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Sunday, January 25
5 Deadliest U.S. Weapons of War from WWII - Peck, The National Interest
America Upgrades its Biggest Bomb - Matt Keane, War Is Boring
Will Russia's Sub-Building Boom Matter? - Cavas, Defense News
Gen. Dunford's Plan to Shake Up the Service - Lamothe, Washington Post
Russia's Emerging Holy War - The XX Committee
CIA Found No Magic in Operation Merlin - Gareth Porter, Consortium News
The War in Ukraine has Somehow Gotten Worse - Wolff, New Republic
How Europe Won the '70s War on Terror - Nadeau, The Daily Beast
Time to Nuke the Doomsday Clock - Golan-Vilella, The National Interest
Shifting Relations in North Asia - Gordon Chang, World Affairs Journal
Obama's Breakthrough with India - Parsons and Bengali, LA Times
'Guantanamo Diary' by Mohamedou Ould Slahi - Danner, New York Times
Saturday, January 24
The 3 Most Deadly Air Forces in Asia - Robert Farley, The National Interest
Dutch Gunships Battle Mali Rebels - Lieuwe De Vries, War Is Boring
A Wake-Up Call for Japan - The Japan Times
The Rhetoric of Cowardice - Kyle Williams, Boston Review
The Yemen Model Goes Down in Flames - Max Boot, Commentary
SpaceX Settles Dispute with U.S. Air Force - Chris Welch, The Verge
Why the Conflict in Ukraine Isn't America's Business - Bandow, Forbes
Imagine the World Had There Been No Churchill - Ottawa Citizen
Let Slip the Robots of War - Ronald Bailey, Reason
An American (Sniper) Hero Must be a Reluctant One - The Havok Journal
The Once and Future Saudi Kings - Steve Coll, The New Yorker
Putin's Propaganda Industry Tightens its Belt - Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Intel Agencies Can't Have Their Own Foreign Policies - Commentary
A Conspicuous Failure of U.S. Foreign Policy in Syria - LA Times
U.S. Won't Admit to Killing Civilians - Nancy Youssef, The Daily Beast
With Obama Trip, U.S. and India Deepen Ties - Lang, The National Interest
Americans as Hostages and Targets - Michael Ledeen, The Hill
Liberia to Receive First Batch of Experimental Vaccine - Newsweek
Friday, January 23
The Unstealthy Future of Submarines - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
DoD Needs to Cancel the F-35 Program - Matthew Gjertsen, Task & Purpose
The Delta Force Soldier Who Never Came Home - Naylor, Foreign Policy
Jordan's 'Disneyland' for Elite Special Forces - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
A-10s Fly Combat Missions over Syria - Joseph Trevithick, War Is Boring
Army Delays Efforts to Replace the M9 Pistol - Matthew Cox,
NSA Details Chinese Cyber Theft of F-35, Military Secrets - Gertz, WFB
LCS Survivability Questions Linger - Steven Willis, USNI News
Video: Kenyan Air Force F-5s Perform Low-Level Passes - The Aviationist
China Joins Afghanistan's Great Game - Bloomberg View
Did Japan Botch ISIS Hostage Deal? - Stucky & Adelstein, The Daily Beast
King Abdullah's Death Comes at a Sensitive Time for Saudi Arabia - FP
What Happens After a U.S-Iran Nuclear Deal? - The National Interest
U.S. Fears Chaos as Government of Yemen Falls - New York Times
Thursday, January 22
Israeli Mossad Goes Rogue, Warns U.S. on Sanctions - Bloomberg View
Developments Underway for 6th Generation Fighter - Defense News
How to Rule the Seas and Contain an Asian Competitor - Foreign Policy
Aurora Claims Endurance Record for Orion UAS - Aviation Week
F-35A testing took back seat to F-35B IOC preparation in 2014 - Jane's
Brzezinski: U.S. Should Deploy Troops to Baltics - Agence France-Presse
A Smarter Way to Spend on Defense - Tobias Gibson, The Hill
Renaming Air/Sea Battle a Poor Decision - Information Dissemination
A Brief Glimpse at Robotics in Modern Warfare - Clark, Task & Purpose
'Devils' Alliance': Moscow's Pact with Hitler - Dan Kaszeta, Cicero Magazine
Do You Know What Time it Is? - Janice Sinclaire, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Report indicates ISIS' ability to Target Western Assets Abroad - Jane's
America's Counterterrorism Policy Is Failing - David Sedney, Time
National Security Heavyweights Oppose Iran Sanctions - Wong, The Hill
Wednesday, January 21
Germany Still Loves its Tanks - Thomas Newdick, War Is Boring
5 Most Precarious U.S. Allies of All-Time - Zachary Keck, The National Interest
The Hollywood Left Hates the Military - Ben Shapiro, Breitbart
Iran & Hezbollah Planning 'Imminent' Invasion of Galilee - Daily Mail
Pentagon Drops 'Air-Sea Battle' Name - Sam Lagrone, USNI News
Air Force UFO Files Hit the Web - Stephen Losey, USAT
U.S. to Award Iran $11.9 Bilion Through End of Nuke Talks - WFB
Obama Has Set a Long Game with Russia - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe
Parallels Between Civil War and WWI - Alvin Powell, Harvard Gazette
Congress, Pentagon 'Agree to Disagree' - Sandra Erwin, ND Magazine
Relevant Passages from SOTU - Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare
Iraq's Suicide Bomber Reality TV Show - Rami Ruhayem, BBC News
Flying 'The Interview' Posters to North Korea - Jamie Kirchick, Daily Beast
Obama's Cyber Proposals May Only Seem Good - Dan Froomkin, The Intercept
Badr Organization: A View to Past, Present - Musings on Iraq
SOTU Offers Few Military, Vet Proposals - Leo Shane, Military Times
Tuesday, January 20
100 Stunning Photos of the Air Force in Japan - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
How an Army Ranger Sniper Became "The Reaper" - Kyle Smith, NY Post
USMC Changes Plan; Will Spare 3 Infantry Battalions - Military Times
Iran Promises 'Crushing' Response to Israeli Strike - Adam Credo, WFB
Charles de Gaulle to Sail for Gulf - IHS Jane's Navy International
Israeli Airstrike Kills Iranian General in Syria - Joel Greenberg, McClatchy
The State of U.S. Defense - Kevin Baron, Defense One
Army Seeks Stability & Sanity in 2015 - Gordon Sullivan, Breaking Defense
View of the Left: We're Not Chickenhawks - James Fallows, The Atlantic
After Frustrations, USAF Buyers Try New Tactics - ND Magazine
USN to Build Aegis Trainers for SWOs at 'Topgun' - Sam Lagrone, USNI
A Radical Solution to Force Reduction Cuts - Eric Navarro, Task & Purpose
Defense in Japan - The Economist
Rep. Hunter Pans Army Intel Network - R. Scarborough, Washington Times
How to Catch a Terrorist - Mattathias Schwartz, New Yorker
E.U. Urges Cooperation to Combat Terrorism - New York Times
Monday, January 19
The Skyraider: MiG Killer in Vietnam - Dario Leone, The Aviationist
New Air Force Bomber Shrouded in Mystery - Aaron Mehta, Defense News
U.S. Wanted to Replace the Bradley 38 Years Ago - War Is Boring
Marine Prowlers Still Fighting in Iraq - Joshua Stewart, Marine Corps Times
Don't Believe the Acquisition Hype - Alex Ward, War on the Rocks
Hope for a New Course in Post-Amos USMC - Carl Forsling, Foreign Policy
Ukraine and the Lessons of Georgia - The XX Committee
What to Do About Russian Belligerence? - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
4 Pieces of Advice for Ash Carter - Harvey Sapolsky, The National Interest
Does PLA Corruption Hurt China's Readiness? - Franz Gady, The Diplomat
The 'Hire More Heroes Act' is Misguided - Peter Gudmundsson, WaPo
Prominent North Korea Defector Partially Recants - NYT
Here Come the Cyber War Games - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
The Islamic State is Starting a TV Channel - Gilad Shiloach, Vocativ
Sunday, January 18
Fat Leonard Sinks the Navy - The XX Committee
It's Time to Debunk the Churchill Myth - Simon Heffer, New Republic
19 Maps to Explain Tensions in the South China Sea - CSIS
Battle of the Bulge, A Comic - Kevin Knodell, War Is Boring
Why We Fear and Admire the Military Sniper - Graeme Wood, Boston Globe
NSA and Allies are Laughing at the World - T.C. Sottek, The Verge
China and Japan's Clash Over the Senkakus - Michael O'Hanlon, TNI
France Reassesses Military Cuts After Charlie Hebdo - IHS Jane's 360
The Civilian-Military Divide is Hurting our Troops - The Daily Beast
History's Great Mismatch: Intellectuals and the Powers that Be - LAT
Analysis: Syria's Alleged Reactor Site - Jeremy Binnie, IHS Jane's 360
Is Egypt on the Verge of Another Uprising? - Thanassis Cambanis, Defense One
Drones Flying Circles Around the FAA - Clive Irving, The Daily Beast
Behind the Mask: Revealing the Trauma of War - National Geographic
How Secrecy Erodes the Ability to Wage War - Scott Horton, Cicero Magazine
Review: Guantanamo Diary Exposes Brutality of Torture - The Guardian
Children of the Fallen: Portraits of Loss - The Washington Post
Can Obama Untangle from Syria's Civil War? - Consortium News
Boko Haram and the Ballot Box - Andrew Noakes, Foreign Policy
After PTSD, More Trauma - David Morris, New York Times
Saturday, January 17
4 U.S. Weapons of War that Must be Retired - Dave Majumdar, TNI
The B-52 is a Terrifyingly Intelligent 'Smart Weapons' Truck - FA
The Chess Game of Ammo Type and Shot Placement - The Havok Journal
Europe's Coming Battle - John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus
Photos of 'Air Policing' by Baltic Jets - Jacek Siminski, The Aviationist
9 Photos of Marines in Action From the Past Week - Marine Corps Gazette
Is it Time to Change the Army's Culture? - Stephen Richey, Army Magazine
Iran Just Cancelled its Space Program - Jassem al Salami, War Is Boring
A Look at 'Coup Risk' in 2015 - Jay Ulfelder, Dart Throwing Chimp
U.S. Spies Expected the Wrong Al-Qaeda Attack - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
Coast Guard Moves More Resources to Western Hemisphere - USNI
This is Not Your Father's Hezbollah - Susannah George, Foreign Policy
American Sniper Explores War's Moral Complexities - The Atlantic
The Military-Industrial Complex in Iraq - Peter Van Buren, Guernica
In France, Patriot Act Idea is Ridiculed - Apuzzo and Erlanger, NY Times
Syria: A Broken and Fragmented State - Katarina Montgomery, World Policy Blog
Why Violent Extremists Welcome Attacks on Islam - Joe Conason, Truth Dig
The Administration's Cyber Proposals: Information Sharing - Lawfare
Do Veterans with PTSD Belong on Death Row? - Naomi Shavin, New Republic
Is Afghanistan Prepared for 2015 and Beyond? - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
Friday, January 16
Military Technologies that will Change the Game: F-35B - ND Magazine
Navy Ospreys Could Do More Than Haul Cargo - David Axe, War Is Boring
V-22 'Perfect' for Carrier Onboard Delivery - Breaking Defense
A Quiet Revolution in North Korea - Stephen Evans, BBC News
Women Allowed to Take Ranger Course for 1st Time - LA Times
Obama's Libya Fiasco - Andrew Bowen, The National Interest
Hagel: Compensation Changes Coming - Andrew Tilghman, Military Times
How the FBI Trapped Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht - Andy Greenberg, Wired
The War with Radical Islam - Jeffrey Sachs, Project Syndicate
Drones Need Humans, Pilots Need Dough - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
US To Send More Troops for Syrian Mission - Gordon Lubold, Defense One
Drones Can't Protect Our Borders - Michael Peck, The National Interest
Belgian Operation Thwarted 'Major Terrorist Attacks' - CNN
Mabus Confirms V-22 Carrier Delivery Memo - Sam Lagrone, USNI News
Top War Crimes Diplomat Steps Down - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
Thursday, January 15
Navy to Buy V-22s to Replace C-2s - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Army Contacts Beretta USA About New M9A3 - Matthew Cox,
Here's How a Marine SWAT Team Gears Up - Task & Purpose
If it Floats, it Fights: Distributed Lethality - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Navy Surface Leaders Pitch More Lethal Ships - Sam Lagrone, USNI News
How Scared Should You Be of al-Qaeda's Butt Bomb? - Defense One
China's Most Rotten: A Rogue's Gallery - Alexa Olesen, Foreign Policy
Why Has There Been a Drop in Car Bombs in Iraq? - Musings on Iraq
200 Years of War History, 1 Gun Collection - David Thier, Garden & Gun
Breaking Bad: Rethinking Talent Management - The Pendulum
ISIS Gaining in Syria, Despite US Strikes - Mak & Youssef, Daily Beast
Iraq, Afghan War Vets Flood HASC - Leo Shane, Military Times
Journey to Jihad - Poh Si Teng, New York Times
Ohio Man Charged With Plotting to Attack U.S. Capitol - NBC News
CIA Board Clears Agency of Searching Senate Computers - The Verge
Released Cuban Dissidents Still Under Surveillance - Daniel Wiser, WFB
AQAP Claims Responsibility for Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack - CNN

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