RealClearDefense Morning Edition

Tough Questions for Kerry on Nukes - Robert Joseph & Eric Edelman, FP
The NDAA and the Strategy of a Superpower - Rep. Mike Rogers, RCDefense
Intelligence on N. Korea Remains Elusive - Sanger & Sang-Hun, NY Times
Send Nukes Back to South Korea - Bennett Ramberg, Foreign Policy
More Funding, Less Flying for Navy Planes - Mike Hixenbaugh, The Pilot
A Benghazi Bombshell - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post
Navy Report: LCS Can't Meet Mission - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
U.S. Carrier Launch Delayed 4 Months - Christopher Cavas, Defense News
Greenert: Pivot to Asia on Track Despite Cuts - Agence France-Presse
U.S. Blames China's Military for Cyberattacks - David Sanger, NY Times
Care for Troops w/ Kaitlyn's Law - Cotton, Hegseth & Mandel, Wash. Times
Army's Relationship w/ KBR "Very Nasty" - Jim McElhatton, Army Times
Regional Players Openly Engaging in Syria - Sara Hussein, AFP
The Risks Holding Obama Back in Syria - Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal
Syria's Uncertain Air Defense Capabilities - Anthony Cordesman, CSIS
Obama's Loss for Words on Syria - Richard Cohen, Washington Post

RealClearDefense Afternoon Edition

Al-Qaeda with Syrian Chemical Weapons - Michael Crowley, Time
Why Israel Attacked Syria - Noah Shachtman, Danger Room
2012 May Be Over, But Benghazi Is Not - Peter Wehner, Commentary
Speculation About Next HASC Chairman - Summers & Wright, Politico
British Pilot: F-35B "a Joy to Fly" - Loren Thompson, Lexington Institute
Torture Against Terrorism - Hannah Armstrong, New York Times
Intel Reform: Why It's 1945 All Over Again - Emily Heil, Washington Post
Tomorrow's Army, Yesterday's Technology - Genevieve Syverson, Heritage
The Case for Slow War - John Arquilla, Foreign Policy
China's Great India Folly - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Japan, Taiwan Upgrade Precision Strike - Minnick & Kallender-Umezu, DN
Video: Navy Drone Makes First Simulated Carrier Landing