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Friday, November 27
Longing for More Raptors - Tyson Wetzel, Strategy Bridge
More Subs, More Subs, More Subs? - Peter Navarro, RCDefense
German Special Forces Thwart Terror Attack - Conlon & Simons, CNN
Poland to Increase Army by 50% - Matthew Day, The Telegraph
Marines Get Closer to New Amphibs - Kelsey D. Atherton, Popular Science
Russia Deploys S-400 to Syria - Nicholas de Larrinaga, Jane's 360
U.S. Mandates Military Dogs Be Retired in U.S. - VOA News
China Tests New Hypersonic Weapon - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
Saving Taiwan's Marine Corps - Newsham & Gershaneck, Diplomat
The Dead Drop - The Cipher Brief
FBI Elite Surveillance Teams Tracking 48 ISIS Suspects - Herridge, FOX
Germany to Join Fight Against ISIS in Syria - Barkin & Siebold, Reuters
China Unveils Biggest Army Overhaul in Decades - Bloomberg News
China Commissions New Army Logistics Ship for SCS - R. Rahmat, Jane's
Give Thanks for the OSS - Charles Pinck, Government Executive
White House Fence Jumped During Thanksgiving Dinner - AP
Now Is the Time to Strengthen NATO's Resolve - Michael R. Fenzel, CFR
Thursday, November 26
Downing of the Fencer: Turks Down Russia's Aardvark - Hutchinson, DC
Why the UK is All in with the F-35 - Martin Matishak, Fiscal Times
U.S. Air Force Mulls Future of Aging Radar Planes - A. Shalal, Reuters
Russian Navy Read the Art of War - Vidya Sagar Reddy, CIMSEC
Army Can Get Troops Turkey, But Not Tanks - James Jay Carafano, PJM
USAF Denies Seeking More F-15s and F-16s - James Drew, Flight Global
13 Facts About the Navy's Blue Angels - Rick Moriarty,
U.S. Preparing New Arms Sales to Taiwan - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View
1943: A Bloody Thanksgiving in the Pacific - H. von Spakovsky, Daily Signal
Army May Slow Procurement of New Light Recon Vehicle - Harper, NDM
Japan Plans to Deploy Troops Near Disputed Islands - Mari Yamaguchi, AP
Russia and Turkey Refuse to Back Down - Tattersall & Soldatkin, Reuters
Why China's Military Base in Africa is Significant - Randy DeSoto, WJ
China Announces Military Overhaul - Bloomberg
Obama Sees Need for More U.S. Icebreakers - Bryant Jordan,
U.S. Raises Military Aid to Philippines - Manuel Mogato, Reuters
Obama Signs Defense Bill With Room to Fight Gitmo - Carol E. Lee, WSJ
What it Takes to Get Troops Thanksgiving Dinner - Katie Lange, DoDLive
Congress Looks to Reform Military Health Sys. - Philpott, Stars & Stripes
Paris Attacks Spark Congressional Debate - Ali Weinberg, ABC News
Wednesday, November 25
Europe Girds for War - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
Russia's Challenge to NATO, and President Obama - K. Allard, RCDefense
Gen. Neller: 'If We Get Called, We'll Go' - deGrandpre, Marine Times
Anglo-French Amphibious Force Takes Shape - Jon Rosamond, Jane's 360
In Syria, the Joke's on Washington - Josh Cohen, Reuters
Marines Select BAE, SAIC for ACV Proto. - Harper & Versprille, Nat.Def.
UK Commits to Full F-35B Procurement - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
DARPA's Battlefield Systems-of-Systems - K. McCaney, Defense Systems
U.S.-China Relations, Thucydides 'Trap'? - Rod Lyon, The Strategist (ASPI)
China's First Military Base in Africa - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
CIA Directors on ISIS: 'They'll Come Here' - Chris Whipple, Daily Beast
World War III Trends on Twitter - Grimson & Bruton, NBC News
A Critical Ally - Gen. Victor Eugene “Gene” Renuart, Jr., The Cipher Brief
U.S. Air Force's Issues With Space Launch Priorities - A. Shalal, Reuters
McCain: Not Satisfied With FoNOPs in South China Sea - Asahi Shimbun
Wanted: A Strong Stand Against Russia - John E. Herbst, Atlantic Council
U.S. Needs New Approach to the Middle East - R. Manning, Foreign Policy
Tuesday, November 24
5 Times U.S. Military Ripped Victory from Jaws of Defeat - Nye, WATM
American Landpower Dominance - Norwood & Jensen, War on the Rocks
Special Forces Seek Tube-Launched Glide Bombs - James Drew, Flight Global
The Political Correctness War on American History - Heilbrunn, Nat.Int.
Hagel Resurfaces to Blast Obama's ISIS Strategy - R. Sisk,
Pentagon Warned IS Before Syrian Airstrikes - Adam Kredo, Free Beacon
Thanksgiving: Churchill's 1944 Remarks Resonate - LeBaron, Atl. Council
Navy's New Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) Gets Sonar - Grace Jean, Jane's
U.S. CYBERCOM: China 'Vulnerable' in Cyberspace - Gady, Diplomat
Britain's Boost to Military Spending - Smith & Galbreath, Conversation
McCain Pushes to Block Russian Rocket Engines - Capaccio, Bloomberg
Americans: Obama Has No Clear Plan for ISIS - Salvanto, et al., CBS News
TRADOC Commander: Ethics Must Come First - Y. Tadjdeh, Nat.Def.
The West's Forever War against ISIS - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
McCain to Obama: Sanction Chinese Hackers - Joe Gould, Defense News
Indonesia: ISIS Builds Jakarta Network - Sidney Jones, Interpreter
4 Reasons U.S. Should Support Syrian Refugees - O. Daniels, Huff Post
Monday, November 23
The XB-70: America's Mach 3 Super Bomber - D. Majumdar, Nat. Interest
5 Things Veterans Know - Rest of America Doesn't - Faith, Havok Journal
ISIS Releases Target Lists Of U.S. Officials - Gilad Shiloach, Vocativ
Leadership Lessons from Gettysburg - Angry Staff Officer, Strategy Bridge
What the Navy Taught Me about Leadership - Susan Toth, RCDefense
U.S. Military Reconfigures Pacific War Machine - A. Ashton, The Olympian
Ukraine Conflict Flares - Paul D. Shinkman, U.S. News & World Report
French Youth Line Up to Join the Military - Mathieu Rosemain, Bloomberg
China Warns: Don't 'Stir Up Trouble' in South China Sea - Eileen Ng, AP
U.K. to Boost Spending on Military - Nicholas Winning, Wall Street Journal
India Tests Supersonic Advanced Air Defense Missile - A. Panda, Diplomat
Africa Deployments a Test for Post-War Army - Sandra I. Erwin, Nat.Def.
Many Red Flags Missed Before Paris - John Irish, et al., Reuters
King Abdullah to Meet With Putin on Syria - Suleiman Al-Khalidi, Reuters
McCain, Cardin Urge Obama on Arms to Taiwn - Liao & Wu, Focus Taiwan
Obama Warns Against Overreaction to IS Attacks - Josh Lederman, AP
Al Qaeda Has Not Been Neutralized - Roggio & Jocelyn, Long War Journal
Sunday, November 22
How World War III Begins - Robert Farley, National Interest
USS Whirlwind Commander Relieved -
EMALS - Launching Aircraft With the Power of the Railgun - Baker, NT
U.S. Reconfigures Pacific War Machine - Adam Ashton, The Olympian
China Displays Its Largest Drone - The Hindu
France's Call to Work With Putin Falls Flat - Rebecca Kheel, The Hill
Will the U.S. Base Two Carriers in Japan? - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
A SEAL's Approach to Talking to His Kids About Terrorism - Mills, T&P
DoD Expands Inquiry Into Bad CENTCOM Intel - M. Apuzzo, et al., NYT
Canada Isn't Quitting the War Against ISIS - Kevin Knodell, War Is Boring
How Can ISIS Be Defeated? - Steven Coll, The New Yorker
Spain to Buy Four MQ-9 Reapers - Esteban Villarejo, Defense News
Has Putin Gained the Upper Hand in Syria? - Rob Garver, The Fiscal Times
Chuck Hagel: 'No Military Solution' to ISIS - David Rutz, Free Beacon
Obama, Don't Cross the Rubicon in Syria - Bogdan Belei, CFR
China Says Will Continue SCS Construction - Rajagopalan/Menon, Reuters
Majority of Americans Want US Troops Against ISIS - Clement, et al., WP
Bombing ISIS Won't Make Paris Safer - David Frum, The Atlantic
Why Asian Trade is a National Security Issue - Carden & Adelman, Politico
Obama Unsure Russia Will Join Anti-ISIS Coalition - McCain Nelson, WSJ
Saturday, November 21
F-35 Too Expensive: USAF Might Buy New F-15 or F-16 - Gady, Diplomat
U.S. Pilots: Obama Admin Blocks 75 % of ISIS Strikes - Kredo, Free Beacon
Combattante BR71 MKII Corvette, France - Naval-Technology
Navy Prepares for Contested South China Sea Patrol - Shalal, Reuters
Weekly Recon 21 November 2015 - Blake Baiers, Real Clear Defense
Army, Raytheon Test PDB-8 Patriot System - army-technology
Navy to Commission USS Milwaukee, Newest LCS - Naval-Technology
China Buys Russian Su-35s - Reverse Engineering? - airforce-technology
Marine Vet Does 5,862 Pullups in a Day - Oriana Pawlyk, Marine Times
Pentagon Wants More Work on JSTARS - Lara Seligman, Defense News
Pentagon to Escalate War for Talent - Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense
Navy to Expand Bahrain Naval Facility - Jeremy Binnie, Jane's 360
China Expansion Fueled by Perceived U.S. Weakness - Kreisher, Seapower
Army to Test Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car - Andrew Krok, CNET
ISIS and the Law of Lawless Places - David Dickson, Strategy Bridge
Propaganda Contractor Dumped By U.S. Army - Vanden Brook, USA Today
War On ISIS: Who's Doing What? - Ashley Fantz, CNN
Abe to Mull SDF Dispatch to South China Sea - Japan Times
Pentagon Pressing Allies for Help against IS - Burns & Baldor, AP
UN Security Council Calls on Members to Fight ISIS - Reuters
Friday, November 20
Putin Blasts Syria with New Stealth Missile - David Axe, Daily Beast
When Big Guns Go Down - Damien Spleeters, Motherboard
The Mistral Will Follow You - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
Russian Bombing Raid in Syria - Doctrinal Test? - Ryan Faith, VICE News
Army: 30,000 Active and Reserve Cuts in 2016 - Jim Tice, Army Times
The Dead Drop 12 - The Cipher Brief
Air Force to Expand Bomber Presence in Pacific - Marina Malenic, Jane's
Clinton: No troops in Syria, Even if Attacked in U.S. - Lemire & Lerer, AP
Dunford Picks Senior Enlisted Advisor - Michelle Tan, Army Times
The Perils of Inaction - Will Staton, Strategy Bridge
Website Shows Status of American Vets - Dianna Cahn, Stars & Stripes
Bipartisan Push in Senate for War Powers - Deb Riechmann, AP
DoD Acquisition Has a Need for Speed - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
McCain Calls for 10,000 Troops in Syria - Bradford Richardson, The Hill
South Korea Accepts North's Offer to Talk - Paula Hancocks, CNN
U.N. Condemns Iranian Intervention in Syria - Louis Charbonneau, Reuters
Hollande to Ask Obama to Intensify Action against ISIS? - FOX News
Thursday, November 19
China's 'Carrier Killer' Ballistic Missile - Peter Navarro, RealClearDefense
U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps at a Tipping Point - Clark, Natl. Interest
Two U.S. Navy Carriers in Japan? - Christopher P. Cavas, Defense News
The Military Agency You've Never Heard Of - Jason Koebler, Motherboard
Russia Insults US War Strategy With Weird Cat Metaphor - McLeary, FP
Obama May Name First Female Combatant Commander - Bowman, NPR
Advocates Call for 200 LRS Bombers - Lara Seligman, Air Force Times
U.S. Military Leaders Weary of Bigger War Against ISIL - Bender, Politico
After Paris: ISIS Makes a Big Bet - James Jay Carafano, National Interest
Gunboat Diplomacy in the South China Sea - Lin & Gertner, The Diplomat
Bombing ISIS Not Enough: 6 Steps to Diplomatic Solution - Stavridis, HP
Overlooked Consequences of the ISIS War Footing - C. D. Ellison, The Hill
McCain: Focus on Refugees 'Misplaced' - Rebecca Kheel, The Hill
Global Anti-ISIS Alliance Begins to Emerge - Nathan Hodge, et al., WSJ
Spy Chief Skeptical China Has Curbed Spying on U.S. - Hosenball, Reuters
Why is Congress Declaring War on Refugees, Not ISIS? - J. Keating, Slate
Defense Stocks Expected to Surge on Paris Terror - Jenny Cosgrove, CNBC
Wednesday, November 18
The Truth about the Runaway Blimp - Chet Nagle, Real Clear Defense
Marine Corps Aviation Must Adapt - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
How the U.S. Military Sees the Future of War - Alex Ward, Nat. Interest
Russia Pounds ISIS with Bomber Raid - David Axe, Daily Beast
Cyber War Heats Up Between ISIS and Anonymous - Reisinger, Fortune
More Bombs on Al-Baghdadi - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
What Does Russia Really Want in Syria? - N. Pakhomov, National Interest
NATO's Two-Front War - David Barno & Nora Bensahel, War on the Rocks
U.S. and China Hold Joint Naval Exercise - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
Pentagon Targeting IS Oil Funding - Alexander & Sullivan, Reuters
Congress to Tackle Military Health Reform - Patricia Kime, Military Times
What Would Obama's Critics Do? - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Road to the White House: The Paris Effect - Emma Connors, Interpreter
Islamic State's Mastermind of the Paris Attacks - Raphael Satter, AP
Should Obama Escalate the War Against ISIS? - Josh Siegel, Daily Signal
Improving Our Model - Michael Shurkin, The Cipher Brief
Obama Pledges Military Aid to Allies in SE Asia - Michael Shear, NY Times
Tuesday, November 17
Cracks Found on Navy's F-35C - Marina Malenic, Jane's 360
A-10 Attack Planes Hit ISIS Oil Convoy - Richard Sisk,
CNO: Navy Will Close 'Carrier Gap' - Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense
France Can't Put Enough Boots on the Ground vs. ISIS - Ryan Faith, Vice
The Poverty of American Strategy - Kenneth Allard, Real Clear Defense
The Great American 'Return' to the South China Sea? - M. Mazza, NI
Joint Strike Missile Starts Flight Test Program - Richard Scott, Jane's 360
A Malignant Cancer - Rob Richer, The Cipher Brief
India Inducts First Anti-Submarine Warfare Planes - F. Gady, Diplomat
Military Doesn't Have Brain Drain Problem - Mathews, Task & Purpose
The Forgotten Lebanon Bombing - Vanessa Newby, Interpreter
Will Paris Attacks Accelerate Defense Spending? - Bach & Medici, FedBiz
Obama Visits, Philippines Delay Ruling On Military Deal - Mogato, Reuters
McCain Urges Boots on the Ground Against ISIS - Kristina Wong, The Hill
Obama Defends His Strategy on ISIS - Michael D. Shear & Peter Baker, NYT
A Multinational Strategy against the Islamic State - Barbara Slavin, VOA
Paris Signals Move toward More Global IS Strategy - Karam & Salama, AP

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