Babb, VOA
Why U.S. Fighter Jets Keep Colliding in Midair - David Axe, Daily Beast
Spain 'Betraying NATO' by Hosting Russian Navy - Jamie Merrill, Times
Sailor Pleads Guilty to Espionage for sub Photos - Julian Hattem, The Hill
The man who Seduced the 7th Fleet - Craig Whitlock, Washington Post
KC-46A Tanker Program Braces for Another Delay - Jen DiMascio, AW
U.S. Raids Global Bomb Stockpiles to Fight ISIS - Marcus Weisgerber, DO
Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile - Bill Gertz, Wash. Free Beacon
Congress Urges USAF to Accelerate JSTARS Recap - Lara Seligman, DN
Pentagon to Cut Secretary's Staff By 65 - In Four Years - Eric Katz, GovEx
Do U.S. Killings of Militant Leaders Work? - Yaroslav Trofimov, WSJ
Iran Teams With Taliban to Fight ISIS in Afghanistan - Yochi Dreazen, FP
U.S. Increases Exercises With African Militaries - Helene Cooper, NYT
Thursday, May 26
USAF Warms to F-22 Raptor Revival Proposal - James Drew, Flightglobal
The U.S. Air Force is Running out of Jets - David Axe, The Daily Beast
Political Turbulence Hits F-35 JSF - Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense Mag.
Adm. Sees Army Rockets, Artillery Backing Navy in SCS - H. H. Seck, Mil.
Two USN F/A-18s Crash off North Carolina - Brock Vergakis, VP
Century Bird: Future of the CH-47 Chinook - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
Navy Lays Bare F/A-18 Readiness Gaps - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
China to Send Nuclear-Armed Subs into Pacific - Julian Borger, Guardian
U.S. Pacific Hawk Urges Keeping a Sharp eye on China - Geoff Dyer, FT
China says Followed Rules in U.S. E-P3 Intercept - Ben Blanchard, Reuters
U.S. SOF in Syria Aiding key Anti-ISIS Fight - Delil Souleiman, AFP
South Korea Selects GE as KFX Engine Provider - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
Will ISIS Take Root in the Philippines? - Charlie Winter, War on the Rocks
Wednesday, May 25
Raytheon Wants to Hot-Rod Old "Patton" Tanks - Eric Tegler, Popular M.
Navy Building Longer Range V-22s - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
Problems Fixed for Virginia Subs - Sydney Freedburg, Breaking Defense
Military's New Stealth Bikes - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Canada's Snowbirds Unique In Military Aviation - Nigel Howarth, Av. Week
SOCOM's Wishlist - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Defense
U.S. Military Beating Hackers at Their Own Game - Paul Szoldra, Tech In.
U.S., Japan Ships Follow China's East China Sea Drills - Liu Zhen, SCMP
Army's New Digital Manpack Radios - PRNewswire
Ty Carter: Living with The Medal of Honor - James Clark, Task & Purpose
AFSOC in Lithuania for Trojan Footprint 16 - Chris Sullivan, U.S. Air Force
Taliban Names Mullah Haibatullah as new Emir - Bill Roggio, LWJ
Grading Defense Reform - Loren DeJonge Schulman & Shawn Brimley, WotR
Tuesday, May 24
Pakistani Naval Officers Planned to Attack USN Ship - F. Gady, Diplomat
Boeing Looks to SLAP Super Hornets Into Shape - Michael Fabey, AW
How USAF can Avoid Mistakes of F-35 With B-21 - Kelsey D. Atherton, FA
Netanyahu Against the Generals - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
U.S. Military Already Fighting War of the Future - Paul Szoldra, TI
Strike on Mansour Seen as Message to Pakistan - Landler/Rosenberg, NYT
Iraqi Commandos Leading Charge Into Fallujah - Matthew L. Schehl, MCT
VA Sec. Refuses to Apologize for Disney Comments - Jordan Fabian, Hill
Senate Subcommittee Shorts Obama's Defense Request - Joe Gould, DN
U.S. Deepens Military Ties With Former foe Vietnam - David Larter, NT
First Cyber Operations Midshipmen for U.S. Navy - Maritime Executive
Is new Defense Minister Dangerous for Israel? - Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor
CJCS: DoD not 'Putting Band-Aids' on ISIS Problem - Dan Lamothe, WP
Monday, May 23
Beijing's big Ships Push the Envelope - Dan De Luce & Keith Johnson, FP
USN's Dangerous Nuclear Attack Sub Shortage - Dave Majumdar, TNI
Marjata: Norway's Massive New Intelligence Vessel - Thomas Nilsen, TBO
Russian & Chinese Drones Counter U.S. Stealth - Zachary Keck, Scout W.
Navy SEAL Camp Fights Back Against Criticism - Jeanette Steele, SDUT
The Drone War Crosses Another Line - Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic
Iraqi and Coalition Forces Pound Fallujah - Ghassan Adnan/Asa Fitch, WSJ
Naysayers Learning Wrong Lessons About LCS - Jerry Hendrix, Def. One
Lifting Arms Embargo on Vietnam is About China - Richard Sisk, DoDBuzz
Canadian Military Looks to Expand Arctic Footprint - David Pugliese, DN
China Plans Base for Rescue Ops in SCS - Megha Rajagopalan, Reuters
Foggy Numbers of Obama's Wars and Non-Wars - Karen DeYoung, WaPo
S. Korea, Japan to Hold Missile Defense Drill in June - F. Gady, Diplomat
Friday, May 20
Army Adds 84mm Recoilless Rifle to Platoon Arsenal - Matthew Cox, Mil.
China's Giant spy Drone Stalks Foreign Warships - David Axe, Daily Beast
What's in a Carrier Air Wing? - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
What the DoD Report on China Didn't Tell You - Harry Kazianis, AT
China 'Ready' if U.S. 'Stirs up any Conflict' in SCS - Mody & Kemp, CNBC
Facing Off With China - Tom Rogan, National Review Online
Go Big or Go Home - Matthew Wein, War on the Rocks
U.K. Planning Four Front-Line F-35 Squadrons - Tony Osborne, Av. Week
Is Iran's Regular Military Pivoting to Force Projection? - Paul Bucala, AEI
Death of an Amendment to Draft Women - Nicholas Clairmont, Atlantic
U.S. Targets Spying Threat on Campus - Julia Edwards, Reuters
Air Natl. Guard Interested in V-22 Osprey for SAR - Richard Whittle, BD
The Case for Lifting the Vietnam Arms Embargo - P. Parameswaran, Diplo.
Thursday, May 19
China's Nuclear Subs are Ready to Terrorize the Sea - David Axe, Daily B.
USAF B-52 Bomber Crashes in Guam, Crew Safe - Luis Martinez, ABC
Chinese Jets Intercept U.S. Military Plane In SCS - Idrees Ali, et al., Reuters
China Demands U.S. Halt Recon Flights Along Coast - William Ide, VOA
U.S. Allies Will not Play Role in B-21 Development - Lara Seligman, DNews
V-22 Aerial Tanker Capability Slated for 2018 - Richard R. Burgess, SPM
New U.S.-Russia Arms Race - Mike Eckel, Radio Free Europe
U.S. to Drop ATVs Into Poland in Exercise - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
NATO Formally Invites Montenegro as 29th Member - AP
Go Ahead and Sell Arms to Vietnam - Editorial Board, Bloomberg View
U.S., France Differ on NATO Missile-Def. Readiness - Barnes & Wall, WSJ
NATO Cmdrs Want to Keep Troops in Afghanistan - Dan Lamothe, WaPo
ISIS War Costing $11.7M per Day - Kristina Wong, The Hill
Wednesday, May 18
U.S. Crews Fail to Place in NATO Tank Competition - Kyle Mizokami, PM
Chinese Sub Incident Shows Importance of U.S. UUVs - Daniel Taylor, SM
India Sends Stealth Warships to SCS - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
GAO: Navy's Tougher LCS Would Still be Vulnerable - Tony Capaccio, Bbg
Russia to Revive Missile Trains - Viktor Litovkin, UPI
U.S. Navy to Deploy Sub Launch Spy Drones - Richard Sisk, DoD Buzz
U.S. Grows E. Europe Mil. Footprint, to Mixed Reviews - S. Nelson, NPR
House Provision Would Revive Reagan's 'Star Wars' - David Brown, WE
Navy Officer Pleads not Guilty to Espionage - FOX News
USMC Sees Hurdle in Integrating Robotic Battle Buds - Hope H. Seck, Mil
U.S.-Russia Tensions Dangerous, but not 'Cold War 2' - Josh Cohen, Rtrs
China's Challenge to Intl. Cybersecurity - Dean Cheng, The Daily Signal
Arms Sales to Libya Draw Congressional Skepticism - Julian Pecquet, AM
Tuesday, May 17
USS Gerald R. Ford on Track for September Delivery - Grace Jean, Jane's
China Makes Visible Strides in Stealth Air Ops - Michael Fabey, Av. Week
Analyzing the Size of China's Military Aircraft Fleet - Robert Farley, Diplo.
Sweden Rules out NATO Membership - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
Germany Seeks Pricing for 41 CH-53K King Stallions - James Drew, FG
White House Makes NDAA Veto Threat - Joe Gould, Defense News
U.S. Military Looking at Sites for 2nd Africa Base - Dan Joseph, VOA
Afghanistan's 'Ghost Soldiers' - Sune Engel Rasmussen, The Guardian
Avoiding a Space War - Omar Lamrani, Stratfor
Baghdad Bombings Reveal ISIS' New Plan - Nancy Youssef, The Daily Beast
We Need a Map for Goldwater-Nichols Reform - Marc Cancian, WotR
DoD Told to Centralize Command of Recruitment Ads - Charles Clark, GE
Who in Libya Will the U.S. Send Weapons to? - Dan Lamothe, Wash. Post

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