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Wednesday, June 29
Gen. Goldfein's Top 5 Priorities - Mackenzie Eaglen, Breaking Defense
Russian Warship Nearly Clips U.S. Navy - Dmitry Solovyov, et al., Reuters
Trouble Ahead in East Africa - Ian Platz, RealClearDefense
UAE Goes After Al-Qaeda in Yemen - William Maclean, et al., Reuters
Sebastian Junger: Genesis of "Tribe" Part II - David Craig, RCD
Marine Corps Gets 2nd F-35 Squadron - Hope Hodge Seck, DoD Buzz
Navy Receives USS Montgomery LCS - Naval-Technology
Iran Still Flying F-14 Tomcats - David Axe, War Is Boring
Guns Out: Army Poised to Allow Sleeves Up - Dan Lamothe, Wash. Post
Russia Is in Charge in Syria - Sam Heller, War on the Rocks
U.S., China Kick Off RIMPAC 2016 - Kirk Spitzer, USA Today
Why Russia Is a Threat to The International Order - Paul Dibb, Strategist
Russia Turning Black Sea into Russian Lake - Stephen Blank, Atl. Council
Insurgents Withdraw from Afghan Peace Talks - Bill Roggio, LWJ
Anti-Islamic State Forces Gaining Momentum - Richard Lardner, AP
MUOS - Key to Global Military Connectivity - Loren Thompson, Forbes
NATO Must Increase Troop Presence - Ashish Kumar Sen, Atlantic Council
Tuesday, June 28
An Easy Primer on the South China Sea - Kori Schake, RealClearDefense
Missile Defense: More Allied Cheap Riding - Charles V. Peña, RCDefense
Wars and the Genesis of "Tribe" - Sebastian Junger, RealClearDefense
8 Legendary Military Blunders - Sarah Sicard, Task & Purpose
Northrop Grumman to Build DARPA's "Flying Wing" - The Register
China's New Nuclear Attack Submarine - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Maximizing the Lethality of Armored Forces - Pete Norris, Strategy Bridge
MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) - , Army-Technology
The U.K. Prepares for the F-35 - Tony Osborne, Aviation Week
Now Only NATO Unites Europe - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
Remotely Operated Howitzers? - Rupert Pengelley, Jane's 360
McChrystal Talks Strategy and DoD Reforms - Leo Shane, Military Times
Army Anti-Artillery Radar Tracks UAVs - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Def.
Boeing Seeks to Dominate Military Aviation Logistics - Sandra Erwin, ND
Military Bands' Strategic Value - Leo Shane III, Military Times
Brexit - Security Implications - Almut Möller, The Cipher Brief
Corker, McCain: Don't Quit On Nuke Modernization - Joe Gould, Def.News
Monday, June 27
Why Congress Wants to Fire So Many Generals - Saagar Enjeti, Daily Call.
GPS OCX Cuts - Wrong Move for The Warfighter - John McGuiness, RCD
Space and the Right to Self Defense - Rebeccah L. Heinrichs, et al., Hudson I.
Modern Military Requires Upgraded Intel Sys. - Larry Harrington, RCD
Army's EMARSS-M Maiden Flight - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
How Will China React to UNCLOS Ruling? - Patrick Cronin, et al., WotR
Sikorsy Expands Marine's CH-53K Heavy-Lift - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
NATO's Exposed Sector on the Eastern Flank - Vladimir Socor, Eurasia DM
Army's Kiowa Makes Final Deployment - Luke Carberry Mogan, Army Times
Ukraine Observers Take Up Arms? - Paul Shinkman, U.S. News & World R.
CIA Weapons for Syrian Rebels Sold to Arms Black Market - Reuters
America Needs Nuclear Weapons - Jack Caravelli, Free Beacon
Islamic State Expelled from Fallujah - Loveday Morris & Mustafa Salim, WP
Brexit: Good for Russia, Headache for NATO - Dan De Luce, et al., For.Pol.
U.S.-Russia Tensions Complicate Syria War - Heather Murdock, VOA
Tunisia - Jihadi-Salafism's Growing Threat - Haim Malka, et al., CSIS
Islamic State Attacks in Eastern Afghanistan - Agence France Presse
Sunday, June 26
5 Most Powerful Navies of 2030 - Kyle Mizokami, The National Interest
F-4 Phantom: Great Fighter With bad Reputation - Sebastien Roblin, WIB
Northrop to Expand Hush-Hush DARPA Drone Project - Rich Smith, MF
Airbus Studying Successor for German Tornados - Craig Hoyle, FG
National Guard Coming to Dangerous Crossroads - Leo Shane III, MT
Sikorsky Expands CH-53K Heavy-Lift Envelope - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
USAF Weighing Replacement F-35 Ejection Seat - Aaron Mehta, Def. News
The Story Behind Iwo Jima Photo Discovery - Hope Hodge Seck, Military
China Launches Next-Generation Carrier Rocket - Azadeh Ansari, CNN
Seventy Years of U.S. Navy Innovation - Maritime Executive
Cold War 2.0: U.S. in Eastern Europe - Lucian Kim, VICE News
Turkey to Modernize Pakistan's Attack Subs - Franz-Stefan Gady, Diplomat
Official Denies OSCE Arming Itself in Ukraine - Paul D. Shinkman, USN
Video Tribute to Fallen Blue Angel - Eric Tegler, Popular Mechanics
Brexit's Fallout on U.S. Foreign Policy - Carol Morello, Washington Post
Fallujah's Forever War - Jane Arraf, Foreign Policy
ISIL Launches Attacks in E. Afghanistan - Rafiq Sherzad, et. al, Reuters
Obama: 'Special Relationship' With UK Will Endure - New York Times
Iraqi Official: Fallujah 'Fully Liberated' - Voice of America
Al-Shabab Attack at Mogadishu Hotel Kills 15 - Al Jazeera
Saturday, June 25
5 Bad--- General Mattis Quotes - James Clark, Task & Purpose
Navy Accepts Delivery of USNS Carson City - Seapower Magazine
Weekly Recon 25JUN2016 - Blake Baiers, RealClearDefense
Lockheed Considers Air-to-Surface Nemesis - Robin Hughes, Jane's 360
Navy Hails French Flagship for Pounding ISIS - David Larter, Navy Times
Navy to Demo Swarming Drones at Sea - Hope Hodge Seck,
Bollinger Delivers Fast Response Cutter to Coast Guard - Mike Hill, THC
China Cuts Comm. Mechanism With Taiwan - Ben Blanchard, Reuters
Strategic Reversal in Afghanistan - Khorshied Samad, RAND
Another Navy CDR Relieved Over Iran Incident - Tara Copp, Stars & Str.
Military Origins of the Cardigan - Allison Geller, The Atlantic
U.S. Fleet Forces Pushing Distributed Operations - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
Nuke Missile Collaboration Now Up To Air Force - Sydney Freedberg, BD
Atlas Rocket Launches for 1st Time Since March - Marcia Dunn, AP
Photo Journal: Ex. Swift Response - Airborne - David Choi, Business Insider
Raytheon to Upgrade Kuwait's Patriot Missiles - James Bach, FedBiz
GM Works with Navy on Underwater Fuel-Cell Drones - Matthew Cox, DB
Military Plans to Lift Transgender Ban - Paul Sonne, Wall Street Journal
Strategic Effects of Proliferating Military UAVs - Kenneth Anderson, Lawfare
Army to Test Autonomous Vehicles - Ed Oswald, Digital Trends
Friday, June 24
Navy Testing New Super Power Laser Weapon - Yasmin Tadjdeh, Nat.Def.
Army Doesn't Care About the A-10 - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
China's New Nuclear Sub - Richard D. Fisher Jr., Jane's 360
"Camo-Out" Ruining Sleeves Up for Army - Russell Galeti Jr., Army Times
Get Ready for Another Iraq War - Seth Moulton, Washington Post
F-35A On Track for Initial Operational Capability - PDD Net
U.S. Backed Forces Close in On Raqqa - Sarah El Deeb, AP
The Dead Drop - Anonymous, The Cipher Brief
U.K., U.S. Explore F-35 Partnership In Britain - Tony Osborne, Aviation W.
First U.S. Attacks On Taliban Under New Rules - Tom Vanden Brook, USA T
Navy Gearing Up for RIMPAC: World's Largest Ex. - Chris Jennewein, TSD
Marine Misidentified in Iwo Jima Photo - Michael Schmidt, NYTimes
Micromanaging The Micromanagers? - Colin McElhinny, Strategy Bridge
Navy Should Consider Private Sector for Helo Training - Daniel Gouré, LI
Hundreds of New U.S. Troops to Iraq A "Possibility" - Barbara Starr, CNN
Exporting Jihad: Bosnia and Kosovo - Kaitlin Lavinder, The Cipher Brief
U.S. Seeks NATO Help in Afghanistan - Ashish Kumar Sen, Atlantic Council
Thursday, June 23
Navy Officers in Crosshairs Over Iran Debacle - Dan De Luce, For. Policy
Army's "Non-Deployable" Soldiers Problematic - Daniel Wasserbly, Jane's 360
India's Entry to The Nuclear Suppliers Group - Dr. Adityanjee, RCDefense
Lockheed Martin Rolls Out First Israeli F-35 - Max B. Baker, Star-Telegram
How the Red Cross Killed Non-Lethal Weapons - Gary Anderson, WSJ
Deterring Russia - Michael Kofman, War on the Rocks
Obama Wants to Stop Subsidizing Israel's Def. Industry - Eli Lake, B.View
Combatant Cyber Command? - Katie Bo Williams, The Hill
Obama's Generals Want More U.S. Troops in Iraq - Josh Rogin, Wash. Post
Ukraine's Long Crisis - Melinda Haring, Atlantic Council
North Korea's Successful Missile Launch - Foster Klug & Hyung-Jin Kim, AP
Air Force Digs In On Bomber Cost Secrecy - Valerie Insinna, Defense News
Jordan: Stability Amidst Chaos - Bennett Seftel, The Cipher Brief
Struggling to Keep Up with Foreign Mil. Sales - Loren Thompson, Forbes
Condemning Russia's "Reckless Actions" - Rebecca Kheel, The Hill
An Implausible Strategy Toward Syria - Aaron David Miller, WSJ
Bureaucracy Hamstrings Cyber Vs. ISIS - Sydney Freedberg, Br. Defense
Wednesday, June 22
Barbarossa and Its Lessons for the Living - John L. Chapman, RCDefense
F-35 Engine Upgrade Gathers Pace - Guy Norris, Aviation Week
A-10s Land on Estonian Highway - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Washington Post
We Already Have an Arsenal Plane - B-52 - T.J. May & Mike Pietrucha, WotR
Marines Forced to Pull F-18s Out of "Boneyard" - Perry Chiaramonte, FOX
Army's New Long-Range Precision Fires - Daniel Wasserbly, Jane's 360
New Tank Turret Can Control Drones, Too - Kelsey Atherton, Popular Sci.
F-35 Software Runs Smoothly - Valerie Insinna, Defense News
Air Force to Rethink U-2 Retirement Plan - Marina Malenic, Jane's 360
Upgraded GPS Necessary for National Security - Slim Marlar, Wash.Exam.
Northrop Hiring Personnel For B-21 - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg
North Korea Missile Reaches New Heights - Ju-Min Park, et al., Reuters
Top General: No Strategy Against ISIS in Libya - Ryan Browne, CNN
Russia's Growing Strategic Nuclear Forces - Mark Schneider, NIPP
DOJ Opposes Obama's Guantanamo Proposal - Charles Levinson, Reuters
Army: Aviation Plus-Ups Trigger Cuts Elsewhere - Jen Judson, Defense N.
Investing in Land and Sea - Robert J. Papp, The Cipher Brief
Tuesday, June 21
U.S. Navy's "Acoustic Superiority" - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
America Needs a More Lethal Army - Daniel Gouré, Lexington Institute
What A New Chinese ADIZ Means for Asia - Todd Crowell, RealClearDefense
David Petraeus: A Shot from The Grave - G. Murphy Donovan, Small Wars J.
The Few, The Proud, The Physically Fit - Lolita C. Baldor, AP
Pentagon's Renewed Vow to Build 2,443 F-35s - Anthony Capaccio, Bloomb.
Use of Force in Afghanistan Leaves Troops Baffled - Michael Phillips, WSJ
CNO: 2 Carriers for Regional Security - David Brunnstrom, et al., Reuters
Marine's ACV Prototype - Jen Judson, Defense News
Ensuring Naval Dominance in Trying Times - George Nethercutt, Def. News
Science Under the Gun - David J. Garren, Small Wars Journal
Palantir to Sue Army Over DCGS - Sean Lyngaas, FCW
Obama's Last Chance to Fix Almost Everything - Frida Ghitis, CNN
GCC Ballistic Missile Defense - U.S. Priority - Theodore Karasik. et al., Lex.I.
The Case for A U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan - Doug Bandow, Bus.Ins.
The Chinese Communist Party Under Xi Jinping - Will Edwards, Cipher Br.
Iran's "Past" Nuclear Weapons Program - Jay Solomon, Wall Street Journal
Monday, June 20
More F-22s Could Mean Less F-35s - Jon Harper, National Defense Magazine
Russia's "Flying Tank" - Orvelin Valle, We Are the Mighty
Getting to the Roots of Acquisition Reform - Matthew Fay, et al., RCD
Navy Trades Speed for Firepower - David Sharp, AP
U.S. and Russian Jets Clash Over Syria - David Axe, Daily Beast
Why The Navy Needs the EV-22 - Ben Ho Wan Beng, Diplomat
War Is Hell - Simon Worrall, National Geographic
U.S. Aircraft Carriers Start Drills Off Philippines - Agence France-Presse
U.S. Coast Guard in the South China Sea? - Aaron Picozzi, et al., WotR
ISIS Threat to U.S. Air Bases - Paula Hancocks, CNN
Restructuring the Army to Support Deployments - Joshua M. Sturgill, SWJ
This Is Your Brain On War - Adam Linehan, Task & Purpose
CYBERCOM: What Threats to Fear the Most - Rebecca Blumenstein, WSJ
A New National Security Space Strategy - Theresa Hitchens, et al., AtlCouncil
"Hack the Pentagon" Program Nets 138 Issues - David Murphy, PC Mag.
Leidos Acquires Lockheed's Information Sys. Unit - Loren Thompson, Forbes
Thousands Protest U.S. Military in Okinawa - Merrit Kennedy, NPR
Sunday, June 19
2 Carriers Sail in Pacific, Hoping China Takes Notice - Jane Perlez, NYT
2nd Zumwalt Destroyer Named After Navy SEAL - Patrick Whittle, AP
Avro Arrow: Canada's Cold War Super Jet - Robert Farley, National Interest
A Nuclear Weapon U.S. Doesn't Need - D. Feinstein & E. O. Tauscher, NYT
NATO Defending Suwalki Gap Against Russia - Julian E. Barnes, WSJ
How China's Navy Rapidly Modernized to Rival the USN - Alex Lockie, BI
Why the U.S. Gator Navy Needs the EV-22 - Ben Ho Wan Beng, Diplomat
Norway Boosts Defenses Against "Unpredictable" Russia - France24
Canada Must Decide to Invest in, or Loose its Subs - Lee Berthiaume, NP
NK Calls Arrival of U.S. Submarine a 'Direct Threat' - Kim Gamel, S&S
An F-35 is Only as Good as its Country's Leaders - Amir Oren, Haaretz
Podcast: Is it time to get rid of the Air Force? - Jason Fields, Reuters
Advocates Decry A-10 Retirement Schemes - Bryant Jordan, DoD Buzz
Welcome to the new Arms Race - Christian Davenport, Washington Post
Russia Cluster-Bombed U.S.-Syrian Fighters - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, WP
Mexico's Cartels a Greater Security Risk Than ISIS? - Jeremy Kryt, TDB
Will Lockheed's F-35 Machinists Strike? - Max B. Baker, Fort Worth S-T
German FM Warns Against NATO "Saber-Rattling" - David McHugh, AP
Thousands Protest U.S. Bases on Okinawa - Tim Kelly, Reuters
Assad Discusses Military Cooperation with Russia - Reuters

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