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Thursday, September 3
B-3: The Inside Story of America's Next Bomber - L. Thompson, Forbes
Senator Cotton Backs B-1 Bombers for Israel - Opall-Rome, Defense News
Why Is the FBI Trying to Bury a SF War Hero? - Michael Ames, Newsweek
6 Reasons China Would Invade Taiwan - Shannon Tiezzi, Diplomat
Navy Refining Surface Ship Master Plan - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
Saudi Arabia Buying Lockheed Warships and More - Shalal, Reuters
Russia Puts Boots on the Ground in Syria - Michael Weiss, Daily Beast
The Chinese Military Flexes Its Muscles - Philippe Le Corre, Brookings
Four Things I Learned About Military Transition - Audrey Hsieh, Ramen IR
Ukraine Aims To Rebuild Navy - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
Chinese Ships in Bering Sea as Obama Visits Alaska - Phil Stewart, Reuters
2/3 of Natsec Pros Give Iran Deal Thumbs Down - Peniston, Defense One
No Contest. Russia and ISIS Are Most Threatening - Barry Pavel, NYT
Military Launches Advanced Tactical Comm. Satellite - Cofield,
European Arms Shape Asia-Pacific Security - Nordenman, Atlantic Council
Ranger School Now Open to All Women - Scott Faith, Havok Journal
Putin Touts 'Peak' for Russia-China Relations - Daniel Wiser, Free Beacon
Wednesday, September 2
Inside U.S. Commandos' Shadow War Against Iran - S. Naylor, Daily Beast
Is Germany's Military Dying? - Kyle Mizokami, National Interest
Air Force Brings the B-52 into the Digital Age - Kevin McCaney, Def.Sys.
Army Looks for M9 Pistol Replacement - Kyle Jahner, Army Times
Swedes Lean Toward NATO - Paul McCleary, Foreign Policy
How Obama Shrank the Military - Mark Moyar, Wall Street Journal
7 Signs You're A Blue Falcon - David Nye, We Are the Mighty
A Bigger Navy and the Spirit of 2007 - Bryan McGrath, War on the Rocks
Why Israel Dominates In Cyber Security - Peter Suciu, Fortune
Bringing BRAC Back - Michael O'Hanlon, National Interest
SECNAV Wants Marine Infantry Open to Women - Myers, Marine Times
McCain: LCS Mine-Hunting Gear Flawed - Capaccio, Bloomberg Government
Rivalry Deepens China-Japan Tensions - Xie & Vandenbrink, Interpreter
China's President Solidifies Power with Military Overhaul - Bloomberg
U.S., Ukraine: Exercise Sea Breeze Begins in Black Sea - LaGrone, USNI
Obama Calls for Expanded Fleet of Arctic Ice Breakers - D. Kedmey, Time
U.S. Launches Secret Drone Campaign to Hunt IS - Greg Miller, WP
Tuesday, September 1
'The Future of Land Warfare' - Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings
West Point Professor Who Contemplated a Coup - Matt Ford, The Atlantic
Royal Navy Warships in 2050 - Jonathan Beale, BBC
Obama Navy Chief Fires Back At GOP - Politico
USSOCOM's New MRZR Off-Road Vehicle - army-technology
Marines Prepare for Future Warfare - Matthew L. Schehl, Marine Times
Philippines Asks for U.S. Military Assistance - F. Gady, Diplomat
Northrop Beats BAE for Army Antimissile System - S. Erwin, Nat.Def.
Turkey's Kurdish Guerrillas Are Ready for War - Marcus, Foreign Policy
SOCOM in Tunisia, OPSEC? - David Cenciotti, VICE News
McCain Concerned About Tanker Delays - Lara Seligman, Defense News
Saudi King Wants Obama To Curb Iranian 'Mischief' - Rozen, Al-Monitor
U.S. Deploys Predators to Latvia - Tal Kopan & Jim Sciutto, CNN
Why Does South Sudan Matter So Much to the U.S.? - Karen Allen, BBC
5 Crazy Ways the Military Utilizes Video Games - Chris Samson, Twinfinite
Iran: The Costs of Diplomatic Single-Tracking - F.C. Hof, Atlantic Council
Vice Journalists Jailed in Turkey on Terror Charges - Al Jazeera
Monday, August 31
Is It Time to Bring Back the Battleships? - Robert Farley, National Interest
Abrams Tank Faces Fight for the Future - Chad Halcom, Crain's
Failure of the Army's Officer Evaluation System - Tier, Small Wars Journal
Invisible Cloak for Military UAVs - Glen Selby, Armed with Science
The Iran Deal & the Missile Threat - Russ Read, Real Clear Defense
Built to Kill: China's Newest Drone - Chen, South China Morning Post
Inside the Pentagon's Manhunting Machine - Sean Naylor, The Atlantic
US Navy orders 13 P-8As - Greg Waldron, Flight Global
Is India Really an Emerging Power? - Shahid Javed Burki, Express Tribune
Russia Shows Off New Guided Missile at MAKS 2015 - Novichkov, Jane's
Pentagon Warns Special Operators against Leaks - K. Baron, Defense One
Boeing Unveils Anti-Drone Laser Weapon - K. Atherton, Popular Science
President Obama Sets Troop Pay Raise - Brendan McGarry,
Xi's Military Parade Fans Unease in Region - David Tweed, Bloomberg
Mass Protests in Tokyo against Military Bills - DW News
Myanmar's Backsliding: Failed U.S. Strategy? - Paul Richter, LAT
Pentagon Courts Silicon Valley for Wearable Tech - S. Erwin, Nat. Defense
Sunday, August 30
Textron's V-22 Osprey is a Winner - Rich Smith, The Motley Fool
China Looks to Build Its Own SR-71 Style Plane - Kazianis, Natl. Interest
Why North Korea Caved on War Threats - Donald Kirk, Forbes
Russia's Conscription Conundrum - Elisabeth Braw, Foreign Affairs
Inside the Pentagon's Manhunting Machine - Sean Naylor, Defense One
U.S. Could Attack 'Great Firewall' to Stop China's Cyber-Attacks - BI
U.S. F22s in Germany to Move to Poland On Mon. - J. Siminski, Aviationist
North's 'Military Muscle' Made Korean Deal Happen? - Sang-Hun, NYT
Oshkosh, B'Gosh: Pentagon Finally Replacing Humvee - M. Yurus, VICE
Oshkosh Awaits Protests After JLTV Win - Joe Gould, Defense News
As War Escalates, Ukrainian Volunteers Sidelined - Peterson, Daily Signal
Canada's SOF to Buy New Vehicles, Airstrike Comms - Pugliese, Def. News
Record Number of Vets in Federal Jobs - But Many Quit - Lisa Rein, WP
WWII 'Great Escape' Survivor Dies at 101 - Rod McGuirk, AP
Apache Loses Dummy Missile Over New York - Mark Weiner,
Apple, Others Developing Wearable Tech. for Troops - W. Pelegrin, DT
Japan's New Military Legislation Sparks Protests - BBC News
9 Times Music Was Used as a Weapon -
U.S. Allies Explore Hyper-Sensitive Bomb-Sniffing Dog - Osborn, Military
DARPA Wants Friendly Gremlin Drones - Kelsey D. Atherton, Pop. Science
Saturday, August 29
F-35 vs. A-10 Matchup Isn't 'Silly' After All - Gillian Rich, IBD
Weekly Recon - Blake Baiers, RealClearDefense
The Military Wants Swarm Bots - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
GM's Duramax V-8 Engine to Power New JLTV - Truett, Automotive News
India and Australia Navy's Respond to China - Maritime Executive
Australian Navy's New LHD Completes Sea Trials - Naval-Technology
F-22s Arrive in Europe - Lara Seligman, Defense News
Russia To Revive Soviet-Era Armored Trains - Christopher Harress, IBT
Iran's Surprising New Foreign Legion - IranWire
Obama Orders Pay Raise for the Military -
ISIS Using HIV Suicide Bombers? - Katie Zavadski, Daily Beast
Navy Issues Boeing $1.49B P-8A Contract - Megan Eckstein, USNI
JLTV - A Discussion With Oshkosh Defense - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
Third Female Ranger Moves on to Swamp Phase - M. Tan, Army Times
Construction Spotted At Iranian Military Site - CNN
Raytheon, U.S. Navy to Improve Minehunting Sonar - Naval-Technology
China to Revamp Iran's Nuclear Plant - Li Jing, South China Morning Post
Pentagon Funding New High-Tech Venture - Lolita C. Baldor, AP
UK Requests to Upgrade Apaches - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
Syria Ceasefire Breaks Down - Agence France-Presse
Friday, August 28
F-35 vs. A-10 Head-to-Head in CAS. It's On. - C. Davenport, Wash. Post
Russia's Lethal Stealth PAK-FA T-50 - Harry J. Kazianis, National Interest
Japan Launches Izumo-Class Helicopter Carrier - James Hardy, Jane's
Loose Nut Costs Air Force $62.4 Million - Tom LoBianco, CNN
Special Operators Interested in 'Motoped' - Jon Harper, National Defense
The Army Looks to the Future - Jason Howk, Strategy Bridge
Russia Shows off Military Might - Thomas Grove, WSJ
DNC Mistakes Foreign Vets for U.S. Troops - Leo Shane III, Military Times
NATO's Prepping for Hybrid War - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
Pakistan: 3rd Largest Nuclear Arsenal? - Boland, Washington Examiner
Saudi Ground Forces Cross Into Yemen for First Time - Oakford, Vice
10 Questions for President Obama about Iran - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
Who Is Attending China's WWII Military Parade? - M. Mass, Value Walk
Iran Already Spurring New Attacks on Israel - Paul Alster, FOX News
Iran Possibly Built Nuclear Site Extension - Shadia Nasralla, Reuters
Suicide Bombing Kills 2 Iraqi Generals - Laura King, Los Angeles Times
Why Taiwan Should Skip Victory Day Parade in Beijing - Cole, Interpreter
Thursday, August 27
Air Force's Master Plan to Dominate the Skies - Wetzel, National Interest
China and Russia Plan to Crush America's Stealth Aircraft - Keck, NI
Air Force's $25 Billion Bomber Blunder - Mark Thompson, Time
U.S. Army to Choose New Landing Craft - Joe Gould, Defense News
The $30 Billion JLTV - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
Retired Generals and Admirals Reject Iran Deal - Carol Morello, WP
Obama's Brass Pressured Us to Downplay ISIS - Harris, Daily Beast
DoD Wants Cargo Drones for the Pacific - Jon Harper, National Defense
Women Injured Twice As Much in Combat Training - Scarborough, WT
The Most Awesomely Named Military Operations - Rothschild, Ranker
The U.S. Isn't 'Destroying' ISIS - Micah Zenko, CFR
DoD to Sell AH-1Z Vipers to Pakistan - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
U.S. Admiral: China 'Very Interested' in RIMPAC 2016 - Tiezzi, Diplomat
Army Cyber General Proposes New Mission - Brown, Augusta Chronicle
Turkish Alliance Threatens Further Destabilization - Reed, Ramen IR
Obama Apologizes to Japan Over Spying - Julie Pace, AP
Obama Renews Solar Initiative for Military Bases - Richards, Epoch Times
Wednesday, August 26
Can We Afford a Larger Navy? - Justin Johnson, RCDefense
World's 5 Best Defense Firms - Robert Farley, National Interest
How to Stop Russia in Ukraine - Maksym Khylko, Atlantic Council
JLTV Goes to Oshkosh -
Spy Agencies Are Like Old-School Porn - Jennifer Peters, VICE News
How the U.S. Military Spends Its Billions - Gould, Bender, Business Insider
US Will Send B-2 Bombers to Guam to Support ROK - Gady, Diplomat
A Broader View Than Just Airpower - Francis Park, Strategy Bridge
China Expands "Blue Water Navy" Capability - Bernard D. Cole, Interpreter
Number One Priority: Nuclear Deterrence - Matthew Costlow, RCDefense
Pentagon Investigates 'Skewed' ISIS Intel Reports - Mazzetti, Apuzzo, NYT
Pentagon Displeased With Iran Missile Sale - Kristina Wong, The Hill
Climate Change and U.S. Military Strategy - Wilson VornDick, RCDefense
Iran Unveils Extended Range Fateh Ballistic Missile - J. Binnie, Jane's
McCain: Defense-Procurement Reform Critical - Wichner, AZ Daily Star
Continuing Resolution Worse Than Sequestration - A. Versprille, ND Mag
U.S. Military Gets A Guidebook to the Cloud - Frank Konkel, Defense One
Tuesday, August 25
China's Master Plan to Sink the U.S. Navy - Harry Kazianis, National Interest
New Boot Camp Ribbon Prompts Disbelief, Jokes - Faram, Navy Times
Lockheed's New High-Altitude Surveillance Aircraft - Malenic, Jane's
Patton's Most Famous Battles - Ranker
F-35B Declared Combat Ready with Caveats - Magnuson, National Defense
F-22 Raptors Will Be Deploying To Europe - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
ISIS Leader's Rape of American Woman - Karl Vick, Time
Air Force Botched Bomber Estimate - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Military's Powerful Exoskeleton Technology - Bender, Business Insider
Ukraine's Poroshenko: 'New Russia' is like 'Mordor' - David Stern, BBC
Russia Engages in Military Drills on Europe's Doorstep - Putz, Diplomat
Why Those Secret Iran Side Deals Matter - Tobey, Miller, Real Clear Politics
Personnel Reform and Military Effectiveness - Donald Vandergriff, POGO
Stuck in the 'Frenemy Zone' - Aaron Bazin, Strategy Bridge
One Year into the War That Congress Won't Declare - Epps, Defense One
Slippery Slope for Drone Warfare? - Shinkman, U.S. News & World Report
Koreas Agree on Deal to Defuse Tensions - Choe Sang-Hun, NYTimes
Monday, August 24
Why the $1Trillion F-35 Might Be Good Enough - Peck, National Interest
Navy's New Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile - James Drew, Flightglobal
New Submarine Named USS Idaho - Joseph R. Fonseca, Marine Technology
The Airbus Tiger Mk3 Attack Helicopter - Nicholas de Larrinaga, Jane's
U.S. Air Force Is Getting Rid Predator Drones - Rich Smith, Motley Fool
Chinese Radar From Israel? - Minnick, Ansari, Defense News
12 Things I Learned From the Wild Man SGTMAJ - Asche, Havok Journal
Explosions at U.S. Military Base in Japan - Michael Kaplan, IBT
Eight U.S. A-10s Just Deployed to Estonia - David Cenciotti, Aviationist
The New Face of Jewish Terror - Shira Rubin, Foreign Policy
How We Won: A 'Face of Battle' - James A. Warren, Daily Beast
Fortune 500 CEOs Who Served in the Military - Mike Rothschild, Ranker
Millennials on the Legacy of Vietnam - Will Staton, Strategy Bridge
Russia's Nuclear Arsenal Is Obstacle to U.S. - Tikhonova, Value Walk
Russia, China Begin Sea of Japan Naval Drills - Russia Today
North, South Korea High Level Talks - Shannon Tiezzi, Diplomat
Obama: U.S. Can Use Military if Iran Breaks Deal - Ed Adamczyk, UPI

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