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Saturday, August 27
5 Most Lethal Tanks on the Planet - Kyle Mizokami, National Interest
F-22's New Tool - Brian Brackens, AeroTechNews
Weekly Recon - Russia & China in Latin America. . . - Blake Baiers, RCD
Russia's A-10 Warthog - Sebastien Roblin, National Interest
Russia's Invincible "Super Hunter" Helicopter - Cristina Silva, IBT
Navy: We Can Build Attack Subs Faster - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
10 Greatest Tweets From 93-Year-Old Chuck Yeager - Sarah Sicard, T&P
"Terminator Conundrum" for Future Weapons - John Grady, USNI News
Gary Johnson Not Invited to Veteran Nat.Sec. Event - Military Times
Russian Private Military Company "Spotted" in Syria - RBC Magazine
Turkey Attacks Kurdish Bases in Syria - AP
U.S. Army Increasing Security in Europe - John Vandiver, Stars and Stripes
Curious Science of Humans at War - P. Jean Bennett, RealClearBooks
Army to Put Cyber Warriors On Front Lines - Kevin McCaney, Defense Sys.
NATO Must Halt Turkey's Freefall into Putin's Arms - Matthew Bryza, Nwk
Taliban Fighters Overrun District in Eastern Afghanistan - Reuters
Japan's Military Training for New Overseas Missions - Andy Sharp, B'berg
North Korea Says Un Condemnation of Missile Tests "Provocation" - AP
"Ride for The Fallen" Honors Military - Cassia Pollock, NBC San Diego
Friday, August 26
U.S. Pilots Detail Tense Syrian jet Encounter - Jim Michaels, USA Today
U.S. Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessel - Barbara Starr, et. al, CNN
USAF F-15s to Protect Bulgarian Airspace - Gareth Jennings, Jane's
Long Live the Long-Range Standoff Nuke - Matthew Costlow, Wall St. Jrnl.
Korea F-35A Program Coming Together - Wendell Minnick, Defense News
U.S. Plans to Nail Russia on Chem. Weapons - Christopher Dickey, et al, DB
Officials Downplay Reports of Russian Planes at Incirlik - O. Pawlyk, AFT
Taiwan's President Touts Fresh Direction for Military - Jason Pan, TT
China Steps Into the Syrian Saga - Salman Rafi, Asia Times
The Sacking of Iraq's Defense Minister - Stratfor
Close Air Support Debate Needs Strategic Context - Richard Aboulafia, AW
U.S. Marines Have a Long History in Libya - Jeff Schogol, MCTimes
A de Facto No-Fly-Zone in Syria? - Maj Gen Ralph S. Clem, War on the Rocks
U.S., India to Sign Mil. Logistics Exchange Agreement - Ankit Panda, TD
U.S. SOF Only Participates in 10% of Ops Against Taliban - Russ Read, DC
Putin Orders Military Drills Amid Ukraine Tensions - James Marson, WSJ
Ending a Half-Century of War in Colombia - The Economist
Did Coup Plotters Delay Turkey's Syria Op? - Erin Cunningham, et. al, WP
Veteran Writers on Returning Home - Pauline Shanks-Kaurin, Strategy Bridge
U.S. Seeking Global Armed Drone Export Rules - Aaron Mehta, Def. News
Thursday, August 25
Army Fears Major War Likely Within Five Years - Loren Thompson, Forbes
Iran's "High Speed Intercept" of U.S. Ship - Idrees Ali, Reuters
Outsourcing U.S. Foreign Policy - Peter Huessy, RealClearDefense
NDAA Must Address Current and Future Threats - Scott G. Erickson, RCD
Defeating A2/AD in the West Pacific - Ben Wermeling, Strategy Bridge
Air Force Hasn't Done Homework On A-10 Retirement - Colin Clark, BD
Inside the Navy's Corpsman Cheating Scandal - Hope Hodge Seck, Military
Navy and Marine Corps Autonomous Weapons - Megan Eckstein, USNI N.
Air Force's "System-Of-Systems" - Gareth Jennings, Jane's 360
The Disconnect Beneath the Praise for U.S. Military - Kori Schake, WSJ
Military Seeks Geographic Diversity - Jim Garamone, DoD News
Raytheon on Hook for Smart Bomb's Cost Overruns - Tony Capaccio, Bbg
China's Growing Arms Sales to Latin America - Allan Nixon, The Diplomat
UN Confirms Mustard Gas, Nerve Agent in Syria - Edith Lederer, AP
The Dangers of No-First-Use - Franklin C. Miller & Keith B. Payne, Bulletin
Is Obama Enabling Illegal Wars? - Bruce Ackerman, The Atlantic
The Pentagon Plans for Autonomous Systems - Micah Zenko, CFR
Why the Next President Must Focus on Asia - J. Berkshire Miller, Time
No First-Use Policy Reduces Risk of Nuclear War - Ramesh Thakur, ASPI
Obama's Middle East "Balancing Act" - James F. Jeffrey, Foreign Policy
Wednesday, August 24
Tank Upgrades Will Give Marines "Killer Edge" - Hope Hodge Seck, DoD B.
"War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable" - Crispin Rovere, I.
Boeing's Fire-Fighting Howitzer Round - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Weapons Tester Cites Further F-35 Challenges - Lara Seligman, Aviation W
Russia Is Surrounding Ukraine - Where's the West? - Aaron Korwea, AC
IRGC's Plan to Destroy Israel - Amir Toumaj, Long War Journal
Future of Navy's Reserve Patrol Squadrons - Richard R. Burgess, Seapower
USMC Announces New MARSOC Insignia Pin - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
Electronic warfare in the South China Sea - Brendan Thomas-Noone, ASPI
Clausewitz vs. Schelling - Olivia Garard, Strategy Bridge
Why Military Leaders Want More McCain - The Arizona Republic
North Korea Fires SLBM Towards Japan - Ju-min Park & Jack Kim, Reuters
U.S. Joins Turkish Army Fighting IS in Syria - Dion Nissenbaum, et al., WSJ
Welcome to the Age of Strategic Triage - Marc Genest & James Holmes, NI
Boko Haram Leader Killed in Airstrike - Guy Taylor, Washington Times
NATO's Ambiguity on the Red Line for Russia - Kaitlin Lavinder, Cipher B.
Obama's Losing Afghanistan Strategy - Saagar Enjeti, Daily Caller
Raytheon's Electronic Warfare Program Management Tool - Army-Tech.
The Mideast Conflict Obama Still Could Solve - Nahal Toosi, Politico
Assad May Have Kept Some Chemical Weapons - Colum Lynch, et al., FP
Tuesday, August 23
Britain's New Spy Planes Are Practically Spacecraft - James Simpson, WIB
Army Moving Artillery to South China Sea? - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
For Those Who Died in Service to Their Country - Rebecca Burgess, RCD
Origin-12 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun - Adam Linehan, Task & Purpose
MoH "Pappy" Boyington Legendary Fighter Ace - James Clark, Task & P.
China Calls Japan's Dispatch to South China Sea A "Red Line" - Japan T.
U.S. Marines Use Cobra's to Strike ISIS in Libya - Andrew Tilghman, Mil. T.
India Plays the Balochistan Card - With China - David Brewster, Interp.
Army to Get New Apache and Black Hawk Engines - Stephen Trimble, FG
Airbase Drama Between Moscow and Tehran - Behnam Ben Taleblu, LWJ
Soldier Gets His Silver Medal, A Second Time - Logan Nye, We Are the M.
Lockheed Martin's Billion-Dollar Cash Advance - James Hasik, Atlantic C.
How Everything Became War - Joe Byerly, Strategy Bridge
Islamic State Exploits U.S. Rules of Engagement - Rowan Scarborough, WT
The Budget Certainty Congress Denies the Pentagon - Walter Pincus, TCB
Can America Share Its Superpower Status? - Michael Lind, National Int.
U.S. Refuses to Establish Syrian No-Fly Zone - Richard Sisk,
Russia and China to Hold South China Sea Drills - Damien Sharkov, NW
TPP, Obama's Counterweight to China - John Lyons, Wall Street Journal
What Would Make the Warsaw Summit a Success? - Octavian Manea, DM
Monday, August 22
Can the A-10 Warthog Defeat Its Toughest Enemy? - Sebastien Roblin, NI
The Steep Price Paid By America's Infantry - James Clark, Task & Purpose
The Battle of Cung Son - Robert J. Thompson, Strategy Bridge
Navy's RQ-20B Puma AE - Naval-Technology
Airbus-Boeing Rivalry's Destructive Military Impact - James Hasik, Atl.C.
Computing The Value of Stealth - Mike Benitez & Dave Deptula, WotR
North Korea: A Realistic Path to Regime Change - Robert Kelly, Interpreter
The Syria "What If" That May Haunt Obama - W. Robert Pearson, RCWorld
China Holds War Games in Sea of Japan - Christopher Bodeen, AP
The West Has a Ukraine Challenge - Ariel Cohen, Atlantic Council
Global Intelligence: Week of Aug. 22, 2016 - Stratfor
Iran Releases Images of New Missile Defense System - Agence France P.
Iran, Russia's New Staging Post - Stratfor
War by Other Means - Spencer Bakich, Strategy Bridge
Blurring Line Between Cyber and Physical Threats - Luke Penn-Hall, TCB
U.S., ROK Start Ulchi Freedom Guardian Amid NK Nuclear Threat - AP
A Defense Strategy for the New Administration - Mac Thornberry, et al., FA
IRGC Arming Yemeni Houthis - Behnam Ben Taleblu & Amir Toumaj, LWJ
U.S. at Crossroads On Drone Ops - Luke Hartig, CNN
The Post-Obama Syrian Playbook - Thanassis Cambanis, Foreign Policy
Sunday, August 21
Northrop T-X Prototype Revealed - Stephen Trimble, Flightglobal
Japan Eyes Fiercer Fighter Jets to Counter China - Nikkei Asian Review
U.S. Dispatches F-22s to Intercept Syrian Aircraft - Brendan McGarry, DT
USN on the Prowl for Longer-Range Torpedo - Robert Beckhusen, WiB
Is the U.S. Air Force Serious About OA-X? - Combat Aircraft
Lockheed Martin's F-35: Finally Ready for War? - Rich Smith, Motley Fool
USAF Wants Dedicated F-16 CAS Squadron at Nellis - Tyler Rogoway, WZ
U.S. Ready for Nuclear "Smart" Bomb - CNBC
U.S.-China Perception Gap in the South China Sea - David J. Firestein, TD
Ex-SEAL to Pay $6.6 Million for Bin Laden Raid Book - Lolita Baldor, AP
Will China Build its own Tomahawks? - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
The Coast Guard's Flawed Icebreaker Plan - David Van Slyke, et. al, Politico
Iran Releases Images of new Missile Defense System - AFP
Why Aleppo Is Syria's Fiercest Battleground - AP
Chinese Ships, Planes Hold War Games in Sea of Japan - Associated Press
THAAD Intercept Capacity for in S. Korea Unclear - Geoff Fein, et. al, IHS
Russia Asserts Military Might in Syria - Andrew Kramer/Anne Bernard, NYT
New U.S. Commander Increasing ISIS Fight OPTEMPO - Missy Ryan, WP
U.S. Distances Itself From Saudi-led war in Yemen - Steve Visser, CNN
Number of Zika Cases in U.S. Military Rises to 55 - Richard Sisk, Military
Saturday, August 20
F-35C Tears Up Runway - Hope Hodge Seck, DoD Buzz
Japan's Search for New Fighter - Jon Harper, National Defense
Weekly Recon - Russia, Iran & China in Syria - Blake Baiers, RCD
U-2 to Get Laser Weapons? - Kelsey D. Atherton, Popular Science
Magpul's New Gun Belts - Matthew Cox, Kit Up
Russia Presses Turkey for Access to Incirlik Air Base - Hannah Smith, Aus.
Will the Army Revolutionize Long-Range Fires? - Daniel Gouré, Nat.Int.
Russia Touts Military Power from New Fighters - Brendan McGarry, Mil.
Naval Aviation Extended Range of Fighters - Megan Eckstein, USNI News
Air Force Scrambles F-15s After Syrian Airstrikes - Doug G. Ware, UPI
Stealth Unnecessary for MQ-25 - Marina Malenic, Jane's 360
Woman Sentenced for Exporting U.S. Military Gear to China - AP
Japan's Record Defense Budget - Nobuhiro Kubo, Reuters
A Great Man Has Passed - Gen Jack Vessey - Keith Nightingale, SWJ
Own a Piece of the Normandy Tank Museum - Under the Radar
Iran Forms Liberation Army to Deploy Abroad - Al Jazeera
Anti-Missile Lasers for Drones? - Kevin McCaney, Defense Systems
Precision and the Modern Battlefield - Albert Palazzo, Small Wars Journal
U.S. Withdraws Staff for Yemen from Saudi Arabia - Phil Stewart, Reuters
Air Force Seeks to Ease Foreign Military Sales - Duncan Amos, Bloomberg
Friday, August 19
Why Tanks Aren't Obsolete - Michael Peck, War Is Boring
Navy's Carrier Plan to Fight in A2/AD - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Air Force's "Space Mine" Hunter Launch - James Dean, Florida Today
Russia's Military Posture in The Black Sea - Michael Kofman, WotR
Historic B-1, B-2, B-52 Integrated Bomber Operation Mission - USAF
Obama's Military Aid to Israel - Dan De Luce & Paul McLeary, Foreign Policy
Dead Drop: August 19 - Anonymous, The Cipher Brief
Bioengineering Super Soldiers - Jared M. Stafford, et al., Small Wars Journal
Vladimir Putin's Plan Trumps Obama's Scolding - Paul D. Shinkman, USN
Why Obama Ad. Overlooks Iran's Violations - Masoud Kazemzadeh, SWJ
Army's New Rapid Capabilities Office - Yasmin Tadjdeh, National Defense
S. Korea Holds Largest-Ever Live-Fire Artillery Drills - Ankit Panda, DM
The Moral Hazard of Inaction in War - Charles Dunlap, War on the Rocks
U.S. Concedes $400 Million Payment to Iran-Ransom - David Sanger, NYT
Marine Corps Experimenting with New Drones - Yasmin Tadjdeh, Nat. Def.
Army's Small Satellite Program - Mike Gruss, Space News
U.S. Shouldn't Rush Support to Sri Lanka's Military - Taylor Dibbert, TNI
Is Obama's Drone War Moral? - Matt Peterson, The Atlantic
Thursday, August 18
Air Force's Massive High-Tech F-15 Upgrade - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
U.S. Close to Laser Missile Defense - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One
Al Qaeda's Future Threat - Matthew Kriner, RealClearDefense
The Navy's Subsurface Warfare Threat - Dave Majumdar, National Interest
Navy's First Live-Fire Test with SeaRAM - Seapower Magazine
American Power in The Rearview Mirror - Bruce W. Jentleson, War on the R.
The People Who REALLY Founded ISIS - Michael Morell, et al., Politico
SOF Continue to Burn Both Ends of the Candle - Phillip Lohaus, Cipher B.
Last U.S. Amb. to Syria Slams "Myopic" Obama Policy - Mick Krever, CNN
Former CIA Asset a U.S. Liability in Libya - Missy Ryan, Washington Post
NATO's Foothold in Eastern Med Is Faltering - Constance Douris, Lex.Inst.
Russia's Growing Military Ties With Iran - Wall Street Journal
Senate Chairman Hits Obama On Test Ban Treaty - Bill Gertz, Wash. Times
The Gray Zone and IPB - Patricia DeGennaro, Small Wars Journal
Did Russian Flights from Iran Violate UN Res.? - David Alexander, Reuters
Indicators of Instability - Brian Garrett-Glaser, The Cipher Brief
U.N. Probe - New Syria Dilemma for Obama - Nahal Toosi, Politico
Procurement and Operational Strategy - James Hasik, Atlantic Council
Pentagon's Template for Battling the Islamic State - Missy Ryan, Wash.Post
North Korea Says It Has Resumed Plutonium Production - Reuters
Wednesday, August 17
Japan's Aircraft Carrier Comeback - Harold Hutchison, We Are the Mighty
F-35's Brains Will Change Air Warfare - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
Russia Is Winning the War Before the War - James D. Durso, RCDefense
U.S. Military's Game Changing Weapons - David Ignatius, Washington Post
The Navy's Carrier Saving Drone - Kris Osborn, Scout Warrior
F-35 Helmet's "Green Glow" Problem - Hope Hodge Seck, Defense Tech
Navy Looking to Install More SeaRAM's on Ships - Sam LaGrone, USNI
Russian Military Forces Staging Near Ukraine - Bill Gertz, Free Beacon
PAC-3 Missile Interceptor Reaches IOC - Jane Edwards, ExecutiveBiz
Why Peace Is Impossible with Putin - Alexander J. Motyl, Atlantic Council
Should U.S. Unleash War Robots? - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Defeating Russia's Ambitions In Europe - Daniel Gouré, National Interest
Army Looks to Accelerate Air-and-Missile Defense - Jen Judson, Def. News
The Paradox of Strategic Irregular Warfare - Steve Ferenzi, War on the R.
Russian Bombers Deployed to Iran - Jeremy Binnie, Jane's 360
Obama Won't Be Able to Close Guantanamo - Courtney Kube, et al., NBC
A New Operational Art for National Military Strategy - Craig Beutel, SB
The Budgetary Game of "Chicken" Needs to End - Fred Ferreira, The Hill
Trump Leads Clinton Among Mil. Households - Hannah Hartig, et al., NBC

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