RealClearDefense Morning Edition

Israeli Strikes a Message to Iran - Rudoren & Kershner, New York Times
Israel Acts on Its Red Line - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
True Chaos to Follow Assad's Fall - Jonathan Panikoff, Small Wars Journal
Syria Is Not Iraq - Bill Keller, New York Times
Cyber's Worst Case Worse Than You Imagined - Josh Meyer, Quartz
Guard and Reserve Troops Losing Jobs - Alexandra Zavis, Los Angeles Times
A Greener Military a More Powerful Military? - Jim Michaels, USA Today
No More OCO Money to Base Budget - Marcus Weisgerber, Defense News
The Army Needs Armor - McKinney, Elfendahl & McMaster, Foreign Affairs
Drone Cargo Helicopters Prove Worth - Jay Price, McClatchy
Time to Clear the Air on Drones - Bruce Lemkin, Defense News
America's Pivot to Asia: A Report Card - Trefor Moss, The Diplomat
Countering China's String of Pearls - Brahma Chellaney, Washington Times
Japan: 60% Say Change Pacifist Constitution - Takashi Mochizuki, WSJ
U.S., S. Korea Begin New Naval Drills - Rowland & Chang, Stars & Stripes
Russia Flies Bombers Near Alaska - Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon
Video: Invisible Wounds of War - 60 Minutes

RealClearDefense Afternoon Edition

Special Ops Told "You Can't Go" to Benghazi - Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News
The Complicated Politics of Tight Defense Budgets - Gordon Adams, FP
Draft Reprogramming Cuts $4B in Modernization - Inside Defense
Iran Steps Up Preparation for War with Israel - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
U.S.-Led Gulf Naval Exercises Underway - Associated Press
Soft Syria Response Worse Than Inaction - Amitai Etzioni, National Interest
Syria Strikes Show an Emboldened Israel - Vick & Klein, Time
U.S. Must Lead United Front on Asian Security - Editorial, Defense News
Army Looks to Boost Pacific Partnerships - Joe Gould, Army Times
Australia Chooses Sides, Not with China - Kirk Spitzer, Battleland
DOD Struggles to Pin Down F-35 Ops Costs - Amy Butler, Aviation Week
Banning Killer Robots? Not So Fast - Waxman & Anderson, Lawfare
Drones, Sequester to Drive NDAA Debates - John Bennett, Defense News