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Thursday, July 30
Navy to Build Largest-Ever Amphib for F-35 Fighters - Gady, Diplomat
The SEALs' Next Super Weapon - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
The Brutal Realities of Naval Strategy - B.J. Armstrong, War on the Rocks
5 Most Lethal Civil Wars of All Time - Kyle Mizokami, National Interest
Canadian Military Buys Israeli Iron Dome Missile Defense - Harress, IBT
What if There Had Never Been A JSF? (Part 2) - Hasik, Atlantic Council
Vladimir Putin Is Suffocating His Own Nation - Washington Post
Are India and Pakistan Sliding toward War? - Thompson, National Interest
Dempsey Disagrees with Obama's Iran Deal Assessment - McCleary, FP
Pentagon's $9B Deal for Electronic Health Records - McGarry, DOD Buzz
Smart Rifle Can be Hacked to Shoot Off-Target - Kelsey Atherton, PopSci
Washington Turns Its Back on Kurds Fighting ISIS - Fang, The Intercept
Taiwan-China: Continuity or Renewed Tensions? - J. Michael Cole, Interpreter
Senate Confirms Obama's Pick for CJCS - Deb Riechmann, AP
Former Taiwan President's Controversy in Japan - S. Tiezzi, Diplomat
Army Set to Crack Down on Cyber Bullying - Michelle Tan, Army Times
What Obama Doesn't Want Us to Know On Gitmo - Gordon, The Hill
Wednesday, July 29
Navy Pursuing Upgraded Railgun, Laser Gun - Megan Eckstein, USNI
SEAL Team 6 by the Numbers - Sean D. Naylor, Foreign Policy
Russian Mini-Submarine off Swedish Coast - Mike Hoffman, Defense Tech
Fired Marine Officer's Case Gets Senate Attention - Hope Hodge Seck, MT
Obama's South China Sea Mistake - Peter Jennings, The Strategist
How Eisenhower Saved Taiwan - Shannon Tiezzi, Diplomat
Britain Digs In Against ISIS, Russia - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
USAF Keeping Spare AC-130Us Gunships for Laser Tests - Tyler Rogoway, FA
Pentagon Takes Computer System Offline - Barbara Starr, CNN
Directed Energy Combat Lasers and Microwave Weapons - Wang, NBF
10 Ways for America to Deal with the South China Sea - Patrick Cronin, NI
Does Pollard Have $1 Million Waiting for Him? - Jeff Stein, Newsweek
Russian Defense Revenues Soaring - Matthew Bodner, Defense News
Obama and the Kurds: Turkish Strikes Vex IS Plan - Lederman, AP
Japanese Defense Normalization - Malcolm Cook, Interpreter
China Conducts Live Firing Drill In Disputed South China Sea - AFP
WH Defends Turkish Deal Despite Kurd Attacks - R. Sisk,
Tuesday, July 28
Navy Doesn't Seem to Care That the F-35 Can't Dogfight - David Axe, WIB
Why Russia Sends Bombers Close to U.S. Airspace - Smith-Spark, CNN
4-Star Solution to Nuclear Air Force Ills - Robert Burns, AP
Boeing Plans to Maintain Super Hornet Line Production - Meister, PD&D
Obama Paid a High Price to Get Turkey to Fight ISIS - Smith, Fiscal Times
Navy, Marines Order Up More Blackjack UAS - Defense Systems
Army Tests Radical New Anti-Drone 'Smart' Missile - M. Prigg, Daily Mail
20,000 Soldiers Tapped for Army Fitness Program Trial - Kevin Lilley, AT
Cut Defense Spending Because. . .? - Justin T. Johnson, War on the Rocks
Navy Creates New Ballistic Missile and Air Defense TF - Eckstein, USNI
Marines File Paperwork for F-35 IOC - Aaaron Mehta, Defense News
McCain Apologizes to Clapper for Torture Comments - David Francis, FP
Navy Names Littoral Combat Ship for Cooperstown - Seapower Magazine
Air Force Russian Engines Needed to Compete with SpaceX - Gruss, SN
U.S. Prepares to Fly Deeper into Syrian Civil War - Mark Thompson, Time
China: Obama 'Playing the Family Card' in Africa - Allen-Ebrahimian, FP
Turkey Renews Kurdish Crackdown - Harvey, Ant, Bilgic, Bloomberg
Monday, July 27
What If There Never Was a F-35? - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
The 15 Coolest Unit Nicknames in the U.S. Military - Orvelin Valle, WATM
Russian Frigate's Failed Missile Launch at Navy Day - RT
Coast Guard Acquisitions Called 'Unaffordable' - Yasmin Tadjdeh, ND Mag
5 Most Lethal Wars in Human History - Kyle Mizokami, National Interest
5 Russian Weapons of War for Sale - Evan Gottesman, National Interest
Australia's 'Urgent' Plan to Expand Navy, Air Force -
China's Elegant, Flawed, Grand Strategy - Leon Whyte, Diplomat
USMC Set To Choose Two ACV Bidders - Daniel Wasserbly, Jane's
UK's Plan to Deploy Military for Terrorist Attacks - Beckford, Daily Mail
Putin Calls for Strong Atlantic Naval Presence - AP
Maldives Opens Door for Chinese Military Base - Want China Times
Plan to Fund Ohio Replacement Submarine - Jon Harper, ND Magazine
Iranian Leader Tweets Obama with Gun to Head - Lackey, USA Today
Chinese Navy Plays Down South China Sea Exercises - Pete Sweeney, Reuters
Senate Honors Intelligence Professionals -
Defense Revenues Down, but Industry Prevailing - Clevenger, Def. News
Sunday, July 26
Does Obama's Strategy Put Climate Change on Ice? - Krisinger, RCDefense
NATO's Master Plan to Crush the Soviet Union in Battle - Farley, NI
Navy Builds Second America-Class Amphib - Kris Osborn, DOD Buzz
Marine Corps Looks to Field New Sniper Rifle - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, WP
Will the Army's Next "Beretta M9" Be a Beretta APX? - Rich Smith, MF
5 Most Bizarre Weapons of World War II - Alex Lockie, Business Insider
What's the Goal of China's Expansion? - Yuyi Zhao, Lexington Institute
China's New Islands Are Clearly Military - Kevin Baron, Defense One
This Helmet Can See Through Walls - Robert J. Szczerba, TNW News
China's Clickbait Nationalism - Yifu Dong, Foreign Policy
Taiwan Pursues MH-60R ASW Helos - Wendell Minnick, Defense News
Photos Inside the White House on 9/11 - Sophie Jane Evans, Daily Mail
NSA Appoints Obama Bundler as New Top Lawyer - Harris, Daily Beast
U.S. Probes Sikorsky on Navy Contract - AP
Pentagon Asks 'Armed Citizens' Not To Stand Guard - Scott Neuman, NPR
Why are Westerners Attracted to ISIS? - Simon Cottee, The Atlantic
Sikorsky Could Lead to More Defense Mergers - Clevenger, Defense News
How Obama Can Stop South Sudan's War - Kumar & Prendergast, Beast
Can DoD Protect its Enterprise from Cyber Attack? - Daniel Gouré, LI
How Obama Can Stop War in South Sudan - John Prendergast, Daily Beast
Saturday, July 25
Strategic Prophecy for the Modern Era - Brittney Lenard, RCDefense
6 Most-Secret Units in Military History - David Nye, We Are the Mighty
Success of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Program - Daniel Gouré, LI
Israel Donates Cobra's to Jordan to Combat IS - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
How the CIA Turned a Sex Doll Into a Spy Trick - Jeff Stein, Newsweek
Failed Plot to Overthrow Africa's Most Absurd Dictator - Rice, Guardian
Obama to Release Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard - Adam B. Lerner, Politico
USAF Launches Advanced Communications Satellite - Cofield,
Can Anyone Fix the Defense Budget? - Lawrence Korb, Foreign Policy
Lockheed Wins $1.5B Foreign Military Order for Patriots - Naomi Eide, FedBiz
Turkish Jets Hits Islamic State and Kurds - Susan Fraser, AP
The American Who Joined Mao's Revolution - Kevin Knodell, WIB
Has Syria Been 'Sold' To Iran? - Frederic C. Hof, Atlantic Council
France's Sweeping Surveillance Law Goes Into Effect - Amar Toor, The Verge
Pentagon 'Shocked' by Anthrax Leak - Nancy A. Youssef, Daily Beast
Korean War Photo Exhibition Opens near White House - Yonhap
U.S. Trains More Ukrainian Troops, Sticks to Nonlethal Aid - VOA
Southeast Asia Needs Maritime Cooperation - Brennan, Interpreter
Saudi-Led Coalition Airstrikes Kill 120+ in Yemen - Ahmed al-Haj, AP
Al-Shabab's Resilient Insurgency - Ty McCormick, Foreign Policy
Friday, July 24
Army: Strykers Need Bigger Gun to Fight Russia - Gould, Defense News
U.S. Navy Seizes Submarine with 7 Tons Of Cocaine - The Guardian
Army's New Wireless Sight for Night Marksmanship - Cox,
Navy's Best Brain Power Is Lost At Sea - Rowan Scarborough, WT
Military's Clandestine Service Is Growing - Kedar Pavgi, Defense One
Bergdahl Caught at Pot Farm - Daily Beast
Cutting Troops But Letting the Civilian Army Swell - M. Eaglen, WSJ
Gun Production Doubles Under Obama - Tim Devaney, The Hill
Russian Navy Has Permanent Mediterranean Sea Force - T. Barrabi, IBT
Navy Orders More Electro-Optical Gun Sensor Systems - R. Tomkins, UPI
Dogfights of the Future Will Be Unmanned - P.W. Singer, Popular Science
U.S. Navy Launches Underwater Drone From Sub - Franz Gady, Diplomat
A 5-Step Plan for a New Indian Maritime Strategy - James Holmes, NI
Lockheed Gets Navy Electronic Warfare Contract - Market Watch
Turkey Allows U.S. to Use Key Base to Strike IS - Lederman, Lee, AP
U.S. Needs to Do More to Counter New Hybrid Threats - Gouré, Lex. Inst.
McCain Critical of Neller's Iraq Responses - Burgess, Kreisher, Seapower
Thursday, July 23
5 Most Lethal Battleship Battles of All Time - Robert Farley, NI
Destroyer Damaged After Missile Explodes - Sam LaGrone, USNI
Russia's Second Crimean Invasion - Brian Whitmore, Radio Free Europe
China's New Amphibious Aircraft to Patrol SCS - Gordon Arthur, Shepard
China Debuts Zubr-Class LCAC - Rahmat, Tate, Jane's
Army's New Command-Posts-To-Go - Kevin McCaney, Defense Systems
Pentagon Confirms Gray Eagle Drone Lost in Iraq - J. Condliffe, Gizmodo
Nigerian President Slams U.S. Law - Ashish Kumar Sen, Atlantic Council
Odierno: ISIS Rise Could Have Been 'Prevented' - Kukil Bora, IBT
Reinvigorated Japan-China Maritime Dispute - Shannon Tiezzi, Diplomat
Obama Drafting Plan to Close Guantanamo Bay - Polly Mosendz, Time
Petagon Doesn't Support Arming All Personnel - Dan Lamothe, WP
New Director of Naval Nuclear Reactors - C.P. Cavas, Defense News
North Korea Prepares for Possible Missile Launch - Yonhap
What's Next for US-Thailand Military Ties? - Parameswaran, Diplomat
VSAT Gives Army Real-Time Access to GCSS - Mark Pomerleau, GCN
McCain Wants Purple Hearts for Chattanooga Victims - J. Klimas, WT
Wednesday, July 22
To Defeat China, America Should Study World War II - Pietrucha, WIB
Israel's Top Secret Guided Missile Launcher - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Army Proposes 'Ike Jacket' for Army Dress Uniform - Cox,
Navy Building Massive Air, Sea Combat Training Center - Eckstein, USNI
McChrystal on Iraqi Army Collapse - Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media
27 Unsung Heroes of WWII - Mike Rothschild, Ranker
U.S. Navy's First Underwater Drone - Naval-Technology
Marine's Developing Low Cost Robot Swarms - Allyson Versprille, ND Mag
Al Qaed Leader Killed in Syria - David Alexander, Reuters
Defense Bill Hits Pay and Job Security - Joe Davidson, Wash Post
Navy Nominee Cleared of Wrongdoing - Herb, Ewing, Wright, Politico
Options and Risks in South China Sea? - Peter Jennings, The Strategist
Philippines Hikes Defense Budget 25% - AFP-JIJI, Japan Times
Forbes says 'U.S. Has No China Strategy' - Kris Osborn, DOD Buzz
Raytheon Uses 3D Printing to Create Guided Weapon Components - AT
Top Army Nominee Echoes Russia Threat - Graham Kilmer, ND Mag
Obama Announces New Loan Protections for Troops - Kellie Lunney, GovExec
Tuesday, July 21
The Army's Drone-Killing Chain Gun - Joseph Trevithick, War Is Boring
Russia Threatens War If Sweden Joins NATO - Brendan Byrne, Value Walk
21 Secrets of Success from the Best Generals - Jason Criss Howk, T&P
Which U.S. President Was the Greatest Military Leader? - Liem, WATM
Congress Investigating Pentagon Plan for a British Base - Lake, Bloomberg
Russia's Rising Military - Steven Pifer, The National Interest
Russia Sees Iran Deal as Means to Kill Missile Defense - S. Blank, AC
China Responds to PAC Fleet Flight with Amphib Ex. - E. Shim, UPI
Six States Arm National Guard Members - Lucas Tomlinson, FOX News
Talisman Sabre 2015: Bigger and More Amphibious - Graham, Interpreter
Growing The Philippines South China Sea Outpost - Armando J. Heredia, USNI
The Islamic State Comes To Russia? - Elena Pokalova, War on the Rocks
Ukrainians Suspect Obama-Putin Cooperation - L. Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Odierno Says 'More Acquisition Power for Chiefs' - Mehta, Defense News
U.S. and Ukraine Launch Joint Military Drills - J. M. Feldschreiber, UPI
Islamic State Strikes in Turkey, Killing 30 - Seyhmus Cakan, Reuters
Support Male Survivors of Sexual Assault - Tsongas, Turner, Huff. Post
Monday, July 20
Watch the USS Little Rock Take the Plunge of Her Life - T. Rogoway, FA
Lockheed to Buy Sikorsky for Over $8 billion - Shalal, Krauskopf, Reuters
Russia Unveils Killer Robots - Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
The Shortest Wars in History - Mike Rothschild, Ranker
Armored Train Fought Its Way Across Eurasia - Simpson, WIB
Obama: Gun Background Checks for Social Security - Zarembo, LA Times
Green Beret Admits Killing Taliban in CIA Interview - Scarborough, WT
Ernie Pyle at Normandy - Ernie Pyle, Daily Beast
Carter not Offering New Arms Deal to Israel - Robert Burns, AP
U.S. Rocket Supplier to Break 'Short Leash' - Pasztor, Cameron, WSJ
A Look at Attacks on Military Bases in the U.S. - AP
U.S. Official: Expand Exercises with India - Parameswaran, Diplomat
UK Leaders Highlight Need To Boost ISTAR - A. Chuter, Defense News
Pres. Obama Meets With Oldest Living U.S. Veteran - Levine, Huff. Post
Combating Terrorism: Soft Power Approaches - Grossman, The Strategist
ISIS Possibly Played Role in Gaza Bombing of Hamas - CBS News
For Iraqi Forces, a Long Way Back to Ramadi - Dan De Luce, FP

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