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Tuesday, August 26
Why Assad Is Secretly Helping ISIS - David Blair, National Post
No Force on the Ground Now Can Beat ISIS - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
A Losing Battle to Avoid a Hollow Navy - Bryan McGrath, RealClearDefense
It's Time to Sink the Littoral Combat Ship - Hartung & Marx, Defense One
"Maskirovka" Is Russian Secret War - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Lessons from China's "Going Maverick" - Erickson & de La Bruyere, WSJ
PLA Tries Its Hand at Transparency - Simon Hansen, ASPI Strategist
When Might a Great Power War Make Sense? - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
Who's Friend and Foe in Obama's Worldview? - Aaron Menenberg, RCD
Barack Obama Is Not a Realist - Paul Saunders, National Interest
A Realist's Guide to Grand Strategy - William Ruger, Am. Conservative
Clausewitz: The Fighting Soldier - Christopher Mewett, War on the Rocks
Democrats Shaping Attack on CIA Interrogations - Michael Hayden, WT
The Making of Disaster - Roger Cohen, New York Times
The Problem with Bombing ISIS - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
The Islamic State's Home-Field Advantage - Aaron David Miller, FP
A Triangle Game: ISIS, Assad & America - Amy Davidson, New Yorker
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Monday, August 25
Realism on ISIS, Syria & Iran - W. James Antle, American Conservative
Iran Sends Tanks to Iraq to Fight ISIS - Jassem Al Salami, War Is Boring
U.S. Set to Test New Hypersonic Missile - Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
Maintaining the Relevance of the Carrier Air Wing - R. Martinage, TNI
U.S. Submarine Fleet Set to Shrink by 25% - Erik Slavin, Stars and Stripes
Britain's Nuclear Program in Limbo - Griff Witte, Washington Post
Don't Forget Iran's Ballistic Missiles - B. Ben Taleblu, War on the Rocks
Club Med for Terrorists - Ron Prosor, New York Times
Casualties of Cyber Warfare - Cameron Stevens, The Diplomat
How a Female Marine Won Over Her Skeptics - Joshua Stewart, MC Times
Hollow Force: Readiness vs. Modernization - Jack Miller, War Council
How Many F-15s Does Singapore Really Have? - Greg Waldron, Flight Global
Obama's Coming War Powers Fight with Congress - Molly O'Toole, Defense 1
Obama's Strategic Restraint: Doing "Smart Stuff" - Lawrence Korb, TNI
9 Biggest Myths About ISIS - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Finding an ISIS Training Camp Using Google Earth - Kabir Chibber, Quartz
ISIS's Horrifying & Effective Propaganda Machine - Emerson Brooking, CFR
Sunday, August 24
Stealth Attack Boat Too Innovative for DOD - Caroline Winter, Bloomberg
A Backpack Robot That Can Clear Minefields - Michael Peck, War Is Boring
Football Is America's War Game - Mark Edmundson, Los Angeles Times
How a Real Air War Could Crush ISIS - Clive Irving, Daily Beast
Looking to Blame Someone for ISIS? Try the Saudis - Ed Husain, NY Times
ISIS Is a Threat to the U.S. Homeland - Douglas Ollivant, New Republic
Why Can't British Intelligence Stop ISIS Fighters? - Alex Massie, FP
Is Islamic State the Best Possible Enemy? - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Obama's Legacy Could Be a Revitalized NATO - Anne Applebaum, WaPo
Against Putin, It's Time to Channel JFK - Edward Lucas, Politico Magazine
Saturday, August 23
China's Five Military Game Changers - Robert Farley, National Interest
China Pulls a "Top Gun" on the United States? - Burns & Baldor, Assoc Press
The Army Goes to Sea with Its Navy - A. Dolasinski, Fayetteville Observer
Has Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Begun? - Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast
Only the U.S. Can Prevent Great Power War - Alex Ward, The Diplomat
U.S. Entering New Era of Dirty Wars - Russell Crandall, American Interest
Setting Acquisition on FIRE - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
Less Armor, But Better Protection? - Dan Lamothe, Checkpoint
When Superpowers Leave, Stability Doesn't Follow - J. Bew, New Republic
The Moral Hazard of Calling ISIS a Cancer - Michael Boyle, New York Times
Friday, August 22
The Hooded Face of Evil - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Time to Stop ISIS - Charles Krauthammer, National Review
Five Reasons the Navy Needs UCLASS - James Hasik, RealClearDefense
The Legal & Moral Problems of Autonomous Strike - D. Majumdar, USNI
NATO's Second-Class Members - Slawomir Sierakowski, New York Times
NATO's Brave New World - James Stavridis, Foreign Policy
On the Future of Air Power - Nic Stuart, ASPI Strategist
Australia Emerging in Amphibious Warfare - Peter Dean, The Diplomat
Japan Throttles Up Work on Homegrown Fighter - Nikkei Asian Review
Following Jackasses to Insurgents - Dan Lamothe, Checkpoint
Britain's Confusing Flip-Flops on Iraq - The Economist
The Hard Hand of the Middle East - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
How an Iran Hawk Lets IS Off the Hook - Ariane Tabatabai, RealClearDefense
ISIS Is Not America's Only Enemy in Iraq - J. Michael Cole, The Diplomat
Obama vs. ISIS: This Time It's Personal - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
The Only Way to Defeat ISIS - Mark Hertling, CNN
5-Step Plan to Destroy the Islamic State - Zalmay Khalilzad, Natl Interest
Thursday, August 21
Destroy the Islamic State Now - Gen. John Allen, Defense One
Why Washington Should Declare War on ISIS - James Kitfield, Natl Jrnl
Israel's Doomsday Submarines Nearly Ready - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
So What Exactly Is a Killer Robot? - Rose Eveleth, The Atlantic
UCLASS: Unmanned or Just Unmanageable? - Loren Thompson, Lexington
A New Defense Innovation Base - Harrison, Rachami & Zember, WOTR
Black Hawk Modernization Top Army Guard Priority - Paul McLeary, DN
Navy's Nuke Cheating Scandal Getting Even Bigger - Kate Brannen, FP
Northrop Unveils XS-1 Spaceplane for DARPA - Graham Warwick, AvWeek
Iran Speaks Softly, Builds Stronger Sticks - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
The 16th Century Battle That Made the Mideast - A. Pillalamarri, Diplo
Hillary Clinton's New Iraq Gamble - Nicholas Lemann, New Yorker
ISIS Is More Deadly Than Ever - Adi Kochavi & Matan Gilat, Vocativ
The Master Plan: How to Stop ISIS - Harrison & Ryan, National Interest
The Rescue That Wasn't - Mark Thompson, Time
Did America's Ransom Policy Doom James Foley? - David Rohde, Reuters
The UK Jihadists Who Murdered James Foley - Rogin & Lake, Daily Beast
Wednesday, August 20
Don't BS the American People About ISIS - Brian Fishman, War on the Rocks
Will the Ends, Will the Means - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
U.S. Navy SEALs Are Getting New Mini-Subs - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
Air Force Grounds Half of F-16 Fleet - Aaron Mehta, Air Force Times
Why America Needs the Army - Loren Thompson, Army Magazine
Acquisition Lessons from the Once Troubled C-17 - Brady & Winn, ND Mag
Sequester Fears Return - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News
NATO's Version of Netjets - Janine Davidson, Defense in Depth
Uncertain Outlook for German Arms Industry - Deutsche Welle
Crafting a Strategy for Deterring Putin - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Is Barack Obama More of a Realist Than I Am? - Stephen Walt, FP
What Isolationists? Americans Approve Airstrikes - James Lindsay, CFR
Let Iran & ISIS Fight It Out - Lt. Col. Paul Darling, Cicero Magazine
Beyond Terrorism: ISIS & Enemies of Humanity - Amir Taheri, NY Post
Remembering James Foley - Max Fisher, Vox
ISIS Thugs Behead American Journalist - Christopher Dickey, Daily Beast
Tuesday, August 19
Navy Tracking Strange Sounds from the Ocean - Matthew Braga, Atlantic
Navy SM-6 Kills Cruise Missiles Deep Inland - Sydney Freedberg, BD
Legacy Fighters Face Existential Threat from F-35 - Valerie Insinna, ND
Canada's Second Thoughts on the F-35 - Christian Davenport, Wash Post
The Fate of America's Aircraft Carriers - Cid Standifer, USNI News
These Homemade Kurdish Tanks Are Terrible - M. Swenson & D. Axe, WIB
The Soldiers of Sinjar - Andrew Quilty, Foreign Policy
What Makes a Pope Say Yes to War? - Tim Fernholz, Quartz
Will the U.S. Defend Japan? A Definite Maybe - Paul Sracic, The Diplomat
Military Families Forced to Rely on Food Banks - A. Bushatz,
The Great War's Forgotten Soldiers - Shashi Tharoor, Project Syndicate
Israel & the Demise of Mowing the Grass - T.X. Hammes, War on the Rocks
Russia Has Already Invaded Ukraine - Gardels & Talbott, Huffington Post
U.S. Intel Can't Stop the Next Snowden for Years - K. Dozier, Daily Beast
Is Nuclear Arms Control Dead? - Will Hobart, National Interest
What If Deterrence Doesn't Work Anymore? - Loren Thompson, Forbes
U.S. and China Wonder: Is Major War Obsolete? - Rod Lyon, ASPI Strategist
Monday, August 18
Historic Day: X-47B Drone Flies with Manned F-18 - Ali Rockett, Daily Press
Chinese Fighter Jocks Fly at Russia's Top Gun - Thomas Newdick, WIB
Chinese Checkers in the Pacific - Michael Fabey, Aviation Week
5 Indian Weapons Pakistan Should Fear - Kyle Mizokami, National Interest
NATO-Based Nukes for a Dangerous World - Scowcroft, Hadley & Miller, WP
NATO Chiefs Outline Plan for "Dangerous World" - Adam O'Neal, RCD
How to Beat Down a Bully - Jeffrey Stacey & John Herbst, Foreign Policy
Learning from the Summer Wars of 2014 - Matt Cavanaugh, War Council
Don't Forget the Taliban - Frank Hoffman, War on the Rocks
Submariner Loses Round in Custody Battle - Lance Bacon, Navy Times
Life After Iraq: Refugee Begins Career in Uniform - Kevin Lilley, MilTimes
Why We Fight Wars - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Obama Doctrine: Limited Bombing, Stronger Partnerships - Defense News
In Iraq, It's Not Mission Creep - Mark Hertling, CNN
The Common Enemy in Iraq - George Packer, New Yorker
America's Self-Inflicted Iraq Defeat - W. James Antle, Am. Conservative
What Really Happened When ISIS Attacked - C. van den Toorn, Daily Beast
Sunday, August 17
Obama's China Strategy Is Doomed - Ted Galen Carpenter, National Interest
Handmaiden to Africa's Generals - de Waal & Mohammed, New York Times
The Birth of American Airpower - Adam Hebert, Air Force Magazine
Return of the Gun Line - Steve Paschal, Proceedings Magazine
Censorship, Intimidation at Missile Defense Conference - Defense News
The Dangerous Mr. Putin - David Kramer, American Interest
Artillery, Rockets Could Target Airliners - Jassem Al Salami, War Is Boring
Two Sides of the Third Iraq War - Daniel Dolan, USNI News
The Coming Disintegration of Iraq - Joel Rayburn, Washington Post
Shrugging Our Way Back to War in Iraq - P.J. O'Rourke, Daily Beast
Inside the Islamic State: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Saturday, August 16
5 Greatest Military Strategists of All Time - James Holmes, Natl Interest
As World Boils, Fingers Point Obama's Way - Peter Baker, New York Times
The Pinprick President - James Jeffrey, Foreign Policy
The Army Knows Ferguson Police Tactics Are Dumb - R. Beckhusen, WIB
Vietnam Struts Its Military Stuff for Dempsey - Tom Vanden Brook, USAT
America's Military First Pivot to Asia - Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
Revisiting the Navy's Nuclear Option - William Spears, Proceedings Mag
Ernst: I Was Sexually Harassed in the Military - Jay Newton-Small, Time
Is Hillary Too Hawkish to Win in 2016? - Bill Scher, Politico Magazine
Foreign Policy if Hillary Had Won in 2008 - Aaron David Miller, Wash Post

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