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Sunday, April 20
In Cold War Echo, Obama Strategy Writes Off Putin - Peter Baker, NYT
The Post & Guardian Pulitzers: I Dissent - Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare
Iran Held Back Its Deadliest Missiles vs. America - Jassem Al Salami, WIB
Lessons Learned from Nuclear Cheating Scandal - Wyoming Tribune-Eagle
Ship Study Should Favor Existing Designs - Chris Cavas, Defense News
Flexible Seapower: Military Sealift Command - Information Dissemination
The Rise of the Junior Officer - Joe Byerly, The Bridge
Divided in the Wake of Fort Hood - Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Daily Beast
What Putin Wants & How He Plans to Get It - Doyle McManus, LA Times
Putin Stymies West with Subterfuge - Anna Arutunyan, USA Today
How America Lost Vladimir Putin - Rohde & Mohammed, The Atlantic
Say Yes to a Balance of Power in Asia - Andrew Taffer, National Interest
Ozymandias in Beijing - Isaac Stone Fish, Foreign Policy
How Chinese Think About Terrorism - Chen and Xuejie, The Diplomat
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Saturday, April 19
Submarine Carriers and Submersible Planes - Steve Weintz, War Is Boring
Turning a Blind Eye to Homegrown Terror - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Oculus and Military Interventions - Kathleen McInnis, War on the Rocks
General Tells What's Really Going on in Ukraine - Daniel Goure, Lexington
Ukraine Couldn't Have Handled Nukes - Alexander Lanoszka, Natl Interest
Europe's Nuclear Option - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Army, Guard to Expand East European Ties - Michelle Tan, Army Times
How to Navigate the East China Sea Dispute - Nye & Rudd, Washington Post
Beijing Needn't Worry About Manila's Military - Joseph Franco, EAF
To Buy or Not to Buy? Taiwan's Naval Dilemma - J. Michael Cole, Diplomat
Friday, April 18
Russian Spy Planes in U.S. Skies - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
B-2 Spirit or Mysterious Stealth Plane? - David Cenciotti, The Aviationist
Time to Rethink How We Nuke People - Robert Farley, War Is Boring
China Is Not Happy with This Marine - Miles Yu, Washington Times
Washington's Biggest Strategic Mistake - Ted Galen Carpenter, Natl Interest
F-35 Engine Cost Up, Sustainment Down - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News
Navy Issues Restricted UCLASS Draft RFP - Dave Majumdar, USNI News
The U.S. Army Must Remain Prepared for Battle - Gian Gentile, Wash Post
Stop Blaming NATO for Putin's Provocations - J. Goldgeier, New Republic
Poland Fears Putin's "New Russia" Doctrine - Ben Watson, Defense One
Thursday, April 17
The Real Reason China Wants Aircraft Carriers - McGrath & Cropsey, RCD
China's Stealth Fighters: Ready to Soar? - Jack Mulcaire, National Interest
Africa Arming Faster Than Any Other Continent - Peter Dorrie, WIB
Marines Seek to Reinvent Amphibious Assault - Sydney Freedberg, BD
The Navy Is About to Transform Almost Everything - Daniel Goure, Lex
Delivery of Submarine North Dakota Delayed - Chris Cavas, Navy Times
GAO: USAF Needs to Improve Morale for Drone Pilots - B. Everstine, AFT
U.S. Power Grid Defenseless Against Attack - Bill Gertz, Washington Times
Veterans and White Supremacy - Kathleen Belew, New York Times
A Weak and Ugly Smear Against Veterans - Max Boot, Commentary
How Taiwan Can Defuse South China Sea Tensions - Bonnie Glaser, PacNet
Obama Aims to Reinvigorate Asia Strategy - David Nakamura, Wash Post
Is an Asian NATO Possible? - Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
Science of Unmasking Russian Forces in Ukraine - P. Tucker, Defense One
Ukraine's Army Is Too Broke to Challenge Russia - Jason Karaian, Atlantic
Is Ukraine the Start of World War III? - Edward Lucas, Daily Mail
Has Putin Picked His Next Targets? - Josh Rogin & Eli Lake, Daily Beast
Wednesday, April 16
A Thirty Years' War in the Middle East - Greg Lawson, National Interest
Inside the CIA Chief's Mission to Kiev - Eli Lake & Josh Rogin, Daily Beast
Is North Korea About to Collapse? - Christopher Lee, RealClearDefense
On DDG-1000, LCS Faults Are Strengths - Craig Hooper, Next Navy
Army's Big, Problematic Missiles Still on Guam - Joe Trevithick, WIB
USAF Chief on Cyberwar, Steath & Air Combat - Joe Pappalardo, PopMech
General Dynamics Takes Tanks Wars to the Hill - Sydney Freedberg, BD
Pentagon Wants to Build a Stealth Dirt Bike - Mike Hoffman, Defense Tech
DOD Plans Major Review of Military Justice System - T. Phelps, LA Times
Game of Drones - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Republicans' Foreign Policy Vacuum - Stanley Kurtz, National Review
Foreign Policy Is No Place for Red Lines - Sen. Rand Paul, Washington Post
Why the Senkaku Dispute Isn't Going Away - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
Afghan Vet to Receive Medal of Honor - Jon Harper, Stars and Stripes
Planning the Afghan Withdrawal: Smart Not Wise? - Daniel Markey, D1
Secret Reports Show Afghans Not Ready to Govern - G. Taylor, Wash Times
Tuesday, April 15
War, What Is It Good For? These Four Things - Ian Morris, The Atlantic
I Served My Country. Then It Kicked Me Out - Howard Dean Bailey, Politico
Iran's One-Stop Shop for U.S. Army Gear - Kristin Dailey, The Daily Star
China Can "Fight Any Battle and Win" - Ratner, White & Fish, FP
Pentagon Plans More Drones in More Places - Joe Trevithick, War Is Boring
CIA's Pakistan Drone Strikes Done by Air Force? - Chris Woods, Guardian
Defending Japan & the Philippines Isn't Entrapment - Jeff Ordaniel, TNI
Crimea Shouldn't Unnerve Tokyo - Mira Rapp-Hooper, War on the Rocks
Russia Shapes Military Infrastructure for the Med - Robbin Laird, SLD
India Won't Abandon No First Use Nuclear Doctrine - A. Panda, Diplomat
Iraq's Elections Setting Up Worst Case Scenario - James Kitfield, Defense 1
Industry: Bad Precedent if DOD Cancels Helo Buy - Marcus Weisgerber, DN
Can the A-10 Caucus Wield Power? - John Bennett, Defense News
First Women Move to Army Platoon Artillery Jobs - Lolita Baldor, AP
Monday, April 14
Let Asia Go Nuclear - Harvey Sapolsky & Christine Leah, National Interest
Japan's Nuclear Deterrence of Ambiguity - Norihiro Kato, New York Times
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Russia? - Rep. Mac Thornberry, RCD
Don't Abandon This Brave Afghan - Ann Scott Tyson, Daily Beast
Army Explores Sea-Basing Helos - Weisgerber & McLeary, Army Times
Navy Looks to Leverage Sub Work to Keep Costs Down - A. Shalal, Reuters
Combat Vets Battle Enemy Within: Addiction - M. Vitez, Philly Inquirer
Conventional Deterrence Is the New Black - Henrik Breitenbauch, WOTR
Obama Lets NSA Exploit Some Internet Flaws - David Sanger, NY Times
Why Obama Must Bring Seoul & Tokyo Together - J. Berkshire Miller, FA
China's Neighbors Gear Up for a Fight - Wendell Minnick, Defense News
Chinese Signaling in the East China Sea? - Fravel & Johnston, Wash Post
China Has Begun Listening for American Subs - David Axe, War Is Boring
Sunday, April 13
How Putin Will Take Ukraine - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
Hagel's Straight Talk in Asia Gets Results - Kristine Kwok, SCMP
China's Undersea Nukes Could Match U.K., France - War Is Boring
Measuring Naval Power: Bigger Ain't Always Better - J. Holmes, Diplomat
Our Army's Uncivil War - James Jay Carafano, Washington Times
The Psychological Toll of 12 Years of War - Clara Ritger, National Journal
A Different Sort of Civil-Military Divide - Robert Callahan, The Bridge
After the Wars: The Choice - Stephanie McCrummen, Washington Post
Afghanistan: Little Progress, Hope in Helmand - Claire Stewart, Lowy
In Jordan, Syrian War Inspires Jihadist Dreams - Ben Hubbard, NY Times
Saturday, April 12
Top Secret Aurora Spy Plane Over SoCal? - Paul Whitefield, LA Times
Navy Wants to Scrap a Perfectly Good Cruiser - Robert Beckhusen, WIB
Zumwalt's CO on His Ship, LCS, Asia & Strategy - Daniel Dolan, USNI News
Waking Up to the Russian Threat - Sohrab Ahmari, Wall Street Journal
The Seductive Allure of Wars We're Not Winning - Andrew Bacevich, WP
Why Defense Civilian Layoffs Are Necessary - Rep. Ken Calvert, GovExec
Two Cheers for the QDR - Joseph Collins, Armed Forces Journal
Shades of Berlin in the South China Sea - Richard Fisher, Washington Times
China's Surface Combatant Fleet Present & Future - Info. Dissemination
China Expands Cyber Spying - Zachary Keck, The Diplomat
Iranian Navy Thumbs Nose at America - Michael Rubin, Commentary
LCS Files: When Naval Innovation Reform Fails - Craig Hooper, Next Navy
The Red Line & the Rat Line - Seymour Hersh, London Review of Books
Seymour Hersh Is Wrong on Turkey's Syria Policy - Aaron Stein, ACW
Friday, April 11
FBI's Secret Relationship with Military Special Ops - Goldman & Tate, WP
Shooting Down North Korean Missiles - Kubo & Adelstein, Daily Beast
What Would Winston Churchill Do? - Robert C. O'Brien, National Interest
Lawmakers Ready Legislation to Block A-10 Cuts - B. Everstine, AF Times
Don't Chop the Air Force, Use the Reserves - Davidson & Harrell, The Hill
Zumwalt: Warship's Namesake Fought Racism, Sexism - David Sharp, AP
General Atomics Shows Off UCLASS Option - Dave Majumdar, USNI News
Navy Struggles with Innovation - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Seeing the Maritime Forest Through the Trees - Robert Rubel, Proceedings
End of the Beginning in the War on Terror - Evan Moore, FPI
Drone Battle Over Syria - Jassem Al Salami, War Is Boring
Spark of Rebellion: Man Plans, Moqtada Laughs - Lamar Cravens, WOTR
Digging Out of the CIA-Senate Quaqmire - Jeffrey Smith, Los Angeles Times
Two Strategic Competitions in Asia - Rod Lyon, ASPI Strategist
The End of China's Nuclear Opacity? - Nicolas Giacometti, The Diplomat
Thursday, April 10
Retiring A-10 Early Puts Troops' at Risk - Ayotte, McCain & Chambliss, RCD
China Reveals New Carrier Fighter Jet - Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
China Might Actually Seize Japanese Islands - J. Holmes, Foreign Policy
The Israeli B-52 Is a Terrible Idea - Robert Farley, War Is Boring
U.S. Needs Plan for Day After an Iran Deal - Petraeus & Serchuk, Wash Post
Is Estonia Worth a War? - Justin Logan, National Interest
America's New Anti-Strategy - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Back to the Future Foreign Policy - Freeman and Eoyang, Defense One
Inside the Army-Guard Lobbying War - Austin Wright, Politico
F-22 to Get New Backup Oxygen System - Brian Everstine, Air Force Times
Don't Apologize for Fighting China's Cyber Threat - Jed Babbin, Examiner
Norway's Naval Strike Missile Aims for the Pacific - Christopher Cavas, DN
Pacific Fleet Officers Say LCS Not Fit for Asia - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
Ignoring the Law on Carrier Numbers - Bryan McGrath, War on the Rocks

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