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Monday, May 25
Memorial Day - James R. Holmes, RealClearDefense
Counterterrorism: Is it Working? - Wesley Clark, The Globe and Mail
Gallery: The Battle of Ramadi Nine Years Laters - Military Times
The First Memorial Day - Malcolm Jones, The Daily Beast
Bravery of America's Female Special Ops - Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Beast
Carter Says Iraqis 'Lack the Will to Fight' ISIS - Jaffe & Morris, Wash Post
History's Next Great War Zone - Gordon Chang, The Daily Beast
Abraham Lincoln: America's Greatest President - Merry, National Interest
The Debate on U.S.-China Relations - Elizabeth Economy, The Diplomat
Army Chiefs Plan for Proposed Joint Arab Force - Maggie Michael, AP
McCain Mocks Obama Over Climate Change - McCarthy, The Guardian
A Memorial Day Nightmare About Pentagon Budgets - Masciotra, Salon
Sunday, May 24
Sikorsky S-97 Raider Achieves First Flight - Joe Gould, Defense News
Why Can't the WH Shut Up About Secret Raids? - Siegel, The Daily Beast
The Day India Company Got Killed - Jimmy Breslin, The Daily Beast
The Enduring Legacy of the USS Samuel Roberts - Peniston, Defense One
Never Surrender the Language - James R. Holmes, RealClearDefense
Military and Civilians Increasingly Divided - Zucchino & Cloud, LA Times
Political Ties Tip Balance on Rafale Deal - Pierre Tan, Defense News
Obama Cares Too Much About Israel - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
How al-Shabaab Turned Against its Foreign Fighters - Scahill, Intercept
Veterans Frustrated by Debate on Iraq War - Santana, Associated Press
Letters From an Army GI at Dachau - Steven Friess, The New Republic
Stupid Pentagon Budget Tricks - Editorial Board, The New York Times
Why Did the Taliban Go to Tehran? - Farhad Peikar, The Guardian
Flags-In Ceremony Sets Stage at Arlington - Tibbetts, Stars & Stripes
A Gritty Look at Reporting the Vietnam War - Andersen Xia, Medill News
Saturday, May 23
A Larger Role for Navy's P-8A Poseidons - Erik Slavin, Stars & Stripes
Pentagon Tried and Failed to Build Sci-Fi Shotguns - Trevithick, WIB
5 Big Decisions to Decide the Future of the Military - Robert Farley, TNI
Skunk Works' Revolution in Drone Technology - Thompson, Forbes
The Big Life of a World War II Ace - Andrew McKie, The Daily Beast
USAF Says F-35A IOC on Schedule - Marina Malenic, IHS Jane's 360
Pentagon's Long-Range Missile Defense in Alaska - Andrea Shalal, Reuters
American Hostage Passed on Escape Chance - Sean Naylor, Foreign Policy
Beijing's Formidable Strategy in S. China Sea - Chunjuan N. Wei, Diplomat
New $1.3M Contract for Jet Engine - Ken Elkins, Charlotte Business Journal
A Soldier in Arlington's 'Old Guard' - Dan Lamothe, The Washington Post
Sweden as 'Land of the Cyclops' - Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
Pentagon Kills $475M Cyber Contract - Aliya Sternstein, NextGov
CIA Ends its Climate Change Program - Jason Plautz, Defense One
The Downward Facing Dogs of War - Johnny Adamic, The Daily Beast
Another Sign the World's Economic Center is Moving East - Holodny, BI
China's Africa Ambitions a Sign of Future Strategy - Gould, Defense News
Make Time for Memorial Day's True Purpose - King, The Washington Post
DoD's Faux Contracting Competitions - Daniel Goure, Lexington Institute
EU's Cynical Plan to Use E. Europe - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Friday, May 22
Sikorsky S-97 Raider About to Take to the Skies - Jon Harper, ND Mag
USAF Aircraft to Fire Lasers by 2023? - Kris Osborn,
Britain Resigns as A World Power - Fareed Zakaria, The Washington Post
Air Force Looks to Gunship Modernization - Scott Gourley, IHS Jane's 360
It's Time to Give Allies the A-10 - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Provoking Beijing Will Only Backfire - Feng Zhang, Foreign Policy
Restoring U.S. Navy's Electronic Warfare Prowess - Jon Solomon, ID
Spec Ops to Obama: Let Us Fight ISIS - Kimberly Dozier, The Daily Beast
China's Military Using Jamming Against U.S. Drones - Gertz, Free Beacon
Naval History Guide to U.S. Museum Ships - USNI Staff, USNI News
A Civilian's Guide to U.S. Military - Adam Reiffen, Adequate Man
Exoskeletons and Body Armor for SOCOM Suit - Cox,
Ultralight Vehicles Star at Spec Ops Show - Joe Gould, Defense News
Air Force Releases Strategic 'Master Plan' - Aaaron Mehta, Defense News
Saudi Arabia Seeks 10 Sea Hawk Helicopters - Mustafa, Defense News
Competition for Design of New WWI Memorial - Bob Niedt, WBJ
China and Russia Conclude Naval Drill - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
Thursday, May 21
Inside America's Next Spy Plane - Clay Dillow, Popular Science
B-52 Debut at 'Eager Lion' Exercise in Jordan - Jeff Schogol, Military Times
China Warns U.S. Spy Plane in S. China Sea - Jim Sciutto, CNN Military
The $2B Arms Deal with Israel - Jill Aitoro, Washington Biz Journal
USMC Eyes Options for Future Light Vehicle - Joe Gould, Defense News
Will F-35 Pilots Command a Swarm in Flight? - Gady, The Diplomat
Bin Laden's Surprising Taste in Literature - Adam Chandler, The Atlantic
'We Were Right to Fight in Iraq' - William Kristol, USA Today
America Needs an Open-Source Fusion Center - Carolyn Schapper, Cicero
SOCOM Needs More Non-Traditional Tech Partners - Harper, ND Mag
CIA Interrogator Punished for Cooperation with Probe - Leopold, VICE
Sec Nav: Cyber is the Future of Warfare - Versprille, National Defense Mag
Americans Want the Patriot Act to Die - Neema Singh Guliani, Daily Beast
Ramadi's Fall to ISIS 'Breaks My Heart' - Hope Hodge Seck, Mil Times
Bin Laden Wanted to Set Up Shop in Iran - Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast
ISIS Just Captured One of Syria's Most Magnificent Cities - Schatz, MJ
'Lead the Fight On Climate Change' - Barack Obama, Time
Wednesday, May 20
One Go-To Graphic for All Navy Aircraft - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
USAF's New Unmanned Strategy for F-35s - Kris Osborn,
Aircraft Carrier $370M Over Cost Cap - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
CIA and Myths of the Bin Laden Raid - Peter Maass, The Intercept
Inside the Stunning Fall of a Green Beret Hero - Dan Lamothe, Wash Post
America's ISIS Crisis is Just the Beginning - Steven Bucci, National Interest
U.S. SOCOM Evaluates Vehicle for Osprey - Joe Gould, Defense News
USMC Confident of CH-53K IOC in 2019 - Marina Malenic, IHS Jane's 360
A Brief, Visual History of Weapons - Jackie Lay, The Atlantic
Pentagon Wasted $34M On a Building - R. Jeffrey Smith, The Daily Beast
What Makes a Great CIA Spy? - Jonathan Fisher, Business Insider
U.S. Navy Concerned About Compromise of IBM Servers - Eva Dou, WSJ
Strip clubs, Casinos: DoD Gets a $1M Surprise - Tilghman, Military Times
Are We Exaggerating China's Cyber Threat? - Jack Detsch, The Diplomat
USAF Shelled Out $14B to Companies Without Contracts - Aitoro, WBJ
Obama: Climate Change a National Security Issue - Shane, Military Times
House Passes Slate of Vet-Themed Bills - Leo Shane, Military Times
Tuesday, May 19
The Secret Stealth Helo's in Syria Raid - David Cenciotti, The Aviationist
It's OK 19 Women Washed Out of Ranger School - Lemmon, Wash Post
USAF Gets Closer to Testing Hypersonic Weapon - McGarry,
We Need a Commander-in-Chief, Not a Historian - Rothman, Commentary
Secret X-37B Space Plane Prepares for Launch - Newcomb, ABC News
'Mission: Unstoppable' -- CIA in the Middle East - Dreazen & Naylor, FP
Boeing's Disappointment Over UCLASS Delay - Sweetman, Aviation Week
Pentagon's South China Sea Overkill - Greg Austin, The Diplomat
My Son Died for Ramadi. Now ISIS Has It. - Michael Daly, The Daily Beast
Obama's ISIS Strategy Takes a Hit - Fabian & Wong, The Hill
Me and Saddam - William Arkin, Phase Zero
U.S. Still Wants Advanced Missile Defenses in Korea - Bill Gertz, WFB
Kerry Helped Free U.S. 'Spies' Trapped in Ukraine - Rogin & Lake, BV
New Trade Deal Could Undermine Security in Asia-Pacific - Wessel, CFR
U.S. Interrogation Team Heads to Iraq - Missy Ryan, The Washington Post
Military Drone Pilots Don't Get Enough Training - Jamie Condliffe, FA
Japan Defense Minister Queries U.S. on Osprey Crash - Bloomberg
Monday, May 18
Cold War Battle: F-86 Saber v. MiG 15 - Michael Peck, The National Interest
Russia's Armor Revolution - de Larrinaga & Novichkov, IHS Jane's 360
USAF Weaponizes Hypersonic Vehicles - Marina Malenic, IHS Jane's 360
Saudi Arabia to Buy Nukes from Pakistan - Bill Sanderson, New York Post
The Real Story of Benghazi - Michael Morrell, Politico
These Elite Helo's Fly Washington's Power Players - Tyler Rogoway, FA
New Putin Invasion Coming this Summer - Weiss & Miller, The Daily Beast
Why Russia Fears an Iran Nuclear Deal - Elena Holodny, Business Insider
Russian Troops Captured in Ukraine Transferred to Capital - AP
Ex-Green Beret Accused of Murder Fights for His Career - Assoc. Press
After Syria Raid, FBI Gathers Intelligence - Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast
1 Killed, Others Hurt in Hawaii Osprey Crash - Jessica Akina, CBS News
Military Leaders Gather to Talk Amphibious Warfare - McAvoy, AP
Violent Warfare is on the Wane, Right? - Mark Buchanan, Medium
Defense Bills Cause Transparency Jitters - Josh Gerstein, Politico
U.S. Asia Policy: Past, Present and Future - Kuo & Tang, The Diplomat
Pentagon Faulted in Sex Assault Cases - Schwartz, Wall Street Journal
Sunday, May 17
U.S. Troops Fought 'Hand to Hand' in Syria Raid - The Daily Beast
U.S. Commandos Kill Senior ISIS Leader - Burns & Deeb, Associated Press
Navy Develops Autonomous Air-Launched F-18 Missile - Osborn, DT
USAF Eyes Competition for Possible F-35 Upgrades - Shalal, Reuters
Risk of U.S.-China Confrontation in S. China Sea Increases - Yang, Jane's
Japan's Plan to Conquer Global Arms Market - Gady, The Diplomat
$250M Facility Planned at Beale Air Force Base - Kruger, Appeal-Democrat
James Baker to Lead Pentagon Strategy Shop - Joe Gould, Defense News
FBI: Computer Expert Briefly Made Plane Fly Sideways - Weise, USAT
American Decline Debated - Frank Hoffman, War on the Rocks
Pentagon's Batsuits and Magic Carpets - Mulrine, Christian Science Monitor
Fearing Russia, Baltics Step Up Military Exercises - Birnbaum, Wash Post
China Making Some Missiles More Powerful - Sanger & Broad, NY Times
10 Keys to Ground Campaign Against ISIS - Jessica Lewis McFate, ISW
Senators Struggle with ISIS War Bill - Jordain Carney, The Hill
Saturday, May 16
The Navy's New High-Powered Optics - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
30 Photos that Captured the Day WWII Ended - Popular Mechanics
James Holmes' Summer Reading List - James R. Holmes, RealClearDefense
Why Chinese and Russian Ships are Prowling the Med - Jim Holmes, FP
Seymour Hersh's Bin Laden Story Rings True - Adnan Khan, MacLean's
What Happened After Appomattox? - Owens, National Review Online
Europe's Shattered Dream of Order - Krastev and Leonard, Foreign Affairs
Pilot of Crashed Huey Described as 'Overachiever' - Perkins, Mil Times
USAF Vet Chosen to Replace 'Yoda' at Pentagon - Jaffe, Washington Post
ISIS 5 Most Lethal Weapons of War - Daniel DePetris, The National Interest
Gen. McChrystal: Leadership Beyond the Battlefield - Wall Street Journal
Putin Tries to Freeze the Ukraine Conflict - Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
U.S. Excludes China from New Mil Meeting - Parameswaran, Diplomat
Data but No Decisions in USMC Gender Study - Hodge Seck, Military Times
Morsi Sentenced to Death in Egypt - Hamza Hendawi, Time
China is Selling Drones to Jordan - Martin Matishak, The Hill
6 Marines, 2 Nepalese Believed Dead in Helo Crash - Sisk,
'Good Kill' and the Drone Problem - Ali Gharib, The Nation
Pentagon Claims ISIS is on the 'Defensive' - Nancy Youssef, The Daily Beast
Pearl Harbor Veteran Turns 95 - Rebecca Burylo, Montgomery Advertiser
Friday, May 15
Russia Developing 'Shtorm' Supercarrier - Novichkov, IHS Jane's 360
19 Game-Changing Weapons - Rosen, Bender & Macias, Business Insider
A Disconnected U.S. Military - Tom Risen, U.S. News & World Report
Mattis: U.S. Suffering 'Strategic Atrophy' - John Grady, USNI News
A New Philippine Base Near S. China Sea - Parameswaran, The Diplomat
DoD Showcases Tech Breakthroughs - Jill Aitoro, Washington Biz Journal
Upgrades to B-2 Radios, Weapons - Kris Osborn, Defense Tech
Wreckage of USMC Helo Found in Nepal - Suryatapa Bhattacharya, WSJ
China Will Soon be a Military Power - J.L. Granatstein, The National Post
China Advances in Satellite-Based Landings - John Croft, Aviation Week
NATO's Biggest Anti-Sub Exercise Ever - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Simple Rules and Tools for Modern Leadership - Chris Miller, Cicero
Japan's Package on Expanding Military Role - Hongo, Wall Street Journal
It's an Arms Fair, Not Diplomacy - William Hartung, Foreign Policy
Senate Targets Pentagon Spending on Sports - Vanden Brook, USA Today

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