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Thursday, February 11
DARPA's 130-Foot Crewless Ship to Set Sail in Spring - Magnuson, ND
Why Aircraft Carriers Still Matter (to China) - Peter Navarro, RCDefense
Kim Jong Un Executes Military Chief - AP
U.S. Air and Missile Defenses - A Critical Gap - MajGen Mahon, RCDefense
Could China Use Force to Settle Taiwan Sovereignty Issue? - Hulse, AC
Obama's Crumbling Syria Strategy - Peter Rough, Real Clear Defense
North Korea Continues to Provoke China - Charlie Campbell, Time
The War Over the Pentagon Budget - Mark Thompson, Time
Iraq - No Signs of Improvement - Renad Mansour, The Cipher Brief
Carter Cites Do-It-All Pressure on Defense Plan - Capaccio, Bloomberg
On Worldwide Threats - John McLaughlin, The Cipher Brief
The Next President On Defense Strategy - Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings
Russian Intervention in Syria Reducing U.S. Options - Sanger, NY Times
DNI Concerned About Beijing's South China Sea Militarization - VOA
Russia Proposes March 1 Ceasefire in Syria, U.S. Wants it Now - AP
In Libya, No Unity Without Security - Friend & Bell, War on the Rocks
Wednesday, February 10
The Message That Ended Guadalcanal - James Clark, Task & Purpose
Russia Reactivates 1st Guards Tank Army on Western Front - Jane's 360
India's Growing Naval Might - Harsh V. Pant, Diplomat
Air Force Defers 45 F-35As Over Next Five Years - Seligman, Defense News
Taiwan Vulnerable in Ways It Has Not Been Before - Shang-su, Interpreter
U.S. Experts: 'Strategic Patience Is Over' for NK - Sung-jin, Korea Times
Gen. Selva: U.S. Military Has Not Been Gutted - Lamothe, Washington Post
The End of U.S. Space Supremacy - Luke Penn-Hall, The Cipher Brief
Marine's Prioritize F-35B for 2017 Budget Request - Versprille, Nat. Def.
Experts Urge Upgrades to U.S. Missile Defense - Ellie Potter, RCPolitics
Def. Budget: What's in It for Troops, Vets, Military Families - Mil. Times
DIA Chief: Russian Weapons Purchased by Iran to Appear in Syria - FB
Saudi Offer to Deploy Troops to Syria Puts Pressure on U.S. - Atl. Council
China's Growing Space Capabilities - Bruce MacDonald, The Cipher Brief
Growing Military Threat: Information Integrity - Robert Jones, RCDefense
Congress Must Prioritize Ballistic Missile Defense - Todorov, Defense News
U.S., Thailand Launch 2016 Cobra Gold Military Exercises - Diplomat
Tuesday, February 9
V-22 Osprey Continues to Defy Critics - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
America's "Powerful Signal to Allies" - and Russia - McCormick, CBS News
7 Things You Didn't Know About Guadalcanal - Nye, We Are the Mighty
Dogfight Between the F-35 and the New Bomber - Weisgerber, Def. One
Russia Deploys Pantsyr to Syria - Binnie & Novichkov, Jane's 360
Israel's Robot Warship - Kelsey D. Atherton, Popular Science
U.S. Missiles May Alter North Asian Geopolitics - Kim, et al., Bloomberg
China Pays the Price for North Korea's Belligerence - Manning, Atl. Coun.
New Nuclear Cruise Missile and the Stability Argument - Costlow, RCD
Russia's Growing Stronghold in the Black Sea - Gramer, Foreign Affairs
Developing Naval Guileists - Robert Kozloski, U.S. Naval Institute
Russians Lay Siege to Obama's Syria Strategy - Nahal Toosi, Politico
Vietnam's New National Security Policy - Abuza & Nhat Anh, CIMSEC
Pentagon Prioritizes Climate Change in All Military Actions - Wash Times
North Korea's Missile Launch Shows It Could Target U.S. - Klingner, DS
Anchoring the Future Arguments of Defense Reform - RCDefense
Afghanistan to Start Peace Talks with Taliban - Gady, Diplomat
Monday, February 8
6th Generation Fighter Unveiled During Super Bowl - Dan Lamothe, WP
Revealed: Iran's Top-Secret Nuclear Site - Kimberly Dozier, Daily Beast
The Sobering Truth About the Pentagon's Acquisition Failures - Nat. Int.
Russia Drives Swedish Defense Spending - Gerard O'Dwyer, Defense News
Hacker Plans to Dump Details of FBI, DHS Employees - Cox, VICE News
Israel's Arab Alliance: A Counter to ISIS and Iran? - Seftel, Cipher Brief
The Real Cost of Nuclear Deterrence - Peter Huessy, Gatestone Institute
South Korea Fires Warning Shot at NK Ship - V. Morton, Washington Times
North Korea's Launch May Spur U.S. Missile Defense - Sisk,
Afghanistan Boardwalk Fading into Memory - Jay Price, McClatchy
Erdogan: U.S. Should Choose Between Turkey, Kurdish Forces - AP
Military Aid to Israel for Next President? - Barak Ravid, Haaretz
No Replacement for Military Engagement and Forward Presence - WotR
U.S. Ambiguity Strengthens Beijing in the South China Sea - Bosco, NI
Pakistan's Military Protects Chinese Investment - S. Raza Hassan, Reuters
America's ISIS War Is Helping al Qaeda - Youssef & Harris, Daily Beast
UN Condemns North Korea Launch, Pledges New Sanctions - AP
Sunday, February 7
The 6th-Gen. Fighter's Expected Unveiling During the Super Bowl - WP
Drinks, Dice, and Dolls: U.S. Navy's Sin Ship - , The Daily Beast
U.S. Navy's Plan to Unite F-35s With Refueling Drones - Majumdar, TNI
Navy, Air Force lag Behind in Professionalism - A. Tilghman, Mil. Times
F-35 Makes First Transatlantic Crossing - Lara Seligman, Defense News
Armed USAF Fighters to Patrol Skies Above Super Bowl - Osborn, Scout
Navy Uniform Changes Will Accommodate Bigger, Bulkier Sailors - NT
BAE Systems Looks to Cash in on Railgun Research - A. Tovey, Telegraph
The Business that Makes the World's Greatest Army - D. Paulhus, HPR
A Short History of the Navy's Long Dislike of Drones - D. Hambling, PM
Erdogan Signals Prepared to Join U.S. Fight Against Assad - Bloomberg
Navy has yet to Find Cause of F/A-18 Pilot Dizziness - M. Cox, DoD Buzz
Iranian General Mocks Saudi Offer to Intervene in Syria - Hanna, CNN
Women in Combat Signals a Major Paradigm Shift - Shawn Snow, MCT
North Korea Rocket Launch Sparks Condemnation - Alastair Gale, WSJ
Life and Death of the Human Terrain System - C. Sims, Foreign Affairs
U.S., S. Korea to Discuss Deployment of Missile Defense System - FOX
Sangin on Verge of Falling to Afghan Taliban - Justin Rowlatt, BBC News
Nuclear Instability in the Asia-Pacific Region? - Francis Sempa, Diplomat
The Order That Opens Every job in the Army to Women - A. Ashton, TNT
Saturday, February 6
U.S. Navy's Fiery New Weapon - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Northrop Grumman Teases 6th Gen. Fighter - Atherton, Popular Science
Every Day Carry Knives - Leonard Benton, Havok Journal
Are U.S. Missiles Taking Out Russian Military Officials? - Daily Beast
Weekly Recon 6 February 2016 - Blake Baiers, Real Clear Defense
Putin Corners Himself in Ukraine - Diane Francis, Atlantic Council
SASC Urges Navy to Torpedo Promotion of Special Ops Cdr - Wash Post
Rift Opening on Women and Military Drafts - D. Lamothe, Washington Post
The Sine Waves of Naval History - B.J. Armstrong, War on the Rocks
Some Marines Will Have to Wait Longer to Pick up Rank -
Iranian UAV Shown Striking Targets in Syria and Iraq - Jennings, Jane's
The Spy Who Saved George Washington - Twice - Gil Troy, Daily Beast
Key Defense Priorities for the Next President - Livingston, Brookings
Obama's Disastrous Betrayal of the Syrian Rebels - Emile Hokayem, FP
Pentagon's 'Puppy Project' - Leo Shane III, Military Times
Many Forces Have Contributed to Military Cuts - Nick Timiraos, WSJ
Pentagon Releases 198 Photos of Alleged Detainee Abuse - Kheel, The Hill
McCain Exhorts Silicon Valley to Play Ball On 'Going Dark' Issue - FCW
North Korea's Missile Launch Threat Raises the Stakes - The Diplomat
Twitter Steps Up Efforts To Combat ISIS - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Friday, February 5
Whither Britain's Queen Elizabeth Supercarrier? - Beng, RCDefense
Second Carrier for 7th Fleet? - Sam LaGrone & John Grady, USNI News
The Pentagon's 'Arsenal Plane' Plans - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Iran to Build T-90 Tanks? - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
U.S. Collaborating on Carrier with India - Sanjeev Miglani, Reuters
The F-35's Turbulent March to Combat Readiness - Bender, Bus. Insider
3D-Printed Semi-Automatic Gun - Kelsey Atherton, Popular Science
Saudi Ready to Send Ground Troops to Syria - Sky News
China Seeks to Control Chip Market for Military Use. . . - New York Times
The Dead Drop - Anonymous, The Cipher Brief
Alice and the Experience of Clausewitzian Genius - Garard, Strategy Bridge
Turkey's Problems in Aleppo - Russia and the Kurds - Stein, Atl. Council
Xi Jinping - The Second Coming of Mao? - Armin Rosen, Business Insider
India Increases Mi-17V-5 Fleet - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
The Non-Existent Nuclear Weapons Debate - Heather Williams, Interpreter
Don't Trust Veterans Affairs to Fix Health Care Programs - Selnick, RCD
Struggling to Build Anti-Islamic State Strategy in Libya - Burns, et al., AP
Thursday, February 4
NATO's Top 5 Weapons of War Pointed at Russia - Majumdar, Nat. Int.
Navy Tests SM-6 as Anti-Ship Missile - Ryan Faith, VICE News
Navy to Buy More High-End Ships, Fighters in 2017 - Andrea Shalal, Reuters
Air Force Progresses QF-16 Production - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
Freedom of Navigation in a Chinese Gulag - Peter Navarro, RCDefense
The Army's Failed Floating Tanks - Joseph Trevithick, War Is Boring
Best Tacticool Gear From SHOT Show 2016 - Beekman, Task & Purpose
Female Marines May Be Allowed to Bulk Up - Washington Post
U.S., INDIA on Possible Boeing F/A 18 Deal - Ankit Panda, Diplomat
Pay Attention, America: Russia Is Upgrading Its Military - Pifer, Nat. Int.
China Commissions Fourth Type 071 LPD - Andrew Tate, Jane's 360
Pentagon Adds Second LCS to 2017 Budget Plan - A. Capaccio, Bloomberg
Iraq's Conspicuous Silence on More U.S. Troops - Tilghman, Mil. Times
Terrorists Exploit Military Adherence to Laws of Armed Conflict - WFB
Congress Boosts Coast Guard Budget - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Defense
Pressure Mounts on North Korea to Abandon Rocket Launch - Reuters
Rallying the Transatlantic Community - Damon Wilson, Atlantic Council
Wednesday, February 3
America's F-35 Gets a Bad Report Card - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Chinese Defector Reveals Beijing's Secrets - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
6 Military Stereotypes That Are Just Plain Wrong - Sicard, Task & Purpose
Beijing Must Beware the Thucydides Trap - Alan Dupont, Lowy Institute
Why Obama's Army Isn't Defeating Russia, China, ISIS - Shinkman, USN
Navy SEAL Gets MoH for Dramatic Taliban Hostage Rescue - USA Today
A-10 Will Stay Until 2022 - Air Force Times
Navy Plans Service Life Extension for Super Hornets - Jennings, Jane's
The Defense Budget Losers: Legacy Programs - Mackenzie Eaglen, Forbes
Russian Submarine Activity Topping Cold War Levels - Jane's 360
Surprisingly Sound Answers on the Future of the Army - Scales, WotR
Generals Want Women to Register for Draft - Jennifer Rizzo, CNN
Air Force Adopts 3-D Energy Modeling - Amanda Ziadeh, GCN
Obama Seeks to Quadruple Military Spending in Europe - K. Liptak, CNN
Russian Rocket Debate Stalls Importance Defense Space Plans - Forbes
Japan on Alert Over North Korea's Planned Rocket Launch - Reuters
HASC Chair Signals Push For More OCO Funding - Clark, Breaking Defense
Tuesday, February 2
No-Fly Zone: Russia's Next-Gen S-500 - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Remembering Stalingrad and Its Lessons - Chapman, Real Clear Defense
Gen. John Kelly Is Retiring, But the Military Still Needs Him - MC Times
Air Force's New Space Mission Force to Counter China, Russia - Def. One
China's Xi Sets Up Five New 'Battle Zones' - Michael Martina, Reuters
Marines Team With Sci-fi Authors to Asses Future Threats - Navy Times
U.S. Military Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan Questioned - WSJ
What To Expect in US Air Force's Budget Request - Seligman, Def. News
Local Schools: Weapon to Blunt Potential Troop Cuts - Cowen, RCDefense
Middle Powers and Cyber-Enabled Warfare - Greg Austin, Diplomat
Weapons Testers Warn of Cyber Vulnerabilities - Herb & Wright, Politico
The U.S. and India: Strengthening Security Cooperation - Cipher Brief
Smaller Military Pay Raise in 2017 Concerns HASC Chair - Military Times
2017 Budget: Showdown Likely Over War âSlush Fundâ - Erwin, Nat. Def.
Tech-Challenged Pentagon Searches for a Silicon Ally - M. Eaglen, WSJ
There Is No Plan B if the Syria Peace Talks Fail - J. Traub, Foreign Policy
Obama's anti-ISIS Envoy Visits Northern Syria En Route to Geneva - AP
Monday, February 1
Six Technologies That the U.S. Military Is Betting On - B. Orino, Brookings
A Guide to Russia's T-14 Armata Tank - Alex Lockie, Business Insider
Inside MARSOC Training - Jeremy Bender, Business Insider
China's Carriers to Maintain Claims in South China Sea - Rahmat, Jane's
Welcome to the Age of the Commando - Matt Gallagher, New York Times
ISIS Threatens Feds, Mil. After Theft of Personal Data - Davidson, WP
NCFA Produces Politically Correct Report - Gouré, Lexington Institute
Iran to Go On 'Offensive' In Response to Missile Sanctions - R. Read, DC
The Americans That Volunteer to Fight ISIS - Roc Morin, The Atlantic
COIN Logistics: Let's Do Camels - Michael Chandler, Small Wars Journal
Military Looks Ahead to the Next Budget Deal - Sandra Erwin, Nat. Defense
China Strongly Condemns U.S. FoNOPS in South China Sea - USNI News
Pentagon Won't Demote Petraeus - Tom Vanden Brook, USA Today
STRATCOM Pushes Unified Joint Spectrum Operations - Defense Systems
S. Korea Eyes U.S. Missile Defense System - Yong, Voice of America
America's Delicate Dance Between Deterrence and Assurance - Nat.l Int.
China Reorganizing Military to Close Gap with U.S. - Olson, Stars & Stripes

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