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Saturday, December 20
Sony Caved to Terror. No One Else Should - Flemming Rose, NY Times
What Does a Cyber Counterattack Look Like? - Joseph Marks, Politico
Why the U.S. Can't Punish North Korea - Adam Chandler, The Atlantic
Time for the U.S. Military to Leave South Korea - Kyle Mizokami, WIB
Welcome to China & America's Nuclear Nightmare - Elbridge Colby, TNI
Chinese Maritime Activism: Strategy or Vagary? - Ryan Martinson, Diplo
The Ruin of Our Military Interrogators - Deborah Pearlstein, Daily Beast
The Marines & 70 Years of Vertical Envelopment - Info. Dissemination
With FY15 Budget, the Devil's in the Details - Janine Davidson, CFR
Army, Guard on Collision Course for 2015 - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
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Friday, December 19
A New "Super" F-35 to Rule the U.S. Military? - Dave Majumdar, Natl Int
How to Fight the Lone Wolf - Charles Krauthammer, National Review
The Unidentified Queen of Torture - Jane Mayer, New Yorker
Russia Seen from Within - George Friedman, Stratfor
America's Craven Capitulation to Terror - David Keyes, Daily Beast
Caving to North Korea Sends Wrong Message - Fareed Zakaria, Wash Post
North Korea's Finest Hour - Michael Hirsh, Politico Magazine
Cyber: North Korea's Ace Up the Sleeve? - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
Why Is Japanese Enlistment Falling? - James Simpson, War Is Boring
Minimizing Risk Is Army's 2015 Goal - Jared Lieberher, Army Magazine
Obama's ISIS Strategy Is the Only Viable Option - Joseph Becker, SWJ
Sleepwalking as Nukes Spread - Jane Harman, New York Times
U.S. Nuclear Forces in the 21st Century - Drollette & Bracken, The Bulletin
Thursday, December 18
China's Military Is About to Go Global - Oriana Mastro, National Interest
The Pentagon's Floating Missile Defense Future - A. Mulrine, CS Monitor
The Navy's New Robot Looks Just Like a Shark - Jordan Golson, Wired
The Eleven Carrier Fleet Is Only Seven - Craig Hooper, Next Navy
In Last Days of Afghanistan, Shadows of Vietnam - Robert Newson, CFR
Taliban's Peshawar Massacre Must Be Its Last - Sethi & Taseer, NY Times
Inside the CIA: When Interrogations Began - Joseph DeTrani, Defense One
Why the U.S. Doesn't Halt Hackers Immediately - A. Sternstein, NextGov
Obama's 21st Century Foreign Policy - Robin Wright, Wall Street Journal
Re-Engagement with Cuba: The Strategic Calculus - R. Evan Ellis, WOTR
Wednesday, December 17
Global Conflicts to Watch in 2015 - Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
U.S. May Get Dragged Into Pakistan's Next War - Rogin & Lake, Bloomberg
The Man Who Killed the Bill to Combat Vet Suicide - Stephen Carlson, T&P
Could a P-51 Have Replaced the A-10? - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
Enduring Myth of the Fragile Battlecruiser - Information Dissemination
The Answer to the Amphibious Prayer - B.J. Armstrong, War on the Rocks
Is This the Flak Jacket of the Future? - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Ash Carter Knows India Well - Seema Sirohi, The Diplomat
A U.S.-China Reset? - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Real Chinese Dream: Control the South China Sea? - Bonnie Glaser, TNI
Tuesday, December 16
The Navy's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War - Kyle Mizokami, Natl Interest
U.S. Almost Had a Nuclear-Armed Drone Bomber - Adam Rawnsley, WIB
Air Force Offset Strategy: F-35 Drone Fleets? - C. Clark, Breaking Defense
How the Torture Could Start Again - Frederick Schwarz, Politico Magazine
Were the Wars Worth the Cost? - Andrew Tilghman, Military Times
Elite Afghan Commandos Take Up Mission - Drew Brooks, Fay Observer
Revisit Afghanistan's End Game Plan - Bruce Riedel, Brookings Institution
Coming to the Bad End of a Good War - Jack Fairweather, War on the Rocks
Ash Carter's Asia Plans - Adam Tiffen, Defense One
The Assault on China's South China Sea Claims - Scott Cheney-Peters, USNI
Monday, December 15
America's Military: Readiness on a Shoestring - A. Tilghman, MilTimes
Prepare for Cyber Armageddon - Daniel Goure, Early Warning
Abuse Photos Obama Doesn't Want You to See - Shachtman & Mak, TDB
ISIS: The Inside Story - Martin Chulov, The Guardian
Meet the Women Kicking ISIS's Ass - Susannah George, Daily Beast
AUMF Against ISIS Should Be a Priority - Editorial, Washington Post
NSA Listened as China Shot Down U.S. Warplanes - R. Beckhusen, WIB
Kajaki: A War Story with No Enemy - Anthony King, War on the Rocks
Afghanistan: "This Is Not Over Yet" - Jeong & Dyer, Financial Times
Does Torture Work When Pakistan Does It? - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
Torture in a Dick Cheney Minute - Amy Davidson, New Yorker
A Close Bond: The President & the CIA Chief - Baker & Mazzetti, NY Times
Sunday, December 14
Coburn Goes Too Far on Veterans Suicide Bill - Montel Williams, Defense 1
The Pentagon's Slush Fund - Julia Harte, Politico Magazine
The Rise of Asia's Mini Marines - Kyle Mizokami, War Is Boring
Why the Battle of the Bulge Still Matters - Michael Peck, National Interest
Navy Claims 13th Straight Against Army - Associated Press
Reversibility in the Army: What Next? - Nathan K. Finney, Medium
Strategy Is a Habit - James Holmes, The Diplomat
A Blast from the Past in Grozny - Anna Nemtsova, Foreign Policy
A Tortured Report - Stephen Hayes & Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
If Torture Worked, Why Did the CIA Lie? - David Cole, Washington Post
Saturday, December 13
5 Russian Weapons for an Arctic War - Robert Farley, National Interest
A Submarine Hunt Off Scotland - Tony Osborne, Aviation Week
Syrian Rebels See U.S. Abandoning Them - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View
Lasers! What Are They Good For? - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Staying Ahead in the Air and Maritime Domains - Shawn Brimley, WOTR
China Banned Export of Its New Stealth Fighter - David Axe, War Is Boring
People's Liberation Army Navy: 2014 in Review - Info. Dissemination
How Libya Gave Up Its WMD - William Tobey, The Bulletin
CIA Torturers Should Be Prosecuted - Kenneth Roth, Washington Post
Military Should Be Pissed About the Torture Report - Halen Allison, T&P
Friday, December 12
The War Hero and the Chicken Hawk - Timothy Egan, New York Times
More Lethal LCS to Be Small Surface Combatant - C. Cavas, Navy Times
Cancelling DDG-1000 Was a Mistake - Ben Freeman, National Defense
Is There a Crisis in Military Morale? - Peter Feaver, Foreign Policy
Lockheed Opens Up About Secret Weapons Unit - Andrea Shalal, Reuters
Laser on a Truck: Army's Role in Offset Strategy - Sydney Freedberg, BD
Drop the Ban on Transgender Troops - Jason Lemieux, Task & Purpose
Window to Reform War Funding Just Opened - Robert Gard, Defense One
Tokyo Keeps Washington Waiting on Defense - Anthony Fensom, Natl Int
Britain the Middle East: We're Back - The Economist
Origins of Turkey's Buffer Zone in Syria - Aaron Stein, War on the Rocks
Force to Fight ISIS Has Manpower, Little Firepower - Ben Hubbard, NYT
Torture Is Who We Are - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
The Exquisite Hell of John Brennan - Shane Harris, Daily Beast
A Travesty of a Report - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Thursday, December 11
Air Force's 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War - Dave Majumdar, Natl Interest
The Tale of the F-35 and Hot Jet Fuel - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
Navy Successfully Tests Laser Weapon in the Gulf - Mark Thompson, Time
Ten Rules for Building Militias - Patricio Asfura-Heim, War on the Rocks
CIA Torture: An Insider's View - John Schindler, XX Committee
This Is Your Brain on Torture - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Fear and Torture - Adam Gopnik, New Yorker
John Brennan's Zigzag on Torture - Michael Crowley, Politico
War & America's Compromisers in Chief - Chris Miller, Cicero Magazine
New Navy Budget Buys...Time - Craig Hooper, Next Navy
Putin: The Geopolitical Nihilist - Jakub Grygiel, American Interest
What Is Putin's Next Move in Ukraine? - Stephen Sestanovich, CFR
India Raises Specter of Nuclear Arms Race in Asia - T. Hussain, McClatchy
China to Take Nukes Where Prying Eyes Can't See - D. Tweed, Bloomberg
Wednesday, December 10
Inside the CIA's Sadistic Dungeon - Tim Mak, Daily Beast
Time to Move Past the Enhanced Interrogation Debate - Overt Action
$554B for DOD in 'Cromnibus' Spending Bill - John Bennett, Defense News
Making Night Raids Successful in Afghanistan - Ernest Lee Ronin, T&P
Iranian Fighter Explains Tehran's War in Syria - Jassem Al Salami, WIB
Can Iran Turn Off Your Lights? - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Service in a Time of Perpetual Conflict - David Mattingly, War on the Rocks
Our Cost Effective Carrier Force - Scott Truver, USNI News
Partisan Torture Report Fails America - Bob Kerrey, USA Today
Michael Hayden Is Not Sorry - Michael Hirsh, Politico Magazine
Exposing the CIA's Stain on America - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
We're Always Still Americans - Thomas Friedman, New York Times

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