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Friday, October 31
Russia Rehearsing Nuke Attacks? - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
What the Soviets Can Teach China About A2/AD - Robert Farley, Diplomat
Against a Tech-Centric Offset - Jon Czarnecki, War on the Rocks
The MG42 Machine Gun Was Hitler's Buzz Saw - P. Huard, War Is Boring
Is America's Defense Budget Too Small? - James Carafano, Natl Interest
Intelligence: Doing Way More w/ Much Less - Marshall Erwin, Overt Action
Is Gen. John Allen Over His Head? - Mark Perry, Foreign Policy
Revenge of the COIN Doctrine - Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative
The Key Iranian to a Nuclear Deal? - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Russia Is Winning the Intel War in Ukraine - Mark Galeotti, Foreign Affairs
Defense Elections: Alaska | Ark. | Colo. | Ga. | Iowa | Mich. | N.C.
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Thursday, October 30
Time Running Out for Obama on Syria - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
Defense Cuts to Blame for Friendly Fire Deaths? - R. Scarborough, WT
The Horrific Effectiveness of Flamethrowers - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
The Granddaddy of Today's Drones - Sarah Laskow, The Atlantic
How China Sees America's Moves in Asia - Lyle Goldstein, National Interest
North Korea's Sea-Based Ballistic Missiles? - Joseph Bermudez, 38 North
Is Vietnam in Denial on Military Strategy - Shang-su Wu, East Asia Forum
America Has Not Lost the Will to Lead - Stephen Hadley, SMH
Hagel: Get Ready for Endless War - David Graham, The Atlantic
The Air Force Is Leading the Ebola Fight - Janine Davidson, CFR
Rule #1 and the Cult of Invulnerability - Information Dissemination
Innovation Warfare & America's Military Edge - Harrison, et al., WOTR
Wednesday, October 29
Wishful Thinking in U.S. Plans Against ISIS - David Ignatius, Wash Post
Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Is Officially Here - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
Baltic States Study How to Beat Russian Tanks - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
Lessons from Sweden's Sub Hunt - Magnus Nordenman, USNI News
The Last Time China & America Went to War - Robert Farley, Natl Interest
The Pendulum and the President - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
Military Spouses Rip Obama on Ebola Comments - Kristina Wong, The Hill
U.S. Should Shut Down Africa Command - Movasatt & Bock-Luna, WIB
An Inspiring Plea for Creativity in the Military - Elliot Ackerman, TNR
How DOD Is Trying to Save Innovation - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
10 Tips for Bridging the CIV/MIL Divide - Gary Owen, Medium
ISIS and Vietnam - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Strategic Overstretch & the Jihadist Generation Gap - Mark Stout, WOTR
The ISIS Guide to Shooting Down Apaches - T. Gibbons-Neff, Checkpoint
Tuesday, October 28
Most Powerful Militaries in the Middle East - Rosen, Bender & Macias, BI
60 Year-Old U.S. Bomber Gets a Facelift - Bill Sweetman, Daily Beast
The Man Steering a Revived Royal Navy - Vago Muradian, Defense News
Gripen Fighters Won't Save Argentina's Air Force - David Axe, WIB
Rethinking Taiwan's Submarine Dream - Evan B. Montgomery, RCDefense
Base Hardening: Playing Fort Against China? - Kazianis & Stillion, Natl Int
Will U.S. Military Return to the Philippines? - Jason Strother, Worldcrunch
The New Era of Disorder - Richard Haass, Project Syndicate
Unconstrained Grand Strategy - Bryan McGrath, War on the Rocks
Needs of Victory Should Determine Army's Size - Eric Jorgensen, Cicero
How Hawks Plan to Kill Obama's Iran Deal - Trita Parsi, Reuters
Why the Iran Nuke Talks Might Fail - Maysam Behravesh, The Diplomat
Has a Deal with Iran Stalled? - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
ISIS & the Black Market Antiquities Trade - Howard, Prohov & Elliott, USNI
The Islamic State's Army of Child Soldiers - Kate Brannen, Foreign Policy
Monday, October 27
Obama's Team of Bumblers? - Michael Hirsh, Politico Magazine
A GOP Senate vs. Obama on National Security - Martin Matishak, The Hill
Can China Rise Peacefully? - John Mearsheimer, National Interest
The M-4 Sherman Tank Was Hell on Wheels - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
West Point Recruited Athletes with Booze, Women - T. Roeder, CS Gazette
The Army May Be Drawing Down Too Fast - Jim Tice, Army Times
Knife Fights: The Practice of Modern War - Manea & Nagl, Small Wars Jrnl
Give Unconventional War a Chance - Jan Gleiman, ASPI Strategist
What a Spate of Lone Wolf Attacks Means - D. Gartenstein-Ross, WOTR
Local Food for the Military - Eva Clayton, New York Times
What Was a Russian Sub Doing in Swedish Waters? - John Kuehn, Cicero
Sending Weapons to Ukraine Would Be Terrible - Michael Kofman, Quartz
U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Due for Modernization - C. Hoskinson, Examiner
Japan Responds to China's A2/AD Strategy - Paul Kallender-Umezu, DN
U.S. P-8s Snoop on China's Nuclear Submarines - Jeremy Page, WSJ
Comfort at Heart of Navy's New Supercarrier - Lance Bacon, Navy Times
France's Navy Plans to Dominate the Seas - Pierre Tran, Defense News
Sunday, October 26
5 Best U.S. Fighter Aircraft of All Time - Michael Peck, National Interest
China's Submarines Add Nuclear Strike Capability - Jeremy Page, WSJ
One Easy Way to Blow $7.6 Billion - Matthew Gault, War Is Boring
Mexican Drug Cartels Are Worse Than ISIS - Musa al-Gharbi, Al Jazeera
Libya Has Become the Latest ISIS Conquest - Noman Benotman, Telegraph
ISIS, Assad & the USA: The Decisive Battle - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
The Line Between Terrorism & Mental Illness - Jeet Heer, New Yorker
U.S. Girds for More Unconventional Warfare - Joe Gould, Defense News
A Brief History of Grooming in the U.S. Navy - USNI News
The Myth of India as a Great Power - Rajan Menon, National Interest
The Roadmap to Closing a Nuclear Deal with Iran - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Don't Accept Putin's Version of History - Anne Applebaum, Slate
ICMYI: China Hacks America | Keeping 'Fury' Real | Let's Talk Nukes
Saturday, October 25
The 5 Best Submarines of All Time - Robert Farley, National Interest
General Dempsey to the Rescue - Mark Perry, Politico Magazine
Norway's Killer Robot Missile Under Fire - The Local
Europe's Blinding Moment of Strategic Clarity - Andrew Michta, AI
China's Aircraft Carrier Is in Trouble - Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring
Relax, China's Aircraft Carrier Is Fine - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Navy Makes Submarines Quieter, More Stealthy - K. Osborn, Defense Tech
You Spot, I Shoot: Aegis Ships Kill Target Together - S. Freedberg, BD
Something for Everyone in Army Operating Concept - Brad Hardy, T&P
6,000 Afghan Interpreters Stuck in Limbo - Brooking & Davidson, CFR
Lone Wolves and Terrorist Runts - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
Can This Drone Bring Peace to Ukraine? - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Kissinger the Constructivist - Marc Lynch, Washington Post
Where Americans Turned the Tide in World War I - Richard Rubin, NYT
Has ISIS Crossed a New Red Line? - Adam Chandler, The Atlantic
Whole Point of the Syrian War Is to Topple Assad - Zack Baddorf, WIB
Obama Gives Assad Another Pass on Chemical Weapons - Wash Post
Friday, October 24
5 Biggest Disasters in U.S. Military History - Robert Farley, Natl Interest
The Imploding U.S. Strategy in the ISIS War? - Anthony Cordesman, CSIS
Iraq and the U.S. Are Losing Ground to ISIS - David Ignatius, Wash Post
Crucial Year for Navy's New Nuke Sub - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
The CNO Is Wrong on 7-Month Deployments - Information Dissemination
Should the U.S. Proliferate A2/AD in Asia? - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
What Future for Australia's Defense Industry? - Graeme Dobell, Strategist
Stephen Harper & Canadian Security - Jeremy Keehn, New Yorker
The Case for Conservative Realism - Sen. Rand Paul, National Interest
Studies Link Mental Issues, Rigor of Military - Benedict Carey, NY Times
Pentagon Still Needs More Eyes in the Sky - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense 1
How We Lost Touch with Our Friends in Iraq - Andrew Lembke, WOTR
Syrian Rebels Oppose New U.S. War Strategy - John Hudson, FP
The World's Wealthiest Terrorists - Russell Berman, The Atlantic
Do We Understand Unconventional Warfare? - David Maxwell, Small Wars
U.S. Needs Strategy to Counter Hybrid Warfare - Robert Newson, CFR
Thursday, October 23
Will U.S. Stealth Destroyer Stay Afloat? - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
Super Highway: Parry's Seapower Primer - Matt Hipple, War on the Rocks
It's Time to Talk About Nukes Again - Spalding & Lowther, RealClearDefense
The New Missiles of October - Victor Davis Hanson, Washington Times
David vs. Goliath in the South China Sea - Richard Javad Heydarian, TNI
Steadying Allied Defenses in Korea - Klingner & O'Hanlon, Brookings Inst
The Concrete Battleship - Steve Weintz, War Is Boring
The Army Gropes Toward a Cultural Revolution - Sydney Freedberg, BD
Fully Integrated Conventional & Special Ops Forces? - Mike Rauhut, CFR
The Air Force's Quiet Energy Revolution - Deborah Lee James, Defense One
Breaking the Cycle of Debt for Troops, Families - Tammy Duckworth, MT
Taliban Rising Again in Afghanistan's North - Azam Ahmed, NY Times
How Big Is the Canadian Terror Network? - Mak, Lake & Siegel, Daily Beast
Wednesday, October 22
Get Ready for Iraq War IV - John Nagl, Foreign Policy
Disturbing Similarities: Iraq in 2006 and 2014 - Daniel DePetris, Natl Int
China Hacks Away at U.S. Military Superiority - Eaglen & Morrison, RCD
China's Aircraft Carrier Is Having Trouble - R. Beckhusen, War Is Boring
An Act of War? The Law of Naval Mining - Scott Truver, War on the Rocks
Sweden Calls Sub's Breach of Waters F****d Up - Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
How to Survive a Shrinking Army - Andrew Steadman, Task & Purpose
Should Obama Take North Korea's Bait? - Gordon Chang, Daily Beast
Is Restraint a Realistic Grand Strategy? - Michael Page, Cicero Magazine
How Big a Nuclear Arsenal Do We Really Need? - Joe Cirincione, LA Times
Tuesday, October 21
Is the Tide About to Turn Against ISIS? - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
10 Disruptive Technologies Amid Global Instability - Sandra Erwin, ND
How This Tank Expert Kept "Fury" Authentic - Matthew Gault, WIB
America's Elusive Military Hero Gets His Due - Michael Kimmage, TNR
Leyte Gulf: The Death of the Japanese Empire - James Holmes, Natl Int
Land of the Free Because of the Brave - David Mattingly, War on the Rocks
Navy Takes Different Approach to Painting Vessels - Robert McCabe, Pilot
The Political Perils of Offshore Balancing - Chris Mclachlan, The Diplomat
How Gough Remade Australian Defense - Graeme Dobell, ASPI Strategist
Ellsworth AFB Dragged Into Senate Race - Seth Tupper, Rapid City Journal
How Obama Can Tidy Up a Messy World - Armitage & Bue, USA Today
Doubling Down on Disaster in Syria - Michael Weiss & Faysal Itani, Politico
How to Financially Starve ISIS - Naina Bajekal, Time
Biometrics May Mean End of the Spy's Disguise - Colin Clark, BD
Demystifying American Intelligence - Matthew Ferraro, Overt Action

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