RealClearDefense Morning Edition

Financial Strain Pushes Vets to Breaking Point - Bill Briggs, NBC News
Cuts Undermining U.S. Pivot to Asia - Hayashi & Barta, Wall Street Journal
Why Is China Picking a Fight w/ India? - Ratner & Sullivan, Foreign Policy
Obama's Mess of a Syria Policy - Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
Afghan Corruption Is America's Too - Fouad Ajami, Bloomberg
Taliban Face Complex Battlefield - Yousafzai & Moreau, Daily Beast
Send Judges to Gitmo, Then Shut It - Ackerman & Fidell, New York Times
USAF Hypersonic X-51 Hits Mach 5.1, 3000MPH - W.J. Hennigan, LA Times
Navy Sec. Defends Littoral Combat Ship - Sydney Freedberg, AOL Defense
Carriers to Deploy for More Than 8 Months - Mark Faram, Navy Times
Services Disagree on Furloughs - Tony Capaccio, Bloomberg
DOD Reprogramming Request Leaked - McLeary, Fryer-Biggs & Mehta, DN
Gillard's Fantasy Defense Strategy - Cameron Stewart, The Australian
Australia: America's Test Case in the Pacific - Anne Applebaum, Wash. Post
Australia Plans More U.S. Forces on Its Bases - Dan Box, The Australian