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Thursday, April 28
Why The F-22 Trumps The B-52 Against N. Korea - Van Jackson, WOTR
Army's Radical New GXV-T Concept - Stacy Liberatore, Daily Mail
USS Coronado Deploys with Raytheon's Latest Tech - GPS World
F-22 Raptors Fly into Lithuania - Sheryll Klinkel, U.S. Air Force
12 Rules for Being an Effective Leader - Dragan Radovanovic, et al., DI
China & Russia's Hypersonic Rise to Nuclear Superiority - Investor's BD
Inside the Carrier Air Wing - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
Special Operations: The Tunisian Revelations - StrategyPage
Recruiting the Best - Angry Staff Officer, Strategy Bridge
The Coming Robot War - And It's Not with Robots - Max Brooks, MWI
China's Long March Into Central Asia - Stratfor
House Bill Requires Women to Register for Draft - Rebecca Kheel, The Hill
HASC Seeks to Plus-up Army by 45,000 - Matthew Cox,
Obama Sends SOF, Assad Drops Barrel Bombs - James Hasik, Atl. Council
Congress to WH: More FONOPs in South China Sea - Dan De Luce, FPolicy
Military Has Uphill Battle Against Sexual Assault - Dianna Cahn, Stars & Stripes
Carter Troubled by Plan to Cut Wartime Funds - Richard Lardner, AP
Wednesday, April 27
John McCain: F-35 Is "A Scandal and A Tragedy" - Ryan Browne, CNN
A-10 to Hang Around Until F-35 Can Beat It - Alex Lockie, Business Insider
Army Taps BAE Systems for M88A2 Vehicles - Richard Tomkins, UPI
Future Air Force and Navy Fighters to be Distinct - Richard R. Burgess, SP
The Marine Corps' Aviation Fleet Is in Peril - Jeff Schogol, Marine Times
Beijing's SCS "Land Creation": At What Cost? - James Goldrick, Interpreter
Navy, Air Force Reviving Offensive Mining - Michael Pietrucha, USNI News
UK Debuts 'Bunker Buster' Bombs Against IS - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
Snubbed by U.S., Aghan Gov. Turns to Russia - Fatima Tlisova, et al., VOA
White House Slams Proposal to Downsize NSC - Dave Boyer, Wash. Times
Gen Goldfein Air Force COS Nominee - Stephen Losey, et al., AF Times
India-China Competition Across the Indo-Pacific - David Scott, CIMSEC
Secretary Kerry Revisits Vietnam War Before Obama - Paul J. Weber, AP
Senate Urges Big Boost in Military Aid for Israel - Chris Hannas, VOA
U.S. Must Maintain Global Leadership - Ivo Daalder & Robert Kagan, WP
Coast Guard Needs Their Own Drone Fleet - Morgan Chalfant, Free Beacon
McCain to Press for Disclosure of Bomber Bid - Anthony Capaccio, B'berg
Tuesday, April 26
How Marines Learn To Shoot - James Clark, Task & Purpose
Australia Snubs Japan, Picks French Submarine - Paul Colgan, BIA
Marine F-35B Keeps Flying - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
Rapid Acquisition Weapons - Andrew Hunter, Defense One
F-22s Deploy to the Black Sea - Jeremy Bender, Business Insider
How to Get Tough with China - Grant Newsham & Kerry Gershaneck, NatInt
Japan Intercepts Chinese Aircraft 571 Times - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
McCain: Here's my Plan to Reform the VA - Sen. John McCain, T&P
Air Force Versus U.S. Space Launch - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
Why Obama is Sending More Americans to Syria - Paul Shinkman, USN
QDR Dead in 2017 Defense Policy Bill - Joe Gould, Defense News
Pentagon, Congress at Odds Over Bases - Robert Burns, AP
Presence Vs. Warfighting - Michael J. Mazarr, War on the Rocks
Mission Command #Leadership and the U.S. Army - Thomas Williams, SB
A Cyber JSOC - Frank Cilluffo & Sharon Cardash, Defense One
Pentagon Required to Track Military Hazing? - Dan Lamothe, Wash Post
Clapper: June Release of 9/11 Papers "Realistic" - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
Monday, April 25
Navy Combatants Vs. Emerging Missile Threat - Edward Lundquist, NatDef
Army's Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) Missile - army-technology
Navy Ready to Dump Blue Digital Uniform - Mark D. Faram, Navy Times
"The Warrior Monk" - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
Drone-Flattop Wedding & the Wisdom of Seth Cropsey - P. Navarro, RCD
McRaven: Warrior's Career Sacrificed for Politics - William McRaven, TT
China's Hypersonic Weapons - Erika Solem & Karen Montague, Jamestown F.
N. Korean Sub Missile Launch a "Successful Failure" - Brian Padden, VOA
UK and France Activate Joint Expeditionary Force - Tim Ripley, Jane's 360
Air Force's Contribution to the Third Offset - airforce-technology
Defense Study Re-Ignites Debate over Base Closings - Hugh Lessig, DP
U.S. Pushing Iraqis to Man Up Against ISIS - Andrew Tilghman, et al., MT
Budget Indecision Leaves a Restless Army - Gen Sullivan, USA Ret., Army
Republicans Take Aim at NatSec Council - Karoun Demirjian, Wash. Post
U.S. Directs Cyberweapons at ISIS for First Time - David Sanger, NYT
Obama Sends 250 Military Personnel to Syria - Gordon Lubold, et al., WSJ
Bomb-Sniffing Drones - Rob Schultz, Wisconsin State Journal
Sunday, April 24
USN Ready to Dump Military's Most Pointless Uniform - Mark Faram, NT
The 3 Battle Scenes Hollywood Actually got Right - James Clark, T&P
A Warrior's Career Sacrificed for Politics - William McRaven, Tampa Trib.
U.S. Navy Getting its own Osprey Variant - Rich Smith, Motley Fool
JLENS Likely Grounded for Good - Karoun Demirjian, Washington Post
Congress Takes First Step Toward Killing Military Draft - Leo Shane, MT
DoD Gaffe Helps Putin and Assad in Syria - Natasha Bertrand, Biz Insider
U.S. Shifts Troops in Sinai After Militants Attack - W.J. Hennigan, LAT
China to Build Floating Nuclear Power Plants in SCS - L. Todd Wood, WT
ISIS Struggling to Fund its War Machine - Jose Pagliery, CNN Money
Lawmakers Look to get Tough on Russia - Rebeccah Kheel, The Hill
Defeat and Endless War in Afghanistan - Christina Lamb, The Daily Beast
America was Founded on Espionage - Stephen F. Knott, Pittsburgh P-G
Britain Could Send Troops to Libya - Tim Ross, Telegraph
U.S. Developing Bomb Sniffing Drones - Rob Schultz, Wisconsin State Jrnl.
ISIS Claims Downing of Syrian Jet - Don Melvin/Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
North Korea Claims Successful Test of Submarine Missile - Al Jazeera
Dunford Visits Cairo as the Sinai Militancy Intensifies - Missy Ryan, WP
North Korea to Halt Nuke Tests if U.S. Stops Drills - Eric Talmadge, AP
How Private Charity can Help Nat.l Security - J. Carafano & B. Mudd, TNI
Saturday, April 23
Want More F-22s? - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
How Does China's First Aircraft Carrier Stack Up? - CSIS
B-21 Purchases Could Double - James Bach, FedBiz
U.S. Army Tests Israel's Tamir Interceptor - Tamir Eshel, Defense Update
Weekly Recon - Blake Baiers, RealClearDefense
Why the Navy Needs Conventional Submarines - Torsten Heinrich, Dipl.
A Smaller, More Lethal U.S. Army? - Robert Prescott, National Interest
Chinese Nat. Caught Smuggling Stolen U.S. Military Tech - Alex Lockie, BI
Analysis Of The SOCOM Commander's Reading List - Scott Faith, Havok J.
Mattis on Presidential Run and U.S. Foreign Policy Mess - Hope Seck, M
Japan's 5th Gen Fighter Makes Maiden Flight - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
Russia Tests Hypersonic Glide Vehicle on ICBM - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
China to Float Nuclear Power Stations in SCS? - Ben Blanchard, et al., Ind.
Marines Expand F-35B Training Operations - Kelvin Wong, Jane's 360
The Army Modernization Challenge - Rhys McCormick, CSIS
Taliban: Bergdahl Swap as Key "Achievement" - Thomas Joscelyn, LWJ
Complacency in Combat Logistics? - Sandra Erwin, National Defense
Ending the AUMF War - Adam Klein, Lawfare
China Mil-to-Mil Relations Worthwhile? - Roy Kamphausen, et al., WotR
CJCS, SECDEF Visit Marines on "Front Lines" in Iraq - Missy Ryan, WP
Friday, April 22
Ten Most Powerful Militaries in The World - Blake Stilwell, WATM
U.S. Mulls Military Force Against Russia - Carlo Muñoz, Washington Times
Navy Seeks Multiple Platforms to Replace F/A-18 - Sam LaGrone, USNI
Army Institutes New Marksmanship Program - David Vergun, DMA
USS Zumwalt Heads to Sea for Acceptance Trials - Franz-Stefan Gady, Dpl.
Boeing to Upgrade Army AH-64E Apaches - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
It Takes Two to Thucydides - Merriden Varrall, Interpreter
Last Days for the UH-1 Huey in the Air Force - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, WP
China's New Sub-Launched ASCM - Richard Fisher Jr., Jane's 360
House Markup Saves F-35s for 2017 - Lara Seligman, Defense News
Update: Space Launch Battle Heats Up - Jon Harper, National Defense
Cheaper to Keep Troops in South Korea Than U.S. - Ryan Browne, CNN
The Fix to Military Readiness - William D. Hartung, Defense One
Russia's Military Buildup in Syria Concerning - John Irish, et al., Reuters
China Tests Multiple Warhead Ballistic Missile in SCS - Bill Gertz, Free B.
Should Silicon Valley Take the Pentagon Seriously? - James Hasik, Atl.C.
Military Aid to Middle East Allies to Counter Iran - Greg Jaffe, et al., WP
Thursday, April 21
Rebooting F-22 Stealth Fighter Production - Clay Dillow, Fortune
New U.S. Navy Ship Gets Thumbs Up - Richard Tomkins, UPI
Russia Warns U.S. Over Naval Incident - Robin Emmott, Reuters
Why Russia Harasses U.S. Aircraft - Stratfor
Marine Corps' M1A1 Abrams Tank Getting Tougher - Alex Lockie, Bus. In.
100 B-21s by mid-2020 - James Drew, Flight Global
Only Unit in Every Major Conflict Since WWI - Shelby Elphick, WATM
Ensuring A "First Time Go" At Ranger School - Adrian Bonenberger, T&P
T-6C Texan II Turboprop Military Trainer - airforce-technology
Navy's MQ-XX Stingray & Marines' MQ-8C Fire Scout - M. Eckstein, USNI
Obama Adviser: Should Have Bombed Assad - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
Xi Jinping to Take More Control Over Military - Christopher Bodeen, AP
Families of '83 Marine Barracks Bombing Win Vs. Iran - M. Sherman, AP
Strategic Amnesia and ISIS - David V. Gioe, National Interest
Pentagon's Detente Over Defense Mergers - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Combating Daesh in Libya - Saskia van Genugten, EastWest Institute
U.S. Military: Boko Haram, ISIS Deepening Ties - Helene Cooper, NYTimes
Wednesday, April 20
Overstretched Army Loses on New Weapons - Loren Thompson, Forbes
Germany to Stop Tornado Training in U.S. - Nicholas Fiorenza, Jane's 360
Air Force Reluctant to Share Details of B-21 - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
DARPA's New Gremlin Drones - Chloe Olewitz, FOX News
The Case for a United Iraq - David Coghlan, Real Clear Defense
HASC Brings Shipbuilding Budget to Reagan Era - Megan Eckstein, USNI
Army Tests Northrop's New Missile Def. Sys. - army-technology
China's CH-901 UAV and Loitering Munition - Richard Fisher, Jane's 360
Raytheon's R&D Investment Pays Off - For DoD - Daniel Gouré, Lex. Inst.
Combat Aviation Advisors: Strong, Silent, Professional - ShadowSpear
Rules of Engagement Loosened for IS Fight - Tom Vanden Brook, USA T.
Exercise Max Thunder 16 Begins - airforce-technology
General: NK Nuclear ICBM Threat a Reality - Phil Stewart, Reuters
Forbes Proposes Larger Shipbuildng Budget - Bill Bartel, Virginian-Pilot
Bureaucracy Prevents Coast Guard Upgrades - Edmund DeMarche, FOX
Defense Innovation Lagging - Jon Harper, National Defense
Calls for Obama to Investigate Mil. Sexual Assault - Richard Lardner, AP
Tuesday, April 19
AFSOC's CV-22 - Allyson Versprille, National Defense
Deadly C-130J Crash Caused by NVG Case - Phillip Swarts, Air Force Times
2016 Index of U.S. Military Strength - Heritage Foundation
China's High Speed USV Naval Threat - Ridzwan Rahmat, Jane's 360
A New Generation of Unrestricted Warfare - David Barno, et al., WOTR
Trilateral Security Cooperation on North Korea - Christopher Lee, RCD
South China Sea: White House Vs. PACOM - Ashley Townshend, Interpreter
SOCOM's Innovative Acquisition - Sandra Erwin, National Defense Magazine
In the War with ISIS, Don't Forget About Sun Tzu - Sebastian J. Bae, SB
Obama's Farewell Tour in Damage Control - Kathleen Hennessey, AP
Modernizing The Nuclear Triad - Constance Baroudos, et al., Breaking Def.
China Lands Military Plane on Disputed Island - Voice of America
Terrorists at Sea - CAPT Robert N. Hein, USN, CIMSEC
GOP Angry About Weekend Gitmo Transfer - Kristina Wong, The Hill
McCain Presses AF Secretary on Russian Space Launches - SpaceRef
Framing A Defense Reform Agenda for 2017 - Mackenzie Eaglen, AEI
Navy and Marines Spend Big on Cyber Training - Billy Mitchell, FedScoop
Monday, April 18
Australia's Future Submarine - Paul Greenfield, The Strategist (ASPI)
F-35's Fleet Grounding-Warning - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Are Adaptive Jet Engines the Way Forward? - Gareth Evans, AF-Technology
The Death of Command and Control - Kevin Benson, Strategy Bridge
Budgeting for Deterrence - Joshua Hampson, Real Clear Defense
DARPA's Spaceplane - Anika Torruella, Jane's 360
Iran Unveils Tiam Tank - Jeremy Binnie, Jane's 360
Who Will Replace the A-10 Warthog? - Rich Smith, Motley Fool
China's Nuclear Weapons - Brendan Thomas-Noone, Interpreter
Russians Buzz RC-135 Over Baltic - Again - Gordon Lubold, et al., WSJ
The Wages of Treason, Irresolution and Ingratitude - Mark Kelton, TCB
Congress: Military Losing Ability to Win - Justin T. Johnson, FOX News
Marines Respond to Japan's Earthquakes - Andrew deGrandpre, M. Times
Raytheon Gets $1Bn to Build Navy's NextGen Jammers - Naval-Tech.
Ignore China and Deploy THAAD to South Korea - Michael Casey, Nat. Int.
The China Factor in U.S. Foreign Policy - Mercy Kuo, Strategy Bridge
Defense Budget Should Increase as Threats Rise - Sydney Freedberg, BD

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