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Tuesday, July 7
I Thought the F-4 Would Never Dogfight? - David Axe, War is Boring
M1A2 Abrams Goes "Boom!" Operation Speed And Power - Rogoway, FA
Littoral Combat Vessel: The U.S. Navy's Great Relearning - Holmes, NI
Russia Crashes 5 Fighters in One Month - Damien Sharkov, Newsweek
General Running for Reid's Senate Seat - Molly O'Toole, Defense One
Russia's New Naval Anti-Air Gun-Missile (AAGM) - Novichkov, Jane's
Army, Air Force's Laser Wielding MRAP - Kevin Lilley, Army Times
How Likely is Nuclear War with Russia? - Max Fisher, Vox
Marine Corps F-35B Drops First Live Ordnance - Naval-Technology
Chinese Submarines in the Indian Ocean - P.K. Ghosh, The Diplomat
The Spy Tech That Will Keep Iran in Line - Tim Mak, Daily Beast
A Brains-Based Approach to Strategy - Britain - Harlan Ullman, UPI
Coast Guard Chief: We are Far Behind Russia in the Arctic - Bender, BI
China to Snub Arbitration Hearing on Feud with Philippines - Gomez, AP
Air Force's UAV Collaboration System - Pomerleau, Defense Systems
U.S., Vietnam Leaders Meet Over Security, China - Scott Neuman, NPR
POW-MIA Chief to Push for Private-Group Aid - Robert Burns, AP
Monday, July 6
U.S. Readies the Red Carpet for Communist Chief - Grant Peck, AP
Fully Armed F-15SA, The Most Advanced Eagle Ever - Tyler Rogoway, FA
Navy's New $7 Billion Warship - Motley Fool
Iran's Building a New Flying Boat - Chris Biggers, Bellingcat
Russia Unveils Decoy-Resistant MANPADS - Gyürösi, Hughes, Jane's
7 Heroes That Didn't Get the Medal of Honor - Szoldra, We Are the Mighty
Texans Fear Obama Led Military Invasion - Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post
Russia's Nuclear Bluster - Greg Thielmann, National Interest
Archeologists Find U.S. Army Bacon and Sunscreen - Fred Lambert, UPI
Army Exoskeleton Teaches Soldiers How to Shoot - Tyler Lee, Ubergizmo
Requiem For The Obama Doctrine - James Kitfield, Breaking Defense
Fallen Medal of Honor Hero May Finally Come Home - Perry, LA Times
Pentagon Contractors Rated Low on Cybersecurity - Sternstein, NextGov
Can Obama Sell Iran Nuke Deal Back Home? - Dan De Luce, FP
Obama to Visit Pentagon for Update on Islamic State - Leo Shane III, MT
McCain: We Must Revisit Afghan Withdrawal Plan - Munoz, Stars & Stripes
Nigeria: Suicide Bombing Marks End to Bloody Week - Greenberg, Time
Sunday, July 5
Russia's 5 Most Dangerous Warplanes - Evan Gottesman, National Interest
One Analyst Predicted F-35's Dogfight Failure - David Axe, War is Boring
Air Force Officer Told 'Quit Playing Soldier' - Isabel Vincent, NY Post
Army Aims for Positive Improvements with M4A1+ - Jahner, Army Times
CIA's 8 Predictions on Life in 2015 - True or Not? - Nicholas Carlson, BI
Iran's Home-Built Long-Range Radar to U.S. Military Strike - Reuters
Navy Has Retired The EA-6B Prowler - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Swedish Air Force Intercept Russian Bombers - Sarah Berger, IBT
Syria army and Hezbollah in Major Assault near Damascus - Al Jazeera
Video: Norwegian F-16 Intercepting Russians - Cenciotti, The Aviationist
Bragg Soldier Arrested with AR15 at Shopping Mall - Associated Press
South Korean Navy Officer Spying for China - Mark Hanrahan, IBT
Drone of the Day: Hunter - William M. Arkin, Phase Zero
Putin Tells Obama He Wants Equality and Respect - VOA
U.S. Operates Drones From Secret Bases in Somalia - Ty McCormick, FP
Japan Joins U.S.-Australia War Games Amid Tensions with China - , AFP
Tattered U.S.-Russia Relations Go Back Decades - S. Hurst, Assoc. Press
The Declaration of Independence in Context - Helfman, Free Beacon
4 Female Spies of the American Revolution - Liem, We Are the Mighty
Sunni and Shia Animous Doom Iraq's ISIS Fight - Novogrod, Keryakes, NBC
Could ISIS Exist Without Islam? - Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic
Army Embeds Cyber Forces in Combat Training - Erwin, National Defense
Tunisia's President Declares State of Emergency - Markey, Amara, Reuters
Saturday, July 4
The Last of the Vulcans Retires After 55 Years of Service - Attila Nagy, Gizmodo
F-35 Lacked Stealth Coating for Dogfight - Charlton, Calderwood, Daily Mail
The Slow Mobilization Toward War With Putin - Stephen Blank, Newsweek
U.S. Stockpiles Bunker-Buster Bombs for Iran - W.H. Hennigan, LA Times
The bin Laden Death Mythology - Nafeez Ahmed, Medium
ISIS's Special Forces Military Unit - Alessandria Masi, IBT
Taiwan Stands Up to China with World War II Military Parade - AP
KKK Going After Veterans - Vice
DARPA Robotics Challenge Was a Bust - Erik Sofge, Popular Science
The Next Army Secretary? - Dan Lamothe, Washington Post
Gay Pride Adaptation of Iwo Jima Flag Raising - Ryan Harkness, UPROXX
Worst Agreement in U.S. Diplomatic History - Charles Krauthammer, SJ
Adams and Jefferson Breathe Their Last - Cody K. Carlson, Deseret News
Army Sergeant Took Afghan bribes - Duran, Washington Examiner
Egypt's IS Fire Rockets into Israel - Lubell, Mostafa Hashem, Reuters
Turkey Reinforces Syria Border - Orhan Coskun, Reuters
Army Seeks Leap-Ahead Cyber Defense Tech - Joe Gould, Defense News
Weekend Reading: Independence Day Edition - War on the Rocks
Navy Tripling Paid Maternity Leave to 18 Weeks - Jennifer Chang, Quartz
Syrian Army Bombards Aleppo - ABC Online
July 4 Terror Threats an Annual but Necessary Ritual - Hall, Wazwaz, UPI
Friday, July 3
The Man Who Would Not Be George Washington - J. Waters, RCDefense
Confessions Of A U.S. Navy Submarine Officer - T. Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Compact Cannon for British Armored Vehicles - Richard Tomkins, UPI
Russia's Deadliest Sub Will Have a New Home - Franz Gady, Diplomat
6 Great Military Heroes You've Never Heard of - Liem, We Are the Mighty
JPO Counters Report That F-35 Cannot Dogfight - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
Navy's Affordability Plan for Ford-Class Carriers - Osborn,
Aegis Ashore: Navy Needs Relief From Land - Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Why Would Turkey Invade Syria? - Shapiro, Taşpınar, Brookings
'Space Pearl Harbor' debate rages - George Leopold, Defense Systems
Asia's Lethal Naval Arms Race - Sheryn Lee, National Interest
NATO Is not a Real Military Actor - Jyri Raitasalo, War on the Rocks
Colonel Evans Fordyce Carlson: Patriotic Communist? - Adam Weinstein, PS
Is Egypt Falling Into an Islamist Insurrection? - Bob Bowker, Interpreter
U.S. Strike Kills Senior Islamic State Leader in Syria - Dan De Luce, FP
Threatening Stereotypes of Veterans - Brian Adam Jones, Task & Purpose
On Independence Day, Remember Freedom not Free - Bradenton Herald
Thursday, July 2
F-35s Not Shot Down During Army CAS Ex. - Cenciotti, The Aviationist
Could India's Military Really Crush Pakistan? - Walter C. Ladwig III, NI
What The Surrender At Appomattox Teaches Us - Angry Staff Officer, T&P
New Military Strategy Released - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
Neller Nominated As Marine Commandant - Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Defense Cyber Strategy: We Can and Will Hit Back - Amber Corrin, C4ISR
America's 'Plan B' for Iran Problematic - Jeremy Bender, Business Insider
Wake Up Europe. Peace Doesn't Preserve Itself - Stephen Blank, Atlantic Council
Mini-Drones to Revolutionize Ground Warfare? - Nye, We Are the Mighty
New Export Rule Alarms Defense Contractors - S. Erwin, ND Magazine
Confronting China's 'New' Military Challenge - Parameswaran, Diplomat
Pentagon on Alert for July 4th - Kristina Wong, The Hill
McCain on Russia's Duplicitous War on Ukraine - Fernandez, PJM
China's Controversial National Security Law - Gallo, Zhang, VOA
Shutting Down Iran's Nuclear Smugglers - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
U.S. Congressional Delegation Talk Security with Turkey - Daily News
Wednesday, July 1
America's Got Useful Ships Just Lying Around - David Axe, War Is Boring
China Unveils New Island Storming Warships - Zachary Keck, NI
Russia Prepares Legal Right to Invade Baltic States - BBC News
Weapons of the Next World War - Peter Singer & August Cole, The Diplomat
Aegis Ambivalence - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Drones Find Russian Base Inside Ukraine - Pierre Vaux, Daily Beast
Navy is Testing a Submarine-Hunting Drone Ship - Jeremy Bender, BI
The U.S. Military Should 'Go Small' to Defeat ISIS - Newson, Defense One
The New Chiefs in Town - David Barno & Nora Bensahel, War on the Rocks
Lindsey Graham's Wars Worth Fighting - Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic
Navy Doesn't Have Enough Ships for Marines - Christopher Harress, IBT
Vietnam Gets Fourth Submarine from Russia - Parameswaran, Diplomat
First Chinese Submarine Docks In Pakistan - Brendan Byrne, Value Walk
Islamic Militants Attack Egyptian Army - Ashraf Sweilam, AP
Al Qaeda Prison Break in Yemen Frees over 1,200 - Fiona Keating, IBT
U.S.-Funded Afghan Local Police Destabilizing Country - Anderson, Vice
U.S. Fight Against ISIS Nears $3 Billion - Rebecca Shabad, The Hill
Tuesday, June 30
A Conversation on the 'Next World War' - John Waters, RealClearDefense
F-35 Can't Beat F-16 in Dogfight - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Singapore Debuts Stealthy Naval Interceptor - Kelvin Wong, Jane's
Russia's Secret Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Yu-71 - Kukil Bora, IBT
Navy Sees Broader Role for Joint High Speed Vessel - Kris Osborn, DOD Buzz
No, the A-10 Is Not Holding Back the F-35 - David Axe, War Is Boring
Architect of Battle: Buford at Gettysburg - Chris Zeitz, The Bridge
Rumors of a Turkish Invasion of Northern Syria - L. Williams, Interpreter
Scotland Yard Creates SAS-Style Unit - Vikram Dodd, The Guardian
Obama's Cyber 'Red Line' Crossed by China - Marc A. Thiessen, WP
Iran's Missiles - a Windfall for U.S. Defense Contractors - McCleary, FP
Congress Votes Against Arming Kurds - Ahmed, Conetta, Huff. Post
Navy SEALS Skydive in Honor of Fallen Heroes - S. Parker, Virginian Pilot
Military Might is Still Important - David A. Dietsch, Star-Telegram
Congress Wants the Pentagon to Empower Taiwan - Claire Chu, NI
MCCAIN: Spurn Russian Engines Despite SpaceX - Cowan, Reuters
Ukraine, China, ISIS Top Challenges for NATO - Cohen, Atlantic Council
Monday, June 29
Obama's Iran Nightmare - Arthur Browne, U.S. News & World Report
Ignored Navy Reports: Wash-Outs - Larter, Myers, Military Times
Military is OK with Confederate Flag - Pawlyk, deGrandpre, USA Today
Military Update: Senate Votes to End Food-Stamps - Sun Herald
Should the US Spend $1 Trillion on Nuclear Weapons? - Gady, Diplomat
Russia's Ural to Develop its First 4x4 MRAP - Nikolai Novichkov, Jane's
Turkey Plans to Send Troops Into Syria - Thomas Seibert, Daily Beast
U.S. Army Begins Training Ukrainian Soldiers - Corey Flintoff, NPR
Saudi al Qaeda Leader Reported Killed in Afghanistan - Bill Roggio, LWJ
America's Defense Communities At Crossroads - Jeff Mullin, Times Record
U.S. Army Goes Solar - Jessica Hill, DoD Live
Possible Military Aspects of Iran's Atomic Past - TodayOnline
Pentagon Pressured to Allow Transgender Troops - Robinson, Daily Mail
U.S. Marines Test Solar-Powered Drones - Fred Lambert, UPI
Iranian Nuke Talks Miss Target - George Jahn, AP
Congressional Spotlight on Acquisition Reform - A. Mehta, Defense News
Defense Officials: Times Good for Small Bus. Contractors - Erwin, ND
Sunday, June 28
7 Unbelievable Military Weapons - Jeremy Bender, BI
'Fallout' is the Best Nuclear War Story Ever Told - Matthew Gault, WIB
The Military Has a Man Problem - Helen Benedict, Politico
5 Phases of D-Day Explained in this Infographic - Made From History
75 Amazing Images Of U.S. Air Power - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
'Junk Weapons' are Killing Kurdish Troops - Cetti-Roberts, War Is Boring
Russia And NATO Prepare For Possible War - C. Morris, Value Walk
F15s Highlight Anatolian Eagle - David Cenciotti, The Aviationist
India Looks to Replace T-72 Tank Inventory - The Economic Times
Navy Engineer Invents Secure Data Transmission - Richard Tomkins, UPI
Putin's Military Modernization Plan - F. Gady, The Diplomat
Marines Need More Pacific Sea-basing Options - Burgess, Seapower
Why Didn't AFRICOM Predict the Tunisia Attacks? - Arkin, Phase Zero
Constructing a Cyber Superpower - Joe Gould, Defense News
Those Chinese Hackers got into FBI Files Too - Natasha Bertrand, BI
Bush Staffers to Teach Decisionmaking Class on Iraq - Wong, The Hill
3 Takeaways from Lexington Inst.'s Forum on Acquisition - N. Eide, WBJ
A New Cold War in the Void of Space - Kelsey Atherton, Popular Science
'Now or Never' for Cutting Pentagon Waste? - Kristina Wong, The Hill
This Isn't the Time for Military Reductions - Asszony,
Saturday, June 27
61-Year-Old Tank Still Fights Everywhere - S.K. Au-Yeong, War Is Boring
5 Mind-Blowing Facts About the U.S. Military - Jon Davis, We Are the Mighty
U.S. Navy Receives the USS John Warner Nuke Sub - Sam Lagrone, USNI
Rehearsed Russian Invasion of Sweden Causes Alarm - Gazette Review
China Builds Mystery Midget Submarine - Andrew Tate, Jane's
Hypersonic Flight the Next Frontier for the Air Force - Phillip Swarts, AFT
U.S. Will Need More Russian RD-180 Engines - Kilmer, National Defense
Years of Disarray: Interview with Tom Ricks - Joel Wing, Musings On Iraq
U.S. Military Needs New Precision Strike Portfolio - Drew, Flight Global
Japan Eyes Laser Weapon Ahead of G-7 Summit - Asia Times
NATO Is Presiding Over Putin's Division of Europe - Dempsey, Newsweek
3M May Close Body-Armor Unit - Karlee Weinmann, Finance & Commerce
Al-Shabab 'Kills 30' at AU Military Base - BBC
How Much Does the Pentagon Spend On Weapons? - L. Thompson, Forbes
China's Oil Rig Returns to Disputed South China Sea - Panda, Diplomat
U.S. Missile Defense Systems Must Adapt - Larry Luxner, Atlantic Council
The Pentagon's Counter-Drone Testfest - Richard Whittle, Breaking Defense
China Continues Island Building in SCS - Christopher Bodeen, AP
Why Cyber War Is Dangerous for Democracies - Moises Naim, The Atlantic
ISIS's Revenge? 'Bloody Friday' Kills 60 - Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast

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