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RealClearDefense provides defense decision makerswith a clear and concise summary of the top defense news of the day. Just like RealClearPolitics, the RealClearDefense lineup each morning includes breaking stories, news analysis, relevant commentary and easily digestible video clips.

About the Editor
As an Armed Services Committee staffer, RealClearDefense editor Dustin Walker earned a reputation as a reliable and thoughtful communications professional, with a keen understanding of what Congressional staffers and decision-makers need. Today, Congressional defense aides on both sides of the aisle trust Morning Recon and RealClearDefense, because they know they’re getting the right information from one of their own.

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  • Visitors to RealClearDefense have quadrupled since the March launch
  • 11,000 monthly visitors from .house, .senate, .gov and .mil domains
  • Avg time spent on site: 10 minutes
  • Avg time spent on site from .gov: 30 minutes

Morning Recon
The RealClearDefense email Morning Recon goes out to 6,130 subscribers each morning between 6 and 7 AM.

  • 71% of subscribers have a .mil domain
  • 25% of subscribers have a .senate or .house domain

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