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Saturday, July 23
After 75 Years, Will Army Bring Back The "Jeep"? - Peter Suciu, FOX News
Air Force Fifth-Generation Team Takes Shape - Hugh Lessig, Daily Press
Weekly Recon 23JUL2016 - Blake Baiers, RealClearDefense
"Super Soldiers" - Jon Harper, National Defense Magazine
Air Force's Incoherent Plan to Replace the A-10 - Loren Thompson, NatInt.
Lockheed Conducts Third Successful LRASM Test - Naval-Technology
Russian Sub Activity on the Rise in North Atlantic - John Grady, USNI News
Iraqi Army Digs Security Trench Around Fallujah - Hamza Hendawi, AP
Will China's Realpolitik Prevail in Sea Row? - Xuan Loc Doan, Asia Times
Battelle to Build SOCOM SUVs - army-technology
Third Offset Must Update Asimov's Laws of Robotics - JG Randall, NatInt.
North Korea Expanding Ballistic Sub Fleet - Nick Hansen, et al., Jane's 360
India Searches for Missing Air Force Plane - Swati Bhat, Reuters
Military Invades Comic-Con - Jordan Zakarin, Inverse
The Jihadist Communications Toolkit - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
US Allies Must Embrace Advanced Missile Defense - Bruce Klingner, DSig.
Military Must Prepare for UAV Threat - Jeffrey Lamport, et al, National Def.
Lawmakers Duel Over Nuclear Arsenal - Brendan McGarry, DoD Buzz
Erdogan Signs First Decree Under State of Emergency - Reuters
Germany Faces Terror - Christoph Strack, DW
Friday, July 22
New Details Emerge On A-10 Replacement - Lara Seligman, Aviation Week
China's Secret Weapon in the South China Sea - Anni Piiparinen, Diplomat
Russian Warplanes Reportedly Bombed US Base in Syria - Wall Street J.
The Russian Air Force Is Back - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Senators Urge Obama to Cancel Nuclear Cruise Missile - Aaron Mehta, DN
Navy Resumes Port Calls to New Zealand - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
SOCOM Looking to Stealth Motorcycles - Vivienne Machi, National Defense
How The U.S. Should Respond in The South China Sea - Crispin Rovere, I
Is Morale In The Military Low? - Tim Bryce, News Talk Florida
U.S. Covert Action in Syria - Austin Carson & Michael Poznansky, WotR
Dead Drop: July 22 - Anonymous, The Cipher Brief
Army Delivers Firefinder Radar to Ukrainian Mil. - Geoff Ziezulewicz, UPI
New Possible NK Nuclear Weapons Site Found - Jonathan Landay, Reuters
Water Wars in South Asia - Will Edwards, The Cipher Brief
3 Senior Al Qaeda Members in Iran - Thomas Joscelyn, Long War Journal
Air Force Partners with Samsung - Phil Goldstein, FedTech
Growing Threats Requires Advanced Missile Defense - Ralph Jodice, Def.N
Organizational Psychology and the Iraq Surge - David Weart, Strategy B.
Turkey's Parliament Approves State of Emergency - Luis Ramirez, VOA
India and The Nuclear Suppliers Group - Rakesh Sood, Atlantic Council
Thursday, July 21
Marine F-35B Debuts at Red Flag - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Defense Mag.
LCS Missile Shoot "Successful" - But a Miss - Christopher Cavas, Defense N.
Is The No First Use Policy the Right Policy? - Peter Huessy, RCDefense
Sherman Tanks Battled Banzai Charges at Tarawa - Robert Beckhusen,WIB
Boeing's KC-46A Gets the Green Light - Sandra I. Erwin, National Defense
Army Wants More Lethal Recon Vehicles - Matthew Cox,
How Will the Air Force Replace The UH-1 Huey? - Blake Stilwell, WATM
U.S. Won't Back Down on South China Sea - Richard Sisk,
Erdogan Has Obama Over A Barrel - Daniel Williams, Huffington Post
China's Next Step in The South China Sea - Malcolm Davis, The Strategist
Canada's Search for Fighter Jet Replacements - David Pugliese, Defense N.
Baltic States - The Next Nuclear War? - Loren Thompson, National Interest
Turkey: Another U.S. Intelligence Failure - Stephen Blank, Atlantic Council
Before "No First Use," Think About NE Asia - Jonathan Pollack, et al., Brook.
The Fracturing of Turkey's Military - Aaron Stein, Atlantic Council
Speed, Transparency, and the Future of NGA - Susan Gordon, Cipher Brief
Defense Leaders: What's After Islamic State - Lolita C. Baldor, AP
Wednesday, July 20
Welcome to Russian Bombers 101 - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
F-35 Poised to Purge ISIS - Eric Pianin, Fiscal Times
LCS Tests "Exceptionally Well" in Shock Trials - Christopher Cavas, DNews
Frozen Grit and Finland's Fabian Defense - Iskander Rehman, War on the R
Why Not Mobile ICBMs? - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
U.S. Must Act on Scarborough Shoal? - RADM Michael McDevitt, USNI
The Cultural War Brewing Inside the IDF - Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor
Weapons of the Syrian War - Ben Watson, Defense One
The Dangers of Turkey's Fractured Military - Natasha Bertrand, Business I.
LRSO: Crucial To Nuclear Deterrence - Constance Baroudos, et al., BDefense
Raytheon Cleared for New Missile Orders - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
3D Printing: Threat to Nat. Security? - Daniel Tirone, et al., TheConversation
Russia-China Rapprochement Threatens U.S. NATSEC - Colin Reed, Ramen IR
Iran Extolls Ability to Restore Nuke Program - Nasser Karimi, AP
Japan's Election: Implications On U.S. NATSEC - Nori Katagiri, ModernWI
30 Defense Ministers Converge on JB Andrews for IS - Lolita Baldor, AP
Joe Biden in Sydney - The Asia Pivot - Sam Roggeveen, Interpreter
GAO Bid Protest Reform - Albert E. Dotson, National Law Review
Senators Want to Help Troops with PTSD - Richard Sisk,
African Union Mission in South Sudan - Kelsey Lilley, Atlantic Council
Tuesday, July 19
Navy Strike Fighter Fatigue - Richard R. Burgess, Seapower Magazine
Sebastian Junger Veterans' Town Hall D.C. - The Mission Continues, RCD
Take Away the President's Blank Check for War - Bonnie Kristian, RCD
Chinese Admiral: FONOPs May End in Disaster - Ben Blanchard, Reuters
The Marine Corps' Third Offset - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
Raytheon and Kongsberg to Produce NSM & JSM - Naval-Technology
"A Gift from God:" The Bungled Coup and the U.S. - James Jeffrey, TCB
A Captain, a Captain, My Nation for a Great Captain - Scott Halter, StratB.
Air Force Kicks Off Red Flag 16-3 - Julius Delos Reyes, AeroTechNews
The Coup Felt Round the World - Stratfor
Why Counterterrorism Efforts Fail in Europe - Jacob Rosen,
Carter Voices Support for Veto of Defense Bill - Joe Gould, Defense News
45th Space Wing Supports SpaceX's CRS-9 Mission Launch - USAF
U.S.-Led Forces Drop 2nd Highest Bomb Tot. on IS - Anthony Capaccio, B.
Unmanned Systems: A New Era for The U.S. Navy? - Marjorie Greene, CIMSEC
NATO Joint Naval Exercises in The Black Sea? - Vladimir Socor, EurasiaDM
North Korea Fires Three Ballistic Missiles - Jack Kim, et al., Reuters
Shaping China's Response to The PCA Ruling - Bonnie Glaser, Interpreter
Document Shows Less Limits On Iran Nuke Work - George Jahn, AP
Cooperating with Moscow On Syria-A Bad Idea - Michael Waltz, et al., WotR
Monday, July 18
Russia's Lethal Tank Force - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Russian Destroyer Shadowed USS America - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
America Class Amphibious Assault Ship - Naval-Technology
The H-Bombs in Turkey - Eric Schlosser, The New Yorker
Russia's BMD-4M IFV - Army-Technology
Chinese Bomber Buzzes Philippines' Scarborough S. - Anders Corr, Forbes
How a Failed Coup Weakens Turkey - Stratfor
Gen Carlisle: F-35 Ready to Fight ISIS - Phillip Swarts, Air Force Times
Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Tells Followers to Target U.S. Troops - Reuters
Trinity and The Nuclear Foundation Stone - Rod Lyon, et al., The Strategist
China Announces South China Sea Military Exercises - AP
Will the Japanese Change Article 9? - Hajime Funada, CFR
Obama to Send 200 Troops to South Sudan - Lisa Lambert, Reuters
America's Need for Nuclear Modernization - Constance Baroudos, Lex. Inst.
U.S. Needs New South China Sea Strategy - Jennifer Harris, Newsweek
China Commissions New Space Tracking Ship - Andrew Tate, Jane's 360
Strategic Capabilities Office's Offset - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Is ISIS' "Prestige" on the Rise? - Bennett Seftel, The Cipher Brief
U.S. Resumes Anti-ISIS Airstrikes From Turkey - Jared Malsin, Time
Syrian Opposition Says U.S. Must Stand Up to Russia - Tom Miles, Reuters
Sunday, July 17
Will Japan Become Next Big Military Superpower? - Elena Weissman, DC
U.S. Army Improving Electronic-Warfare Tactics - Jen Judson, Def. News
The 5 Most Powerful Armies in 2030 - Robert Farley, The National Interest
USN Stretches Sub Fleet in Latest Fleet Plan - Christopher P. Cavas, NT
Why Turkey's Coup Failed - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Navy, Coast Guard to Build Polar Icebreaker - Meghann Myers, Navy Times
Companies Race to Make Warplanes Modifiable - Marcus Weisgerber, DO
Senators Back Celestial Navigation for all USN Personnel - Joe Uchill, TH
Will UK Replace its Aging Trident Submarines? - Alan Tovey, Telegraph
The Missing 28 Pages - J. Weston Phippen & Matt Vasilogambros, The Atlantic
As N. Korea Pursues the Bomb, Military Wanes - James Pearson, et. al, RN
U.S. Need new SCS Strategy to Contain Beijing - Jennifer Harris, Newsweek
DoD Loses Turkish Airspace Access After Coup - Spencer Ackerman, TG
USN Ordered to Lower Sonar Levels to Protect Whales - Bob Egelko, SFG
Would Declaring 'War' on ISIS Make a Difference? - Karen DeYoung, WP
Turkey's Strangely 20th Century Coup - Ece Toksabay/Paul Taylor, Reuters
ISIS's Identity Crisis - Nicholas T. Williams, Small Wars Journal
DoD Frustrated With Slow Start to Cyberwar on ISIS - India Ashok, IBT
U.S. Anti-ISIS Mission in Limbo After Coup Attempt - John Vandiver, SS
We Mustn't View Terrorist Threat in Existential Binary - Juan Zarate, WP
Saturday, July 16
MQ-25A Stingray - Navy's First Carrier UAV - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
How Dangerous is Russia's Military? - Nikolas K. Gvosdev, National Interest
Weekly Recon 16JUL2016 - Blake Baiers, RealClearDefense
The Next Generation Combat Helicopter - Army-Technology
China Hardens Position on South China Sea - Xie Yanmei, Diplomat
Navy's Proteus Dual-Mode Underwater Vehicle - Naval-Technology
Air Force T-X Bids Take Shape - Peter Felstead, Jane's 360
Air Force Is Short 700 Fighter Pilots - Deborah Lee James, et al., Defense O.
Lockheed gets U.S. Navy Trident missile contract - Geoff Ziezulewicz, UPI
KC-46A Successfully Refuels F-16, C-17 - Airforce-Technology
Army's Integrated Air and Missile Defense - PRNewswire
NSA Becoming "FEMA of the Cyber World" - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Def.
The Overlooked Civilian-Military Divide - Robert W. McFarlin, IV, The Hill
Army SOF Trades Androids for iPhones - Hope Hodge Seck, DoD Buzz
Live Updates: Turkey Military Coup - Katie Hunt, et al., CNN
Marines, Sailors Teach Pacific Militaries - Gidget Fuentes, Marine Corps T.
U.S. And U.K. To Study Robotic Troop Re-Supply - Geoff Ziezulewicz, UPI
Army Cyber Command Hits Key Milestone - Mark Pomerleau, C4ISRNET
Pentagon Open to Sending More Troops to Iraq - Lolita C. Baldor, AP
IS Group Claims Nice Attacker as A "Soldier" - Colleen Barry, AP
Friday, July 15
Coming to Russia's Doorstep - U.S. F-35s - Dave Majumdar, Na.l Interest
The Apache Gets More Lethal - Army-Technology
Canada's Next Fighter - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
Why The U.S. Is Targeting Kim Jong Un - Andrei Lankov, Interpreter
Undersea Warfare in Northern Europe - Kathleen H. Hicks, et al., CSIS
Elon Musk: DARPA's AI Challenge Leading to Skynet - Joe Carmichael, In.
China Adds 4th Destroyer to South China Sea Fleet - Andrew Tate, Jane's
NK Pursues the Bomb, As Military Wanes - James Pearson, et al., Reuters
Adaptive Sodier: Creating the Combat Athlete - Darrell E. Fawley III, SWJ
Misunderstanding Military Millennials - Christopher Manganaro, M. Leader
AQAP's "Special Forces" Training Camp - Bill Roggio & Caleb Weiss, LWJ
Dead Drop: July 15 - Anonymous, The Cipher Brief
U.S. Missile Defense "Unable to Protect the Public" - David Willman, Trib.
Nice Terror Attack: What We Know - BBC News
Wargaming in PME: A Student's Perspective - Jeff Wong, Strategy Bridge
ADM Blair: U.S. Should Protect Philippines - Matthew Pennington, AP
Why Are More Troops Headed to Iraq? - Daniel L. Davis, National Interest
CNO Richardson Heading to China - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
South Sudan's Civil War - Siobhán O'Grady, Foreign Policy
As Obama's Tenure Ends, U.S. Wars Drag On - Paul Shinkman, U.S. N&WR
Thursday, July 14
What a U.N. Ruling Against China Means - Stratfor
Air Force Needs a New Jet Trainer Now - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
Brussels Attacked Again - David Trayner & Harry Kemble, Daily Star
The South China Sea is not China's - Gareth Evans, The Strategist (ASPI)
Marines' New King Stallion Spare Parts Solution - Hope H. Seck, DoD Buzz
Why NATO Needs a Heavy Defensive Ground Force - Octavian Manea, DM
Pentagon Opposes Obama's Syria Plan - Natalie Johnson, Free Beacon
The Pentagon's Readiness Crisis - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Army Design Methodology - Richard A. McConnell, et al., Small Wars Journal
The Three Currencies of Military Innovation - Brad DeWees, et al., WotR
Siege Warfare in Syria - Will Todman, Lawfare
European Air and Missile Defense after Warsaw - Tom Karako, CSIS
The Hezbollah-Iran-Syria Relationship - Steven Ward, The Cipher Brief
Taliban Pose "Almost Daily" Challenge for U.S. Troops - Carla Babb, VOA
Obama's Deep Coordination Plan with Russia in Syria - Josh Rogin, W.Post
Population-centric Counterinsurgency - Barnett Koven, Small Wars Journal
The Future of U.S. Security Assistance - Joe Gould & Aaron Mehta, D. News
Wednesday, July 13
5 Reasons the U.S. Military is in Trouble - Justin Johnson, Daily Signal
Navy Wants More F/A-18s - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
Army's Spider Silk Body Armor - Douglas Ernst, Washington Times
Nuclear No-First-Use (NFU) is Right for America - James E. Doyle, RCD
President Obama's Nuclear Legacy - Adam Lowther & Carey Eichhorst, RCD
Poland in NATO: An Underrated Ally - Hal Berger, RealClearDefense
Sweden and Finland in NATO? - Carl Bergqvist, War on the Rocks
McCain Slams Delays, Costs for USS Ford - Jacqueline Klimas, Wash.Exam.
Navy Shipbuilding Seeks $2B Annual Increase - Anthony Capaccio, Bloom.G
Iraqi Forces Retake Key Airbase South of Mosul - Bill Roggio, LWJ
Senate Democrats Block DoD Spending Bill - Joe Gould, Defense News
China Vows to Protect SCS Sovereignty - Ben Blanchard, et al., Reuters
U.S. Troops Sent to Protect U.S. Embassy in S. Sudan - Jeff Schogol, MCT
The Increasing Need for GPS III OCX - Loren Thompson, National Interest
It's Getting Harder to Define Military Readiness - Colin Clarke, et al., DOne
Pentagon Resist Plan to Work With Russians in Syria - Nancy Youssef, DB
U.S. Should Ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty - Bonnie Glaser, Cipher Brief

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