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Friday, August 29
Islamic State's Terror Laptop of Doom - Doornbos & Moussa, Foreign Policy
The Assembly of a New World Order - Henry Kissinger, Wall Street Journal
The Emerging Overbalance of Power - Richard Rosecrance, Am. Interest
McRaven's Legacy at Special Operations Command - Howard Altman, TBO
Russia's Slow-Motion Invasion of Ukraine - Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
Is the U.S. Enabling Putin's Invasion? - Christopher Dickey, Daily Beast
The Islamic State's Dangerous Influence in Asia - Hannah Suh, Natl Int
Syria Putting Defense Bills in Danger? Not So Fast - Dustin Walker, RCD
Another Bad War in Iraq - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
In Defense of Obama's Mideast Strategy - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
Thursday, August 28
Russia Invades Ukraine, Lies About It - Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast
ISIS's 4-Year Rise to Power - Michael Knights, CTC West Point
Is China an Assertive Status Quo Power? - Robert Farley, The Diplomat
Why We Need a New Foreign Policy Agenda in 2016 - Inboden & Holmes, FP
What Soldiers Never Say - George Vlachonikolis, War on the Rocks
Horror Is a Constant as Artists Depict War - Alissa Rubin, New York Times
Era of Humanitarian Intervention Isn't Over - L. Wieseltier, New Republic
David Cameron's Half-Cocked War - The Economist
President Obama Shouldn't Bomb ISIS in Syria - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Partnering with Assad Against ISIS Is a Terrible Idea - Bobby Ghosh, Qz
Wednesday, August 27
Don't Start a War Over a Hostage - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
What ISIS Learned from the U.S. on Fighting a War - Brian Castner, WaPo
Watch the Pentagon's Stealth Tank Leap Over Bombs - Michael Peck, WIB
Responding to China's Air Intercepts - Ryan Santicola, The Diplomat
Russia Playing Politics with Sub Confrontations - Kyle Mizokami, USNI
Messaging to Moscow & Burden Sharing - Stanley Sloan, War on the Rocks
How NATO Could Confront the Putin Doctrine - David Francis, FP
How For-Profit Colleges Mislead Veterans - C. White, Task & Purpose
A Tale of Two AUMFs - Robert Golan-Vilella, National Interest
'Congress Shall Have the Declare War' - C. Friedersdorf, Atlantic
Tuesday, August 26
Kissinger's Counsel - Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest
U.S. & Iran Hit ISIS, Ignore Each Other - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
Military Talent Management Lessons of the Past - B.J. Armstrong, WOTR
Is NATO Back? That Depends on Germany - Emily Cadei, OZY
China's Military Buildup Targets U.S. Weaknesses - J. Talent, Natl Review
Homer's Iliad & a U.S.-China War - Stephen Fallon, National Interest
Subs, Indonesia, F-35s: Australia's Strategic Choices - Colin Clark, BD
Why al-Qaeda Released a U.S. Hostage - Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
The Grotesque Alliance Carving Up Syria - David Blair, Telegraph
How the U.S., Its Allies & Its Enemies Made ISIS - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Monday, August 25
ISIS Using Drones to Plan Battles - Tomer Michelzon, Vocativ
British Special Forces Hunt for Jihad John - Mark Nicol, Daily Mail
The Army's Hypersonic Missile Just Exploded - Associated Press
The Fastest Things Coming to China's Military - Lin & Singer, PopSci
Would China Invade Taiwan? - J. Michael Cole, National Interest
Another Look at China's East China Sea ADIZ - Eric Heginbotham, Lawfare
The GOP's Next Go-to Guy on Defense? - Tracy Moran, OZY
Hunting Nuclear Weapons from the Sky - Steve Weintz, War Is Boring
Tests Raise Concerns for Army's New Helmet - Kevin Lilley, Army Times
Iraq & Why the U.S. Shouldn't Leave Afghanistan - Paul Miller, FP
War Is What It Will Take to Stop ISIS - Angelo Codevilla, The Federalist
ISIS in the 21st Century - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Is Extremist Hip Hop Helping ISIS? - Hisham Aidi, Cicero Magazine
Russia's Great-Power Ukraine Strategy - Mark Kramer, National Interest
Back to Basics Along NATO's Northeastern Flank - A. Michta, Am Interest
Thursday, August 21
Top 6 Strategic Threats to Worry About - Elaine Grossman, Defense One
Global Order Entering Uncharted Territory - Ali Wyne, American Interest
China's New Age of Military Diplomacy - Robert Farley, The Diplomat
How Much Does a Gun Cost in Kurdistan? - Cetti-Roberts & Knodell, WIB
Battleships That Saved & Doomed the British Empire - J. Golson, Wired
A New History of the Great War - Kathleen McInnis, War on the Rocks
Should Retired Generals Be Allowed to Cash In? - Matt Cavanaugh, WC
Innovative Technologies & U.S. Soldiers of Fortune - Mallin & Scheina, AM
When Sanctions Lead to War - Paul Saunders, New York Times
NATO Expansion: Strategic Genius or Historic Mistake? - E. Rumer, TNI
Wednesday, August 20
Army's Favored Rifle Outperformed by Rival - R. Scarborough, Wash Times
Nobody Wanted to Give Up the M-1 Carbine - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Americans Don't Want BS. What Do They Want? - Bryan McGrath, WOTR
No Boots on the Ground: Mantra, Not Strategy - Sullivan & Dubik, AM
Have Defense Cuts Hurt National Security? - Dov Zakheim, Foreign Policy
New Roles Emerge for Underwater Drones - Yasmin Tadjdeh, Natl Defense
The Demise of China's Strategic Ambiguity - Benjamin Schreer, Strategist
The Middle East Cold War & the U.S. - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Will James Foley's Death Wake Up the West? - Shashank Joshi, Telegraph
The Stories James Foley Risked His Life to Tell - Patrick Reis, Natl Journal
Tuesday, August 19
Top Secret Air Force Bomber Moves Forward - Stew Magnuson, Natl Defense
Navy Defends "Art of the Possible" UCLASS Drone - Sydney Freedberg, BD
A Blueprint to Save Iraq from Disaster? - Angerholzer & Kitfield, Natl Int
Ferguson Is Not Iraq - Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review
The Tower of Boom - Steve Weintz, War Is Boring
All the Stuff Soldiers Have Carried in Battle - Liz Stinson, Wired
Closer Look at Terrorism in Southeast Asia - Jacob Zenn, War on the Rocks
How Germany Spies on Its Friends - Der Spiegel
New UK Frigate Proposals Coming Together - Andrew Chuter, Defense News
Is Foreign Policy for Sale to Highest-Bidding Hawk? - Daniel Drezner, WP

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