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Monday, September 22
Should U.S. Fear China's Carrier-Killer Missile? - Robert Farley, Natl Int
Shadow General Could Decide Obama's War - Rogin & Lake, Daily Beast
U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms - Broad & Sanger, NYT
Time to Update Military Academy Nominations - Editorial, USA Today
One Big Agency to Spy, Assassinate & Protect - R. Caruso, Boston Globe
Fixing Pentagon Intelligence - John Schindler, XX Committee
Department of Homeland Security in Crisis - Washington Post
3 Major Decisions Loom for the U.S. Navy - Chris Cavas, Defense News
Hostage's Reluctant Acceptance of Global Hawk - B. Everstine, AF Times
Can America Save the World Order? - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Obama's Emerging Foreign Policy Doctrine - Sally Kohn, CNN
U.S. & Israel: Delusions of Our Diplomacy - N. Thrall, NY Review of Books
Turbo Caribou Among World's Best, Rarest Airlifters - David Axe, WIB
The Hunt for al-Zarqawi & the Power of We - Stanley McChrystal, Time
Is COIN No Longer Relevant? - Whitney Kassel, Cicero Magazine
For the Kurds, the Fight of Their Lives - Dexter Filkins, New Yorker
ISIS Is Contained and That's Good Enough - Christopher Bolan, WOTR
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Sunday, September 21
Grand Illusion in Syria - Ross Douthat, New York Times
When the Pentagon Feared Israel's Nukes - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
Israel's Strategy: Shooting Pool w/ a Bowling Ball - B. Opall-Rome, DN
What Is the Mysterious FBI Director Up To? - Garrett Graff, Politico
Chinese Student Spies Overwhelm U.S. - Joshua Philipp, Epoch Times
Reviving Space-Based Missile Defense - Marvin Schaffer, Natl Defense
Army Looks to Add Minority Combat Officers - T. Vanden Brook, USAT
A Swifter, Stronger, More Agile Foreign Policy - Defense One
Five Ways ISIS & al-Qaeda Differ - Kristina Wong, The Hill
We Still Need to Defeat Assad, Not Just ISIS - Lionel Beehner, Cicero
ICYMI: DOD's $800B Problem | Flying Chernobyl | 'Fixing' UCLASS
Saturday, September 20
It's OK for Obama to Ignore Military Advice - Lawrence Korb, Defense1
Stealth Is Dead! Long Live Stealth! - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
The Army Scrambles on Four Continents - Sydney Freedberg, BD
Mossad's Greatest Female Assassin - Ram Oren & Moti Kfir, Daily Beast
The Admiral's Revenge - Se-Woong Koo, Foreign Policy
India's Artillery Procurement Saga - Debalina Ghoshal, The Diplomat
Al-Qaeda & the Importance of Seapower - Information Dissemination
Closing the Ends-Mean Gap in Iraq - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
A War by Any Other Name - The Economist
WH vs. DOD on the Semantics of Combat - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
Friday, September 19
The Air War Gets Harder and Harder - David Wood, Huffington Post
Clapper: We Underestimated the Islamic State - David Ignatius, WaPo
Don't Buy Your Aircraft Carrier from Russia - Kyle Mizokami, WIB
So You Want to Steal a Frigate? - Robert Farley, The Diplomat
Responding to China's Deadly Missile Arsenal - E. Montgomery, TNI
China Wants NSA-Style Cyber Schools - Aliya Sternstein, NextGov
More Troops, Not Nukes, Will Deter Russia - Rep. Mike Quigley, D1
New Nuke Cruise Missile Crucial as New Bomber - S. Freedberg, BD
Uncertainty Lingers Over Army AMPV Program - Valerie Insinna, ND
The Army Is Our Best Weapon Against Ebola - Rebecca Leber, TNR
The Terror Down Under - O'Grady & Standish, Foreign Policy
The Islamic State's Jihadi Logic - Charles Krauthammer, Natl Review
Thursday, September 18
From D.C. to Syria, a Mess - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Why DOD Should Care About Scotland's Vote - Emma Ashford, FP
U.S. Subs: Run Silent, Run Deep...on Diesel? - James Holmes, TNI
How al-Qaeda Infiltrates Pakistan's Military - Ankit Panda, Diploamt
Russia Practicing for Air War Over the Baltic - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
Putin's New World Order - Chrystia Freeland, Politico Magazine
Why Do We Need Hypersonic Weapons? - James Acton, Defense One
Should We Torture Certain Terrorists? - A. Dershowitz, Boston Globe
Between Counterinsurgency and Genocide - Richard Outzen, WOTR
Air Power Alone Can't Defeat an Insurgency - Tim Fernholz, Quartz
Wednesday, September 17
Can Obama Keep His Generals in Check? - Lake & Rogin, Daily Beast
5 U.S. Weapons of War ISIS Should Fear - Robert Farley, Nat'l Interest
War-Weary Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong - Adam O'Neal, RCD
Royal Navy Faces Tough Sub Choices in Scotland - Sam Lagrone, USNI
A B-2 Pilot's Lessons for America's New Bomber - Jeff Schreiner, BD
General Hostage's Parting Shots - Richard Whittle, Breaking Defense
Navy's America: New Ship for New Aircraft - J. Steele, SD Union-Trib
Responding to Accidents in Wartime - Lionel Beehner, USA Today
Can the U.S. Army Degrade and Destroy Ebola? - Laurie Garrett, FP
Searching for Cyber Red Lines - Tom Risen, U.S. News & World Report
Take a Deep Breath: ISIS & the Arab World - Thomas Friedman, NYT
ISIS: The Challenge & the Opportunity - Michael Clifford, Strategist
"No Boots on the Ground" Mantra Is Foolish - Richard Russell, WOTR
U.S. Boots Are Already on the Ground vs. ISIS - David Ignatius, WaPo
Tuesday, September 16
Obama vs. the Generals - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post
How Congress Shapes the Military - Korte & Schouten, USA Today
America's Pivot to Asia Has Wings - Mike Yeo, National Interest
How to Shoot Down a Drone: Don't Fix UCLASS - L. Thompson, EW Blog
Russian Cheating & Nuclear Instability - William Schneider, RCD
How Putin Got His Way in Ukraine - Simon Shuster, Time
Afghanistan: The Hornet's Nest - David Mattingly, War on the Rocks
A Conservative Defense Policy for 2014 - Jerry Hendrix, Nat'l Interest
The Islamic State Is Not Unique - Haroro Ingram, ASPI Strategist
Fearmongering the Islamic State Threat - Groll & Engler, FP
What War with ISIS Teaches Us About Strategy - C. Hinote, Cicero
What a Real ISIS Strategy Looks Like - Daniel Davis, Daily Beast
To Crush ISIS, Make a Deal with Assad - Ahmad Samih Khalidi, NYT
Monday, September 15
Who Are These Moderate Syrian Rebels? - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
To Stop ISIS in Syria, Support Aleppo - Guehenno & Bonsey, NY Times
China's Creeping Invasion - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
With China on the Rise, U.S. Must Woo India - Paul Leaf, Nat'l Interest
Air Force's Dramatic Choices - Aaron Mehta & Gen. Mark Welsh, DN
Stained Glass at USAF's Mushroom Cloud Chapel - Steve Weintz, WIB
The Predator's Torturous Rise to Fame - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
Drones & the Democracy Disconnect - Firmin Debrabander, NY Times
Extended Nuclear Deterrence or Disarmament - Christine Leah, TNI
U.S. Needs a Third Missile Defense Site - Sen. James Inhofe, Defense 1
For Defense in Georgia, Novice or Progeny - Dustin Walker, RCDefense
Boeing Rolls Out New Defense Strategy - Vago Muradian, Defense News
With Russia, Eyeball to Eyeball Again - Chris Miller, Cicero Magazine
Is This How to Win the War on Terrorism? - Audrey Cronin, Lawfare
Are We at War - Amy Davidson, New Yorker
To Defeat ISIS, Keep It Simple - J. Michael Barrett, War on the Rocks
Obama Can't Destroy ISIS Without Iran's Help - J. Goldstone, Politico
Sunday, September 14
Paths to War, Then and Now, Haunt Obama - Peter Baker, NY Times
Al-Qaeda Raids Wrong Ship in Failed Attack - Dean Nelson, Telegraph
Pentagon's $800 Billion Real Estate Problem - Matthew Gault, WIB
Rebuilding the U.S. Nuclear Force from Scratch - Tom Nichols, TNI
Blame Nixon for Israel's Nukes - Cohen & Burr, Foreign Policy
The Isonzo & the Madness of War - John Schindler, XX Committee
Final Days for an Army Base in Afghanistan - Richard Johnson, WaPo
Islamic State Is Losing the Twitter War - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Syrian Rebels to Use U.S. Weapons to Fight Assad - Josh Rogin, TDB
Arab Militaries Wouldn't Help Much Against ISIS - Bobby Ghosh, Qz
Saturday, September 13
The Islamic State Threat Is Overstated - Ramzy Mardini, Wash Post
4 Terror Threats More Grave Than ISIS - Michael Kugelman, WSJ
Responding to China's Mighty Missile Threat - Matthew Hallex, TNI
What the Pivot Looks Like in Beijing - Kori Schake, Foreign Policy
The Wild Deserters of No Man's Land - James Deutsch, Smithsonian
Arguing Against Female Infantry Isn't Bold - Edward Carpenter, WIB
Why Nuclear Weapons Work - Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
Destroy Assad First, Then Destroy ISIS - Fred Hof, New Republic
Forget Working with Assad Against ISIS - Pierret & Hokayem, Politico
Obama's Model for War on ISIS Is a Wreck - Shuaib Almosawa, TDB
Friday, September 12
Obama's Advantages as a Reluctant Warrior - David Ignatius, WaPo
A President Surrenders - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
Obama Rejected "Best Military Advice" - Dustin Walker, RCDefense
Getting to Know the Chinese Navy - Steve Cohen, Weekly Standard
Will Terrorists Hijack Google's Driverless Cars? - Michael Peck, WIB
Harvard to Make the Military a Spiderman Suit - Patrick Tucker, D1
"Son, Men Don't Get Raped" - Nathaniel Penn, GQ Magazine
Strategic Fallout from Scottish Independence - Info. Dissemination
The Only Choice Left for Afghanistan - Ioannis Koskinas, Foreign Policy
Why Turkey Is Sitting Out the ISIS War - Thomas Seibert, Daily Beast
What Obama Didn't Say - Philip Gourevitch, New Yorker
Boots, Boots, Boots... - Jan Gleiman, ASPI Strategist
Why I'm Skeptical of Obama's ISIS Plan - John Judis, New Republic
To Defeat ISIS, Follow the Money - Howard Shatz, Politico Magazine
Obama ISIS Plan Will Be Risky - Michael O'Hanlon, USA Today
Obama Losing His Battle with Perpetual War - Uri Friedman, Atlantic
Authorization for Use of Military Forever - Robert Golan-Vilella, TNI

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