RealClearDefense Morning Edition

Keep Guantanamo Open - Rep. Buck McKeon, USA Today
DOD: N. Korea Moving Toward Nuclear Missile - Robert Burns, Assoc. Press
The Rise of the Missile Carriers - Phillip Pournelle, Proceedings Magazine
The Military's Private Air Force - John Reed, Foreign Policy
One in Five U.S. Military Bases Not Needed - Mark Thompson, Battleland
Interview: U.K. Defense Minister Hammond - Kevin Baron, Foreign Policy
Doubts on How Many Afghans U.S. Has Trained - Richard Sia, McClatchy
Is This Hybrid Tank the Future of Warfare? - Fast Company
Underwater Drones Conduct Gulf Exercises - Nick Hopkins, The Guardian
Proselytizing Troops Could Face Court Martial - Bob Smietana, USA Today
Complaints Spur Action on Tricare West - Patricia Kime, Navy Times
McRaven: Special Forces Fraying After Wars - Carlo Munoz, The Hill
What Is Defending a Red Line Worth? - James Kitfield, National Journal
Australian Defense Strategy Commits to Buy Up to 100 F-35s - Reuters
Australia Improves Military Ties with China - Enda Curran, Wall St Jrnl
China's Drone Program Moving into Overdrive - Christopher Bodeen, AP

RealClearDefense Afternoon Edition

Cyber Spies Can Cause Real Destruction - Richard Bejtlich, Foreign Affairs
DOD: N. Korea Could Become Hacker Haven - Spencer Ackerman, Wired
How Shale Energy Reshapes U.S. Security - Roger Howard, National Interest
You Can't Buy a Warlord, Only Rent Him - Fouad Ajami, Hoover Institution
The Unintended Consequences of War w/ Iran - Dolan & Oard, Proceedings
Military Lessons from Battlestar Galactica - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Beijing Could Win 2030 China-USA Showdown - David Axe, Wired
Australia's Submarine Folly - Harry Kazianis, The Diplomat
U.N. Report Singles Out Two Navy Weapons Programs - USNI News
Levin, Inhofe Want Hagel to Detail Sequester - Jeremy Herb, The Hill
A Realistic Approach in Syria - Eric Alterman, Center for American Progress
Syria Solution Could Lie in Bosnia - Michael O'Hanlon, USA Today
More Drone Strikes Mean More Anger in Yemen - Al-Haj & Batrawy, AP
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