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Monday, October 20
U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS? - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
The Coming Swarm: Robotics on the Battlefield - Paul Scharre, RCDefense
Putin's Coup: Ukraine & the Fog of War - Ben Judah, Politico Magazine
Sweden Hunting Stricken Russian Submarine? - Joe Trevithick, WIB
8 Ways for Vets to Win Any Election - Christopher Ingram, Task & Purpose
National Security Fears May Decide Senate Majority - Molly O'Toole, D1
The Myth of American Isolationism - Peter Beinart, National Journal
MacArthur Makes His Famous Return - Pat Horan, RealClearHistory
Don't Make a Bad Deal with Iran - Yuval Steinitz, New York Times
The Obama-Khamenei Alliance - Michael Ledeen, The Hill
NATO Tries to Define Cyber War - Robert Morgus, RealClearWorld
NATO Seeks More U.S. Ships - David Larter, Navy Times
Putting the Defense in Missile Defense - William C. Johnson, RCDefense
5 Challenges Will Decide Afghanistan's Future - Zalmay Khalilzad, TNI
The Case for Arming Rebels - Lionel Beehner, Cicero Magazine
How ISIS Changed: From Guerrillas to Conquerors - Justin Bronk, CNN
How About Some Unconventional Warfare on ISIS? - Clint Watts, WOTR
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Sunday, October 19
5 Places Where World War III Could Break Out - James Hardy, Natl Int
Lincoln as War President - Mackubin Thomas Owens, National Review
Relics from a War Frozen in Time - Michele Gravino, National Geographic
The Burp Gun Was Ugly, But Damn Did It Spray Lead - Paul Huard, WIB
Carrier Switch Reveals the Navy's Struggles - Lance Bacon, Navy Times
The NSA's Moonlighting Problem - Allen McDuffee, The Atlantic
The U.S. Can't Outsource Warfighting - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Is Pakistan in ISIS' Crosshairs? - Christine Fair, Boston Review
Why Containment Is a Myth - James Carafano, Defense One
There's Only One Way to Beat ISIS - Leslie Gelb, Daily Beast
ICMYI: Next Cluster Bomb | Waste on Purpose? | U.S. Needs the Army
Saturday, October 18
5 Star Trek Weapons the Military Wishes It Had - Michael Peck, Natl Int
Few Weapons Have Inspired a Poem. This Gun Did. - Paul Huard, WIB
7 Bad Endings to the New Middle East War - Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch
Navy Grounds Top Guns - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
Nasty SHB: The Ultimate Carrier Break - Paco Chierici, Fighter Sweep
Navy Hawkeye Gets Larger, Lethal Role - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
The Italian Military to the Rescue! - Beppe Severgnini, New York Times
Southeast Asia's Emerging Amphibious Forces - Koh Collin, The Diplomat
Even Containment Needs Boots on the Ground - Jerry Meyerle, Defense 1
How to Cover the Islamic State and Survive - Joel Simon, Washington Post
Friday, October 17
Karl Rove Covered Up Iraq's Real WMD - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
When the Ayatollah Said No to Nukes - Gareth Porter, Foreign Policy
When America Needs Its Army, It'll Need It Bad - Daniel Goure, EW Blog
Army Should Pursue a Counter-A2/AD Mission - Rep. Randy Forbes, TNI
U.S. Turns A2/AD Guns on China? - James Holmes, The Diplomat
China: Sharpening Swords for War? - Richard Russell, National Interest
China Strikes Back! - Orville Schell, New York Review of Books
The Army Gets It. Now Can the Lesson Stick? - Janine Davidson, CFR
Electronic Warfare Is a Weapon, But Cyber Is Sexier - S. Freedberg, BD
The Drones of the World Wars - Steve Weintz, War Is Boring
This Could Be the Future of Battlefield Robotics - Patrick Tucker, Defense 1
Like It Or Not, Containment Is What It Is - Thomas Karako, Defense One
Obama Needs to Dial Back His Syria Strategy - Fareed Zakaria, Wash Post
Thursday, October 16
The Perils of Limiting Our Wars - Kori Schake, War on the Rocks
China's Navy Already Challenging U.S. in Asia - James Holmes, Diplomat
USAF's Terrifying Cluster Bomb Replacement - James Drew, War Is Boring
5 Reasons Army Won't Be Ready for the Next War - L. Thompson, Forbes
Small Drones: The IEDs of the Next War - Daniel Goure, Early Warning
Clear Strategic Thinking About Drones - MAJ Matt Cavanaugh, War Council
Hagel Devises New Mission for the Army - Paul McLeary, Army Times
Parrying the 21st Century First Salvo - Information Dissemination
The Evolving Role of Women in the Military - Rachel Brune, Task&Purpose
Lessons of Russian History Must Not Be Silenced - Editorial, Wash Post
Kim Jong Un, Authority & a Debilitated King - Rod Lyon, ASPI Strategist
The Varnish of Vietnam - Gordon Adams, Foreign Policy
Mission Against ISIS Gets a Name - Howard Altman, Tampa Tribune
ISIS and BS - Amal Ghandour, Daily Beast
Fighting ISIS For Us, Too - George Packer, New Yorker
Syria: The Danger of Fighting Both Sides at Once - John Allen Gay, TNI
What U.S. Boots on the Ground Could Do - Brian Jenkins, Defense One
Wednesday, October 15
Secret Victims of Iraq's Chemical Weapons - C.J. Chivers, New York Times
Iraqi Chemical Weapons Don't Prove Bush Was Right - J. Schulberg, TNR
Obama Faces Pressure to Escalate in Iraq, Syria - David Ignatius, WaPo
America's Fatal Blunder Against ISIS - Ted Galen Carpenter, Natl Interest
Iran's Dark Knight Rises - Siobhan O'Grady, Foreign Policy
The Middle East Doesn't Matter - Scott McConnell, American Conservative
Offset Strategies & Warfighting Regimes - Shawn Brimley, WarOnTheRocks
Odierno's Army Is Busier, More Far-Flung - Kathleen Curthoys, ArmyTimes
The Army's Answer to Its Identity Crisis - Jordain Carney, National Journal
The Myth of Japanese Remilitarization - Glosserman & Kang, Natl Interest
NATO's New Plan for Afghanistan - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
What We Don't Know and Why - Michael Ledeen, The Hill
Obama Is the True Master of Unilateral War - Goldsmith & Waxman, TNR
ISIS Has a Bigger Coalition Than We Do - Michael Daly, Daily Beast
Obama's Working with the Wrong Partners in Iraq - Bing West, Defense 1
Obama's ISIS Strategy Drifts Toward Assad - Max Fisher, Vox
CIA Study Finds Arming Rebels Rarely Works - Mark Mazzetti, NY Times
Tuesday, October 14
Pentagon's Secret Space Drone Coming Home - Dave Majumdar, Dly Beast
Silencers Lead to Web of Pentagon Secrets - Craig Whitlock, Wash Post
Waste: America's Secret Deterrence Strategy? - Dan Ward, War Is Boring
New Weapons Spell Death for Drones - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
U.S. Land-Based Missiles to Counter China? - Evan Montgomery, Natl Int
China's Dangerous Game - Howard French, The Atlantic
The Fall of Kobane: The Turks, Kurds & the U.S. - Chase Winter, WOTR
F-22 Over Syria: Efficiency and Effectiveness - Eric Jorgensen, Cicero Mag
U.S. Needs a More Aggressive ISIS Strategy Now - John Nagl, Politico Mag
A Pivotal Moment for the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal - Adam Mount, CFR
Conventional Deterrence Needs Forward Presence - Info. Dissemination
Stop Sequestering Defense - Ron Haskins & Michael O'Hanlon, Defense News
Army Configures Apaches for Sea Duty - Kris Osborn, DOD Buzz
Bell Unveils New "Valor" Tiltrotor - Michelle Tan, Army Times
The Army's Next Engine War - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
Swimming with Warlords - Kevin Sites, VICE News
My Terrifying Night with Afghanistan's Female Warlord - Jen Percy, TNR
Monday, October 13
The 5 Best Bombers of All Time - Robert Farley, National Interest
The A-10's Forgotten Nazi Past - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
The Russian Missiles That Have the Navy Worried - A. Tarantola, Gizmodo
Army Should Build Ship-Killer Missiles? - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
The F-35 Was Built to Fight ISIS - Jonathan Miller, Cicero Magazine
A Large-Scale Raid to Take Out ISIS - Gary Anderson, New York Post
Iran: Bigger and Badder than ISIS? - Andrew Nikolic, ASPI Strategist
France, UK Shaping Future Fleets - Tran & Chuter, Defense News
Hot SAC Memories of the Cold War - Robin Caudell, Press-Republican
Laura Poitras's Closeup View of Snowden - George Packer, New Yorker
Sunday, October 12
It's Time for a Nobel War Prize - P.J. O'Rourke, Daily Beast
Why the Middle East Still Doesn't Matter - Justin Logan, Politico Magazine
Germany Can't Manage Its Weapons - Peter Dorrie, War Is Boring
China's Military: What's New, What's Next? - June Teufel Dreyer, FPRI
To Save Navy's Next-Gen Drone, Kill It First - Scharre & Brimley, Defense 1
Is Real Defense Acquisition Reform Afoot? - John Bennett, Defense News
How Syria Overwhelmed Obama's White House - Rohde & Strobel, Reuters
I.S. = Invasive Species - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
"Shock and Awe" the Islamic State - James Holmes, The Diplomat
The Anti-ISIS Air Campaign Is Bigger Than You Think - Daniel Goure, Lex
ICYMI: Greatest Pistol Ever | Freedom's AK-47 | The Big Air Campaign
Saturday, October 11
5 Greatest Artillery Pieces in History - Michael Peck, National Interest
New Army Drawdown: This Time Is Far Worse - G. Sullivan, Defense One
I'm Worried About Kim Jong Un - Victor Cha, Politico Magazine
War Made C.S. Lewis - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Let's Get the Old Blackwater Team Back Together - Justine Drennan, FP
Small Steps to Save Afghan Gains - Felbab-Brown, Neumann & Sedney, WP
Obama's Gitmo Provocation? - Russell Berman, The Atlantic
Navy's New Electronic Warfare Strategy - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Air and Ground Robots Add Battlefield Capabilties - David Eshel, AvWeek
Pentagon Revives Vietnam and War Over Truth - Sheryl Gay Stolberg, NYT
Friday, October 10
Erdogan's Double Game - Charles Krauthammer, National Review
Military Grumbles About ISIS War - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
Strikes Fail to Disrupt Khorasan's Terror Plots - Ken Dilanian, Assoc Press
Is Russia's Massive Military Modernization Over? - Nikolas Gvosdev, TNI
Much Ado About "Killer" Drones - Information Dissemination
A Better Plan for Army Aviation - David Baldwin & Jeff Burton, Army Times
Armies Worldwide Adapt Operations to New Demands - Aviation Week
Navy Eyes New Anti-Ship Missile - David Larter, Navy Times
Royal Navy Sends Its Weirdest Ship to Fight Ebola - David Axe, WIB
India's Own Pivot to Asia - M. Kugelman & R. Vickery, The Diplomat
Was Explosion at Iranian Military Base Sabotage? - David Sanger, NYT
No Deal with Iran Is Better Than a Bad Deal - Tzvi Kahn, U.S. News
How al-Qaeda & ISIS Use Twitter Differently - Laura Ryan, Natl Journal
Time for Turkey to Stop Denying the ISIS Threat - Berivan Orucoglu, FP
Let the Private Sector Finish ISIS - Erik Prince, Frontier Services Group
When Bombs Aren't Enough - Dexter Filkins, New Yorker
The Problem with America's Limited Wars - David Ignatius, Wash Post

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