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Friday, March 6
Question: Just How Strong Was the Soviet Navy? - Holmes, RCDefense
Nazi Germany's Plan to Strike the U.S. Homeland - Huard, War is Boring
What the US Navy Could Learn from Danish Frigate Design - USNI News
Lessons from the Lusitania - Greg King, The History Reader
Pentagon Gets Authority To Hire 3,000 Cyber Pros - Sternstein, D1
Former Spy Who Infiltrated Congress's Cyber Policy Debate - CSM
China Debates: Is War with U.S. Inevitable? - Lyle Goldstein, TNI
Another Munich or Another Cuban Missile Crisis? - T. Wein, WOTR
Malaysia's S. China Sea Policy: Playing It Safe - P. Parameswaran, Diplomat
Bibi Blows Up the Special Relationship - Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy
The Secret Weather Manipulation Program of Vietnam War - Gizmodo
We Cannot Reason with Iran - Jack David, RealClearWorld
More Dems Urge Obama To Arm the Ukrainians - O'Toole - Defense One
America Can Stop Chinese Actions in Asia - Harry Kazianis, TNI
Congressmen Rally For Ohio-Class Sub Replacement - National Defense
Navy, OSD Studies Could Save F-18 Line - S. Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Thursday, March 5
A-10s Battling ISIS Won't Use Depleted Uranium Ammo - Trevithick, WIB
A Stalemate Ukraine Can Win - Alexander J. Motyl, Foreign Policy
How Much Will America's New Bomber Cost? - A. Davies, ASPI
The Lethal Legacy of the Vietnam War - George Black, The Nation
Obama's China Toolkit: In Need of Serious Repair - Mazza, RCDefense
NATO Unleashed: Stopping Russia in Its Tracks - Marik String, TNI
One Way to Counter Chinese Hacking: Poison the Well - Segal, CFR
General Amnesty: Petraeus's Escape - David A. Graham, The Atlantic
The Troubles that Await Europe - Andy Langenkamp, RealClearWorld
A Corridor to a Closer Sino-Pakistani Alliance? - Raza Rumi, WOTR
How America Can Reassure Allies in the S. China Sea - McDevitt, CSIS
Exit Counter-Intervention, Enter Peripheral Defense - Haas, Diplomat
Satellite Exploded in Orbit and No One's Sure Why - Dollaghan, Gizmodo
The Arms Control Fallacy - Adam Garfinkle, The American Interest
Navy Ups Its Size Goal to 308 Ships By 2020 - Megan Eckstein, USNI
Defending the World's Largest Defense Budget - F. Gady, The Diplomat
A New Model of U.S. Defense Cooperation - Patrick Cronin, WOTR
VIDEO: Japan's Strategic Outlook Explained - Jacob Heilbrunn, TNI
Wednesday, March 4
Petraeus Mistress Got Covert Intel, Obama Briefs and More - The Beast
When a Piece of U.S. Atomic Artillery Went AWOL - Matthew Gault, WIB
Dempsey Says It's Time to 'Consider' Arming Ukraine - Lubold, D1
Can the UK Afford to Defend Itself? - Malcolm Chalmers, BBC
Should We Fear China's Growing "Naval Tourism"? - Phil Baxter, War Is Boring
Unleash the Swarm: The Future of Warfare - Paul Scharre, WOTR
Mariupol: Putin's Next Prize in Eastern Ukraine - Pierre Vaux, FP
Putin's 'Red October': Russia's New Submarine - F. Gady, The Diplomat
These 5 People Will Make or Break an Iran Deal - Daniel DePetris, TNI
National Security Marketplace Must Become Stronger - C. Taylor, WOTR
Carter: Budget Cuts Threaten US Interests - John T. Bennett, Defense News
Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons Capability - G. Allison, Foreign Policy
Will Australia's Next PM Pivot Towards China? - The American Interest
Slow Demise of US Bipartisan Support for Israel - J. Judis, Foreign Affairs
Bibi's War Cry Rings Hollow in Congress - Reza Marashi & Trita Parsi, TNI
VIDEO: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine (Part 1) - VICE News
VIDEO: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine (Part 2) - VICE News
Tuesday, March 3
How to Deter China: Enter Archipelagic Defense - Holmes, RCDefense
Twitter Suspends 2,000 ISIS-linked Accounts Last Week - ABC News
Where Cheap Oil is Seriously Bad News - Peter Dorrie, War is Boring
Photos of a Week in the Life of the US Military - Valle, We Are the Mighty
12 of the Best Histories of the Vietnam War - Lindsay, The Water's Edge
China, War, and Logistics in the Indian Ocean - Christopher Yung, WOTR
Navy Deploys Drones Under Arctic as Ship Presence Increases -
Russia is Turning Crimea into a FOB Against NATO - Jeremy Bender, BI
Iraq's ISIS Offensive 'Surprises' US - Nancy Youssef, The Daily Beast
Is this the Shape Of Russia's Next Gen. Bomber? - Tyler Rogoway, FA
Russia Will Build a New Aircraft Carrier - Zachary Keck, TNI
U.S. Navy Growing P-8 Ops in the Western Pacific - Mike Yeo, USNI
Putin Won't Blitz Baltic--But NATO Is Ready - S. Freedberg, Breaking Def.
Sri Lanka May Bar Port Visits by Chinese Subs - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
Iraqi Forces Launch Offensive To Retake Tikrit - A. Chandler, Defense One
More Nukes Not the Answer to Russian Aggression - Kingston Reif, WOTR
Putin's Great Gambit - Peter Harris, The National Interest
Monday, March 2
15 Megatons of Hell: The Castle Bravo Nuke Test - Huard, War Is Boring
Photo of Night Operations Aboard USS Essex - Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
USMC Infantry Officer: How We Learned to Kill - Timothy Kudo, NYTimes
US Officially Ends JSOTF-P Mission - Sam LaGrone, USNI News
A Half-Century of Half Aircraft Carriers - David Axe, War Is Boring
NATO's Latest Gambit: Membership Not Required - E. Ashford, TNI
DoD Push for Women's Equality Gets Murky at Academies - CSM
China's Menacing Sandcastles in the S. China Sea - WOTR
F-15s Launching Satellites into Orbit? - Mike Hoffman, Defense Tech
What Is It Like to Get Hit by an IED? - Newsweek
Ukraine Cuts Deals While Waiting for the US - Joe Gould, Defense News
Kerry: We Will Not 'Advertise' Mosul Strategy - Mark Hensch, The Hill
Countering China's Maritime Coercion - Patrick Cronin, The Diplomat
Military Retirement: Too Sweet a Deal? - Tim Kane, War on the Rocks
Netanyahu: The Israeli Leader No President Can Stomach - Z. Keck, TNI
Bibi's American Strategy - Edward-Isaac Dovere & Michael Crowley, Politico
PHOTOS: The Last F-14 Tomcats Fly for Iran - David Cenciotti, The Aviationist
Sunday, March 1
"End of the Line" for the C-17 Globemaster - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Japan's Plan to Defeat China in a War - Kyle Mizokami, The National Interest
F-35 Can't Use Its Most Versatile Bomb Until At Least 2022 - FA
Meet America's New Public Enemy No. 1 - David Francis, Foreign Policy
House of Cards Needs to Read Up on Russia - Reid Standish, Foreign Policy
7 Reasons U.S. Should Avoid Ukraine-Russia Fight - D. Bandow, Huff. Post
The Islamic State Is Losing Iraq - John Simpson, New Republic
The GOP Marches to Endless War - Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative
Bring Back the Bush Doctrine - Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review
Japan and the 'Counter-Pivot' - Robert Dujarric, The Diplomat
DoD Wargaming Push To Study Tech Capabilities - P. McCleary, Def News
ICYMI: NATO's Nuclear Nightmare over Ukraine - R. Heinrichs, RCD
Saturday, February 28
Is India's Sub Fleet in a State of Crisis? - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
I Built an AR-15 in My Kitchen - Kyle Mizokami, War Is Boring
Fatal Flaw in the Iran Deal - Charles Krauthammer, National Review
Russia's Hybrid War in Ukraine - Reuben Johnson, IHS Jane's 360
Thornberry to Price: At Least $566B for DoD - J. Bennett, Defense News
How to Retake Mosul from the IS - Knights & Pregent, Foreign Policy
Inside the Glitz of a Middle East Arms Show - M. Weisgerber, Defense One
What Obama's Drone Export Policy Really Means - Breaking Defense
Oil Prices Collapsed. Russia Won't. - Akhilesh Pillalamarri, National Interest
An Anti-ISIS Summit in Mecca - Edward Delman, Defense One
ICYMI: The U.S. Navy's Paradigm Paradox - James R. Holmes, RCD
PODCAST: North Korea's Nuclear Future - Panda, Tiezzi & Wit, Diplomat
PODCAST: A 'High Noon' Moment for Ukraine - Stephen Cohen, Nation
Friday, February 27
Why China's Gambit in the South China Sea Matters - Holmes, RCDefense
After Year of War, Putin's Power in 2 Charts - Alan Taylor, Quartz
America Readies its New 'Smart' Nuke - James Drew, War is Boring
NATO's Nuclear Nightmare over Ukraine - Rebeccah Heinrichs, RCDefense
Navy's New Strategy Includes More Destroyers to Pacific -
McCain Points To 'Dramatic Change' In Chinese-Built Islands - Clark, BD
Libya's Descent into Chaos - Sharif Abdel Kouddous, The Nation
The Smart Way to Dismantle ISIS - Berman, Felter & Shapiro, TNI
The Return of the Great Iraq War Debate - Damon Linker, The Week
The Coming Coup in China - Sulmaan Khan, The American Interest
Norway, Australia To Join on Naval Missile - Nigel Pittaway, Defense News
This Special Ops Soldier Takes A Big Leap In Style - Tyler Rogoway, FA
The Air-Sea Battle vs. A2/AD Security Dilemma - Harry Kazianis, TNI
A Lose-Lose in Aleppo - Emile Hokayem, Foreign Policy
India, Israel To Build Missile Def. System - V. Raghuvanshi, Defense News
The Question of Theodicy and Jihad - Ziya Meral, War on the Rocks
Thursday, February 26
Exclusive: Army Spied on MoH Hero Over Amazon Review - Siegel, Beast
Will Australia Buy Japanese Submarines? - Murray McLean, Lowy Institute
Standing up to Ash Carter's PowerPoint Jihad - Bryan McGrath, WOTR
China's Sub-Hunting Plane has a Giant Stinger - Lin & Singer, PopSci
Ex-Special Forces in Demand for War on Terror - Zimmerman, FOX News
Clapper: Cyber-Armageddon Less Likely Than Predicted - Bloomberg
Why Russia Will Lose in Ukraine - Alexander J. Motyl, World Affairs
ISIL's International Expansion - Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, War on the Rocks
Maintaining American Seapower - Ray Mabus, USNI News
NATO Cmdr: US Lethal Aid to Ukraine Won't Stop Russia - B. Watson, D1
The 5 Most Lethal Drones of All Time - Robert Farley, The National Interest
Lithuania Is Reintroducing Mil. Conscription - Sally Hayden, Vice News
Make the Deal with Iran - Perry, O'Keefe, Stavridis & Reeder, Politico Mag
'Muscular Foreign Policy' Is an Orwellian Phrase - P. Beinart, The Atlantic
Is a China-India-Russia Coalition Inevitable? - D. Chen, The Diplomat
Restoring American Supremacy - Dov Zakheim, The National Interest
Wednesday, February 25
The U.S. Navy's Paradigm Paradox - James Holmes, RCDefense
These Smart Shells Could Revolutionize Navy's Dated Deck Guns - FA
Russia Can't Beat NATO - But Putin May Try - Tom Nichols, RCDefense
New Study Ranks Navy-USMC Strength as 'Marginal' - John Grady, USNI
Rebalancing to the Pacific: Asia Pivot or Divot? - Bruce Klingner, Heritage
How the Military Will Fight IS on the Dark Web - Patrick Tucker, Defense 1
Kerry on IS Ground War: 'No Way Possible' - J. Bennett, Defense News
Strategy of Savagery: Explaining ISIS - Jones & Smith, War on the Rocks
A Rallying Call for Our Nation's Defense - Edelman & Talent, WS
Americans Still Oppose Arming Ukraine - Larison, American Conservative
The Rise of Alien Warfare - Dominic Tierney, The National Interest
How to Deter China - Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr. , Foreign Affairs
U.S. Military Can't Fight Two Wars at Same Time - D. Wiser, Free Beacon
Is Beijing Supporting Rebels in Myanmar? - B. Berger, Lowy Institute
The Third Iraq War Is Coming - Bob Adams, Business Insider
Brent Scowcroft: The Wise Man - Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest
Women in Combat Arms: Just Good Business - K. Dam, War on the Rocks
Tuesday, February 24
What's the Matter With the US Military? - Sebastian Junger, The Atlantic
Russian Drill 'Could Turn Into Assault on Baltic Capital' - Newsweek
America's Freelance ISIS Killers - Jesse Rosenfeld, The Daily Beast
Happy Chinese New Year from China's Aircraft Carrier - Eastern Arsenal
India's Aircraft Carrier Plans May Get a Boost - P. Parameswaran, Diplomat
This Is What Putin Really Wants - Fiona Hill, The National Interest
Is America's Nuclear Arsenal Dying? - Dodge & Lowther, RCDefense
Al-Jazeera Has Docs From FSB, MI6, Mossad And More - Rogoway, FA
The Perils of Korean Unification - Jennifer Lind, The Diplomat
Missile Chess: A Parable - Wayne P. Hughes Jr., RCDefense
Pentagon Should Service Competition, Not Customer Service - Fay, RCD
SecDef: The Strategy Against ISIS Is Working - Gordon Lubold, Defense 1
Jihadism's Global Civil War - Daniel Byman & Jennifer Williams, TNI
How IS Could Become a Potent Force in S. Asia - Michael Kugelman, FP
VIDEO: The AUMF and IS Strategy - Defense News

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