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Tuesday, May 31
U.S. Navy's Carrier Killers - James Holmes, National Interest
Tried and True Tomahawk - James Feldkamp, RealClearDefense
Too Fat to Fight - Andrea King Collier, NBC News
An Infantry Squad for The 21st Century - Jules Hurst, War on the Rocks
LtGen McMaster: Future Army Operating Concept - Octavian Manea, SWJ
Missile Defense Agency Tests Upgraded SM-3 Block IB - Naval-Technology
"Miracle at Dunkirk" Saved World War II - Logan Nye, We Are the Mighty
Fait Accompli: A Classical Tactic in Modern Strategy - Van Jackson, WotR
North Korea Missile Launch Fails - Ju-min Park, Reuters
Sleep Is a Weapon - James Stavridis, Huffington Post
DoD Wants Your Ideas for Military Space Plane - Jennings Brown, Vocativ
U.S., Iraqi Army Begin Assault on Fallujah - Maher Nazeh, et al., Reuters
Defense Intelligence - Forewarned is Forearmed - Walter Pincus, Cipher B.
Hopes for Peace Dim with New Taliban Leader - Lynne O'Donnell, AP
Crowdsourcing Defense Reform - Kathleen Hicks & Colin McElhinny, CSIS
From Tinkering to Operational Advantage - Robert Kozloski, USNI Blog
Obama Calls for Better Healthcare, Jobs for Vets - Tim Devaney, The Hill
Monday, May 30
Stop Mil-Splaining Memorial Day - Angry Staff Officer, Mil. Writers Guild
Veteran's Race to Return WWI Purple Hearts - Wilson Ring, AP
When the U.S. Went to War Before Pearl Harbor - Marc Wortman, TDB
Marines' Hidden Battle Scars - Jeff Schogol, Marine Corps Times
Army Rangers Release Memorial Day Song From Afghanistan - ABC
A Gold-Star Wife's Message To Veterans - Jane Horton, Task & Purpose
Gurney. Tiny. Pig Pen. I Remember Them All - Jack Estes, Wall St. Journal
Identifying Fallen U.S. Soldiers - Howard Altman, Tampa Bay Times
The Surprising History of Memorial Day - Joel Peterson, Huffington Post
Remembering America's Allies on Memorial Day - Paul Floyd, Stratfor
The Graves of the Marines I Lost - J. Kael Weston, New York Times
Why Memorial Day is different from Veterans Day - Valerie Strauss, WPost
Memorial Day 2016 - Editors, Small Wars Journal
Memorial Day's True Legacy - Mark Thompson, Time
On Service and Sacrifice - Sen. John McCain, Navy Times
Hero Miles Help Military Families - AP
In Defense of Memorials to Our Military Heroes - Mike Berry, FOX News
Remembering Those who Shaped a Nation - Salena Zito, RealClearPolitics
Remembering America's Fallen-Before They've Fallen - D. Caprara, TA
DARPA Sets Deadline for Xs-1 - Science World Report
Sunday, May 29
The Gloves Finally Come Off in the ISIS War - Kimberly Dozier, TDB
How Serious is Russia's Military Threat? - The Week
Navy Announces Non-Combat Death of Sailor - Olivia Beavers, CNN
Could Russia's Cold War Super-Jet Last 100 Years? - Robert Farley, TNI
WH Blocks Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia - John Hudson, FP
Canadian sub in Hunt for Russian Vessel - Bruce Campion-Smith, TS
Putin Vows Retaliation Over U.S. Missile Defense System - CBS News
USAF's War on the Latin American Drug Cartels - Stephen Losey, AFTimes
Uganda to Halt Military, Security Ties with N. Korea - Ju-min Park, RN
SOF in Syria Ordered to Remove YPG Patches - Richard Sisk,
U.S. Naval, air Maneuvers 'new Normal' in Asia Pacific - Lolita Baldor, AP
Embargo Lift Means More U.S. Mil. Visits to Vietnam - J. Northam, NPR
Five Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in 24 Hours - RFE/RL
U.K. to Send Warship to Mediterranean - Nicholas Winning, Wall St. Jrnl.
Did India Hide Failed Supersonic Missile Test? - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplo.
Iran-Led Push to Retake Fallujah Worries U.S. - Tim Arango, NYTimes
This Tiny Camera may Change Future of War - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, WP
Women in Military Finally Getting Respect - Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, CNN
First use of Injectable Sponge to Stop Soldier's Bleeding - Rob Verger, FN
Boeing to win $2.9B U.K. Helicopter Deal - Alan Tovey, Telegraph
Saturday, May 28
Russia's Next Super Weapon - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
A First Look at America's Supergun - Julian E. Barnes, Wall Street Journal
"Memphis Belle" Gunner Dies During "Final Mission" - FOX News
McCain's Sweeping Changes to the Military - Loren Thompson, Forbes
Russia Modernizing Sole Aircraft Carrier - Reuben F. Johnson, Jane's 360
Vietnam to Buy F-16s and P-3Cs? - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
Fundamental Changes in Warfare - Dylan Farley, Small Wars Journal
AFSOC AC-130J to Have Laser Weapons - Yasmin Tadjdeh, Nat. Defense
Lockheed to Continue LRASM Program - Seapower Magazine
The Citizen-Soldier - Phil Klay, Brookings
Air Force Turns to Small UAS - Mark Pomerleau, Defense Systems
DoD's Database to Detect Traitors - Aliya Sternstein, Defense One
Travis Manion's Sister on Memorial Day - Ryan Manion Borek, T&P
Memorial Day: Carrying Out and Being Carried - Keith Nightingale, SWJ
Naval Aviation's Readiness Crisis - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Congress Targeting Military Housing Allowance - Leo Shane, Mil. Times
Congress Attempting to Cut JLENS - Jen Judson, Defense News
A Memorial Day Test - Michael Hansen, U.S. News & World Report
A Visit with History: Gettysburg National Military Park - Voice of America
Islamic State Commander in Falluja Killed - Idrees Ali, et al., Reuters
Friday, May 27
Building More F-22s "Not A Crazy Idea" - Vivienne Machi, National Defense
New Capabilities for Old Platforms - Bradley Peniston, Defense One
Don't Give Up the Ship - Editors, Observer News
U.S. Troops 18 Miles from ISIS Capital - Nancy Youssef, et al., Daily Beast
North Korea Says It Wants to Talk, So Let's. . . - James Durso, RCDefense
SOCOM Tests Directed Energy Weapon - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Defense
Eisenhower Strike Group's Cannibalized Parts - Hope Seck,
Plans to Create an EU Army "Kept Secret" - Ben Riley-Smith, The Telegraph
Strategic Importance of Cam Ranh Port - Zachary Abuza, et al., CIMSEC
Dead Drop May 27 - Anonymous, The Cipher Brief
The U.S. Precision Weapons Shortage - Lolita C. Baldor, AP
China's Stealth Drones in Disputed SCS - Lucas Tomlinson, FOX News
McCain Adds $17 Billion to Defense, Increases Pay - Scott Maucione, FNR
China Aircraft Intercept Violated 2015 Agreement - Idrees Ali, Reuters
Will Women Dodge the Draft? - Kelley Vlahos, The American Conservative
Navy's Problem Balancing Strategy And Operations - Diana Moga, T&P
Navy's $848M Operation & Maintenance Shortfall - Megan Eckstein, USNI
Thursday, May 26
Age of Aircraft Carriers Could Be Coming to an End - Alex Lockie, Bus. In.
It's Not About the Airplane: Envisioning The A-X2 - Mike Pietrucha, WotR
The Pentagon's Huge Atomic Floppies - Mark Thompson, Time
F-35 Misses Another Deadline - Amanda Macias & Alex Lockie, Bus. Insider
America's Air and Missile Defense Part II - Mark Gunzinger, et al., RCD
South Korea Targets North Korean Military in Africa - Alastair Gale, WSJ
Marine's ACV 1.1 - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
Air Force's New Jam-Proof Reference System - GPS World
From Hipster Tattoo Parlor to Spec. Ops. Lab - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, WP
9 Biggest Defense Contractors - David Choi, Business Insider
"Undersea Superiority is No Birthright" - Bradley Peniston, Defense One
Historic Enemies Cooperate Against N. Korea - Erica Evans, Cipher Brief
U.S., Thai Navies "Most Complex" Anti-Sub Ex. - Ridzwan Rahmat, Jane's
US-Vietnam Joint Military Exercises Possible - Richard Sisk, DoD Buzz
Tether Eye Targets Persistent ISR Role - Geoff Fein, Jane's 360
Senators Seek to Elevate U.S. Cyber Command - Joe Gould, Defense News
#Leadership: Teamwork, Tone, and Tenacity - Paul Becker, Strategy Bridge
Wednesday, May 25
Army Bringing Back 70-Year-old gun for new Fights - Kyle Mizokami, PM
Inside one of America's Newest Subs - Bradley Peniston, Defense One
Sebastian Junger: Stop Over-Valorizing Veterans - Adam Linehan, T&P
A Grim Return to Fallujah - Max Boot, Commentary
Rebalancing America's Air and Missile Defense - Gunzinger/Clark, RCD
Portuguese Spy Gave "NATO Secrets" to Russia - James Badcock, T'graph
China to Obama: Don't Start a Fire in Asia - Simon Denyer, Wash. Post
Senate Appropriators Up Ship, Aircraft Spending - Jacqueline Klimas, WE
Taliban Leader's Death Puts Pakistan on Notice - Ashish Kumar Sen, Atl.C.
Nuclear Standoff in South Asia - Will Edwards, The Cipher Brief
U.S. Falls Behind in Arctic Great Game - Keith Johnson & Dan De Luce, FP
Keeping up With Russia's Military Robots - Samuel Bendett, RCWorld
Sykes-Picot at 100 - David Gardner, The Strategist (ASPI)
McCain Wants USN to Engage More with Vietnam - Sam LaGrone, USNI
USN Official Sounds Alarm on Cyber Force Shortage - Sean Lyngaas, FCW
Lawmakers Spar Over NDAA Delay - Joe Gould, Defense News
NDAA Renews Fight Over Military Sexual Assault - Jordain Carney, Hill
Tuesday, May 24
So What Can The USS Zumwalt Really Do? - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
The Importance of the Tank in War - Patrick Donahoe, Strategy Bridge
Russia Summons U.S. Military Attache - Radio Free Europe
How Infantry Soldiers Earn Their Title - James Clark, Task & Purpose
First F-35s Arrive in The Netherlands - Kelsey Atherton, Popular Science
Air Force Can't Afford Its Fighter Jets Past 2021 - Lara Seligman, M. Times
Improvised Weapons - Hell's Kitchens - The Economist
Navy's "Smart Shipyard" - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
No-Win Situation On Okinawa - Matthew Burke & Chiyomi Sumida, Stars&S.
THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System) - Army-Technology
SOCOM's New MRZR-D LTATV - Army-Technology
The Price of Perpetual War - David Barno & Nora Bensahel, War on the Rocks
Banning Russian Rockets Comes at A Cost - Loren Thompson, Forbes
ROTC Returns to The Ivy League - Yeganeh Torbati, Reuters
Congressional Hearing Aboard Aircraft Carrier - Hope Seck,
McCain Gets Tested On Defense Authorization - Bridget Bowman, Roll Call
Military Wants More Leeway to Strike Taliban - Gordon Lubold, et al., WSJ
Monday, May 23
F-35 Tech Shaking Up Aerospace - Ann R. Thryft, DesignNews
Moment of Truth for KC-46A Pegasus - Sandra Erwin, National Defense
Russian and Chinese Figther Threat Mounts - Tom Vanden Brook, USA
A Coast Guard Arms Race - Todd Crowell, RealClearDefense
Disruptive Technology Threatens U.S. SOF - Joshua Steinman, et al., WotR
The Battle for Fallujah - Ghassan Adnan & Asa Fitch, Wall Street Journal
U.S. Military Personnel Arrested in Okinawa - Yuki Tatsumi, Diplomat
Rebalancing America's Missile Defenses - Mark Gunzinger, et al., CSBA
Marine Cyber Warriors Get Into the Enemy's Head - Matthew Schehl, MCT
Senate Showdown Over Women in The Draft - Jordain Carney, The Hill
Obama Lifts U.S. Arms Ban On Vietnam - Tiffany Ap, et al., CNN
U.S. Military Kills Taliban Leader in Pakistan - Bill Roggio, Long War Journal
Liquid Robotics' SHARC - Richard R. Burgess, Seapower Magazine
Success Against ISIS Turns Deadly in Baghdad - Paul Shinkman, USN
CYBERCOM to Become Combatant Command? - Ian Duncan, Balt. Sun
(Only A Few) Boots On the Ground - Rodger Shanahan, Interpreter
Obama's Unfinished Mission in Afghanistan - Andrew Tilghman, Mil.Times
Sunday, May 22
McCain Takes aim at F-35 - Flightglobal
Russia mad U.S. Sent Tanks Within Miles of Border - Carlo Angerer, NBC
The U.S. Should Consider Creating a Foreign Legion - Steven Metz, WPR
USS Zumwalt Delivered to the U.S. Navy - Kelsey D. Atherton, Pop. Science
The Birth of Secret War - Max Hastings, The Daily Beast
Take Gloves off Against Taliban - David Petraeus & Michael O'Hanlon, WSJ
Vietnam War's Deadly Leftovers - George Black, New Yorker
Israel's Army Goes to war With its Politicians - Ronen Bergman, NYTimes
Thailand to buy Tanks From China - Prashanth Parameswaran, Diplomat
Pentagon Rejects Russia's Joint Airstrike Proposal - Marilyn Malara, UPI
Defeating ISIS: Advice From Sun Tzu - Ronald Tiersky, RealClearWorld
U.S. Strikes top Taliban Leader in Pakistan - Missy Ryan & Tim Craig, WP
CENTCOM Commander Makes Secret Visit to Syria - Robert Burns, AP
Navy Will use 3-D Printed Part in V-22 Osprey - FOX News
Vietnam: From Enemy to Partner - Richard Fontaine, CNN
WWII WASP Pilots can now be Buried at Arlington - R. Ruiz, Mashable
Taliban Suicide Bomber Hits NATO Convoy Near Kabul - Ayaz Gul, VOA
Can U.S.-Vietnam Relations Move Beyond China? - Brian Andrews, TNI
House, Senate at Odds on CyberCom's Authority - Katie Bo Williams, Hill
U.S. Forces Still in Yemen Amid Uptick in Violence - Carlo Muñoz, WT
Saturday, May 21
China's Worst Nightmare: U.S. & India - Kevin Knodell, War Is Boring
Navy Takes Possession of Its Largest Ever Destroyer - David Szondy, Giz.
Next Generation Destroyer Zumwalt Delivers - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
F-35 Fighting for Global Sales - Allyson Versprille, National Defense Magazine
Weekly Recon 21May2016 - Blake Baiers, RealClearDefense
Did the Battle of Jutland Really Matter? - Robert Farley, National Interest
U.S. Warns ISIS Capital: Get Out Now - Nancy Youssef, The Daily Beast
Former Air Force Leadership Weigh in On B-21 - Donald Rice, et al., Hill
Army Killing Drones with Lasers - Joseph Trevithick, War Is Boring
"Nickled and Dimed": The Military Pay Crunch - Leo Shane, et al., M.Times
Armed Forces Day - History - DoD
U.S. to Drop ATVs Into Poland - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Navy Extends Review of LCS Program - Hope Hodge Seck,
Army Recognizes Fort A.P. Hill as a Top Installation - Kristin Davis, FLS
Army Not Dropping "Man" from Combat Job Titles - Michelle Tan, ArmyT.
HASC Hearing Aboard Carrier Canceled - Bill Bartel, Virginian Pilot
Navy: All In on Unmanned Tech - Mark Pomerleau, Defense Systems
Reining in The National Security Council - Russell Berman, The Atlantic
Dunford: NATO Military Chiefs Coalesce on Threats - Jim Garamone, DoD
NFL Paying Back Some of "Paid Patriotism" - Rob Garver, Fiscal Times

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