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Sunday, March 29
Should the US Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine? - Simon Ostrovsky, VICE News
Arab Leaders Agree on Forming Joint Military Force - C. Boyle, LA Times
Boko Haram Just Lost Its Headquarters - Philip Obaji Jr., The Daily Beast
The Case for Negotiating with Iran - Steve Coll, The New Yorker
Iran's Top Negotiator: Accord Can Be Drafted - M. Gordon, New York Times
These 5 Facts Explain the State of Iran - Ian Bremmer, Time
Was 'American Sniper' Antiwar? - David Franke, American Conservative
George W. Bush Gets Intelligence Group Award - Jeff Stein, Newsweek
Rebuild Gaza, and Avert the Next War - Jimmy Carter, Washington Post
Vietnam's New Killer Submarines - Lyle Goldstein, The National Interest
Dummy's Guide to a Possible Iran Nuke Deal - Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
Saturday, March 28
The Next Great Middle East War Begins - C. Dickey, The Daily Beast
Yemen Conflict Risks New Chaos in Middle East - Liz Sly, Washington Post
Saudi Arabia Evacuates Diplomats - David Kirkpatrick, New York Times
The Reckless Case for Bombing Iran - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
How White House Bungled the Bergdahl Case - John Schindler, LA Times
4 Things You Need for an Iran Deal - Joe Cirincione, Defense One
3 Saudi Weapons Yemen's Houthis Should Fear - A. Pillalamarri, TNI
Common Ground With Iran - Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative
Fordow and Obama's Iran March of Folly - Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary
Why Russia's War Games Should Scare Nobody - A. Golts, Moscow Times
Al-Qaeda vs. ISIS: Battle for Soul of Jihad - Byman & Williams, Newsweek
Dassault: Work on India Rafale Sale 95% Done - Pierre Tran, Defense News
Let Iraq Die: A Case for Partition - Michael J. Totten, World Affairs
Friday, March 27
The US Navy's Aircraft-Carrier Nightmare - J. Holmes, RealClearDefense
Is the British Military Dying? - Daniel Darling, RealClearDefense
Egypt Says it May Send Troops to Yemen - David Kirkpatrick, NY Times
Iranian President Sends Letter to Obama - Paul Richter, LA Times
The Evolution of 3-D Printed Firearms - Kyle Mizokami, War Is Boring
Obama's Concession Guts What's Left of Iran Deal - J. Tobin, Commentary
Putin's Way of War - Aaron MacLean, Free Beacon
Will Saudi Arabia Build Their Own Nuke? - Al-Jubeir & Blitzer, CNN
How Much Money Is Too Much for Pentagon? - W. Hartung, The Nation
Obama's Mideast 'Free Fall' - Michael Crowley, Politico
Chinese Sub Design Includes Mini-Sub for Spec Ops - Sam Lagrone, USNI
The Strategic Importance of Yemen - Anthony Cordesman, CSIS
Ash Carter Slams GOP Budget - Kristina Wong, The Hill
F-35 Needs a Bigger Engine - Majumdar & Kjelgaard, The National Interest
Putin Pushes Into Africa - J. Peter Pham, Newsweek
The World of 2020 According to DARPA - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Defense Priorities for the 114th Congress (Video) - CSIS
Thursday, March 26
Is It Time to Call China Out? - Michele Flournoy & Harry Kazianis, RCDefense
Managing Risk in Maritime East Asia - Dutton & Erickson, RealClearDefense
Saudi Arabia Begins Air Campaign in Yemen - Mezzetti & Kirkpatrick, NYT
China's Next Move: Naval Base in South Atlantic? - Robert C. O'Brien, RCD
US Army Convoys Send a Message to Russia - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
The A-10 Retirement Debate Heats Up - Mandy Smithberger, CDI
House OKs Budget Plan with Defense Hike - John Bennett, Defense News
US Power Grid is Under Almost Continuous Attack - Sabrina Toppa, Time
Obama Can't Skimp on Tomahawks - Kirk S. Lippold, Politico Magazine
North Korea's Scary Chemical Weapons Arsenal - K. Mizokami, TNI
The Right Peace for Ukraine - Sergei Lyovochkin, RealClearWorld
Bergdahl Charged With Desertion - Gordon Lubold, Defense One
A Better Afghan Strategy: Lose the Timeline - J Campbell, War on the Rocks
State: Bergdahl Swap Was 'Worth It' - Ben Kamisar, The Hill
Iran Stalls U.N. Probe into Its Atomic Past - Soloman & Norman, WSJ
China Markets Attack Drone - Bill Gertz, The Washington Times
Water Being Used as a Weapon in Middle East - Lucy Westcott, Newsweek
Wednesday, March 25
US Agrees to Slow Pullout From Afghanistan - Shear & Davis, NYT
The F-35 Nightmare Could Get Even Worse - Dan Ward, War Is Boring
How Russia Could Annex the Arctic - Duncan Depledge, Defense One
China's Island Reclamation Moves: A Deeper Look - W. VornDick, RCD
Race to Build the Silicon Valley of Cybersecurity - Sara Sorcher, CSM
The One Area Where China Can't Compete - A. Stravers, RealClearDefense
Congress Totally Cool With Israel Spying on U.S. - Tim Mak, Daily Beast
America Is Doubling Down on Afghanistan - Matthew Gault, War Is Boring
GOP Responsible for Netanyahu Now - Brian Beutler, The New Republic
Iran Not Providing Nuke Access or Info - Steven Mufson, Washington Post
4 Iranian Weapons of War ISIS Should Fear - A. Pillalamarri, National Int.
Russian Hopes of Glory Die in Ukraine - Carol J. Williams, LA Times
U.S. Aids Iran-Backed Fight to Retake Tikrit - Nissenbaum & Barnes, WSJ
How America Bamboozled Itself about Iran - J. Hirsch, Commentary
South Korea's Middle Power Predicament - Scott A. Snyder, CFR
Cotton Calls for Lifting Spending Caps on Defense - D. Wiser, Free Beacon
Commanding the Swarm - Paul Scharre, War on the Rocks
Tuesday, March 24
The New Naval Strategy: A Mixed Bag - Seth Cropsey, The Weekly Standard
Has the Caliphate Come to Kabul? - Leela Jacinto, Foreign Policy
'ISIS Hackers' Googled Their Hit List - Nancy A. Youssef, The Daily Beast
Offshore Balancing & Dealing with ISIS - F. Fukuyama, American Interest
America Can't Blow Up Future Iranian Nukes - R. Farley, National Interest
Chlorine Barrel Bombs In Context - Al Mauroni, War on the Rocks
Troops Notified Their Names Are on IS Kill List - T. Brook, USA Today
Cotton: Big Hike for 'Declining' Military - John T. Bennett, Defense News
Will Asia's Peace Last? - Van Jackson, The Diplomat
Rebels in Ukraine 'Not Russia's Puppets' - Damien Sharkov, Newsweek
Fire Republicans Voting for Less Defense Money - Hugh Hewitt, Examiner
Iran's Coming Leadership Crisis - Sohrab Ahmari, Wall Street Journal
What Would Lee Kuan Yew Do? - Ali Wyne, The New York Times
Thornberry Announces Acquisition Reform - M. Eckstein, USNI News
'Imagine' Ted Cruz As Commander In Chief - Molly O'Toole, Defense One
Honeypots: An Overlooked Cyberweapon - Information Dissemination
Monday, March 23
Interview: Mac Thornberry on Obama's ISIS Policy - Thornberry, RCD
Sen. McCain on the South China Sea Dilemma - John McCain, RealClearDefense
The US Navy's Real Enemy: Math - James R. Holmes, RealClearDefense
The Gains from Ukraine - Ryan Evans, New York Times
ISIS Terrorists Are 'Here in the US' - Joel Gehrke, National Review
Yemen's Lesson For the Future of Terror - Max Boot, Commentary
Can Congress Stop China in the S. China Sea? - Harry Kazianis, RCD
America's Neo-Isolationism and the Pacific - P. Morici, Washington Times
Offensive to Retake Tikrit from IS Has Stalled - David Enders, VICE News
Time to Cut Off Israel - Ryan Cooper, The Week
Stop Putin's Next Invasion - Terrence Kelly, US News & World Report
ISIS Is Not a Terrorist Group - Audrey Kurth Cronin, Foreign Affairs
Obama's Afghanistan Reset - George Condon Jr., National Journal
Did the Pentagon Admit Israel Has Nukes? - William Greider, The Nation
Our Unrealistic Foreign Policy - Christopher Preble, War on the Rocks
CIA Chief Speaks of Lengthy Effort to Stop IS - S. Armour, Wall St. Journal
Sunday, March 22
The Soviet Union Tried to Build a Supercarrier - P. Huard, War Is Boring
An American's Path to Jihad - Scott Shane, New York Times
Stranded Behind Enemy Lines? Steal a MiG - J. Trevithick, War Is Boring
Heed Petraeus's Critique of Obama - Max Boot, Commentary
Why China Fears THAAD - Harry Kazianis, RealClearDefense
Why Putin's Hosting Kim Jong Un - Alexandra Jaffe, CNN
Don't Fear Boko Haram's Allegiance to ISIS - Terje Ostebo, New Republic
Rebels' Defiance Could Tip Yemen into Civil War - H. Naylor, Wash. Post
How Obama's Cuba Deal Is Strengthening Its Military - J. Bruno, Politico
America's Warlords in Afghanistan - Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative
AWOL on the Defense Budget - Donnelly & Schmitt, The Weekly Standard
'Islamic State Hacking Division' Posts Kill List - Oliver Darcy, The Blaze
Saturday, March 21
John McCain on Russia: "Mariupol Is Next" - McCain & Kazianis, RCD
Israel's Dangerous Predicament - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
Air Force Wants to Replace A-10s With F-16s - J. Trevithick, War Is Boring
More US Troops Seen Staying in Afghanistan - Rosenberg & Mazzetti, NYT
China's Weapons of Mass Consumption - Joesph E. Lin, Foreign Policy
ISIS Launches a Global War of Terror - Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast
America's Smart Bomb War Against ISIS - WJ Hennigan, LA Times
Russian Spying in Czech Rep Worse than Cold War - Sharkov, Newsweek
America Must Pummel ISIS - Dueck & Zakheim, The National Interest
Russian Cruise Missile Threat to U.S. Grows - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
Russia's Supersonic Tu-22 Backfire (Photo Essay) - National Review
Friday, March 20
Part I: Great Britain's SSBN Dilemma - Dan Darling, RCDefense
Iraq's Battle to Take Back Tikrit Slows - Matt Bradley, Wall Street Journal
Ukraine: The Mariupol Test? - Matthew Del Santo, ASPI Strategist
Time to Reinstate the Draft - Martin Matishak, The Hill
The Faulty Assassination Assumption - David Axe, War Is Boring
Pentagon's Top Intelligence Chief Is Out - Ben Watson, Defense One
Cheney Doesn't Know a War When He Sees It - C. Friedersdorf, Atlantic
ICC Should Prosecute ISIS for Genocide - J. Klimas, Washington Times
A Moment of Truth for the PLA - Daniel Blumenthal, Foreign Policy
U.S. Cyber-Def. Strategy Doesn't Work - E. Nakashima, Washington Post
Navy Officials: BMD Strategy 'Unsustainable' - M. Eckstein, USNI News
Japan and China Inch toward Mending Ties - M. Fackler, New York Times
Iran Endorses Nuclear EMP Attack on US - P Bedard, Washington Examiner
Competent Ground Forces and the Fight Against ISIL - D. Johnson, WOTR
There Won't Be Another Cold War - Rojansky & Salzman, National Interest
A Return to China's Isolationist Past? - Carl Minzer, LA Times
Why US Should Worry About Russia, Not China - R. Farley, The Diplomat
Thursday, March 19
How Many Ships Does the US Navy Need? - James Holmes, RCDefense
Russia's Next Move: Domination of Arctic? - Murray & Nichols, RCDefense
Boeing KC-46 Suppliers Behind on Deliveries - Capaccio, Bloomberg
Pentagon and Its Allies Begin Budget Death Watch - M. Thompson, Time
Weapons Cuts in Future Administration - Versprille, ND Magazine
Let's Give Snowden the Same Deal Petraeus Got - Jon Weiner, The Nation
Arming Ukraine 'Isn't a Strategy' - Yochi Dreazen, Foreign Policy
Whose Asia Pivot is Working: Obama's or Abe's? - M. Auslin, Commentary
Russia Tightens Control Over South Ossetia - Olga Razumovskaya, WSJ
Putin's NATO Challenge - David Ignatius, The Washington Post
Is Germany Cozying Up to Russia? - Pascal-Emmanuel Gorby, The Week
Chemical Warfare Returns to the Middle East? - N. Gordon, Defense One
Mosul: A Bridge Too Far? - Craig Whiteside, War on the Rocks
7 Key Questions about Iran Nuke Talks - Paul Richter, LA Times
Rebuilding American Foreign Policy - Jim Gillmore, The National Interest
Sweden Labels Russia Its Biggest Threat - Lucy Westcott, Newsweek
The Navy Needs a Wider Look at Wargaming - BJ Armstrong, USNI News

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