RealClearDefense Morning Edition

Pentagon Failure: 500 Sexual Assaults a Week - Editorial, USA Today
The Pentagon's Sexual Assault Crisis - Editorial, New York Times
Hard to Trust Chain of Command on Assaults - Ben Terris, Natl Jrnl
CIA Replaces Top Spy Tied to Detentions - Mark Mazzetti, New York Times
More Base Closures on the Way? - Frank Oliveri, Roll Call
Air Force Sidelines 17 ICBM Officers - Robert Burns, Associated Press
A Jihadist Magazine Fights Drone Strikes - Matt Vasilogambros, Natl Jrnl
Carter: Strategic Review Near Completion - Carlo Munoz, The Hill
Navy Can't Calculate LCS Ops Costs - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Navy, Marines Offer Options for Syria, N. Korea - Kris Osborn, DOD Buzz
Army Not Ready for Syria or N. Korea - Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense
Odierno: Improve Special Ops, Army Ties - Stew Magnuson, Nat'l Defense
Army Expanding Precision Strike Options - Paul McLeary, Defense News
New Drive to Develop Anti-Satellite Weapons - Andrea Shalal-Esa, Reuters
DOD Plans for the Worst in Syria - Entous & Barnes, Wall Street Journal
America's Best Options in Syria - Gregory Koblentz, The Atlantic
Forget Syria, Asia Is What Matters - Edward Luttwak, Foreign Policy

RealClearDefense Afternoon Edition

Disconnecting the Dots in Benghazi - Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
No Hands on Deck in Benghazi - David Andelman, USA Today
Red Lines Matter - Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer, Foreign Affairs
Has GOP Lost Its Way on Foreign Policy? - Danielle Pletka, Foreign Policy
Lessons from the Battle of Chancellorsville - David Tyler, Small Wars Jrnl
France Isn't Aiming for Global Zero - Frank Klotz, National Interest
DOD Wants Human Surrogate for Ray Gun Test - Robert Beckhusen, Wired
Ending the Military's Sexual Assault Surge - Editorial, Bloomberg
Leadership Failures on Sexual Assault - Jena McGregor, Washington Post
Durbin's New Approach on Defense Approps - John Bresnahan, Politico
Sequester Nonchalance Frustrates Industry - Sandra Erwin, Nat'l Defense
Outsourcing Targeted Killings - Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy
China-India Rivalry Extends to the Arctic - Louise Watt, Associated Press
Academics: China Should Reconsider Who Owns Okinama - AFP
China Taking Action Against North Korea? - Harry Kazianis, The Diplomat
Pentagon: China Top Cyber Threat - Neil McAllister, The Register
The Future Chinese Carrier Force - Bernard Cole, USNI News