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Wednesday, July 30
How Europe Is Bankrolling al-Qaeda - Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times
Mystery Behind China's Aggressive Push in Space - Steve Weintz, The Week
A Cornered Putin Is at His Most Dangerous - Julia Ioffe, New Republic
Israel's Big Decision: Time to Take Hamas Out? - Matthew Cohen, Natl Int
Protective Edge vs. Cast Lead at Day 22 - Barbara Opall-Rome, Defense News
Collective Punishment in Gaza - Rashid Khalidi, New Yorker
Four Decades of Terrorism in the U.S. - Jensen & Amble, War on the Rocks
German Counterintelligence & the American Threat - XX Committee
Obama vs. Bush: Leadership Style & Foreign Policy - M. Dickinson, CSM
China's Choices in a More Contested Asia - Andrew Phillips, ASPI Strategist
Aegis, Missile Defense & the U.S. Pivot - Holzer & Truver, The Diplomat
The Marines' Distributed Laydown in the Pacific - Robbin Laird, 2nd Line
Army Maritime Aviation: Not a Misprint - Fulmer & Holcombe, Army Mag
The Peacetime Army Will Be Just Fine - Brad Hardy, Task & Purpose
What Is at Stake in Ukraine - Andranik Migranyan, National Interest
The Problem with Russia's Missiles - Jeffrey Lewis, Foreign Policy
Russia's Dangerous Arctic Adventurism - Blank & Braun, Wash Times
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Tuesday, July 29
Putin's Next Move - Alec Luhn, Foreign Policy
Russia Cheating on Nuclear Missile Treaty - Jim Kuhnhenn, Assoc Press
USAF's Secret Cluster-Bombing Cargo Plane - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
WWI Lessons for Gaza, Ukraine & Iraq - Chris Miller, Cicero Magazine
How One Company Sues Soldiers Worldwide - Paul Kiel, ProPublica
How World War I Gave Us Drones - Priya Satia, CNN
How to Lose the Robotics Revolution - Paul Scharre, War on the Rocks
Putting the ISIS Caliphate in Focus - Charlie Cooper, Daily Beast
When Middle East Conflicts Become One - David Brooks, New York Times
China's Fishing Fleet Is a Surrogate Navy - Adam Pasick, Quartz
China's RIMPAC Surveillance Gambit - Erickson & de La Bruyere, Natl Int
Lawmakers Skeptical of New Icebreaker - John Marcario, Seapower Mag
Shelling of Ukraine Anything But Random - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, WaPo
Don't Underestimate Putin's Ambition in Ukraine - Peter Harris, Natl Int
Why Netanyahu Should Be Very, Very Worried - Ron Fournier, Natl Jrnl
Iron Dome Tech Stolen by Chinese Hackers - Darren Pauli, The Register
Kerry's Big Blunder in the Middle East - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Monday, July 28
What War in Europe Really Looks Like - Anna Nemtsova, Politico Magazine
Mowing the Grass in Gaza - Rep. Doug Lamborn, RealClearDefense
Why Is Israel Losing a War That's Winning? - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
5 Ways to Fix Republican Foreign Policy - W. James Antle, Am Conservative
How Much Does an F-35 Actually Cost? - Winslow Wheeler, War Is Boring
Rough Ride for the F-35 - Editorial, New York Times
Retiring Frigates May Leave Missions Unfulfilled - D. Larter, Navy Times
Norway: Global Leader in Precision Strike? - Gerard O'Dwyer, Defense News
Germany's Fatal Flaw: Strategic Blindness - Matthew Dal Santo, Natl Int
Political Warfare vs. Hybrid Threats - Frank Hoffman, War on the Rocks
The Great Asia Bargain Fades & Falls Away - Graeme Dobell, Strategist
The Warlord Who Defines Afghanistan - Bruce Riedel, Daily Beast
U.S. Weapons Vulnerable After Afghan Withdrawal - Tom Risen, USNWR
Sunday, July 27
Will the U.S. Really Defend Japan? - Paul Sracic, The Diplomat
Did China Blink in the South China Sea? - Alexander Vuving, Natl Interest
Sen. Walsh's PTSD Excuse Hurts Veterans - Alex Horton, Washington Post
Blame Iran for the Gaza Conflict - Naftali Bennett, Daily Beast
Why the Israeli Air Force Won't Win - Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring
War Is Not Inevitable in the Mideast - Helen Aguirre Ferre, Miami Herald
Taliban Making Military Gains in Afghanistan - Azam Ahmed, NY Times
Putin's Real End Game in Ukraine - Rick Francona, CNN
The Geographic Limits of National Power - Steven Wills, CIMSEC
The F-35's Expeditionary Logistics - Second Line of Defense
Let the Private Sector Help the Pentagon - Paul McLeary, Defense News
Army Budget: The Worse May Be Over - William Campbell, Army Magazine
Saturday, July 26
The 5 Most Overrated Weapons of War - Robert Farley, National Interest
Actually, the V-22 Ain't Half Bad - Vincent Mazzurco, War Is Boring
Why U.S. Allies Shouldn't Free Ride - James Holmes, The Diplomat
On What Planet Did John Walsh Merit an M.A.? - Dan Drezner, Wash Post
John Walsh's Black Mark on Military Education - James Joyner, RCD
DOD Quietly Tightens Tuition Assistance Rules - Andrew Tilghman, MT
To Save Gaza, Destroy Hamas - Amos Yadlin, New York Times
Why India & China Matter for the Afghan Drawdown - D. Markey, CFR
Grand Delusion: U.S. Strategy & the Tonkin Gulf - Edward Marolda, NH
Money for Navy Amphib Falls Short - Christopher Cavas, Defense News
Friday, July 25
The Best Air-to-Air Missile Is in Sweden - Thomas Newdick, War Is Boring
LCS to Conduct Test of Norwegian Missile - Christopher Cavas, Navy Times
Obama Knew About ISIS Threat, But Did Nothing - J. Landay, McClatchy
Foothold on the Euphrates, Bootheel on the Tigris - Hania Mourtada, FP
Why Iran Fears an Independent Kurdistan - Alex Vatanka, Natl Interest
How Will This War End? - James Dubik, Army Magazine
The Gaza War: When Strategies Collide - Walter Russell Mead, Am. Interest
Israel Must Be Permitted to Crush Hamas - Michael Oren, Washington Post
Army's Strategic Education Lessons for the Navy - Bowen Vernan, CIMSEC
CIA Fears the Internet of Things - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
U.S. & China: Cooperate on Counterterrorism? - Jeffrey Payne, Diplomat
China's Course Correction in the South China Sea? - Ted Carpenter, TNI
Happy Friday! Gin, War, and Special Ops - Barron Youngsmith, WOTR
Thursday, July 24
Why the GI Bill Died in Minutes & Who Killed It - Aaron Glantz, CIR
The Army's War Game Alternate History - Michael Peck, War Is Boring
Lies, Damned Lies, and Maps - James Holmes, The Diplomat
A North Korean in Iran - Olli Heinonen & Simon Henderson, Foreign Policy
U.S. Forces Should Leave South Korea - Christopher Lee, War on the Rocks
China & North Korea Headed for a Breakup? - Dennis Halpin, Natl Interest
George Patton's Summer of 1944 - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
The Big 2016 Foreign Policy Debates - William Galston, Wall Street Journal
Why ISIS Is Doomed - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
ISIS Is Now a Full Blown Army - Ben Watson, Defense One
How Sequestration Could Hurt Acquisition Reform - Valerie Insinna, ND
Enlisted Women to Serve on Attack Subs After 2020 - David Larter, NT
USAF Refocuses on Training as Wars Wind Down - T. Vanden Brook, USAT
Wednesday, July 23
Shadow Wars of the 21st Century - David Barno, War on the Rocks
How ISIS Evades the CIA - Philip Giraldi, American Conservative
The Most Dangerous Man in Ukraine - Oleg Kashin, New Republic
How to Target China's Vulnerabilities - Robert Sutter, CSIS PacNet
How the CIA Stole a Soviet Satellite - Michael Peck, War Is Boring
USAF Sends Satellites to Spy on Other Satellites - Jon Harper, Stripes
Kim Philby & the Hazards of Mistrust - Malcolm Gladwell, New Yorker
What Malcolm Gladwell Gets Wrong About Spying - Isaac Chotiner, TNR
U.S. & Germany Rebuilding a Spy Relationship - David Ignatius, Wash Post
The Spy Who Warned Us About Putin - Nico Hines, Daily Beast
No Need to Go Back to Iraq - Capt. David Lenzi, Army Times
MH17 & the Limits of Russian Power - Benjamin Schreer, ASPI Strategist
Military Superiority Requires Real Acquisition Reform - Bill Lynn, BD
Gaza Shows Worth in Laser Missile Defense - Michael Hoffman, DOD Buzz
Fleet's Oldest Deployable Warship Nears Retirement - Navy Times
Royal Navy's Illustrious Passes the Torch - Andrew Chuter, Defense News
N. Korea's Asymmetric Submarine Doctrine - Koh Swee Lean Collin, Diplo
Tuesday, July 22
How to Save Iraq - Zalmay Khalilzad & Kenneth Pollack, New Republic
Why the Russians Are Panicking Over Flight 17 - Tom Nichols, Federalist
The Top 5 Bases for Airmen - Air Force Times
Beyond UCLASS: Next Generation Warfare - Brannen & Horowitz, WOTR
It's Time to Get Ready for Cyberwar - William Brooke Stallsmith, RCDefense
Terror Threat Enters Danger Zone - Tom Kean & Lee Hamilton, USA Today
Times Change, Warriors Should Too - David Axe, War Is Boring
The Real Story Behind Japan's Drone Boom - Daniel Medina, Quartz
Does China Care About Air Power? - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
How to Reform Republican Foreign Policy - James Antle, Am Conservative
A Cure for America's Iraq Syndrome - Chris Miller, Cicero Magazine
Being Reasonable About the Mideast Is Delusional - Lee Smith, Tablet
The Downside of Giving Weapons to Rebels - Eugene Robinson, Wash Post
Copycat MH17 Attacks? - Dave Majumdar, Daily Beast
No More Frozen Conflicts - Svante Cornell, American Interest
Ukraine's War and Europe's Passivity - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Ghosts of World War I Circle Over Ukraine - Robert Merry, Nat'l Interest
Monday, July 21
The Wicked History of Russia's Missiles - Clive Irving, Daily Beast
Learn How to Fire a Soviet Antiaircraft Missile - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
10 Things to Know About China's Air Force - Rebecca Grant, AF Magazine
Rethinking NASA: A Coast Guard in Space - Rand Simberg, National Review
Why Israel's Iron Dome Is Overrated - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Lasers Are No Longer a Star Wars Fantasy - Schechter & Majumdar, WSJ
Fear Nuclear War: It's Five Minutes to Midnight - Craig Hooper, Next Navy
Can Iran Be Deterred from Going Nuclear? - Zachary Keck, Nat'l Interest
Expand Non-Military Pressure on Iran - Robert Zarate, USA Today
Obama Should Send Troops Back to Iraq - Michael O'Hanlon, Wash Post
Gaming New Models for Great Power Relations - Ali Wyne, WOTR
Surface Warfare & Strategic Land Power - Matthew Krull, Proceedings
Israel's Tactical Success, Strategic Failure - Ariel Ilan Roth, Foreign Affairs
Gaza: Epithets Fired & Euphemisms Give Shelter - Jodi Rudoren, NY Times
How Kerry's Israel-Palestine Peace Deal Died - Birnbaum & Tibon, TNR
VIDEO: Chuck Hagel on MH17, Crisis in Gaza - Political Capital
Sunday, July 20
5 Ways to Replace the Troubled F-35 - Robert Farley, National Interest
The Tunnels Driving Israel to War - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
Putin's World: The Bear Is Loose - Matthew Continetti, National Review
What Is Norway Doing at RIMPAC? - Second Line of Defense
Don't Call This Ship an Aircraft Carrier - Kyle Mizokami, War Is Boring
The Operational Art of AirSea Battle - CDR John Callaway, CIMSEC
A Modest Plea for Navalists: Speak Up - William Beasley, Proceedings
What Would Alfred Thayer Mahan Do? - B.J. Armstrong, The Bridge
Perils of the Quest for Supremacy - Howard Fuller, Naval History
Air Base Defense - Otto Kreisher, Air Force Magazine
The Future of NORTHCOM and NORAD - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News
Time to Cripple the IRGC - Ottolenghi & Ghasseminejad, National Interest
Putin's Deadly Doctrine - Timothy Garton Ash, New York Times
Russia's Provocation Demands Tougher Action - Max Boot, Commentary
France Must Cancel Warship Sale to Russia - Robert C. O'Brien, Diplomat

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