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Sunday, April 26
The X-47B and Future Warfare - Eaglen & McGrath, RealClearDefense
Our Vietnam War Never Ended - Viet Thanh Nguyen, The New York Times
CIA Worked With China to Attack Russia - Bill Gertz, Washington Times
Marine Cited for Embassy Mission, ISIS Advance - Harkins, Marine Times
The Pentagon's New 'Team America' - Nitasha Tiku, The Verge
World War I in Photos - Editors, The Atlantic
When Women Thrive, So Will the World - Shinzo Abe, Bloomberg View
How I Saved My Kids from ISIS - Nina Strochlic, The Daily Beast
Geography and World Power at 100 - Francis P. Sempa, The Diplomat
Ukraine's Draft Dodgers - Karoun Demirjian, The Washington Post
Russian Hackers Read Obama's Emails - Reuters
Canadian Military Monument Needs U.S. Approval - Beeby, CBC News
Saturday, April 25
The Geopolitical Costs of Alienating Russia - Ted Galen Carpenter, RCD
5 Most Deadly Warships of the Century - Robert Farley, National Interest
Japan's Forgotten Pearl Harbor Revenge Raid - Ben Cosgrove, Daily Beast
Our Air Arsenal is Vulnerable Because of JSF - David Axe, War Is Boring
Russia's New Tank Regime Revealed - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
This is Not Sparta - George Jonas, The National Post
World War 'O' - Michael Crowley, Politico Magazine
New Way U.S. Projects Power Around Globe - Phillips, Wall Street Journal
Bomber Spending to Boost to $9B - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
One Week of Incredible Military Photos - Orvelin Valle, We Are the Mighty
How Powerful was the Kaiser? - Christopher Clark, London Review of Books
Seapower and Projection Forces Mark - Information Dissemination
Clinton Cash and Circumstantial Evidence - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Florida Frat Accused of Insulting Wounded War Veterans - WFTV
How US Plans to Combat Arctic Climate Change - Morello, Wash Post
Her Majesty's Jihadists - Mary Anne Weaver, The New York Times Magazine
The Wonderfully Elusive Chinese Novel - Link, New York Review of Books
Government Under Attack Over Drone Strikes - The Washington Post
Friday, April 24
Navy's Most Shadowy Spy is 450 Feet Long - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
A-10 Suffers 'Catastrophic' Engine Failure in Iraq - Wong, The Hill
Army Upgunning Strykers Vs. Russia - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Most Navy Sea Dragons Remain Grounded - Hixenbaugh, Virginian-Pilot
Assessment of China's Type 094 SSBN Upgraded - Fisher & Hardy, Jane's
Soldiers in High Heels Draw Online Outburst - Kevin Lilley, Military Times
Pentagon 'Showing a Little Leg' - Ryan Faith, VICE News
US-Indian Collaboration on Aircraft Carriers - Ankit Panda, The Diplomat
Poland to Buy U.S. Missile Shield - Patryk Wasilewski, Wall Street Journal
House Boosts Funds for Nuke Subs, Amphibs and F-18's - DOD Buzz
Defense Industrial Base is Fragile - Jill Aitoro, Washington Biz Journal
Photos: Marine Corps Mission in Iraq - Oriana Pawlyk, Military Times
Russia Hacked DoD's Unclass Networks - Elise Viebeck, The Hill
North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal - Michael Auslin, Commentary
ISIS Targeting Migrants in Russia - Brandee Leon, Cicero Magazine
CIA Drones Target One Thing, Kill Another - Harris, Mak & Youssef, Beast
Thursday, April 23
82nd Airborne's New Ultralight Vehicles - Joe Gould, Defense News
After F-35 Delay, Navy Wants More Super Hornets - Osborn,
Congress Wants to Modernize the M240 Machine Gun - Hoffman, Kit Up!
Nobody Believes USAF Can Build Affordable Bomber - Bloomberg
North Korea Has More Nukes than Anyone Thought - Wall Street Journal
The Army is Testing Hand-Held Ray Guns - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
How the David Petraeus Prosecution Backfired - Maurer, Daily Beast
Lockheed Hits Costly Performance Snag - Aitoro, Washington Biz Journal
Navy Drone Makes History - Jamie Crawford, CNN Military
A Tale of Two Atomic Cities - Matsui & Taue, Project Syndicate
Why Don't We Just Abolish the VA? - Charles Lane, The Washington Post
Air Force Still Sees a Future of Manned Aircraft - Everstine, Defense News
Russia Makes Cuts to Space Program - Jack Stubbs, Reuters
Djibouti Was Complicit in CIA Torture Programs - Jason Leopold, VICE
Making Nice with Veterans - Too Little, Too Late? - The Chronicle Herald
New Poll Says ISIS a Bigger Threat than Iran, Russia - Agiesta, CNN
Pentagon Looks Beyond Disaggregation in Space - Marina Malenic, Jane's
Wednesday, April 22
Are Russia's Sukhoi T-50's as Good as US Fighter Jets? - Harress, IBT
Coming Soon: US Navy's Sci-Fi Weapons - Risen, US News & World Report
China Beware: India's Most Powerful Destroyer - Gady, The Diplomat
AF Contract Winner Commits to 20 Bombers Up Front - Bloomberg
How the Pentagon is Hiding the Dead - Nafeez Ahmed, Medium
Report Released on SF Soldiers Killed in Mali - Whitlock, Washington Post
Iranian Fighter-Bombers Operating in Syria - Oryx Blog
Pentagon's ISIS Map Is Designed to Mislead - Tim Mak, The Daily Beast
McCain, Cruz Feud Boils Over - Martin Matishak, The Hill
How Cartels Use Narco-Submarines - Joshua Fechter, Popular Mechanics
DoS Employee Paid by China to Spy on U.S. - Catherine Herridge, FOX News
Wounded Baghdadi Does Not Control ISIS - Liz Fields, VICE News
How White House is Upgrading Perimeter Security - Aitoro, WBJ
Egypt's Revolution in Reverse - David Graham, The Atlantic
Justice and Influence in Iran and Egypt - Max Boot, Commentary
Tuesday, April 21
Navy's Bribery, Prostitution Scandal is Worse than it Looks - Rosen, BI
Third-Gen Electric Laser Weapon Now Ready - Warwick, Aviation Week
USAF Puts B-1, Other Long-Range Bombers in 1 Command - Nord, AP
Marines Fire Switchblade Drones from '22 - Bryant Jordan, Defense Tech
Who Will Supply the US Navy's Next Anti-Ship Missile? - Gady, Diplomat
Will the US Blockade Iran Arms Shipments To Yemen? - Foxtrot Alpha
Where Does ISIS Get its Weed? - Jesse Rosenfeld, The Daily Beast
Polish Scientists Work on Liquid Body Armor - Editors, FOX News
Congress Adds to Special Account to Build New Subs - Osborn,
How Many Nuclear Options Does a President Need? - Washington Post
China's First Runway in Spratlys Under Construction - IHS Jane's 360
U.S. Sends Carrier to Monitor Iranian Ships - Dion Nissenbaum, WSJ
Meaning of Raytheon's Nearly $2 billion Cyber Play - Jill Aitoro, WBJ
Countries Spending the Most on War - Frohlich & Lieberman, 24/7 Wall St.
In Israel's Army, More Officers Are Now Religious - Christa Bryant, CSM
Monday, April 20
The U.S. Army's Deadly New Gun - Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat
Secret Weapon Against China's Island-Building? - Robert Williams, TNI
Top 10 U.S. Fighter Jets - Editors, The Washington Times
Why Should We Send this Helo to Pakistan? - Haqqani, Wall Street Journal
X-47B Does Unmanned Aerial Refueling - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Darwin Marines Could Use Ships for Transport - Perkins, Military Times
Millennial Expectations Clash with Military Culture - Forsling, T & P
Kim Jong-Un Climbs North Korea's Highest Peak - Agence France-Presse
Navy Ships near Yemen Aid Saudi Blockade - Lamothe, Washington Post
Which Countries Might be Supporting ISIS? - William Arkin, Phase Zero
Liaison Teams Boost MARSOC's Capabilities - Whittle, Breaking Defense
The Untold Danger of this Iran Deal - Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe
Obama vs. his Own Lawyers on War Powers - Shane Harris, The Daily Beast
Servicemen in the Dark on Health Errors - LaFraniere, The New York Times
The Defense of Inaction in Syria - Fred Hiatt, The Washington Post
Sunday, April 19
Pentagon Planned to Nuke the Sky - Adam Rawnsley, War Is Boring
Raytheon Signs $2B Missile Deal - David Harris, Boston Biz Journal
Why Are Colleges Cancelling 'American Sniper? - James Poulos, Beast
Navy Push Should Streamline USMC Experimentation - Eckstein, USNI
The Phoney War in Ukraine - Eric Morse, The Ottawa Citizen
You Missed the War, Now What? - Adam Rawnsley, The Strategy Bridge
Options for New Marine Barracks in DC? - Aitoro, Washington Biz Journal
NASA Says Nobody Gets to Mars without its Help - Maddie Stone, Gizmodo
Reagan Shooter Finds Rejection and Indifference - Jessica Gresko, AP
Man Who Killed the Man Who Killed Lincoln - Bill Jensen, Washingtonian
Time to Double-Down in Asia-Pacific - Janine Davidson, CoFR
Perestroika Turns 30, but Russians Aren't Celebrating - New Statesman
'Last Days in Vietnam' Finds Signs of Nobility - Sean Elder, Newsweek
This Week in War - Editors, Cicero Magazine
What Does Gun Violence Really Cost? - Mark Follman, Mother Jones
U.S. Arms Fuel the Arab War - Mazetti & Cooper, New York Times
Is Al-Qaeda in Decline? - Eline Gordts, The Huffington Post
Drones Keep Obama's War in Yemen Alive - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
Hundreds Dead in Mediterranean Boat Sinking - Editors, BBC News
Meaning of the Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary - Rothman, Time
Saturday, April 18
Your Graphic Key to the US Navy Fleet - Tyler Rogoway, Foxtrot Alpha
Canadian DARPA Fashions Ultra-Light Rifles - John Wenz, Popular Mech
Navy Studies Building 3 Virginia-Class Subs Per Year - Osborn, DOD Buzz
Watchdog Says US Can't Afford F-35 - Matthew Gault, War Is Boring
10 Books Recommended for Military Leaders - Tom Ricks, Foreign Policy
Navy Pursues High-Tech Submarine Upgrades - Kris Osborn,
6 Smart Habits of Military Commanders - Crispin Burke, Task & Purpose
Vietnam War, as Seen by the Victors - Elisabeth Rosen, The Atlantic
Why is CENTCOM So Stupid? - William Arkin, Phase Zero
Army Shows Women No Slack at Ranger - Gayle Lemmon, Defense One
The Meaning of their Service - James Mattis, Wall Street Journal
The 'Red Skull' of Iraq is Dead. Maybe. - Jamie Dettmer, The Daily Beast
New Chinese Submarines to Pakistan - Lin & Singer, Eastern Arsenal
Hillary Learns Wrong Lessons from Obama - Kraushaar, National Journal
Yale Vets Summit Hopes to Close Culture Gap - LuAnn Bishop, Yale News
The New Deal with Iran - Jessica Matthews, New York Review of Books
ISIS Claims Bombing that Targeted US Consulate - McDonnell, L.A. Times
Friday, April 17
Iran's $300 Billion Shakedown - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
General: Iran Military Option Intact - Kristina Wong, The Hill
Russia Returns to Cold War Posture - Bill Gertz, Washington Times
5 Most Lethal American Weapons of War Ever - Dave Majumdar, TNI
Embrace, Don't Cut Off Iraq - Michael Rubin, Commentary
The World According to Jeb Bush - Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
Terrorists Are Turning Robots Into Weapons - M. Goodman, Defense One
Iraqi PM Caught between US and Iran - Brian Bennett, LA Times
Vietnam in the Battlefield of Memory - Jon Weiner, The Nation
China's THAAD Play: Unlikely to Work - Warden & Glosserman, Diplomat
Greece: When in Debt, Buy Missiles - The American Interest
Beyond 1962: Upgrade Sino-Indian Ties - P. Martin, Foreign Affairs
China's PLA Ready For a Modern War? - Michelle FlorCruz, IB Times
Boeing Works to Extend Harpoon Missile Range - Grace Jean, Jane's
America's New 'Lend-Lease' For Drones - Tim Mak, The Daily Beast
New Satellite For One of the Great U.S. Space Programs - The Atlantic
Europe's Combat UAV Takes to the Skies - Andrew Tarantola, Engadget
Thursday, April 16
Untold Story of Japanese Attack After Doolittle Raid - Scott, Smithsonian
How Israel Hid its Nuclear Weapons Program - Cohen & Burr, Politico
F-35: The Last Manned Fighter for USN & Marines? - Sam Lagrone, USNI
Navy Unveils Swarming Killer Robot Drones to Aid Marines - Vocativ
'Vulcan' to End Russian Rocket Dependence - B. McGarry,
Women in Ground Combat:Where's the Data? - Simons, War on the Rocks
3-D Printing Technology May Re-Shape Fleet - Bryant Jordan,
Robert Work Invokes 'Space Control' - Colin Clark, Breaking Defense
World's Greatest Nuclear Fear: Will Iran Pull a N. Korea? - Klingner, TNI
Does Mullah Omar Still Matter? - Michael Kugelman, War on the Rocks
Could Yemen Spark a Regional War? - Karen DeYoung, Washington Post
Where Does Hillary Stand on China and Russia? - S. Clemons, The Atlantic
Cyber Talent Jumps Ship for Private Sector - Jill Aitoro, Wash Biz Journal
The Reverse Iran Deal Ratification Process - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Congress' Surveillance Views Have Changed - Shawn Zeller, Roll Call
Senator Corker's National-Security Power Move - B. Geman, Defense One
US to Iran: Stop Sending Weapons to Yemen - Kristina Wong, The Hill

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